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My Lincoln MKX is a Blessing.

I love my Lincoln MKX. I call it my Blessing from God. I had always wanted a Lincoln. We had been shopping for a Town car when we saw the MKX. We test drove several cars but loved the MKX. We have had wonderful performance from the MKX. The only service work we have had to do is the regular schedule maintenance work. The gas mileage is constant 19 to 21 MPG. The mileage on the car is now almost 150,000 and it still performs like new. I have constant compliments thinking the car is new. Everyone that rides in my car loves it as much as I do. I would definitely buy another Lincoln but would like the next size larger next time. I now have 3 grandchildren so I need a little larger vehicle. The only feature that my car doesn't have that I would like is Bluetooth. I would recommend my car to anyone.

- Mary M

2007 Lincoln mkx~ my dream car come true you will be missed!

I absolutely loved my 2007 Lincoln mkx for several years up until it recently broke down having transmission & water pump issues. Before these issues arouse, I couldn't have been happier with my car. It ran great, was extremely comfortable, smooth & it felt like I was riding in luxury every time I drove. It's the perfect size, not too big, not too small. Has an amazing stock stereo that I wouldn't have changed even if I could because it sounded so good! Better sound system then most cars I've been in that have paid hundreds to thousands for installation of custom systems. No need to buy any speakers or amps for this car! The heated and cooled seats are wonderful! It also has a huge sunroof & moonroof. Looks good, feels good, it's safe & ran great while it lasted.

- Abbey A

Pay attention to them when the light goes on.

My vehicle has given me a few issues. The lights go in when there is an issue but after it is fixed, it still says it my low air pressure tire. It has been on for, like ,a year already and I put air in it. We took a trip to marble falls I would say like an hour and a half you thing that wouldn't be to hard on the car. That was the first time I ever did use it for a trip. It kept saying oil pressure was low and it was stalling out it was horrible, and hot. The mechanic said there was no issue.

- Joann G

Frustrating but comfortable.

This car has too much electronics, I have had issues with the computer elm on multiple occasions as well as the engine. It seems to drain batteries. I do love the comfort. The added extras of the leather seats with multiple options of seat comfort and position. One of my favorite features is the cooled and heated seats. The dual client controls have been a life saver. I do feel secure driving the mkx.

- Carolyn D

Puddle lamps & pivoting or interactive headlights.

The 2007 Lincoln MKX was the 1st SUV crossover for Lincoln. It is well designed w 2 rows of seats and the remainder in storage area. Mine comes with 2 luxury packs including puddle lamps, heated and ac seats, interactive headlights, security system, moonroof/sunroof, AWD, abs brake system, 5th door w lift, thx GPS, DVD & radio auto ac/heat, Sirius radio, 3.6 engine, & heavy duty transmission.

- Katie R

The highs and lows of driving a Lincoln MKX.

The MKX is very comfortable driving with dual climate control and excellent visibility. The all wheel drive and weight (almost 5000 lbs.) give it great traction in the ice and snow here in New York. It's also very spacious. On the downside, it is a gas hog, the coatings used in the paint are insufficient to prevent rust damage up North and it doesn't have a way to tow a trailer.

- Johnny M

The Lincoln MKX are amazing!

I love my 2007 Lincoln. The only problem I have had with it is one of the fans stopped working. Rides smooth and gets great gas mileage. I love the interior and leather seats. My kids love the television in the back. My 2007 Lincoln MKX is the best vehicle I have ever owned and wouldn't take a dime for it. I literally couldn't ask for a better vehicle. I LOVE IT!

- Jessica Bernard J

My Lincoln MKX is a smart looking, comfortable and reliable vehicle.

The Lincoln MKX is a smooth ride, and extremely reliable! In 12 years I have only had to replace the battery and brakes. It performs well in the snow, ice and rain. It is a nice looking car and has a lot of room for luggage. The paint still looks like new. I love my car! I would buy another one tomorrow! The kids love the DVD player also!

- Colleen K

2007 Lincoln MKZ 277,000 miles great running car

It's a nice riding car but it's temperature system is broken and it has been slipping gears of the transmission. Otherwise, it's loaded with power everything and great leg room. It has a DVD system with plugs for headphones or earbuds. It's white with tan leather seats and has weathertech floor mats. It has a big pop up door to the trunk.

- Julia C

The Lincoln MKX is a great family car!

The Lincoln MKX is great! It is comfortable, smooth ride, and has dual controls! You can open and close the trunk with a button on your keys or there's an automatic button to close! It's a safe car that my family has enjoyed and loves! Even for a large SUV the gas is usually around 18 in town. We can't wait to take it on a trip!

- Brittany M

I am in love with my Lincoln MKX.

I love this car. It has been very dependable. Has never failed to start and I have never had any car trouble out on the road. I bought this car new and have always been very well pleased with everything about it if I ever buy another car it will be a Lincoln MKX. I like it better than any other model of car I have ever had.

