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AWD Luxury Sedan at it's Best!

I purchased a his vehicle pre owned it in 2012 and have put over 100,000 miles on it in all conditions. It is extremely reliable. Other than routine wear and maintenance such as tires, brakes, and a battery the only problem that I have had was corrosion of the wheels which was a nuisance did cause me to put new wheels on. This vehicle has no rust and has maintained its luxury sedan look very well. The AWD is amazing. I lived for 2 Winters in VT and it was a beast, no worries no matter where I had to go. This car sold me on the AWD luxury sedan and if I ever part with this car, it will be for another Lincoln!

- Daphne I

My Lincoln maze: best car I have ever had!

My Lincoln is coming up on twelve years old and besides the regular maintenance, I have only had the air conditioning repaired! It runs great and is very reliable. I love the button to push so my seat goes back to my setting if someone else uses the car. The outside still shines like new and I only have a few scrapes and scratches on it. I love the number entry to the car instead of using my key. I am very spoiled with that feature! My next car will again be a Lincoln!

- Patricia C

My first Lincoln (Air conditioned seats!)

This is the first luxury vehicle I have ever owned. It has all leather interior and air conditioned and heated seats! I never knew I needed air conditioned seats until I experienced hot leather seats mid summer in Texas. I feel like this is something I absolutely have to have now. This is also the first vehicle I have owned with a sunroof. Ironically I thought I would use this much more than I actually do. I love my car. It performs well, rides well, and looks classy.

- Kirk R

Lincoln mkz 2 owner review.

I haven't had any problems so far with vehicle. This vehicle was given to me by the previous owner my sisters husband. He's been very happy with this car and bought an upgraded version after giving me he's. I did just receive a recall about the airbags. On impacted metal may come out of the airbags on the passengers side. This recall was in august 2018.

- Tammy G

Lincoln MKZ - a strong car I will buy again.

I have had my 2007 Lincoln MKZ for 2 years and have had very few problems. Gas mileage is 24-26. It has been reliable and all the features remain intact and functioning. I did have to replace the heat pump. It does not like run idle for >15 minutes. During the cold winter months it overheated twice but did not do any damage.

- Valerie B

2007 Lincoln with keyless entry and many interior features.

This car is reliable and gets good gas mileage on highway or interstate. Interior holds up well and has many features for a car over 10 years old including heating and air conditioned seats and multiple seat positions along with seat memory. Other features are keyless entry, side airbags and back seats that can be laid flat.

- Jami V

Lincoln are incredible in driving thru city streets.

My vehicle has minor problems it has a very strong engine good on gas but right now it needed servicing and oil change it is good on tires it has 163'000 miles do not know much about cars I am not a mechanic but pretty soon I know it will have to have a engine overhaul it need to washed every weekend for to be on the road.

- Margaret M

This car still feels pretty new even though it is almost 13 years old

Has been a very reliable car, has definitely held up in all weather conditions. Even with almost 130,000 miles on the vehicle only basic minor issues have occurred ( tires, oil, air conditioners, etc). This car is very comfortable and plenty big enough for a family, even though it is just a car ( opposed to an SUV)

- Lydia M

With 200k miles it is still going strong.

Although my car is considered old and almost 200k miles on it drives spectacularly. It still runs great, it is very comfortable and luxurious. I actually would love to be able to buy a brand new one. I feel this car is highly worth the money. It has never left me stranded anywhere. I love this car.

- Catherine L

It gets great gas mileage.

I love my lincoln! It is a great car, very dependable, looks great, and has a nice luxury feel and look that suits me perfectly. The only thing I could even mention that would be considered a negative aspect to my vehicle would be the impact on the environment, I wish it were more eco-friendly!

- Stephanie K

Love the dashboard. . And wooden accents.

I love this car. I would highly recommend it to anyone that wanted info. The ride is so smooth. . Have never had any trouble with it. I would definitely purchase another if given the chance. Love the Lincoln's all of them. The only thing that I have had to repair is a new tire.

- Lynn K

Wonderful, reliable car that is great for daily work commute.

I have had my 2007 Lincoln mkz for 4 years now. I have had no serious issues only routine maintenance. I drive about an hour to work everyday and it has been a great reliable car. I love the heated seats during the colder months and the sunroof during the warmer months.

- Jami G

The best mid sedan I have ever driven with every spec I love.

My car is very comfortable especially, on long trips. It is a smooth ride and low road noise inside the cab. The gas mileage is incredible. The body style of my car is gorgeous. I love the white and chrome on this car. The interior is black and gray with leather seats.

- Darlene R

Great vehicle, makes me feel comfortable, very reliable.

I really love this car. It has all the extras that I depend on. Very dependable, great looking and wonderful to drive. This is the fourth Lincoln I have owned and have really loved every one of them. Would definitely purchase another Lincoln in the future.

