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Lincoln Town Car: The last true American large luxury car.

The Lincoln Town Car is a very comfortable, great riding automobile. The last of the big American luxury vehicle. The ride is smooth, the cabin is quiet, the sound system is great. Handling is what one would expect in a large luxury vehicle. The only mechanical issues, other than standard brakes, battery, tires etc... has been the air ride suspension air bags failed. I replaced it with coil springs and the car still rides superbly. The fit and finish is perfect to this day and you can store enough luggage for 5 people for a trip. I would drive the vehicle anywhere. The perfect highway cruiser.

- Gary P

Lincoln town car delivers comfort and luxury at a lower price.

Car is very comfortable on trips quiet and smooth riding gas mileage is good for a car of this size 25 miles per gallon on level ground only problem I have experienced is transmission needed replacement at 82000 thousand miles other than normal maintenance and service issues it has been a fairly dependable car another shortcoming is the intake manifold it is hard plastic and should be aluminum had to replace it when flange failed.

- Mike A

The most amazing car of its year

My Lincoln Town car is one of the best cars I have ever owned . It's a perfect family car that helps me and my kids get around town and talk about luxury. My town car feels like a boat anywhere I go and with the security features it has makes me feel like a king. The town car is great on gas and is smooth on the road. If I could I would buy a much newer town car by sadly they discontinued the town car series back in 07.

- Victor M

Pros and cons of this car.

This car is both the best and worst thing I have ever owned. Pros: it's so heavy it won't flip over or hydroplane easily. It is got a lot of storage space. People think you are either a mobster or movie star when you drive it. . Cons: the parts are not made anymore so it's expensive to fix or you have to go junkyard diving. It falls apart if you do not baby it. And it eats gas like a madman.

- Lindsey C

Comfortable Lincoln ride in style

No problems very comfortable and very good on the road you should invest in one the only minor problems that it might have is electrical problems. It doesn't put me down I can commute to work safely and run errands safely. I suggest you get one of these amazingly comfortable cars and they are very affordable and you can fix on them they are very easy to fix

- Shanti H

One of the safest cars ever built.

The bench seats are extremely comfortable. Back up warning alarm is a great help It has the largest trunk in the car business. With It's rear wheel drive, it can turn in less space than a four cylinder small car. It is a shame that they stopped building the Towncar and Mercury Grand Marquis. Absolutely no complaints.

- Gary W

Very nice large luxury car

I like my car a lot even though it's a bit too big for me. I have not had any problems. Any repairs that were done was scheduled maintenance. The car has a lot of electronic options, seats, heated seats, windows, heat and AC. I'm always worried about what I'll do if the system goes out

- Kathie F

Luxury ride fit for a Queen

Rides smooth, the back window on passenger side doesn't always like to go up and had to replace the rear end.. but it's lovely. The gas mileage isn't the best and the gauge doesn't work.. so got to keep an eye on the miles. It's really comfortable and I'd like a newer one

- Ruth C

Whish the town car was still being made.

Nearly no problems over the last 10+ years. $2, 200 Just happened and that was for air springs and shocks and struts. Still get decent mileage of around 24-27 mpg on freeway. Wish they still made this model. Great safe ride and extremely comfortable to ride in and drive.

- Ray P

Leather seats, that used to warm.

It is old and the power windows don' work, the air conditioning does not work, the heated seats do not work, it is to big for me to drive and sits to low. It is roomy and has nice leather seats. We got it free, and it costs a lot to tune up. There is nothing more to say.

- Susan S

It is a cheap and affordable lux car.

My car runs great on gas. It also runs smoothly on different terrains. It does need to be regularly fixed for air pressure and stuff like that. It is affordable its under 5000 dollars. You can actually keep them for a long time with the gas mileage of 700, 000.

- Jessica A

Love the ashtrays in the back and front of the vehicle.

Seats are super comfortable! The engine runs like no other car I've ever had. This car is reliable and had all the Bells and whistles you want and love on any newer car. I have had the car for 2 years and 20,000 miles late there is no need for work at all.

- Ethan F

Low maintenance. A very safe and comfortable ride!

