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A Smooth and Comfy Ride with Style

I really like the look of a Lincoln Town Car they ride smoothly but the only problem that I have had is with the air suspension, when those airbags go out it is a very pricey price to pay to get it fixed. I really do not see the point of it being on the vehicle I feel that it is another way for the Ford manufacture to get extra money out of you. It is very roomy inside and has a very comfortable feel to it. Like with any vehicle you have to keep up it up for it to run in tip top shape, so always keep an oil change

- Donyelle C

The most comfortable ride I have had in a very long time!

It is a comfortable ride and has a lot of extra features. It is a little hard to get in and out if you are older. It is an older car but has very low miles. The heated leather seats are a great comfort. The Lincoln is a very nice ride, after owning SUVs and vans this is so much more comfortable. The gas mileage is ok but the comfort outweighs the few miles you have lost.

- Julie H

It's a Lincoln with a manual transmission.

It's actually a Lincoln LS, not a TownCar; your survey is broken in that it didn't offer that choice of models for me to choose. It's a sporty luxury sedan. It's very unique since it is a Lincoln with a manual transmission manufactured in the 21st century. I hang onto it because it is impossible to replace with a manual.

- Paul M

Get a lincoln mechanic to check everything, before buying this car used.

I purchased car from long distant relative 2017. There are electrical issues. Engine light comes on sometimes. Car hesitates. Front wheels unstable. Battery goes dead, if not idled long enough, before driving. Car has been in shop, but I need a reliable mechanic to diagnose and fix the quirky problems I am experiencing.

- Valerie G

It is a Lincoln town car that is awesome.

My car is gray with a little bit of dents on it. You can't tell if your far away but when you get up close to it you can see everything. I like this cat because it has a lot of space to work with. One time I had my dog back there and he ripped up the leather on the inside so it will never be the same.

- Andy P

Awesome is a Lincoln town car! Luxurious comfortable car!

My Lincoln town car is awesome! She rides smooth without any issues. I take for regular oil change tire rotation and alignment. Music is awesome! Lots of room for everyone with cup holders for all. Music can be changed by back seat company. Trunk huge! Just in love with my awesome Lincoln town car!

- Jo M

Comfortable and safe for my family.

I love the Lincoln. Its comfortable and safe, I feel safe with my kids in the car. The downside is the air shocks go out on a lot of these cars from what I've heard but mine is doing good so far. The gas is kind of temperamental and the car stalls out from time to time but more like a chugging.

- Hope T

Drives very smooth, the seats are comfortable. Very nice on the inside.

My Lincoln 2001 continental drives very smooth. The only bad thing is the gas mileage, it uses so much gas. I love the interior, the cream color is very nice. The leather seats are very comfortable. I dislike that there is no AUX cord, but it does take cassette tapes.

- Ava W

Best ride ever plenty of cargo space.

The best most comfortable ride ever has leather seats lumbar support nice surround set heated seats plenty of room for a tall person leather seats front and back everything is digital talks you when to check oil and gas everything in motorist a easy access.

- Edward J

The Love of My Lincoln My car is great on gas and drives very smoothly.

My Lincoln was a used car, I really enjoyed from the time I got. I have a a few problems, but no major one. One of the problems I had was with the traction. The next thing I had to replace is the steering gear and lastly the serpentine belt.

- Kalenza M

The car is comfortable on long trips and is paid for.

It is old enough that things are going wrong such as the back door will not open without the front one being open because it is separating. Love the heated seats and rear view mirror having night adjustment. Wish it had hookup for phone.

- Sandy S

it is a large car, with a small ride, as comfortable as your living room chairs.

this is the fourth Lincoln town car we have purchased, each one has been better than the last one, looks, drivability has been above many other and the style and ride can not be surpassed. I am looking for my next LINCOLN.

- milton H

It requires at least plus gas which is getting pretty expensive. The last time I filled up it cost $44.

It rides alright but I'm starting to get some rust under the passenger side rear wheel well that is making me consider getting a new vehicle within the next couple years. I have had some weird stalling issues as well.

- David C

Lots of comfort settings to enjoy.

Heated seats / cruise control/ combination, key, and fob entry / 6 CD compartment located in the trunk of car/ 2 settings for two different drivers/ volume control, heat control, + located on steering wheel.

- Margaret H

It's actually pretty amazing for such an old car!

For an old car, it's actually runs pretty well but every once in a while it has a pretty major break, usually the tires or some random part in the engine, it's nothing too serious though.

