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Lincoln hybrid: a great road car.

This is our second Lincoln MKZ hybrid.. We get excellent mileage (~40 mpg). It is a very comfortable road car and, despite the room taken by the batteries which reduce the size of the trunk, the trunk space is adequate. Complaints: the GPS occasionally gets the directions wrong; if the battery dies, you have to crawl into the trunk by dropping the back seat to get access to the battery compartment in the trunk.

- Richard K

My 2018 Lincoln maze is a great, dependable company car to have.

This is a great reliable company vehicle. I would not be able to afford it as a personal vehicle but it is great to get me around to my different stores for work. I am a customer service manager for a major retailer. I have several stores in my district and travel 90% of the time. I must have a dependable vehicle and able to get to a store at a moments notice in event of an emergency.

- Carol N

Interesting details: push button controls and auto-hold for lengthy stops.

This vehicle is the epitome of luxury. The winning features of the vehicle is the push-button controls. One negative feature is the high back panel of the rearview mirror. The control of the vehicle is also a superb feature. I love the auto hold feature when waiting in long lines at a drive-thru or a long traffic light.

- Phyllis G

That it has every security and safety function currently available on the market.

I love the overall look of the vehicle. I love the handling, the comfort, and the technology in the car. I love how I feel when I drive it. I love everything about it, although it is a Continental which was not an available choice in your drop down menu.

- Sam L

This is a substantial feeling car and makes me feel safe.

My Lincoln looks beautiful and drives like a dream. It is comfortable and has all the bells and whistles that I want in a car. I also like the safety features like a rear view camera and lane change alerts.

- Michelle O

The car is Very dependable and has pretty good gas mileage considering

I love my car. It never breaks down. It fits me just right. It is really sharp looking and I believe I will keep it for a long time. I have always driven a Lincoln and this is one of my favorites

- cynthia v

It is a 4 door with a trunk, a hybrid engine that gets the battery charged by stepping on the brakes to slow down or stop.

It is a hybrid and I get 90 miles per gallon while driving the city streets and highways around Texas. It is my first Lincoln experience and I just love it.

- William R

It has impressive technology features.

It is a sporty looking car, with luxury comforts and I like the technology features of the car. It is a comfortable car to travel long distances in.

- Patti H

No complaints except for the door.

Four-door sedan front doors is too small for my large size body to get in now comfortably other than that I have no complaints about the car.

- Jim C

It is up to date and save, a lot of technology to help you when driving.

It drives so smooth, it has cameras when you reverse. It is extremely comfortable, good amount of room inside. It has an awesome look.

- Jessie C

Aside from everything I've said it also gets 45 mpg.

It is a beautiful and elegant car. It is quiet, smooth, dependable and quiet. The warranty is great and service is fast and easy.

- Stuart G

The car is very affordable.

I love the hybrid as I get great gas mileage. I enjoy the smooth quiet ride. I like the amenities such as the stereo.

- Renee P

Luxury in driving and technology.

Sleek, well-performing, excellent level of technology, smooth comfortable ride, excellent mileage, no issues.

- Shirley G

Great overall car if you're looking for an SUV, is not too different from a car.

It rides smooth and it is a highbred and because of that it is very quiet and I get great gas mileage.

- Patricia B

Got all the buzzers and whistles that you need navigation nice nice ride great radio

It's a little tight getting in and out of the driver side but everything else is pretty much 122% well

- Jim C

My car is a hybrid. It's great on gas. I really nice car to drive. I am very happy with it.

luxury and comfort. Good style. Smooth ride great gas mileage

- Maryjean P