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2010 Lincoln mkz-- great seats, great ride, and super smooth.

I love the fact that it has heated/cooling seats, Bluetooth compatible, and has the air/heat where you can adjust it personally on each side of the vehicle. The leather seats are nice, but it is a downer when it is 100 degrees outside, it can burn you if you are wearing shorts. Same thing with the steering wheel, but I have put a cover on it and that makes it much easier to drive while it is hot. The seats are super comfortable and the seats adjust so well in the front, the seats even have an adjustable lumbar "cushion" I guess you could call it ha-ha.

- Sarah A

Perks of the luxury Lincoln truck

I love the Lincoln. It has great leather interior and a moonroof. It drives smooth on the highway and gets good gas mileage. I love the exterior midnight blue color. It has two rows and a lot of space in the trunk area. It has touchscreen navigation and radio. The trunk opens and close by a touch of the button. It has DVD player and TV's in the headrest that keep my son entertained. It's very comfortable for long rides. It has air and heat control on the backseat as well as the front. It has plenty of cup holders.

- Ashley B

Sleek design, smooth sailing.

The comfort of the vehicle is very nice. The chestnut brown seats and sleek silver linings of the steering wheel, audio system, and other features make for a sleek design. Smooth riding and despite the size of the vehicle, okay on gas mileage. Definitely a reliable car. Features such as GPS could definitely be more up to date and useful but with a little work, they get the job done. Backup camera comes in handy when parking in tight spaces or my garage. Definitely recommend the 2010 Lincoln mkz to new buyers!

- Monica E

Do not have buyers remorse as I did!

It is alright. It runs great. I do not like the size. It is a little short for my liking. It is a nice looking car but I prefer something more sporty. I bought my vehicle too hastily and I guess that was where I went wrong. I felt I had to make an urgent choice and turned out that I could have taken longer to make my decision. Now I am stuck with a car I do not love and a payment that too high.

- John B

This car really works great in the snow.

I love this car. I have been the only owner of it. I used to have to drive it to work in the heavy snow. It was awesome. I have a pair of good tires on it and they are great in the rain as well as snow. I would definitely recommend this car. The a/c and heater works well. They get to the correct temperature very quickly.

- Terrie S

Lincoln sedans is the best!

I love my Lincoln. It is comfortable, a nice ride, great sound system, gas efficient. Reliable and nice looking. I love the heated and cooled seat and it has great trunk space. I have 170k miles on my car and it still performs well. I have had to do very little extra maintenance other than oil changes, new brakes and new tires.

- Vicki K

No air smooth ride nice car

Other than the air conditioner having issues I love my car. The air conditioning doesn't always blow cold air and from what I understand this seems to be a very common issue with this car. The car drives perfect and it's such a smooth ride you feel like you're gliding, nice car if you don't mind being hot in the summertime.

- Michelle D

Interior is so elegant and comfy!

I love my Lincoln! The seats are so comfy and are adjustable! I have had it for 8 years and works like a dream. Absolutely love sync, a Bluetooth that connects to your phone so you do not have to listen to the radio. Features are easy to use which is a big plus! Interior is beautiful, the colors look elegant.

- Jane H

Perfect silver ollie baby.

My car performance is great. Ride with comfort. No sound from outside vehicle, like sitting on your sofa. Lights are bright and pretty on the inside while change color from blue to green or red. Heated seats when cold weather. GPS is perfect when can't find location, google help when in trouble.

- Brenda J

Dependable and sporty looking vehicle.

Love my car. Smaller size, dependable, and very few mechanical problems despite being 10 years old. The interior of the car is comfortable and has a lot of features. It drives very nice and has quick acceleration. This is a very reliable vehicle. Sporty looking. This is my second Lincoln mkz.

- Susan H

The Lincoln mkz is a great car to own.

The Lincoln mkz is a smooth comfortable ride that has many additional features. This vehicle comes with seat warmers and coolers, blind spot detectors, backup camera, and an LCD screen. One feature I like a lot is the GPS maps. This is a car that I am sure you will enjoy driving.

- Mark J

My vehicle is old but runs like it is brand new every time.

The overall performance of my vehicle is good despite the age of the car. It runs at an adequate speed and there are no complaints on my side as of now. I appreciate the fact that my car is running good even after purchasing it which I will always cherish about its uniqueness.

- Kate M

Amazing I love my car and never want to get rid of it.

Super reliable, driven it to and from Michigan and never had any problems. Super comfortable, drives smoothly. Has cool lights inside the car when it is dark out. Only ever had tire issues. Because I lived in Michigan the salt messed up the rims but I needed to clean it more.

- simone V

Seat warmers are really nice.

As it is getting older, the water pump has gone out, the air conditioning does not work, we have had to replace the drivers door handle. All things that come with an older vehicle, however it seems everything is an expensive fix. It was about $1800 to replace the water pump.

- Melanie A

Lincoln MKZ - a great car for a decent price

I have enjoyed this car and it has been quite reliable. There has been a glitch in the back up camera for awhile. Also, the plastic in cabin has seemed a little cheap and broke under one seat. Other than that, I would probably purchase a similar car when the time comes.

- Virginia J

Great family luxury vehicle.

I have a Lincoln mkz there's not a thing I hate about the car it is big but not too big and all the features are wonderful. Price was right they hold their value. Great gas mileage. Love the heated seats you can control both sides of the car. Great family.

- Jennifer B

The hands free phone love that detail.

Haven't had any trouble as of yet. I love the heated/cool seats. I have a sunroof. It's good on highway as far as gas. In town not so good. I have hands free phone really like that. Only had to replace my tires since I've had the car. Runs and drives good.

