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With the size of the Vehicle you can feel safe when you are on the road

I have loved my Lincoln Navigator since the day I purchased the vehicle. I had always wanted a large SUV that can accommodate several passengers or cargo. It has 3 rows of seating and the 3rd row lifts up for more cargo space. Very comfortable and easy to drive with good visual clearance. Smooth drive on the freeway with heated and A/C front seats which has me very spoiled and I would not want to own a vehicle without them.

- Laura M

It is one of the safer cars because of Its size and the roll cage.

I love my Lincoln. It is so comfortable on long trips. Mechanically it does awesome. Quick reacting. The only problem I have had is the tail lights on the back end gate are coming loose and there is no fix except buy new ones. The only other problem I have had is the back end gate does not work correctly. In the winter, the gate will not stay open on Its own.

- Renee R

Spacious navigator is very powerful and comfortable.

My Lincoln navigator, in spite of being 17 years old is a great vehicle. Because it is an older model it has older parts and is not running like it once did. It is however, still very comfortable. I have a family of 6 and this vehicle has enough room for us all. It is a bit of a gas guzzler, but it is also a very powerful vehicle.

- Adrianne D

Older model is better in strength

I have 265,000 miles on my vehicle... it has done me well for the last year that I have had it. But when it breaks down it's very expensive. I love my SUV for the space, the comfort and the strength. It saved me when a deer hit me from the side. And when I got slammed from the back u can barely see any damage from that

- Andrea D

The DVD player keeps my kids from going stir crazy on long rides.

My car is very spacious and comfortable. For that reason, we love taking it in road trips, although we do have to remove the third row to be able to fit our luggage. It doesn't get stuck anywhere. However, the fuel mileage isn't the greatest. The best we have been able to get it is about 12 miles per gallon.

- Cristina R

I already said it everything about the car.

The car is big and roomy. The car is comfortable and it has a lot of power. The car is reliable and it runs great. I put 4 new tires on it and had the timing chain changed and the air conditioner fixed. Now it's all set the car is good on gas for being a v8.

- Danielle M

You do not feel as if you have been beat up while riding after your destination.

Car rides good but does not get good gas mileage comfortable seats adjust to any position. I like to be higher off the ground and it has a good height so you do not feel as you are on the road. You can also seat 6 people comfortable with no comfort issues.

- Tracy P

It has a good heating seat feature i found sexy.

The Lincoln is good but it has some engine problems. And the Lincoln was really good at freeing the slaves next sentence contains the name of the document that did. The emancipation proclamation is it but not. And . Gun.

- Jeremiah S

My car is very reliable a few kinks but overall a well working vehicle.

It works well. . It's just a bit worn from the inside and out. There hasn't been any problems with it in a while. Something does break time to time but it's nothing major or huge.

- Jose R

it's still reliable for being so old with quite a few miles onit

very roomy and runs well for it age love it and would buy another again it's starting to have some things go wrong now but i is 17 years old so it's to be expected

- barbara c

The 2001 Lincoln Navigator is very spacious and very powerful.

My Lincoln is an older model, but if taken care of properly will last long. It is expensive in fuel. that's my only complain. It is perfect for a big family.

- Adriana D

2001 Lincoln Navigator Review

The car is big and spacious enough for my large family, so that's definitely a plus. It has a DVD player, leather power seats, 4 wheel drive.

- Lauren C

The Lincoln is too expensive to care for

The ac was thought not to work and once we got it to work the transmission broke it was hard riding in the vehicle pregnant and no ac

- Emalee F

A little about my Lincoln navigator experience since purchasing it.

Smooth & quiet and powerful. Dependable when it is going good. Gas mileage is not so good but it can go 435 miles on single tank.

- Oscar F

Engine recalls. Tire treads are meaty Enough gas in the tank. Oil and other fluids are full

I like that it has a DVD player and TV. I like the fact that it is a big SUV. My navigator is a very roomy truck

- Latisha M

It is good but it is a gas guzzler.

It is exterior is pretty, it is interior is comfortable, and it is very reliable. It uses a lot of gas.

- Lucy R

I love all the room I gives me for passengers and I also love the prestige of the name. However I don't like that there is no space in the back for groceries and such unless you put the third row down. Also don't like that it is an older model.

It is super roomy for fitting my family comfortably. Third row is awesome.

- Courtney Y

I like that it in suv that you can ride your whole family in. I like that its is huge and roomy. I dislike that it not a gas saver and that is also is hard to fix.

The car is very reliable transportation that your family would love.

- Antoinette w