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My opinion of the Lincoln continental town car executive series.

The car has soft leather seats with easy button touch seat movements. It is very roomy in front and the back seat area. The trunk has a lot of space to put things and is deep. The car offers am/FM radio with cassette, air conditioning, power windows, cruise control, heating/defrost for both front and rear window. Side mirrors have a heated feature to enable the driver to see clearly in poor weather. There is even a plug at the front of the car to plug in at night and keep the battery charged during the cold winter weather. The car has a digital reading of how many miles are left with the gasoline; however, it does use quite a bit of gas especially in town with stop and go traffic. I had to replace the transmission in my Lincoln about 88, 000 miles. It is now almost 120, 000 and the transmission appears to be needing to be replaced again.

- Angel H

Classic large American luxury sedan.

I love my car because its nice, that is, its big, roomy, reliable, comfortable, and has a sleek luxurious design. Despite its age it has low miles. You would be hard-pressed to find anything else like this for this price. Despite common myth, it really is not that bad on gas. It gets better mileage than most trucks, vans, and SUVs. The only notorious problem these cars have is a slipping torque-converter, which is located in the transmission, and even if left unfixed, the car still runs fine. This is my second one of these cars, I only traded my old one in because of its age and high miles. It is very old-school, rear-wheel drive, v8. The shifter is located on the steering column. If you're a fan of the classic big, luxurious American made styles, this is your car.

- Josh K

2000 Lincoln town car known for long lasting luxury!

My 2000 Lincoln town car is very reliable and extremely comfortable. It is like driving a recliner. I get 18 miles per gallon in town. 20 year old car and the sunroof does not leak. Big trunk in really nice. This car has over 260,000 miles on it and still runs great. Never rebuilt the motor or the transmission. Crude control, air conditioning, radio and all the buttons on the steering wheel still work perfectly. I did need to replace the airbags on the rear air ride suspension but it rides smoother than any vehicle I have ever driven. I live on a dirt road. The Lincoln town car is built and known to last and perform as a reliable luxury vehicle.

- Harry S

The perfect car for a family vacation.

My car is very comfortable for long trips, very spacious. Convenient. And it runs very smooth. But it does take up a lot of gas, so its not good for a daily errands if you are going to go back and forth. And very expensive to fix when needed. And also the insurance on my vehicle is kind of expensive, if you ask for full coverage, even the coverage that's what the state which is liability can sometimes also be a little expensive. But other that that my vehicle is great. I just have to take care of it and get regular tunes ups and I am stuck with a great car.

- Maria B

It gets 20+ mpg when run back and forth to town and around 26 mpg on the highway.

I like my Town Car because it is comfortable, gets decent fuel economy for a big V8 and gets me from point A to point B reliably. It does seem to have a problem with window regulators. I have replaced 3 of the 4 and 2 of them twice. I also had to replace the ECM and rear air shocks when I got it, but probably because it was 14 years old and had been doing a lot of sitting in the Tuscan sun. It only had 44,000 miles on it when I bought it.

- Delbert R

Features of a Lincoln and other facts.

Rides like a dream. Performs very well on the highway. It has some electrical problems and squeaking (coils)that seem to be a given on Lincoln's. Electrical problems cause the seats, stereo system. CD changer, signals and door switches to not operate properly. Wheel covers seem to be of poor quality and not designed to stay attached to rims while driving. Be prepared to replace often.

- Gail W

Outstanding Longevity in a Vehicle

The car has over 200,000 miles and has yet to need a new transmission or engine. Very reliable, comfortable transportation. The heater core no longer works and would be costly to fix, but as I live in a warm climate, the AC is more important to me and it works perfectly. The car does burn oil, the air ride has been replaced, and the automatic windows no longer work.

- teresa d

The car is nice takes me to the places I need to be.

One of the windows doesn't open, and I always have problems with the starter or maybe it is the transmission I am not really sure and the seats are way too low and they get so hot, the ac does not work as good as it could, the front seat does not have the back park of it and there is not any cup holders and it is kind of hard to switch gears.

- Elizabeth C

My car is sleek and comfortable.

It works amazing and almost never gives me problems. The leather seats and 6 seats make it very comfortable and it is roomy for car trips. It has all kinds of ways to move the seats including lumbar which is great. It is very reliable but when it does have problems it is very expensive to fix since it is so old.

- Angelica T

Looks like a cool car and in the aftermath of purchasing it rode smoothly.

Burns through premium fuel as well as oil bought it new and the transmission was shot as well as some wiring issues. The car is terrible on gas miles. I bought the car as a college student and found the car costing a lot more money than I anticipated and caused me significant financial strain.

- Alex M

Very dependable even after 18 years.

Love my car its old but reliable runs good and is dependent on very easy to drive comfortable to ride in very roomy large enough for my grandkids but not to large gets good gas mileage has been very good for me and had little work basic upkeep still in very good shape after 18 years.

- Rhonda S

Working 2000 Lincoln town car.

I got my car used from my grandfather so it was already sort of beat up. But despite that it still runs great. V8 engine, traction control, heated seats all that. Parts are somewhat difficult to get because it is the Cartier sub-model. Other than that, not really any complaints.

