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It is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned.

I love my Lincoln mkx. It is so comfortable and has a lot of great options, the sensors are great for not hitting the curb, also the front camera is awesome so I don't hit the wall or another vehicle I am parking by. Our also has the lane assist, neat feature. The adaptive is control is so neat, how it slows you down automatically when the car in front of you slows down. I will never buy a vehicle without a rear camera and navigation. I like the sync system, it is easy to operate. It is a very stylish car, a lot of room for all passengers and a huge trunk. This is the third Lincoln mix I have owned and I will buy another when we decide to trade in for a newer vehicle.

- Marjorie S

Lincoln SUV. Looks great and handles the same.

Comfort in the driver seat is great, love the steering wheel adjustment, to many toys to work with, love the GPS and radio. Heated and cooling seat are great in the winter and summer. Handles great. Oil change is only every 7 months. Outside mirrors fold back when parked to keep people from hitting them. Lots of storage in real and glove compartment and center compartment. Key opens locks when you walk up to it and turns off the alarm. Rear tailgate opens with the movement at the back bumper.

- Thomas G

The very comfortable 2016 Lincoln MKX

The Lincoln MKX 2016 select is built for comfort. Driving long distances very comfortable for me being a female 5' 8' tall and 217 pounds. Being able to adjust the steering wheel and the seat in so many different position really helps. Although North Florida is not very cold the heated seat features help a lot in the Winter time. Also the seat cooling is very nice to have as well in the summer times. The rear seat warmers are very good to have for my grandchildren in the Winter time .

- Sheila F

The suv rides really good and is easy to maneuver.

The front hood ornament protrudes from the car when ignition is on. It fell off and was lost. Not sure from the car wash or what. Also, the lift gate has a trigger under the car for your foot to activate. I'm very short, 5'1" and if I need to really reach up into the back my feet are under the car and activates the lift gate to come down. The signal doesn't sound and I get knocked on the head. I love the vehicle except for these two things.

- Jerie B

Luxury vehicle at a great price.

There have been a few incidences where the right mirror will try to adjust and it would get stuck and start popping. After a few times, the mirror stopped adjusting out. It can only be adjusted in, up and down. The heated seats are great and on the hottest setting can get really warm. I love the touch screen features as well as push button gear shifts.

- Jessica K

Ride in luxury with a reliable set of wheels.

My vehicle is fully loaded. I enjoy the panoramic sunroof along with the features my vehicle offers. I do think that the gas does poorly. I find myself putting gas every three days for a 50 mile commute each day. I also think this is a great family car with a lot of room. I have leather heated seats which are amazing! Overall it is a great vehicle!

- Alicia W

Magnificent Crossover - Lincoln MKX

Creature comforts include dual-temp option, cruise control, navigation system, heat/cold seats, moonroof, and lumbar support. I have constant back/hip pain so the seats must be comfortable for me! The ONLY complaint I have about the MKX (this is my 2nd one) is the lack of Adaptive Cruise Control. Other than that this car is perfect.

- Shirley H

Love my Lincoln SUV. It is a pleasure to drive and very comfortable.

I love the comfort the car provides and the luxury features like comfort seats and heated steering wheel. I love the adaptive cruise control and all the lane control sensors. It is fun to drive. Handles very well and I feel safe in winter driving and heavy snow conditions. First time owning a Lincoln and probably not the last.

- Susan C

Wonderful car model with many automatic features.

The car has 22 way seat movements that allow for individual adjustments. Heated and cooled seats allow for comfort in all weather. Automatic speed adjustment keeps you at an appropriate length behind the car in front of you. The only problem I have had with the car is the rpm gauge and the miles per gallon gauge.

- Barbara B

Luxurious and reliable SUV.

This SUV has excellent reliability. The features are very luxurious. Heated and cooled seats as well as the heated steering wheel are much needed for colder weather and hot weather. The extended sunroof makes the vehicle seem very open and roomy. Hands free talking is very convenient and safe as well.