I have ever had. Good styling, strong body, excellent drivetrain, minimal repair issues. I was very disappointed when Lincoln opted to stop producing these models. 170, 000+ miles and going strong. Still get 24-26 mpg on highway and 18-19 mpg combined.

- Ray P

All black lincoln town car, presidential edition

I have the Presidential edition, which was a limited model. I love my car. It has a black rag top on it which requires much attention, but overall I would recommend anyone who comes across this car to not pass it up. A great buy.

- jasmine y

Awesome automatic headlights come on by themselves!

My car is great for getting four large people to the cruise port or to the condo in the mountains. It has rear wheel drive, which makes it easy to get up the steep mountain road. For such a large car it gets great mileage also.

- Bob N

It's has cooled seats, so if your butt gets sweaty from the leather you can just turn them on

I love my low luxury car, it's fast and sounds good. I don't like the transmission of the car.. it's going out and you have to take it to a Lincoln dealership to get it fixed not just a regular auto shop

- Jasmine R

It's was a premium vehicle when it first came on the market

a large car that has a lot of room and comfort. dislike the car uses premium gas and not regular. our car is little lower than the new cars today, so we would like it to be higher , for better view.

- Arthur C

Lincoln stands apart from the rest.

I like how durable it is. For being a V8, I get excellent gas mileage out of it. I love how smooth of a ride it is and It's dependability. If I ever get another vehicle it will likely be a Lincoln.

- Alexandra b

Adaptive pedals and smooth driving Lincoln town car.

I am vertically challenged and this cars pedals are able to be raised or lowered for the drivers comfort. It has a super smooth cushioned ride and easy on gas mileage and minimal repairs.

- Linda S

That It's quality built and even 14 years old It's reliable and well built.

Yes, the lincoln town car built in this year was the best of the best. 5 star safety rating on all sides. Luxury but classic. I really enjoy this large car for space and cruising.

- John C

One of the safest cars on the road.

Seats are bench seats and very comfortable. Backup warning alarm.Great acceleration. Tinted readies mirrors. No complaints. I wish they were still making them. Large trunk

- Karen T

The sad news...this model is no longer manufactured by Lincoln. Grab the latest model you can find with decent miles. It should be good for 250,000 to 300,000 miles with very little maintenance.

Great transportation. Has decent freeway mileage - 25 mpg. Lovely, comfortable ride and a very safe vehicle. Have had very few repair issues and maintenance is nominal.

- raymond p

It has a very large trunk.

It is the best car in the world for performance, comfort & maintenance. It has 243, 331 miles with the original engine and transmission in it and still going strong.

- Kathy N

Great value for the money. The most reliable and is safe.

I have no complaints Lincolns have always been a good car for me and last long. Very comfortable car rides and is made well as long as you keep up the maintenance.

- Kelly S

For a large car it gets good gas mileage per gallon-23-24 miles per gallon.

Safe and comfortable to drive. It has plenty of legroom for back seat riders. Has a large trunk for baggage,groceries,etc. No complaints with vehicle.

- Mary W

It is well taken care of mechanically and on the interior and exterior.

I love the way it rides. I love the way it runs. I love that it's comfortable. The only thing I dislike about it is that it has too many miles on it.

- Charlotte S

Lincoln Town Car is the best car I have own.

This car is like riding on air! It smells new with the pristine leather interior. You can comfortably seat 5, the max is 6. The trunk is huge.

- Dee M

Great riding sedan for road trips

The Lincoln town car is very comfortable. It is great for road trip. It is extremely reliable and we have not had many problems with it.

- Linda B

If you like to travel, this car is very roomy and comfortable.

I love how comfy my car is to sit in. It has a smooth ride. Great for traveling. Could be more fuel efficient.

- Lisa H

it's great on road trips it's comfortable even in back seat and a big trunk

love the size and comfort. it feels safe don't like older gas mileage and lack of modern safety technology

- jan s

Safety besides comfortable It's larger and heavier than most vehicle less chance of injury

Ease of driving. Very comfortable . Looks nice. I feel It's safer because It's larger

- Helen B

It's a good car to take long trips in. Runs great.

Rides smooth. Plenty of legroom. Large trunk to put things in.

- Victoria S

it is in wonderful condition and my other car is a 1966 Dodge Charger

fast and to the point, just as they all should be.

- Rand M