- Elizabeth H

It's a great car all around!

Great car all around! Only had minor problems with the front end and regular maintenance. Has lots of miles on it but still lots of life left. Smaller car but seems spacy with a pretty good size trunk. Not a huge fan of the low profile rims and tires.

- Amanda J

It's solid and reliable. I have had no mechanical issues with the vehicle.

My Lincoln MKZ is a good reliable car. It's easy to drive and the seats and interior are quite comfortable. I love the 6 disc CD player as well as the ability to change the temp of the seats. It's only drawback is the tires are not standard.

- Mike R

that it is a very nice and dependable car for all occasions and people.

my lincoln is a very smooth car with high luxury feel. It has cooled and heated seats for your riding comfortability. it has electric seats with lumbar support and power windows also. the sound system has gps and is high quality. car has power

- amy s

It's dependable and paid off, so I don't have to worry about anything other than regular maintenance.

I had the transmission replaced so it really has the drive of a newer vehicle. I also paid it off so not having a car payment is also nice! It suits me for now and is very dependable so I hope to keep it for a long time.

- Jamiliah P

My favorite feature is keyless entry.

I love the keyless entry. Along with the heated and cooled seats. I have a airbag sensor that will not go off even after having it fixed twice. It is a comfortable ride. I enjoy my sunroof and 6 disc changer as well.

- Amanda L

It has great safety features.

The vehicle is very comfortable. It has great safety features. It is in great condition inside and out. It's just the right size vehicle for me to drive. There isn't anything I dislike about the vehicle.

- Denise G

Timeless and runs fantastic on a daily basis with no complaints

It is a very classic elegant looking vehicle. I feel like the little ok doesn't go out of style. It is white with a beautiful camel interior. The only dislike is the turning radius.

- Candie T

It is luxurious with being a great value for your money and getting good gas mileage.

It has the luxurious feel to it. The seats are heated and cooled as well to adjusting to your comfort. The leather seats and interior looks stylish. It also gets good gas mileage.

- Melinda Z

Not sure what this question really means, but I would say it is a safe car.

I love the smooth ride. It's very comfortable. It get pretty good gas mileage. The only complaint I would have is that it's a little too small for me, as I have driven SUVs prior.

- Jenny D

I feel like I am driving a luxury car. It has heated and cooled seats and a superb sound system.

I like the comfort of my car. This is the best car I have ever owned. The only thing I don't like is the tires but that is a minor thing.

- Sharon m

I owe nothing on it. It gets me where I'm going in comfort, if not exactly great style any more.

I love that it's paid in full. I hate that it creaks in its joints, needs grease in a bad way. At 240k miles, it has been a good car.

- Dusti M

It has been very reliable and the only time we have had any work done on it is to change the oil the car has 150000 miles on it with no problems

No Complaints runs smooth and is very reliable. Very comfortable for long trips. Has a large trunk for groceries and other things.

- Laurie W

Great ride, reliability problems

car very comfortable, durability not so great. Had transmission replaced early. four batteries replaced, struts done three times.

- james b

It is a very dependable, great looking vehicle that is more upscale.

I like the ease of driving the vehicle. I like the looks of the vehicle. It has been very dependable. It gets good gas mileage.

- Denise L

It drives very smooth and is comfortable when travel.

I love the body style. I love that it is a luxury vehicle. I love all the specs. I dislike that it is getting old.

- Hannah R

Do not let the looks fool you. Repairs are frequent and costly.

There is no Bluetooth connection. There are no cooled seats. There are costly repairs needed quite frequently.

- Michelle O

Is comfortable, gets good gas mileage.

I love the car, hate the prices of parts. Dislike the gas mileage it gets. Runs ok, heated seats do not work.

- Alexis N

Dependability and fun to drive and handle.

Very dependable and reliable. Attractive and still in style. Economic to operate as well as fun to drive.

- Linda M

Lincoln is truly the nicest car

My vehicle is awesome....handles great, looks great, very comfortable and quick too! Perfect car for me.

- Christopher P

that it's a good vehicle and runs very well , especially on the highway

love the size and the power , but hate the sometimes high maintenance costs, but overall I love this car

- charles c

I like how smooth it rides when traveling. i like the luxury feel. i love the body style.

It is reliable, economical, and comfortable. It drives very smooth, especially on the highway.

- latocha r

it is a lincoln.all that needs to be said, the height of luxury.

what's not to like/ it is a lion dream car. would never own another brand of vehicle ever.

- brian s

Reliable .plus 10 more characters

Driver seating preferences. Auto wipers. Leather seats. Dual A/C. Smooth ride.

- William W

comfortable, smooth ride.

The car is a nice mix of luxury and sportiness. I dislike the maintenance.

- Kwame L



- MARK m