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My vehicle has an attention getting body style, sunroof, and fog lights.

I bought my Lincoln MKZ used with approximately 20,000 miles. I have had no problems with the car except that I backed into the rear drivers side door. It was very expensive to get fixed. The performance is outstanding. You can choose automatic transmission or shift option. The shift option uses a lot more gas than the automatic. The car is fast. The reliability is 100%. The comfort is the best I have ever had. The suspension is smooth. I love the heated and air conditioned seats. The radio will sync with my phone. I love my car.

- Kathy A

Do not buy this model of a Lincoln.

Unfortunately this car is cool. It is comfy and rides nice but I have has multiple issues. The radio glitches out and will not connect to my phone or even turn the volume on. The drive shaft and hub shaft went which is know to in these cars. If I didn't have a powertrain warranty I would of fished out 5, 000 for the drive shaft multiple times. Also the car does not have a gas cap so a evap code will pop up when dirt get caught in your gas cap intake. Hope this helps!

- Courtney J

My Lincoln mkz looks stylish and drives great. It is a comfortable luxury sedan.

My Lincoln mkz is very comfortable. It has a lot of bells and whistles. I love the navigation system and use it everyday. I love the heated and cooled seats. It has good acceleration and traction and drives nice. I did have a problem with the air conditioner however. The air conditioner compressor stopped working around 50, 000 miles. Luckily I had purchased an extended warranty which covered the repair costs for this. Overall I am very happy with the car.

- Jared H

Comfortable ride, great safety features and very comfortable.

My Lincoln is a very comfortable driving car, the heated and cooled seats are the best. This was my first car with the backup camera and when I get into a vehicle that does not have it I miss it. Being able to program the placement of the drivers seat for 2 drivers is also a nice feature. I have noticed a small vibration when traveling at 60 mph but no warning have some up for it to be serviced. I would purchase this vehicle again in a heartbeat.

- Sheryl C

A smooth driving hybrid with comfortable features.

I really enjoy the car! It drives very smoothly, has very comfortable interior, and I highly value its hybrid capabilities. It has had some issues recently, but this car has been used for 6 years and this is the first time it has needed parts or repairs, outside of routine maintenance. Overall, this car is very reliable and I would recommend it for anyone who drives often and is looking for comfort and ease.

- Ashley C

The interior of the car is really nice. Plenty of legroom front and back.

Has many recalls. Quality is not what a Lincoln used to be. The door jams broke the headliner came unglued. It took the dealer several times to replace the liner. It didn't stay up so they sent it but to have it done. We had it in the shop for several different issues. Noises when stopping. didn't find anything first 3 times. Finally found a loose something.

- Di W

This car will not take away your time making too many trips to the gas station.

Great on gas, luxury car that is stylish, and has room 5 people comfortably. Can cruise in it, but it does not have pick up because it's only 4 cylinders. Love the color, and the ability to save data into the car, or record CDs in the car. I also love the fact that it has a navigation system, and track lighting all through the car.

- Dana T

Lincoln maze. . . A good ride in a hot car!

I love my Lincoln maze! It drives like a dream! Looks great even though it is six years old. It has the power to get me out of a tough situation quickly. I have had no trouble with the ac or heater. I hit something sharp in the road that I couldn't avoid, blew out both tires on the driver's side and the car never swerved!

- Donna A

The hybrid is the best part about my car.

My car has been great. It has not had any problems and it is so comfortable. And I can go weeks to without filling up. The only negative is I do not have a sunroof or all wheel drive. The seat heaters and coolers are the best thing! I do not want to buy a car without them. I really do not want to drive another car brand.

- Rachel N

Great ride! Let's get going!

Great SUV on traveling on road. Great gas mileage. Comfortable, stylish. On my year, defogger is not the best. After six radio is out. Only problem so far. I like the color and price of my SUV. . I would buy it again! I would suggest to family and friend😀.

- Beverly W

Lincoln MKZ has many comfortable features.

This car is very reliable. It has AWD and has performed well in icy/snowy conditions. Leather seats with seat warmers and coolers. Navigation system, Sirius, and other amenities are included. Has locking system that you access with a 4 digit code for safety.

- Lisa S

Love my Lincoln dream to own!

Other than a broken door handle we have been very happy and lucky with out Lincoln. No maintenance trouble and very reliable. We love the heated seats and steering wheel makes for very comfortable driving in the winter. Having a backup camera is awesome!

- Gloria C

The hybrid feature is great for gas mileage everyone car should be that

I love the Hybrid feature that came with the car. The ease and comfort of driving the car is great. I dislike the quality of the rims has the scratch and crinkle like aluminum foil and also the stickers have worn off already

- Alf M

Good looking, sleek style and great value for the price.

