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Great family vehicle for years!

The main complaint I have about my car is that there isn't much room in the back seat. It should seat three in the back, however only two fit comfortably. The stereo system and sunroof are my favorite features in my car. I also like how spacious the trunk is and the automatic open and close of the trunk with just a push of a button. The heated/cooling driver and passenger seats is another function I love in my vehicle. I love how easy it is to park my car because it is not too large. I don't like that the GPS costs so much to update.

- Ashley C

The heated and cooled seats in the Lincoln are a great for all year long.

The mkx has a ton of features that I really enjoy. The heated and cooled seats are great for all year long. The moon roof is great and allows a lot of natural light into the vehicle. We've had a few minor issues in the 8 years we've owned it but nothing major. The one drawback of the vehicle is the size of the trunk area. It was perfect when we had one kid but as soon as my son came along, it just wasn't big enough to hold all our stuff for weekend getaways. It drives great on all roads and I would recommend the vehicle to anyone.

- Erik S

Pure luxury! And at the same price point as vehicles with far less options.

I love this car. It has it is problems, but all in all it has turned me brand loyal to Lincoln. The seats are wide and comfy. The cabin is ultra roomy, as is the back seat. The back seats recline! The front seats are not only heated but cooled as well. As for issues, all I have had problems with is a wheel. It dented and will not repair. A new one from Ford/Lincoln is 1000 dollars. The ride when all tires are inflated is super smooth. But the cabin is loud. I would highly recommend any Lincoln vehicle after buying this one.

- David B

Lincoln mkx 2008 all-wheel drive. A luxury vehicle.

I have had several problems with my 2008 Lincoln mkx in the past year or so. There has been steam coming out of the vents, leakage problems, and the radiator fan busted. For the past ten years it has been a reliable car to drive and it's at about 125, 000 miles right now. For the most part it is been a great car. But lately the car has had problems. The steam coming out of the vents was the biggest problem, but I have also put a lot more miles on it in the past year or so.

- Anna C

My Lincoln MKX is the most comfortable car you will own.

My vehicle has 2 sunroofs, seats are both heated and have a/c. The back row fold down with a push of a button. The seats are very comfortable for long trips. This is a very reliable car. I was driving daily over an hour away last summer, and never had any problems. My car gets good gas mileage. The back seats are also heated. The back seat person has plenty of legroom for an adult and the seats are comfortable for an adult as well.

- A R

Great vehicle - Lincoln mkx.

Originally purchased for my husband to use, but it was so nice that we couldn't see using it and putting so many miles on it that his job required. So, I was the one who got to use it for my daily travel to/from work - 16 miles round trip - and it has been a good car for me. Wish it gave better gas mileage, but overall I am very happy with my vehicle.

- Sylvia G

Lincoln 2008 Sturdy and Durable

Currently at about 150,000 miles, with mostly cosmetic problems such as motorized mirrors, dinged rims, and a couple scratches here and there. The air conditioning is still functioning really well, as well as the climate control. The biggest damaged item is one of the back window sprayers are broken, and the other one only dribbles out water.

- Rachel O

You are going to drive me 2 drinking if you do not stop driving that hot rod Lincoln.

My vehicle does not accelerate well. Over the last two years I have had to replace my transmission and my engine. The first four years I never had a problem with the car at all. I just recently replaced the front end on my car. The car is very comfortable I enjoy the panoramic sunroof and the leather heated and air conditioned seats.

- Rob G

Cool seats and cooler price.

I have really enjoyed this car. During the time that I have had the vehicle it has been reliable, no major mechanical issues other than routine maintenance. Both the front and back seat are spacious, the leather interior is easy to clean. My favorite feature is the seat coolers on the driver and passenger seats.

- Patrick L

I feel safe in the mkx and think others would like it.

The mkx has a lot of comfort features that I appreciate. I like the sun roof, the phone linked through the radio, power features, rear backing assistance and fold down back seat. The car has been very reliable, with just regular maintenance needed. The only concern I have is that the seat is a bit uncomfortable.

