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Luxury SUV everyone should have

I've owned my Navigator now for about 6 yrs and I have to say that overall, this is one smooth riding SUV. It has enough power to get you through any obstacle and enough luxury to make you feel like a top executive! It's equipped with a 5.4l 330ci engine so expect a punch when you give it some juice. Leather seats, front and rear ac, in dash navigation, climate controlled seats, power windows, and just about anything else you can think of it has. It is very spacious. What a great SUV

- Donald R

Great room. A lot of space. Feels luxury

Side rails that come out makes a horrible noise once they get old. The SUV overall is awesome!! Great truck on the highway. They are extremely comfortable. I know my dashboard is peeling but I do have an old truck. I don't like that it has two ac units, one for front and back.

- Tee J

The struts go out every few years and they can be expensive.

We have a burgundy 2003 Lincoln navigator. We've had it for 11 yrs and it has been a good vehicle. Like most cars it is had a few expensive problems but I love the navigator. It is been a good car for us.

- Penny M

That the ride is very comfortable.

I have no complaints, I really enjoy the ride that my car gives, plus it is very roomy. My great-grandson enjoys the ride, because he can watch video games especially on long trips.

- Elizabeth H

If you're looking for a cheaper car that works well and is fun to drive and comfortable to sit in i would recommend this car

I have had a couple problems with my engine and i HAVE to use premium gas other wise i get this weird kicking problem. Other than that vehicle has been great.

- jesse P

Have after hour rims 22 inch rims

It's been a good vehicle for me. Was in a bind and it's been good to me. Low maintenance. It is a gas guzzler but it has been reliable

- Teek G

It has 3 rows! It has 4 wheel drive! It cab seat 8- more than most minivans.

I love the size of it. I can fit all 4 kids in it. I like the leather seats. I don't like the gas mileage or the size of the trunk.

- Alli W

It is a good car for us. We tend to haul a lot and it's good for that.

It's big, runs well, and we can haul a lot. A very smooth ride. The mileage could be better, but for its size, it's not bad.

- Allen C

It fits five car seats great and also automatic lift gate

This Car come in handing when you have a big family because you have seven seats the car it also seats car seats great

- CarleySue B

It is old and getting expensive to maintain.

I love my vehicle, only complain it that it comes with air suspension, but I have had that converted.

- Tiffany H

lo más importante es conocer sobre el mantenimiento de carro sus chequeos y cambios de líquido para que dure

muy buena potencia. gran espacio para llevar lo que deseo. una gran comodidad para mi familia.

- jose h

The engine is awesome. Don't sleep on my truck. She'll beat anyone off the line.

I love the 3rd row seating. Fits all of my family members. Higher up off the ground.

- Heather B

Smooth ride, lots of luxury features, for the most part dependable

SUV, wish it had a bit more cargo space, but over all love driving this car

- Candace D

It's dependable.it has never broke down while i was driving it.

It has a lot of space.It's dependable.no car payment

- Theresa S