I purchased this previously owned vehicle at a good deal. I love the car. The technology is great. I do find the seats a bit uncomfortable on long rides. Other than that, I have no complaints.

- Linda C

The turning blindspot protection feature is amazing but confusing at first of you are not familiar.

I love the addons that come with the mix. Cooked seats, a sun room and nice radio are among the most notable. I do also like the size of the truck. It will fit tons.

- Matt R

It's a hybrid, mpg is amazing!

The car is getting old. It has upwards to about 60, 000 miles has some dings on the outside. But it still is a good car, just when I have some money I will upgrade.

- Ken D

Drives great and it is easy to maintain even though it has great features.

My car has all the bells and whistles I could ask for. It drives well. The seats are heated and A/C. In just wish the steering wheel had A/C in addition to heat.

- Gail S

Had a lot of problems early on. Has a recall pending now.

Comfort, looks good, drives nice, has great pickup. Good safety ratings. Gas mileage is not great, repairs are costly, not many places for repairs in my area.

- Dianne B

That you are going to have to replace the big battery of this hybrid at a big cost!

Love driving a Hybrid but my previous was the Lincoln Town Car and not much compares to the comfort of that car. The MKX Hybrid is just a little small.

- Sharon B

Very dependable and loyal member of the family

My car has been a loyal part of my family. She is dependable. I don't put many miles on her so she is ready to roll and knows I won't abuse her.

- Lucienne S

It is very comfortable to ride in. I am constantly getting compliments on that.

No complaints. I love this car.The acceleration and handling are great. The sound system is superb. The leather seats are very comfortable.

- David L

It's a hybrid so it will get you about 500 miles on a full tank of gas

It's a great vehicle only issue is that it has some dings in it and some minor scratches. I love how gas friendly it is since it is a Hybrid

- ken H

That it gets good gas mileage on the highways and is pretty safe and reliable.

I like the color and how it drives. I like how it has heating and cooling in the seats. I like the moon roof. I have no complaints.

- Sara P

this car is an Affordable luxury ride

Luxury car ride with sports car power and responsive steering. I previously owned a cadillac and the Lincoln is far superior.

- edward M

Great power with great gas mileage.

Smooth ride. Great power with good gas mileage. Very reliable. Plenty of room. Quiet ride. Looks nice. Very comfortable.

- Eric H

I would buy my Lincoln hybrid again!

Smooth ride. Spacious interior. Mechanics have complimented me on the car. Lacks trunk space and there is no rear air.

- Bonnie I

Everything that is in the car came with the car. From the Nave to the LEDs in the doors.

I love EVERYTHING about my MKZ. The way it looks from inside to out. I recommend it to everyone when asked about it.

- Paul D

The comfort level is amazing and it handles very well

I love how it drives and it is the perfect size for me. Very roomy but easy to park. I love the comfort and radio

- Kayla M

Good mileage it gets 20 to 23 miles to a gallon of gas so a tank gets you far

Car runs well It's used one thing that is a problem is the door are very low and it's hard to get in and out of

- Shawn A

Great value, luxury car, amazing features.

The vehicle is reliable and comfortable. I like the luxury features. I would like to upgrade to a SUV next.

- Marl W

Comfortable and fun to drive.

This car is great to drive. It's very comfortable and has plenty of power. I've never had any problems it.

- Nan m

It is a safe ride, smooth, good looking car is ok on gas and gets me from point a to point b

It is a smooth ride, has heated and cooled seats and so far is a safe car (that should have been first)

- Diane L

I love the heated and cooled seats.

Heated seats; bluetooth capability; Sirius radio optional. Regularly maintained; quiet, smooth ride.

- dian r

Great car to own and drive.

Love the luxury and amenities. Great speed and vehicle. I wish it would hug the road tighter

- Kalyn w

It has all wheel drive that is great in the snow and ice.

It is very comfortable. It has all wheel drive. The gas mileage is ok. It has good power.

- marvin t

Dependable, needs little maintenance, only requires LOF every 7500 miles

Comfortable, dependable, well built, low maintenance. Would like better gas mileage.

- Arnold M

The handles like a dream and is very responsive in turns and when power is needed

Looks, V6 engine, navigation, leather seats, ease of using controls on dashboard

- Bill L

My Lincoln is reliable and fast. And its stylish too.

It's fast. It has great pick up and go ability. It's strong and reliable.

- Jolanda B

I bought it by myself and that is good for me. Fun fun fun

not as comfortable as I would like. IT is a nice looking car.

- Diane D

Microsoft software remote start power steering power brakes front wheel drive 3.5 liter

Luxury cool seats remote start heat speed mid size sedan

- Frank S