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2008 Lincoln summary and review.

2008 Lincoln MKZ 4dr Sdn FWD

I purchased the vehicle used two years ago with 60,000 miles on it from CarMax Roseville. Engine and transmission have been flawless. I did have to replace the lower control arms around 80000 miles but other than that I have had zero issues. The car has the 3.5 liter v6 with a 6 speed automatic transmission. I drive it about 100 freeway miles per day to and from work and average about 20 miles to the gallon. The interior is extremely comfortable for commuting as it has all electric adjustable heated and cooled leather seats, dual climate control, cruise control, and all audio controls are on the steering wheel. Overall the Lincoln MKZ has been an awesome car to own and drive and I would definitely buy another one.

- Bryan L

It's not a sports car don't treat it like one It's a sedan treat it right.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

The Lincoln I drive is very reliable it has all wheel drive and drives well in the snow with a little work that we got done to it I should last a very long time the only problem I have with it is that it was leaking coolant but after we got it fixed it drive like a charm I get about 21-30 mpg and is my daily driver and gets me ever were ever week I take a 3 hour drive to see family I have never had a issue with it getting me around and It's very comfortable heated seats and cooled seats best car I have ever driven Its middle class luxury vehicle but the repairs cost a good amount of money because Its a Lincoln.

- Matthew G

Highly recommend, beautiful interior, low maintenance.

2008 Lincoln MKZ 4dr Sdn AWD

Performs well. Extremely comfortable, very smooth ride, beautiful beige and light wood interior trim. Enjoy having Bluetooth for hands free use of cellular phone. Even though the vehicle is more than 10 years old it still looks and rides like a new vehicle. Have had only a few minor problems with the vehicle but nothing major. Wiper blade and battery replacement are the only maintenance items that I've had to address and have owned the vehicle for almost six years. Sunroof is a great feature and also like the air conditioned seat.

- Bruce T

Very disappointed in this vehicle that I wanted for a very long time.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

Too many problems!! It would have been a very nice car under different circumstances and if it were bought from a different dealership. They lied about a lot of issues and the vehicle was extremely overpriced. The vehicle has one issue after another that are very expensive to fix. The sensors are continuously going out. The air conditioner has been fixed twice in a year and still does not blow cold air.

- Jerry B

Smoothest drive I have ever had!

2008 Lincoln MKZ

One of the smoothest drives I have experienced. The car is way ahead of its time. It is a 10 year old car and it is still looked at as a luxury vehicle. The only problem I have with it are the radio and other control buttons up front. They can be somewhat confusing when you start clicking around and find yourself in a menu that you do not know how to get out of.

- Nate H

Comfortable and super stylish!

2008 Lincoln MKZ 4dr Sdn FWD

Sleek and comfortable with seat warmers, seat colors, dual ac components as well as ease of access for radio controls on the steering wheel. Love the look of the interior with nice wood dash and beautiful leather seats. One of my favorite parts is how the seat can adjust in so many ways in every direction, and even the lumbar adjusts.

- Meagan P

Nothing drives better than a Lincoln .

2008 Lincoln MKZ 4dr Sdn FWD

I love the car from day one Lincoln is a great car that is loaded with many options. I have do nothing but change the oil battery and a set of tire truly a great car that is loaded with options. A solid well built car for many years to come. I would get a new one in time as others should think about these truly great cars .

- Anthony B

Reliable and trustworthy car

2008 Lincoln MKZ 4dr Sdn AWD

reliable and comfortable. Cool features includes satellite radio, heated and air conditioned seats. sunroof. Navigation included. Leather is comfortable. The performance of the car is very well with good handling, quick and good breaks. Aux import and CD player also apart of the features. Weather mats and nice flooring.

- Victoria P

I like the lights band the leather inside

2008 Lincoln MKZ 4dr Sdn AWD

I like the 2019 Lincoln MKC is the brand's entry-level SUV featuring a quiet cabin and a comfortable ride. Four trim levels provide buyers with a good blend of luxury at a very competitive price point. All MKCs start things off with a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine (245 horsepower, 275 pound-feet) and front-wheel drive.

- Paul Z

Car features for Lincoln.

2008 Lincoln MKZ 4dr Sdn FWD

The vehicle looks nice and drives smoothly. Has a wonderful backup camera. It is very reliable and gets up and goes quickly. It has a double sunroof, leather seats and a large trunk. It is full size and has lots of space. It gets about 25 miles to the gallon and is reliable to drive a long distance

- Ashley G

amazing make by Lincoln cars.

2008 Lincoln MKZ 4dr Sdn FWD

is and amazing car . Bluetooth cool and heating seats am FM and satellite radio automatic windows, locks, great air conditioning, great engine runs very smooth inside is great all leather seats very spacious, fully equipped volume and radio control from driving well. Great car overall.

- Christian B

Comfort, style, & affordability.

2008 Lincoln MKZ 4dr Sdn AWD

This is a really heavy car so it helps during snow storms, but you have to be careful when going down hills cause it goes fast. It is alright on gas as long as you are not traveling too much too far. The stereo system is wonderful and I love the Bluetooth capability on it.

