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Trouble-free vehicle which has only required the usual maintenance.

This vehicle has had no problems only routine maintenance performed. It has over 120,000 miles and is over 8 years old and still drives great. I have replaced tires, brakes and wiper blades and routine oil changes and battery but all have lasted a reasonable amount of time. I have taken care of the vehicle as far as routine maintenance. I gets around 18 mpg around town and can get around 25-29 on the highway. Not the greatest mileage but usually have air conditioning on as we live in Texas so that decreases the mileage. I plan to keep this car until it starts having significant issues, which as of this date has not happened. Recently had it checked out at my local garage and to have my first set of brakes put on and they couldn't find anything wrong with it except needing new brakes. Styling has not changed much on the newer models so it really does not look like an old car.

- Sharon F

The Lincoln... made here at home!

I currently have a Lincoln MKX . I have only had it since sept of last year but it has been great! I was looking for something with features that would accommodate my new baby. It is so spacious yet driving it feels like u got it all under control. The sunroof opens up wide and practically the whole top. Heating and air in the seats. It also has dual air temp for driver passenger so u can have your own comfort temps. The hands free phone with Bluetooth. The TV screened map and other cool features. The back door opens and closes with push of a button... o I could go on and on but what can I say...it's a Lincoln! My only thing I would change is I would love a newer model!!

- Anna N

The Sleek design even though the model is old still makes me feel luxurious.

I really enjoy the leather seats and how comfortable the car rides. It has plenty room for my family the trunk space is amazing. We do Drive quite often out of town so the wear and tear on the tires and struts is great as well. I have only had to replace a bearing on my left wheel well. The previous owner installed a sunroof that I have had to replace. The Sleep design and details in the inside makes you always feel comfortable and remind you that you are riding in a Lincoln.

- Vanessa S

Amazing vehicle: headlight plug only issue.

No major issues. Drives smooth, older model, however, still looks amazing and current. The only problem I have encountered with this vehicle is the passenger headlight (720 plug) the part has burned out many times. I had to replace the headlight and plug several different times. The part is not expensive just not available at our auto repair places.

- La F

Great car, small problems

The car is absolutely wonderful. I bought it used, but it comes fully loaded. The only downside is the gas mileage, and the lack of 'modern'?technology. I have to put $45/week in my tank. My sister has the same sized SUV, but a 2019 and it only takes hers $15-$20 a week. Also, since it's a 2010 it does not offer the touch screen console.

- Victoria B

Amazing car, 1 problem in 8 years!

First 7 years there were no problems with this vehicle. Tires that came on it ran for 50, 000 miles very well. The only issue we have is that one day we went to open the door from the inside and the handle is no longer connecting with the door. We need to get this fixed. The car is a 2010 and with only 1 problem we are very happy.

- Alyssa U

Great winter vehicle for Colorado!

This vehicle is very comfortable and spacious inside with excellent leg and head room in front and back seats. Front seats are cooled and heated, and have lumbar support. It has all wheel drive and high ground clearance for perfect driving in the snow. It holds up well in harsh weather. I have had average 20. 5 miles per gallon.

- Cynthia S

Lincoln recall think cars should be bought back by Lincoln.

I love my car except that I have had a recall on the passenger air bag only months after I purchased the car. Was told not to allow anyone to ride in the front seat then have put me in a rental, ( so far going on 4 months) that is nice but my car just sits. . So I feel that Lincoln should buy back these defected cars.

- Daphne S

Lincoln review for model mkx for year 2010.

Good gas mileage in both city and country. Heated seats and sunroof that I use frequently. Great sound system and navigation map is large and easy to read plus easy to use. Rear tailgate easily opens and closes. Easy fold down seats to help haul larger stuff plus easy to use when hauling stuff and passengers.

- Linda L

Lincoln mkx. Love the way it performs.

I have had my car a year no problems drives great plenty of room for family it has a lot of extras I would buy another no doubt it gas great gas mileage rides very smooth heat and air in the front and back witch is very nice I have not had any kind of problems with the performance anything it is a great car.

- Cathy G

2010 Lincoln MKX One thing after another

My 2010 Lincoln MKX has been disappointing. The Car door handle keeps coming off, had to replace wheel bearings, seat heater on driver side doesn't work, headlight costs 900.00 to replace and hasn't been working... seems like one thing after another goes wrong it's never ending...

- Kristina B

Lincoln makes a reliable car.