- Nicky A

Dependability, and overall comfort, performance is excellent for a large sedan!

Love the comfort, ride, performance and dependability of the vehicle. Minimal maintenance if serviced regularly and repairs are reasonable, parts readily available and usually in stock!

- William J

Its old but has good mileage and is very spanish.

I like the miles per gallon dislike the fact that it's hard to find parts for the car. Like that it has plenty of space i'm a tall guy. Dislike the old ac its not very effective.

- Brandon W

The air conditioning don't work.

Runs great. The air conditioning doesn't work. The tires are in good condition. Just had an oil change. Low mileage. Very good on gas. Interior is nice. Drives pretty smooth.

- Arnold S

It is a very reliable car for everyday use like going to work or anywhere else.

I like how smooth the vehicle rides and the gas mileage it gets. I personally do not like lower cars so that is a dislike for me. I also like how spacious it feels.

- Alexis S

Very comfortable leather seats are also convenient; easy to clean.

Very comfy, but the buttons on this vehicle to move the seats break easily. I love the steering wheel features (volume, temp, cruze control, etc. . . ).

- Jessica R

It is good to drive and looks well, but it's is expensive to use over time due to gas type and fuel mileage.

I like that my car has an adequate amount of legroom for the driver as I am tall. I don't however like that it only takes premium gasoline.

- Joseph B

It is dependable for an older car.

Roomy, drives nice, good trunk space and comfortable for passengers, but bad in wet, snowy weather. Need an AWD vehicle in my life.

- Mary B

2001 Lincoln LS sedan, runs great with over 120000 miles on it

Fixed her up, made her quieter. Fixed most parts and parts are pretty cheap since ford made it. Runs great. 130000 miles on it.

- Austin R

The anti theft system will shut your car down when you change a dead battery

It has the common timing chain/ tensioner issues but overall, it has been a good reliable car. Also very luxurious to ride in

- Ashley M

The pros and cons on the Lincoln Town car

Very sturdy ,smooth ride,quite ride,not to great on gas but very much what I paid for a all around good dependable automobile

- David T

A silver Lincoln with not too many miles

My car has a lot of room in it. I got it from my dad who got the car from a dealer. Even though it's used I love it so much.

- Ellianah P

It is comfortable and drives smoothly. I feel very safe in it, as it is made with real metal parts, not fiberglass.

I like how dependable it has been. I am wanting to get something new soon as this car is starting to have things go wrong.

- Faye S

Very comfortable & reliable vehicle with great features.

Is slightly difficult to maneuver in/out of parking spaces due to overall length of vehicle. Otherwise an excellent car.

- Rhiannon B

Most awesome Lincoln town car.

My Lincoln town car Cartier l series is an awesome car! It is very comfortable seating, steering , riding all perfect!

- Hilda M

I'd a luxury car that already has a navigation system installed.

Is a luxury car. It rides really smooth and the is plenty of room in it. I do not like the color of the car though.

- Summer C

It is fairly fuel efficient, rides nicely and has plenty of horsepower.

I like that it has heated seats plus the usual amenities. It is getting old though and needs constant maintenance.

- Beverly A

The car is great for traveling and have a very long range on a full tank.

Nice ride, with leather seats. Good handling, with very responsive steering. Very roomy with a front bench seat.

- Connor M

It burns through fuel and oil way too quickly.

Burns up too much fuel. Takes premium gas. Has had engine problems and transmission issues since we purchased it.

- Alex S

Caution: needs entire parking lot to complete a turn.

It has terrible gas mileage, electrical problems, and maneuvers like a tank. But it's sturdy and great in winter.

- Lauren K

Our car is comfortable to ride in and with Iowa winters the heated seats are nice

Iowa winter we have heated seats, the air conditioner works. takes time to learn all the buttons and what they do

- Janet K

Great ride. Great gas mileage

My car is very reliable. It is quite a smooth ride. Even though its an 8 cylinder it gets great gas mileage

- John D

It has a button to unlock

Shakes, runs hot, battery weak, scratches on the paint job, seats torn and ripped. Rims rusted severely

- Chandace R

It's very fast and when you rev the engine, you feel like you're driving a sports car.

The car is extremely comfortable and very fast, something always goes wrong. It's an old car anyway.

- Brianna D

Great ride always responsive to driving in weather

Smooth quiet ride good gas mileage great acceleration and very dependable

- Doug W

Reliable and comfortable. Good looking and easy to handle

Comfortable ride and dependable. Nice looking. Fair price.

- Patricia W