- Gavin S

I like the sleek long look of large luxury car and old school cars endure a lot.

It is not a very pretty looking car needs new roof vinyl seats cracked one other owner it has it is original miles runs good on gas blows very cold air has squeaking tires seats need adjusting basically small minor issues it has not broke down it is a very good car.

- Brenda H

Well built dependable car.

It drives great and is very comfortable. It has heated seats and is a great highway car. It has a v8 so it is a gas guzzler. Other than being costly on gas it is a very dependable well built vehicle. It is very reliable and has great performance. Very comfortable.

- Dana B

Reliable, roomy, and dependable.

Smooth ride. Low maintenance, no CD player, but the heating and air works great. Roomy, leather interior. Heated seats, large trunk. Handles well, not as good on snow. Dependable, comfortable for all, vent in back for temperature control. Comfortable seating.

- Versi H

She belongs to only me. it's like she was meant for me

I always wanted a Lincoln I'm excited I have her. the only thing I don't like is that I put the same amount of money into her repairs as I paid for her. but I would not change anything. I love the cassette player the sun roof and all the leather seating

- Michelle P

My car is a bit beaten up now with scrapes and dents, but it still runs and gets me where I want to go.

The car I drive was a hand-me-down from my Mother. The car has been a great car, and has driven well. In recent years, it has had more problems. Currently, I feel the car is on its last legs, but I'm hoping to get another year or two out of it.

- Korey W

My car is very spacious and attractive.

I like the fact that my car is roomy enough that four people can travel and not be crowded for space. I also like that it has a big trunk that allows enough space for large loads. However, I don't like the amount it costs to operate it.

- janet b

It's a spacious luxury car with comfortable, adjustable seats and good gas mileage.

It's had some wiring issues causing the lights to not work so we're having to fix it soon. The windows have stopped working as well. But it is a rather comfortable car and had plenty of space, so it's alright.

- Leah W

The most comfortable ride ever

I love my vehicle because it is a very reliable car. When I am driving it feels like I'm floating on air that's how comfortable it is. The only thing that I do not like is the gas mileage

- Martice A

Reliable in every aspect; maintenance easy, and good gas mileage.

The full size feels safer; luxury items ie heated seats great, good gas mileage, comfortable, 5 people seating, steering wheel accessory control, good speakers, and lots more.

- Pam R

Comfortable safe and reliable.

Replaced water pump, engine runs fine, burns a little oil, very comfortable ride, great stereo system CD and cassette player, great air conditioner, decent fuel economy.

- Sam M

It is expensive to maintain proper working order.

Love the room, comfort bells and whistles. Hate all the constant repairs. Coil packs break down too often. Has a slight miss fire all the time. Can't figure out why.

- Tammy F

The most important thing others should know about my car is to be cautious about going too fast because it takes a little longer to break.

I like this car because the center console can be used as a third seat in the front. I also like how it drives smooth. I don't like that the brakes squeak sometimes.

- Jamie B

It is a large car feels safe.

The only complaint is having the CD player in the trunk. You have to stop and get in the trunk to change it if it is not already in the CD player.

- Patricia P

People should know how reliable it is. It gets me everywhere I go and rarely breaks down.

I love how dependable my car is. It has a comfortable and roomy interior. It gets decent gas mileage. My Lincoln truly feels like a luxury car.

- Chad K

smooth ride - it has cold air conditioning.

It is very comfortable. It has 4 doors. It doesn't have a digital odometer or a backup camera. It doesn't have a navigation system.

- sharlene c

I treat it like a member of my family.

Comfortable and smooth when driving rough roads. The size gives a feeling of safety. Plenty of room to relax while on a long drive.

- David B

Rides in comfort. don't feels any bumps at all.

We have had to replace the fuel pump and wiper motor but for being 18 yrs. old it's still a good car. Great mileage and comfort.

- Marie N

Great car for everyday use!

It is a cushiony ride. The seats are comfortable and pillowy. The air conditioning is cold and the heater keeps you warm.

- Melody C

Good on gas I get 18 miles a gallon with my car.

I love the comfort of the leather seat, the ride is awesome and really good on gas great for my country cruising.

- William N

Its an old model but nice. It's able to travel how far I like and very roomy.

Have no complaints my car gets me from point a to b. It does takes a lot of gas but no complaints.

- Lalena B

My car is a very comfortable ride. The maintenance has been minimal. It uses regular gas, doesn't have the best mileage but gives me a very nice ride.

That I enjoy traveling in my car. It has been the best investment I have ever made in a car.

- Susan P

It is mine and keep your hands off of it my friend.

The car rides better than any car i have ever had. I do not like the airbag system.

- Steven R

Reliable car and runs and drives great. Very safe car.

Transmission problems but drives and runs great. Consistently reliable car.

- Hannah B

Love the seat heaters. Love the trouble display. Hate that I have to have the transmission replaced

It looks great and when it runs it is smooth. Love how it rides

- Kendra M

it is dependable, it is paid for, it is older but more safer more steel built

it is old but in good shape very nice to drive like older cars

- rhonda s

Reliable vehicle never has broken down. Great for a car its age.

roomy, nice ride, ac doesn't always work. Reliable.

- diane c