- Angie P

Great ride and great features.

I love the size of my mkx I can use it to haul people and we do a lot of home renovations so we can get lots of stuff in the back. We drive 5 hours to our cabin and the ride is great. It is very peppy and it is quiet. We have navigation and it routes us around traffic and construction.

- Mark C

Why I love my car in 250 words.

Great performance, very reliable. drives smoothly and has not had any problems other than maintenance. Gas mileage ok, but a good safe car especially for someone like me. High of the ground and very comfortable. Love the heated seats and steering wheel I highly recommend it to anyone.

- Gloria C

Lincoln mkx wins the comfort and performance award.

Lincoln mkx is a very good vehicle. Excellent gas mileage and performance. When the lease is up I would get another won. Seat are comfortable, never had a service issue. Love the heated steering wheel in the winter as well as the remote start. Travels very well for long distances.

- Mike D

Love For My Lincoln This is a great vehicle!!

I love this Lincoln MKX. It drives very smooth. It is comfortable to ride in. I like the design of the vehicle. It has never hesitated to start. I love the remote start. The one thing I don't like is the small gas tank. I have to fill up too many times when I take it on a trip.

- Carolynn D

The safety standard for my car is great. It has front and side airbags. It will also call for assistance if the airbags are deployed. Thus maximizing immediate help in the event of an accident.

I love the comfort and ease of driving my vehicle. One drawback is I cannot figure out how to tell when my fob battery is going dead. The dealership, where I purchased my vehicle is always very courteous and helpful. I would recommend this vehicle overall.

- Darlene K

I love the heated seats in the winter in the mountains.

I have not had any problems with the car. It's reliable and very comfortable. It has leather bucket seats, brake assist, emergency communication system, 3.65 axle ratio, adaptive suspension, memory seating, radio data system, trip computer, and so much more.

- Kathleen L

Get the extended warranty a first!

Problems: sometimes the key does not work to open the door. 2 yrs and my transmission went out. Thankfully I bought the extended warranty. The performance is great. The ride is quiet and smooth. The vehicle has wonderful features that make the ride great.

- Savannah L

All wheel drive is important in 4 season states.

Love dual blind spot warning, love sound system, love sunroof, love leather heated seats. Live self park feature, love drowsy feature, love Lincoln welcome mat, live auto start, live wave your foot to open gate, love lay flat seats to carry larger loads.

- Lizzie C

I don't think Lincoln gets enough credit for building / designing top-of-the-line luxury vehicles.

It is a luxury SUV that not everyone drives. It is extremely quiet on the inside, making it easy to have a phone call over Bluetooth and not have road noise present. It also has great horsepower / gas mileage combination.

- Brian F

It is a very reliable car safe for everyone and the kids.

The car is super comfortable and it is so easy and great to drive. The heat and cooling system for the front seat is great during summer and winter plus great and winter for the kids in the backseat with the heated seats.

- Faith H

Flawed comfort of luxury.

The overall performance of the MKX decent. The 360^ sensors go off randomly even when there is nothing around. The 22-way seats are not comfortable for petite people and they move even when not being adjusted.

- manny r

Classy, Modern Look with Comfort and Great Styling

I love the comfortable, roominess it has and how incredibly smooth it rides. It has such a classy, updated look and style. I love all the looks and smiles I get when I drive by others!

- Amy C

It rides smoothly and I feel safe in it.

I love how it handles, and the ride is very smooth. I love the interior, leather. I love that it has a backup camera and a great music system. I wish it had a lift gate opener.

- Cheryl L

My Lincoln SUV is the best vehicle I have ever purchased.

The car runs so smooth and gas mileage is excellent. The seats are heated and cooled, with air control in the backseat. It's very spacious and affordable. I love it!

- Taylor S

It performs well and I feel safe driving it. It's easy to handle.

I love the overall look of the vehicle - the roominess inside and the performance of this vehicle - I've owned many Lincolns and find them to be very reliable.