- Penny C

The Lincoln brand is well represented on this vehicle.

It is a very elegant, reliable, strong sedan, that features leather upholstery, roomy leg space, nice air conditioner, pretty good mileage per gallon, smooth driving, in all, everything you expect from the Lincoln brand, for the price you pay for it. Wow.

- Edwin R

It is an excellent vehicle.

My maze has not giving me any issues it is very reliable I love the interior and features. It handle well on the road and get good gas mileage. The only thing I wish it came equipped with is heating and cooling vent in the back seat area.

- Jessie H

Pros of Lincoln MKZ 2010!

I love my Lincoln MKZ. It drives so smoothly and has AWD so it handles nicely in the winter as well. Gas mileage isn't bad either. It has seat warmers and coolers which I also consider a huge plus and adds to the comfort of the vehicle.

- Alexa F

In summarizing the highlight of my vehicle is the GPS and camera.

My auto is very reliable I have had no trouble with it other than maintenance. It has a GPS which I love. Also a camera for when you are backing up and a sound if you get too close to an object while you are backing up.

- Ann B

The faulty water pump is something that all buyers should beware of before purchasing a Lincoln because it really is a costly issue to fix

Luxury wise it was a very nice car at the time however it is now our dated. Also Lincoln's have a faulty water pump that requires so much mechanical work for such a small piece. I've had engine issues because of this.

- Melissa G

Luxury vehicle for an affordable price. I love my Lincoln.

High performance engine, great ride,great audio system, very reliable I haven't had any major repairs. 8 years old vehicle still runs like a champ. I only want to drive Lincoln, working on upgrading to to new 2018 MKZ

- Dominick R

Tech-savvy - it has many conveniences that most 2018 luxury cars do not have.

I like it because it is nice looking and drives smooth. I like that the car company has a good reputation. I don't like that I have to pay high insurance on it because it is a luxury and 8+ years old.

- Kristen R

I am not satisfied with my 2010 Lincoln mkz!

My car is 9 years old and the driver's seat is broken. I have been driving it for almost a year now and I am just not satisfied with it. I feel as though I have made the wrong decision for myself.

- John B

lincoln mkz the perfect vehicle

my 2010 lincoln mkz has had no problems at all. very reliable looks great drives great. wonderful vehicle, I have 90 k miles on it absolutely no complaints it is the best car I have ever owned

- ron k

Inexpensive to operate with low maintenance cost. Only downside is that it is beginning to use a lot of gas.

Not wrong with vehicle. Has 51,000 miles on it and runs like a top with very little maintained needed. Most maintained needed has been regular oil changes and new bakes and battery.

- Michael M

It is very well made and reliable. The only money I have had to put into it was regular maintenance (oil change, brakes, etc.)

I have had this car for almost 7 years and have not had a single problem with it yet. Very reliable. Only complaints I have are a lack of options (i.e no sunroof, navigation, etc.)

- Dan P

It is reliable and requires little maintenance.

I like the comfort of the ride, the extras that make it a luxury car and that it looks classy. I dislike that the radio component has quit working and I have to replace that.

- Brenda M

It's a good car and I like it, if I ever buy another car it will be the same.

I like my vehicle and I have no complaints. It has been a good car. If I get another car in the future it will be a Lincoln. It has very little maintenance.

- Kimberly M

2010 Lincoln MKZ a good car for the money.

The vehicle runs smoothly, is comfortable, has climate control and is roomy. It is all wheel drive. All around, it is a nice vehicle.

- Debra M

My vehicle is just what I was looking forward to purchase as it is a fave brand.

Sometimes the vehicle gives battery issues, but nonetheless it is a joy to no longer catch the bus and get places more quickly.

- Kate M

Reliability, comfort, safety.

Nothing. Great everyday vehicle that is extremely reliable and comfortable for road trips. It is good, not great, on gas.

- Matt A

That if you press the gas too hard it will take off.

I like the smooth ride and the take off speed. I love the luxury feel it has. I also like the cooled and heated seats.

- Michael R

The most important thing others should know is that this car is pretty good, but the gas mileage isn't that great for city driving.

I like that it has a rear detector. I like that it has seat warmers and coolers. I wish it had a backup camera.

- Anthony B

It drives as good as it looks!Style and lux ,A car with comfort ,reliable

drives nice great interior heated seats ,what more could you want.Directional headlights and gorgeous tires

- li p

It drives very easily and is not too touchy.

Like handling and driving and comfort. Hate dash info not easily seen. Hate no hood ornament for navigating.

- Linda M

The design and ride could not be any better.

I love everything about my car. Good gas mileage. Drives nice. Very comfortable ride. It is very roomy.

- Lynn N

Luxury car. Comfortable and safe

I love the space my Lincoln mkz provides. The heated and cooled front seats work great in all seasons.

- Madlynn E

Smooth driving sleek stylish cool.

Very luxurious, nice leather, sunroof. Good gas mileage, heated seats. Needs more room, getting old..

- Nicole J

It's has good acceleration

It is comfortable to get in and out of, and for a car it has a good field of vision.

- Michael C

It gives me very good gas mileage even though most of my trips are short ones.

I like the way it handles. Has AWD which is very important. Love the color also.

- Mary N

Comfortable luxury vehicle that you can take on a long trip and be comfortable

Love the ambiance lighting, love all wheel drive, smooth ride, gps

- Lori L

Never has broke down!Really good seats!

like everything about it.It drives really well good on gas!

- James N