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A luxury vehicle to drive.

I love my Lincoln navigator. I love when I open the door the step comes down. I love the drive. The only thing I do not like is that I average 15 mpg I wish I could get a few more miles per gallon because here in California gas is about $4 per gallon. I am not rich so it really puts a dent in our budget because we have to fill up weekly and it is about $100 each time. I also enjoy the size of the vehicle I do not feel like a semi will crush me when it passes me like I do when I drive my 1969 beetle.

- Jennifer H

Never to purchase a car with air suspension.

The parts on this vehicle are expensive. When the air suspension system began to leak I had to replace it with regular shocks. Now the vehicle rides like a school bus. In addition, the rust on this vehicle is shocking since its mainly parked in a garage and gets frequent washes, especially in the winter time. I do like the style of the car though and it's great for large families and road trips.

- Heather D

It holds its value very well.

It has plenty of room, the seats are very comfortable, so it is high up off the ground to have very good vantage point, it has enough room inside to put just about anything you want to transport, living in upstate New York the all-wheel drive option comes in very handy, it will go just about anywhere.

- Ronald D

Lincoln navigator - max SUV!

Great SUV. Handles well in all traffic conditions. Best mileage is on long highway trips. Comfortable ride based on truck frame. Spacious cargo area with folding rear seats for maximum room. Interior appointments are well done; exterior is finished well.

- Andrew M

It's pretty easy to drive and we feel very safe in it

The vehicle is large enough so that I (6'8") fit comfortably, but it is also pretty easy to drive. It gets fairly good gas mileage for its size. The main thing I dislike about it is the DVD player. I hit my head on it

- Wayland C

Good dependable reliable vehicle. Always starts, always goes, no problems

Very reliable, dependable, comfortable vehicle full of upscale classy extra features including DVD player, sunroof, foldable seats controlled by buttons, push button back hatch. We haven't had any problems so far.

- Kel B

It is spacious and feels safe when you are out on the road.

This vehicle is now over 10 years old and still runs like a champ. It is comfortable for the whole family, reliable, safe, and looks good to! I would recommend a navigator to anyone with kids, !

- Amanda W

Overall, a great vehicle that runs well. But a lot of little things start going wrong after about 7 years (window regulators, blend door gates, AC circulation fan, etc...)

I like that it's pretty reliable and allows me to haul materials form the home center (not as easily as a pickup truck, but it does the job). Repairs are way too expensive.

- Steve F

It is extremely dependable.

I like the dependability, the style, and the way it drives. It has lots of room inside for my big family and all of their gear. There is nothing I dislike about my car.

- Jennifer O

It's not a expensive on gas.

It's a family car, it fits up to 8/9 persons. Good to travel, it has a television on top for kid to enjoy while on the rode. Seats can tilt to be comfortable.

- Rosa A

Good, trust vehicle that you will love

A very sturdy, reliable family vehicle that gets great fuel mileage and has the capability to handle heavy loads and long drives. A perfect family vehicle.

- Jocelyn A

The fold down seat to get into the backseat isn't for everyone. It doesn't have a lot of storage in the rear.

The Lincoln navigator has held up well. The interior looks nice. We've had few mechanical issues with it. It currently has over 114k miles on it.

- Allyson T

my not so great but comfortable Lincoln navigator

electrical problems, doesn't always wanna start. otherwise a very comfortable vehicle. it is sub compact and has good gas mileage.

- Shelljohn G

It has a lot of space, both for storage and passengers

Large and sits high up, Good amount of space, reliable, has a removable third row, ample leg room with adjustable front seats

- Chelsea B

It makes weird noises all the time.

Wish it had back up camera and Bluetooth also would be happier if it wasn't making weird noises and had better gas mileage.

- Julie K

It is great for large families and toad trips.

I like the extended size. I also like the design. I do not like the gas mileage. I do not like the suspension.

- Heather D

I love the size. You can carry 7 people. Perfect for a larger family. Also a huge cargo area to hold groceries.

I love the size. I do not like parking it. It can be long sometimes.

- Jen R