- Deb O

Lincoln mkx review and nice ride.

I love the ride quality of my Lincoln and the nice luxury look of my car I love the ride quality of my Lincoln and the nice luxury look of my car I love the ride quality of my Lincoln and the nice luxury look of my car I love the ride quality of my Lincoln and the nice luxury look of my car.

- Daniel E

Lincoln 2008 review. FIVE stars

Best truck I've owned. It's the elite version. It had surround sound and 2 tone leather. Navigation. Cook and hot seats. Automatic everything I Love it.I put my dogs in it easily with the fold down seats and easy to access controls. Ac is cold and has great strength. Bluetooth is great

- Paula S

Roomy SUV for the non soccer mom

I love my Lincoln MKX! Its very spacious and comfortable to drive long distances. The navigation system is very helpful! Easy access to the cruise control and radio on the steering wheel! Plenty of charging ports! Great cup holders and room for all the extra stuff I keep in my car.

- Sherry H

I think that they should know about the OD sensors. Never had a car have this issue. Around a 1000.00 fix

Lincoln mkx is a very affordable luxury car. My car is almost 11 years old now still rides and drives like a new one. It is very comfortable. Gas mileage could be better, was a little disappointing. Only problems was OD sensors had to be replaced. Not bad for a car with 164,000 miles.

- Kim G

My Lincoln cream colored Lincoln that I love dearly.

My vehicle is a dream to drive. It is comfortable with climate control, all sorts of information in the dash and a GPS to help me find any place. It has a hydraulic rear door, drop down seats in the back and a/c throughout the car. The sound system is thx and it has beautiful sound.

- George M

Been an outstanding vehicle.

No problems, little complicated to drive. Drives really good, instruments are difficult to understand, GPS is hard to navigate, maintenance is awesome, no major repairs, I always do scheduled maintenance, little hard to keep clean, paint is beginning to chip, will need a touch up.

- Jo H

Great comfort and features.

The 2007 Lincoln mkx features a sunroof with a sunshade. It has heated and cooled seats. I was skeptical about the cooled seats but they are great for really hot days and long road trips. It drives very smoothly on bumpy Michigan roads. It has Bluetooth for hands free phone calls.

- Christina T

My car. Best car I ever owned.

This is the most reliable car I have ever owned. I previously had a Lincoln town car, which was very comfortable. Unfortunately, my mkx has a defective front passenger airbag and cannot have anyone riding with me. I have been waiting for 2 years for a "fix. ". None so far.

- Rosa B

The highlight of my vehicle is how well it does in the snow. I never have issues

My vehicle is great! I live in an area with snow and it drives great and has never given me an issue. It is also great on gas. This is important because I am a college student with not very much money. Lincoln is a great company and I totally recommend buying a car with them.

- Taylor S

Such a smooth ride. Good gas mileage. Fits quite a bit since the seats go flat.

My Lincoln has such a smooth ride. The features on it even at being a 2008 are amazing. In comparison to the Ford edge which is similar it does not even compare. The ride is so smooth and we are going on 150, 000 miles and have 9bly had to do maintenance work to the vehicle.

- Tiffany C

Heated seats in front and rear. Car shuts off at stop lights to save on gas.

Car turns off at stop lights to save on gas. Does not have lights in the mirrors, which I find to be a problem - you need to turn the car lights on to see when dark. You are also able to turn in your side mirrors when parked. Has heated seats in front and rear of vehicle.

- Dana V

Grate luxury and family car.

Only problem the this vehicle has is once in a while the radio system will have to be reset besides that it is a very comfortable it is very roomy in the front and nice in the back trunk has a lot of room for new mom easy to have cleaned and grate for kid and babies.

- Alexis M

Comfortable ride with great cargo space.

The car is very comfortable to drive in. I love the cargo space because I am constantly hauling gardening supplies. The gas mileage is pretty good in town but better on long trips on the interstate. The seats have both cooling and heating options for the front seats.

- Plaisance R

Roomy, it is got wheelchair room.

