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Comfortable and spacious! Also we took a 9000 mile road trip this year across country and our Lincoln got decent gas mileage and was so comfy!

It has an amazing ride and very comfortable seating both front and back seats. Very spacious as well. Love all the cargo space and the way you can create more car options space by lowering the back seats. The back up assistance is terrific now that I've learned how to use it. The side mirrors are hard to adjust. Steering and braking systems are good. Not that crazy about the heating and air conditioning systems. Hate the volume control bar. Overall I love my vehicle.

- Norma H

Great vehicle for small family

no problems with this car. Love it - perfect size - decent gas mileage - good performance very comfortable recommend seat warmers - wish they had in back seats too. No negatives very reliable and dependable. No need to worry if I have to travel at night. A few blind spots but nothing to complain about. Highly recommend buying. I would buy again.

- Tammy J

2011 Lincoln MKX with Sunroof

With regular maintenance, this is a reliable vehicle and handles well. The features available are nice. It is a very comfortable vehicle to travel in with my family. The backup camera is quirky currently as it doesn't always work properly, but I haven't taken it to the dealer to correct the problem yet. Overall, I would say this is a very good vehicle

- Kristina V

The driver assist is wonderful for trips. Overall I love the mks.

The mkx only has one problem that I have found on my 2011. The windshield stays fogged up. I don't know if it is a flaw in the model. We have tried everything. Even running the defrost it will fog up. Other then that one issue, I love the mkx. The driver assist is wonderful for long trips. I would by another Lincoln, maybe not the mkx.

- Olivia L

drive in comfort and look good doing it.

Have had it seven years and never had a major mechanical problem. Comfortable, great looking, reliable, and has all the best features. Such feature include Bluetooth, navigation, bucket seats, anti lock brakes, sunroof, electric seats and windows, full sunroof, easy to maneuver and great in all weather.

- Theresa C

My car is great and would buy another one!

This vehicle is very safe and reliable. I love the blind spot alerts and the fuel economy. The apple sync is fantastic. There is some limitation regarding blind spots but they are manageable. I would also make the stereo system with traditional knob as the touch screen is somewhat cumbersome.

- Chris S

Loaded with all the extras.

Navigation features are very accurate. Hands free phone service. Comfort with heated and cooled seating throughout vehicle. Climate controlled. Theatre quality speaker system. Leather seats with five way adjustments. Rear seats fold down for added cargo space at just under six foot.

- Sue B

Heated steering wheel/seats great in winter. Cooling seat is great in summer.

I love the heated and cooling seats. The heated steering wheel. The leather seats are very comfortable. Amazing back up camera with alert features to help you. The size of the screen is helpful to very roomie but not to big. It is a very smooth ride. Gas mileage could better.

- Miranda P

I don't know what to say.

I love my vehicles. I think it's a great car. I actually haven't had any problems until recently with the whole radio system going in and out. Which from what I hear is a common problem with this car and Lincoln just won't make it a recall fix. Other than that just normal stuff.

- Marian J

Really love a Lincoln, but need electric folding side mirrors.

I love this vehicle, but with all the extras I would have liked electric side mirrors that fold in. Also this car is not made for tall and big people. Not much body room. My husband has a hard time driving it. He is 6ft 2 in. 240 lbs. He is very cramped but for me it's great.

- Carol F

My Lincoln is stylish even feel this way after the model being 7 years old.

I have owned my Lincoln 4 years. I find that it can have a little more power when I need to accelerate. It is fuel economy is 22. 1 including highway and local driving. The interior is very comfortable and it is general appearance outside and inside convince me to purchase.

- Victor J

Great luxury vehicle with all the benefits

So far this vehicle has been wonderful. It extremely good in the snow. The ride is very comfortable and has many features that everybody should have. My only negative would be is it's only a 5 passenger vehicle. However this vehicle has plenty of room for 5 ppl and cargo.

- Scott S

The Lincoln MKX is a great car. Great on the road, comfortable, no problems.

I really have not had any problems. I purchase the car in 2019, it on had 40,000 miles on it. I had a problem with a door handle. The dealership told me to bring it in it will take 5 days to fix and it would be 159. 00. I bought the part for 12.00 and put it on myself.

- Terri F

Love my mkx, comfort to the max.

We have had 2 mix, and have loved them both I will. Buy another one for sure, they drive so smooth. My husband is a big guy and he is comfortable getting in and out of the mix. I had a Lexus and he hated to drive it sincere had such a hard time getting in and out of it.

- Ana B

Pretty safety and a lot of comfort.