- Mildred M

Battery dies very quickly so be prepared to get a new one within a 1 1/2 years.

I like that I can start my car from wherever I am. I do not like all the electrical glitches it has. I like that it has many amenities and the price was good.

- Eileen G

That my car is a luxury suv, a Lincoln

I like the look of my vehicle. It is a luxurious auto that people look at. It is filled with safety options that make driving simpler and more carefree.

- Judith G

It's so comfortable!!! My car is the best for long road trips. My seats can be adjusted 22 ways and both front seats heat, cool, and massage.

I LOVE everything about my vehicle. It's comfortable, has massage seats, and I feel very safe in it. If I could change anything, better MPG would be nice.

- caywood y

My type of car is safe and comfortable while being enjoyable to drive myself.

Very up to date. Good technology. Good gas mileage. Comfortable sheeting and spacing. Connects to phone and Bluetooth well. Love heated and cooling seats.

- Savannah W

Lincoln 2016 MKX SUV Review

There have been no issues yet. It is a great sporty SUV and I love it's performance. It is fun to drive and has all the power you'd ever need.

- Charles H

perfect size for 2 people with extra room for 2 more and plenty of room in the back for storage

Great price... Lincoln valet service...pick up and bring me a rental when in shop for warranty issues Great warranty Great ride Perfect size

- Kerri B




It is a very safe vehicle with many safety features.

The seats are comfortable. It has good safety ratings. It has many smart safety features. It has a very smooth, comfortable ride.

- Susan P

The SUV drives and handles extremely well. Best ac on a car that I have ever owned.

No problems. Love the suv. Would buy another one and will. Drives and handles extremely well. This is my second Lincoln to have.

- Douglas D

It is such a pleasure to drive.

I like the size of my car. It is very convenient for packing many items in it. Good gas mileage. It is a very comfortable ride.

- Barbara C

Nice smooth ride, but need to more attention to small details like gas mileage, seat belt and middle storage area.

Gas mileage is not what you would expect from Small SUV with 6 cylinder. Minor problems with things like armrest and seat belt.

- Dee G

Wish it was a hybrid had a hybrid before but the car was to low for me.

Only problem set is to short it is not comfortable for my husband to drive long distances. I am short so it is fine for me.

- Jean K

Mkx drives smoothly. Love this car

Seats are very comfortable. Seats are heated and cooled. Has a turbo engine. Drives smoothly. Has backup camera.

- Hla T

Sync system is very poor, needs constant upgrading

Numerous electrical issues, drives well, fast, Door seals coming apart, quiet, good sound system, Nice looking

- Dwight S

Very comfortable seats, they are massaging seats, very nice.

Love the comfortable seats. Has a noise in the roof which is glass top. They can't figure out what is wrong

- Rose H

I am currently getting 40.7 mpg highway.

It has comfortable seats it also has heated seats but the sound system is terrible the trunk is too small.

- Kelly S

It is very easy and safe to drive. Very easy to park and also easy to get in and out of.

Love this vehicle. Roomy, but extremely sturdy. No complaints. Love the color also. It is called Luxe.

- Donna S

Excellent adjustable ride and wonderful technology

The car has performed perfectly with no issues other than my own understanding of technology requirements

- fred c

The car rides nice smooth. This is a great size, nice trunk.

I like the size of the vehicle. It. Drives nicely. It is. Good in snow, it is a nice looking vehicle.

- Suzanne F

It's pretty much high quality considering the cool details, the lights, etc

I love the lights and the open roof top. What I dislike that there isn't enough storage

- Jennifer L

Not cheap gas mileage poor but ride is great try it

Great ride love adapted cruise Gas mileage could be better

- Garry F

The car looks good,and handles well

Perfect size. 4 wheel drive good handling and gas mileage

- Thomas F

It's worth the money very comfortable lots of power

Gas mileage is bad Very comfortable Nice looking

- Greg P