- Nancy M

We love having panoramic views

I love having the panoramic sun/moon roofs. It drives smoothly. I have had an issue with oil leaking from an unidentified place, which I hear is a common problem with this vehicle. The push button trunk is very helpful especially since I have children that would normally find it difficult to lift the trunk on an SUV.

- Davie W

His name is Denzel. He may not look like much, but he's been a reliable automobile for almost 10 years (I got him in January 2009).

I love my car because it's a very comfortable ride for me. I love the huge sunroof and moonroof as well as the heated seats. I dislike that many of the extras have been breaking over the years, and, while I still love the car, I can't use all the features that I used to enjoy.

- Cammie T

Very reliable and great look

The volume and AC buttons are extremely inaccurate and a hassle.. The sunroof always got stuck open and eventually I had to get my sunroof sealed shut. It also has a rocky ride. It can cause car sickness. Otherwise, I really like the car. It is a very nice looking vehicle.

- Lauren M

Lincoln is worth the price.

It is well made, comfortable, handles well, reliable, and large enough for 5 adults to travel. There are multiple airbags and other safety features. The rear hatch can be opened with the key fob which makes it easy when shopping and needing to load purchases in the back end.


I love my nifty Lincoln MKX.

My vehicle has a mysterious oil leak no one can pinpoint, but other than that I love my car and its creamy leather interior. The coolest part about it is its heating and cooling seats. Plus when you're driving slow it feels fast and when you're driving fast it feels slow.

- Ana K

It's a normal vehicle with low maintenance.

Vehicle runs fine as long as you keep up with the maintenance along the way. The vehicle is very reliable as there are no major problems such as engine or transmission. I have the oil changed and the tires rotated as suggested by the manufacturer. Good vehicle

- Michelle B

I Love my SUV! So do my kids!

Very spacious in the front and back. Love that my seats fold down incase I need more room. I would have liked the air conditioning in the back to have larger vents and separate controls for kids. Highly recommend leather with kids. Speaker system is great.

- Kristen M

This car is safe, with 6 airbags, abs, and all wheel drive so can't go wrong with this vehicle

I love the comfort of this vehicle. The leather seats and the moon roof are a added plus. This being a crossover I feel I sit up higher not like a car. The safety features on the vehicle are why I bought it.

- Heather S

It is a great vehicle for road trips, roomy and comfortable.

There is the light panel for the headlights that is located just under the steering wheel to the left and sometimes when I exit the vehicle I bang my knee on it and it's very painful!

- Jessica Z

My Lincoln has never left me stranded beside the road and it's name is Chester.

I love my car because it's loaded with extra features, looks nice, rides well, and is very dependable. There is nothing that I don't like about it. No complaints at all.

- Debbie P

Safe and comfortable vehicle.

It is comfortable, rides smoothly, heats and cools well, the seats are comfortable, has a good sound system, can carry a lot of things, it does have a wide tuning range.

- Martha W

The safety is top rated, however there is a recall on the passenger airbag.

I love the heated seats, the leather interior and the comfort. I also love that my 2 small children can easily fit in the back seat and it has heater/ac in the backseat.

- Kacey B

The luxury of a Lincoln is amazing!

I love the upgrades of the vehicle. It comes with leather interior and heated/cooled seats. Sunroof included as well. Handles well and drives smoothly.

- Sheena B

Very comfortable seats and smooth ride.

It is a very comfortable car. It has all the options anyone could want. While it is not the best gas mileage, it is good for that size of vehicle.

- Van L

Best vehicle I have ever owned

Never had any major issues with it. Drives and handles well. Comfortable ride. Decent gas mileage. Well worth the investment.

- Fonda D

It is great on gas. Its luxury at an affordable price.

Gas mileage I love, seat warmers I love. I dislike stereo. I love the color, the room inside. It's very dependable.

- Michelle P

Drives well and is excellent for family trips with comfortable seating.

Great suv that is perfect for family. inexpensive to maintain. been a great vehicle for over 10 years so far

- tom g

It is reliable and looks good.

The seats are stiff. The ride is a top heavy feel. The radio antenna does not allow for good radios service.

- Sia C

It is great in the snow, has great traction. It do not lose power going up hill.

The passenger seat motor went out. The vista roof does not work and now the back sun shade is stuck open.

- Nannette S

Ford Motor Company makes great LINCOLN'S that last a long time, offer great comfort, and provide high safety features.

It's dependable; rides smoothly; gets great gas mileage; and requires little upkeep.

- Cathy J

The car has a lot of power and is luxurious. Very comfortable.

I like how smooth it drives, very comfortable. Only complaint is the gas mileage.

- Greg M

I have over 130,000 miles on it and the brakes are still good

Smooth ride Sits nice and high off the road Not the best for gas mileage

- John B

great condition. just over 100k miles

would like a newer model, but other than that It's a great car

- juliann S