There is not problems at all and its running very good, and comfortable, very safety, and economic in gas, and got a nice visibility, next time I do need to replace my vehicle will be the same brand model but new year, there is nothing better like this Lincoln SUV.

- Jorge C

The mkx has a backup camera, leather seats, panoramic viewing and a smooth ride.

The Lincoln mkx is a very reliable luxury type of SUV. It has a smooth comfortable ride. It is excellent in the snow. It has cooling and heated seats and steering wheel. There are no problems with this car if you keep up with the recommended maintenance schedule.

- Bridget M

It's a smooth driving vehicle.

I love my vehicle because it has low miles, it's a luxury addition. I love my vehicle because it was very well taken care of for being 7 years old. The only complaint of my vehicle is I wish the interior was a dark color instead of tan, it shows all stains.

- Stacey B

This car drives very well and it is comfortable.

I love the size, the interior and the fact that I've had no major repair issues. The only complaint I've had with this car was the voice activated navigation. It did not recognize my voice commands for a long period but its a little better now.

- Denise C

My MKX has been very reliable. It works well for my family of 4.

I have been very pleased with my 2011 MKX. The heated and air conditioned seats and Microsoft control are at the top of my list of likes. I purchased the car used and I have been very happy with my itbe. I would consider buying another.

- Kelly B

Comfort plus utility makes it the right blend of luxury and function.

It's a great luxury SUV. Utility of an SUV with some features I love. The heated and COOLED! seats are great. The power fold-down rear seats are great. I love the full ceiling moonroof. Rides like a dream.

- Joel V

Not a mom/pop looking style vehicle.Not a plain Jane/average looking vehicle.

Great styling, good handling, very good power.Reliable, decent gas mileage. Ford doesn't mandatory Dealership to give every customer trade-in value equal to or better than Lexus,Acura similar model's.

- tom M

It is built of high quality materials and the fit and finish is excellent

It is extremely well built. It is very reliable. It gives a comfortable and quiet ride. There is plenty of legroom in the back seat. The only negative is its gas mileage.

- Peter H

My vehicle is comfortable, reliable and easy to maintain

I like that my vehicle is reliable, easy to maintain, looks nice and is comfortable while seated. I wish it had a button in rear at hatchback to unlock the car doors

- s g

A great car relative to safety, fuel efficiency and resale value. very attractive new car warranty . Just a fun car to drive especially on long trips with the Oldies station the satellite radio.

First time buying a crossover unit.. Love the interior and exterior design. Great electronics. Have had minimal issues with car. quiet fuel efficient

- steve a

Great value. Many standard features included in base package

Never had an issue very reliable car. Many comforts. Love the heated steering wheel and locks that detect your presence so door open when u are nearby

- Cari P

My electrical system causes alarm to sound when it rains and windy.

Very comfortable and equipped with everything I need. Smooth ride and road friendly. Love the color and good on gas. I have no complaints or dislikes.

- Veronica H

Luxury vehicle with everything you could want!

I love my car because it has air conditioned and heated seats. It is spacious and comfortable. It looks really high class and well put together.

- Liz P

The car was pre-owned when we purchased it, but it felt brand new.

I like it because it rides smoothly. Also, the seats go down for extra space. I dislike the blind spots, but overall, I am glad to own it.

- Susan N

A nice looking comfortable riding suv

It is very comfortable to ride in. Heated and cooled seats. Rides well in the snow. Very reliable. Has a backup camera. Looks nice

- Jessica C

very comfortable when traveling, there is a lot of room in the back even though it doesn't appear that way.

fuel mileage is a complaint for me, but other then that I really like the vehicle and enjoy driving it.

- Veronica D

It offers a luxuriously smooth ride and is so easy to drive while offering enough space for all my family and our stuff.

I love the smooth ride. I love the interior and the amenities it has. There is nothing I do not like.

- Heather H

It's a decent size for a crossover suv and has a decent amount of amenities.

I like the back up camera. I like the side mirror indicators. I like the navigation.

- Kevin C

It's comfortable, pretty, and high quality. Amazing car

I love my car. It's comfortable, roomy, and sporty. I wish it had 3rd row seating

- Michelle C

It's a very comfortable vehicle. I like being able to set the seat and steering to my preferences and my husband can set them to his. My favorite part is the keyless start and the remote start.

It is a great family car. It has plenty of room for making long trips.

- Teresa K

I love everything about this vehicle; I would buy another one if I could afford it. The only thing I would have changed would be retractable running boards.

It's comfortable, has many wonderful amenities and handles very well.

- Hazel D

It's the right size for my needs, my family fits for their activities

I like the size of my car. It's convenient to get around in

- teresa s