It is front wheel drive and I needed all wheel drive. It is comfortable and has plenty of room. I haven't had any maintenance problems. It is convenient to have four doors. No problems with the sunroof and the side mirror lights has been convenient when switching lanes.

- Marianne M

Beautiful & reliable car!

This has been the best car I ever owned. It is an extremely smooth ride with all the bells and whistles you could ask for. It has been extremely reliable. I've kept up with routine maintenance, but I've never had an issue with the car which is now 8 years old. Great car!

- Jesse A

Have luxury with a Lincoln.

My Lincoln is the best dependable, comfortable vehicle I have ever driven it has built in navigation system, it keeps track of my gas and lets me know when I have only fifty miles to empty, it has optional multi color interior light functions heated and cooled seats.

- Rebecca J

Not your average mom wagon

Great vehicle. The drive is smooth and gas mileage is awesome. Seating is very roomy and comfortable. The hatch back is very convenient and a must I couldn't live without it. The car is very sleek and not your average mom wagon. The ride is very luxurious and fun.

- Trouble A

The most important thing others should know is that my car is reliable.

I like my Lincoln MKX because it runs smoothly and doesn't look like most of the other vehicles on the road. My challenge with my Lincoln is that I need to stay focused on the maintenance. I need my vehicle to perform well with low maintenance.

- Lionell Y

Luxurious.Still looks new despite being 10 yrs old.

Love the comfort features, such as heated seats, ease of changing the settings after my spouse has driven the car with the automatic reset for seat and mirror positions.Dislike there is no rear camera, and that the car has many "blind spots".

- Susan F

The one most important thing that others should know is that it is very Roomy and Comfortable

I love the white leather seats. I love the height of the vehicle; not too low or high off the ground. I love the shape of my car, even when I see it as I'm walking to it, It always makes me smile thinking, "That's my car!"

- Cristina C

The level of luxury is very nice for this vehicle. You feel pampered when you sit in it and ride around.

My car is spacious inside and very comfortable. It has high quality details and feels very nice when riding. It has great lines of sight and provides me with a beautiful, reliable, stylish ride.

- David B

My doors are nice and don't need you to slam them when you get in and out. A luxury car is nice and doesn't need to be treated as a cheap car.

My vehicle is very comfortable and spacious inside. It rides smoothly and is high quality components and reliable. The one thing I don't like is the old Sync system that no longer is upgradable.

- David T

Comfortable and plenty of legroom.

No cup holders in the back, it rides nice, comfortable. The kids miss having the movies. The memory settings for the driver seat sometimes get mixed up. Overall I enjoy driving this car.

- Tara A

I like that it has air conditioned seats.

The car runs very nice. It is very comfortable. The seats are air conditioned. It ran very nice when I drove from Michigan to Minnesota. I would recommend buying one.

- Mara S

All the bells and whistles!

Our vehicle has been wonderful for us as a family of four. It rides well and has all the bells and whistles that you usually have to pay extra for!

- Heather K

Very smooth ride. Beautiful interior.

I like the comfort and smoothness of the drive. It is easy to handle and safety features are good. The interior is leather and very nice.

- Jennifer C

It feels very safe and is a good family car.

I like the size of the storage space in the back. I love the panoramic sunroof. I don't have as much head room as my previous vehicle.

- Jeannette Z

How well it rides and the standard equipment which is a luxury in other brands.

Love all the standard equipment that is a luxury in other cars. Love how nice the car rides. Do not like the high cost.

- Joyce T

That it is a very reliable car.

Like height, steering, tailgate.. Dislike outside color, inside color.. Heated seat and seat cooler no longer work.

- Mary Z

it is a good, safe, solid car.

it's a good reliable car. it still looks very nice.i'm not crazy about the console and the transmission.

- jay G

I love my vehicle. It is roomy enough for my family of 4 and an extra person. It gets good gas mileage and has all the bells and whistles. If I could afford a new one like mine, it would be sitting in my driveway tomorrow. It does seem to have some issues within the electrical components here and there, but I think all newer cars do with the computers.

Very luxurious and spacious. The seats are comfortable and the ride is smooth.

- Jennifer S

It is a great family car that is very very comfortable

I like the smooth drive I like the comfortable seating and its spacious

- beth w

comfortable enjoyable ride fun to drive love the interior

comfortable ride,easy to ride, roomy, like everything about my car

- lana t

it looks good and is a nice car. it was not cheap but it has been pretty good

i like the looks of it. it is easy on gas. it rides good.

- Stella F

smooth ride and drives really well

smooth driving car, comfortable to ride in. Good mileage

- lana K