I love my mks because it is comfortable, and easy to handle. I have a special needs daughter, and it fits everything I need on a daily basis. I have plenty of room and good on gas. It smells fantastic, it also warms quickly and cools in seconds. Hope this helps.

- Jennifer J

2008 Lincoln SUV. Comfortable and good gas mileage.

Problems have been two recalls that had the vehicle a total of 8 months. The car runs great and is very comfortable. Gas mileage is also very good. There is quite a bit of storage in the rear. Second row seating is spacious and very comfortable for two.

- Tom L

Smooth ride and spacious cabin makes this mom happy!

I love Lincoln. The heated leather seats, the wood grain the satellite radio and Bluetooth options are nice features. It is a very spacious and comfortable driving experience. There have been a few performance issues with the sensors but nothing major.

- Stephanie S

Very roomy and comfortable to drive!

I love how much room I have in my vehicle. I have enough room for my hair school supplies and my daughters baby items. I wish that the menu for music was a little easier to use. Sometimes my ac doesn't blow cold.

- Emilie M

That it is the best car I have ever owned.

I love how it rides. It handles great. It has all the bells and whistles. The only thing I don't like is that you can't turn the interior light off with the doors open. We go to the drive in movies a great deal.

- Amanda B

That it has the safety features.

I love everything about my vehicle. I love the seats because they're heated and air vented. I love that it has 2 sunroofs. I do not like the fact that it do not have the navigation system or Wi-Fi hook up.

- Thelma H

A very comfortable and quiet ride especially when traveling on long trips.

I like the comfortable ride that my vehicle provides. I also like the way it handles on the road, especially on the highway. There really is not anything that I do not like about my vehicle.

- Deborah S

Reliable, ease in driving.

Smooth and quiet driving. Controls are easy to use, heated and cooled seats. Great radio, over 109, 000, just regular maintenance no issues, plenty of room, good gas mileage.

- Joann H

It is very comfortable and rides very smoothly like a luxury vehicle should.

I love that it is a luxury vehicle. It is comfortable and drives very well. I just worry about all of the electronics on the vehicle, especially with its age.

- Erin W

That it is an important part of our family.

I love the space my vehicle has. I like the color and looks of my car. I love how it goes in the winter. I love the size of it to accommodate the whole family.

- Theresa H

It has great gas mileage in town and on the highway.

I like how roomy it is. I can fit all 4 kids and 2 dogs with no problem. I love the double sunroof. I wish it had more power.

- Allison P

It is reliable and perfect family size without being huge.

Perfect size for my family and carpooling. Panoramic roof was a big selling feature. I have had little maintenance issues.

- Angela B

Bad gas mileage headlight are dingy looking but runs good

It's just ok don't give me any problems. Wish it got better gas mileage other than that no complaints wish it was newer

- Tammy C

Dependable and has lasted for 10 years.

Great car but fuel mileage not the best. Has been great to drive when traveling for work. Very dependable vehicle.

- Kelli K

It is reliable and runs good as long as you keep it maintained.

Seats are falling apart at perforations is a problem with me. I like the DVD/TV in back seat for kids.

- Becky S

It has pretty good gas mileage and i havent had any big issues.

It is a great size. It is a tight spot in the driver's seat for bigger people.

- Victoria H

I love it. Love it! Love love it so much. It's a good family vehicle

I love it so much. I love everything about it. I wish I had it sooner.

- Tiffany H

It's solid and is good in a crash.

it has a good ride. it's sold and it goes great in the snow.

- allen w

I really don't have much for complaints. I suppose better fast mileage would be good. I love the look of it. I love how smoothly it drives. I love how roomy it is.

Because it is a luxury vehicle repairs can be more expensive.

- Sierra L

Very reliable vehicle with good gas mileage. Plenty of room for a family of four or more.

It is a very smooth ride. Good gas mileage. Plenty of space

- Ida A

it is big and bulky and needs to be taken good care of for maintenance

I love how comfy it is and how much gas the tank can hold

- Joelle M