- Morgan H

I love the air conditioned seats

2008 Lincoln MKZ 4dr Sdn AWD

It is very nice. It is equipped with air conditioned and heated seats. It is very smooth riding. It has backup sensors that beep if you get too close to something behind you. It is very comfortable and roomy. It also has plenty of power and speed. It looks very classy.

- Jessica M

Great deal of high end items for a reasonable price.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

Very reliable. Great on gas. The ride is extremely smooth and handles like a champ. Would recommend a Lincoln to anyone wanting as safe and reliable vehicle either for transporting the family around or as a everyday driver to and from work like I currently use it for.

- Daniel A

My Lincoln MKZ is as reliable and comfortable as it is to look at and drive.

2008 Lincoln MKZ 4dr Sdn FWD

This vehicle is almost problem free. I cannot remember what the last issue was other than new tires. Seems like maybe the ignition?? Performance and reliability is first rate. The seats are extremely comfortable on long trips 8-10 hours a day. Loaded with features.

- Kathy S

A reliable accelerated ride.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

I like the parking aid, seat temperature controls, and acceleration. I wish the backseat headrests were adjustable. Some dash controls are difficult to reach; and there should be more storage throughout the car that is easily accessible. There is ample trunk space.

- Jamie L

Its reliable. Will get you to and from.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

I think it's a good reliable car. I don't really have any problems with it. Other than it has a lot of rust on it. But then again it doesn't go in the garage. It could be made maybe a little nicer. Like I feel like they used cheap material to make it.

- Alex N

It has leather interior and a moonroof. It is very comfortable.

2008 Lincoln MKZ 4dr Sdn FWD

I love driving my Lincoln, MKZ. It has a lot of room and is very comfortable. It has a really smooth riding experience. You do not feel like you are jumping all over the place when riding in this car. Even though it has a lot of room it looks sporty.

- Shirley S

The car runs very good and is very reliable. It looks new and has a nice looking style.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

For an older vehicle it is very reliable but a little more expensive for gas mileage. It has all the little luxuries such as heated and air conditioned seats. But since its older it doesn't have the big screen for convenience.

- Sabrina D

Very spacious for a midsize sedan

2008 Lincoln MKZ

Very reliable car! Not a single problem with drivetrain or transmission and still ride amazing with 100k miles. For being a 2008 it is well equipped and technologically advanced with sync and heated and cooled seats.

- Derek F

Special features have issues, but solid luxury car.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

Had to replace catalytic converter, and the heated seats went out. After 100k miles the compass has errors and only reads north. However, smooth ride, impressive sound system, and reliable all around.

- Michael S

That to fix anything, u had better have a fat checkbook.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

I love the looks of my Lincoln. But the cost to have any work done is ridiculous. Lincoln doesn't seem to stand behind their customers that buy Lincoln's used.

- Benjamin D

It fits me and my family just fine.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

There is nothing I do not like about my car. It is loaded with heated and cooling front leather seats, it runs amazing and gets great gas mileage.

- Devin L

I won't buy another Lincoln.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

I bought it as a used car. The engine is great. I had to make multiple repair on other parts because of parts being original and not up to date.

- Terri F

It is very simple with few extras.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

The car provides a smooth and good ride for long trips. It does have poor mileage and turning capability. It is a good looking car for its age.

- Maureen D

It' is reliable and comfortable to drive.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

This car has performed well over the last 10 years with only regular maintenance; it is high on reliability which is extremely important to me!

- Nan B

Cool seats & heated seats.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

This is the best automobile I have ever had. I purchased my mkz from the junkyard and it runs great and look amazing inside and outside.

- Yolanda R

This is a review of a Lincoln MKZ

2008 Lincoln MKZ

This car is good in the snow. I also like the fact that it has cooling and heated seats. It has been a reliable car.

- Ren L

It has heated leather seats

2008 Lincoln MKZ

It's in.good running condition leather seats it has a dent in the back and a little rust but nothing major

- Jessica R

A classy and fulfilling ride

2008 Lincoln MKZ

I like the luxury of the MKZ. I bought it used. It was well cared for. Drives smooth. Feels good. Roomy!

- PJ M

It's old and needs work. Needs a starter and the door doesn't open from the inside.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

It's old, and needs a new starter. Brake system needs a look at. Air conditioner and heat work well.

- Kim W

It's a good car to drive and they will enjoy it. Good mileage and has everything you need.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

like the drive of it and is right for me. would like the size of car a tab larger

- ann w

It has butt coolers - which are awesome in the summertime especially with leather seats

2008 Lincoln MKZ

Comfy, a/c seats, leather, bluetooth are all things I like. No real complaints.

- Ali K

It is a luxury car which performs well.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

It has a smooth ride. It is good on gas. The seating is comfortable.

- Beth L

It has 39,000 miles and I should probably sell it because it is 10 years old

2008 Lincoln MKZ

It's hard to get in and out of...too low It's a Lincoln

- Ida S

It is somewhat sporty and handles well.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

I like the acceleration, park aid, and seat system.

- Jamie H

I think it is very easy to drive, it gets good gas mileage and still looks stylish

2008 Lincoln MKZ

It is comfortable. It handles well. It looks good.

- Martha W