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My tough comfy ride this car has taken great care of me! I really love this car.

I got the car used, 170, 000 miles, it is a retired taxi. This is a very comfy car. The ride is very smooth, like floating. There are a few issues, electrical glitches, the driver door sensor constantly thinks the door is open, so the dinging the locks keeps going up & down. It is very annoying. Getting the codes for the keyless entry is proving to be difficult.

- Christina H

Great car from a great company.

The Lincoln town car is a great car. The reliability is great, and the engine is so quiet for a v8 engine. It comes with a lot of options and the comfort is great. For me I got it with leather seats, heated seats, radio, and navigation. I would recommend this car to anyone who likes a luxurious yet sophisticated car.

- Bobby C

Great riding and a lot on room.

No major problems great ride good gas mileage and has a lot of room for 5 passengers has no recall, great for winter driving. Like the color great paint job. Is a full size vehicle and very little upkeep. I had 3 Toyotas and I pass them done to my children.

- Robert U

Don't mess with my car! It is nice to have a great running car and not to have a car payment

It is very comfortable and has enough power. It has less than 100000 miles on the motor. I love driving it because it handles so well. It is a goldish beige color that is beautiful. I get compliments on it alot. The car is very room and has a huge trunk.

- Ada M

It's old, so it's running into drama with all the upkeep.

I love my car. However, it's old. I'm mad that my actual primary vehicle wasn't even listed on the drop down. So I actually had to list my father's vehicle. Put Saturn Ion on your list!

- Winona C

That my car looks very great.

It is very comfortable, you do not fell the road when driving. It is a big vehicle so I feel secure in it. It is big enough for my family and my husband's wheelchair in the trunk.

- Ruth C

Comfortable ride good gas mileage. I have had it for many years with very little repair jobs. Very dependable auto

I like that it is a comfortable ride. It gets very good gas mileage. It has a large trunk where I can heal most anything that I need. I have no dislikes about my vehicle


It is fully paid for and no problems at all.

I like it for it has been dependable all the time. Never have any problems with it. It is a comfortable ride and gets me everywhere that I need or want to go, safely.


Comfortable and nice looking car

The Lincoln provides a smooth ride with a nice comfortable interior that is leather. The car is rear wheel drive and can be a pain during winters. Gas usage is average.

- Syd S

I feel safe in a bigger car.

Love the size, comfort and power. With the v8, I get all the power I want and my fuel mileage is okay. My car has all that I like. No complaints.

- Marguerite W

it's a good reliable, comfortable car. Excellent for road trips.

I particularly like the smooth ride, comfortable seats. I'm handicapped and find it challenging and painful to get in and out of the car.

- patti d

My car gets fairly good gas mileage for a V8 and its size.

My car is a joy to drive. It drives very smoothly and is comfortable on long drives.The stereo works nicely, and air conditioner is good.

- John G

The price for the car is really cheap.

I do not have any complaints. Really good on gas and mileage. Helps with extra people for trips. Smooth ride throughout the whole drive.

- Jessica A

it rides very smooth even when on a very very ruff terrain trail

it likes gas. it is to low it is wrong color t is very hard to get in and out of. it has leather seats and I do not like leather seats,

- John L

It's easy to work on, parts are fairly cheap. Very dependable and affordable.

Very smooth ride, especially for long trips.. I like the back up signal when I get close to objects.. I like the way it handles.

- Paula F

Very reliable technical besides the mpg 16/25 hwy

Very reliable car .I've owned it for 3 years tires and breaks are the only maintenance and oil changes. It's got 120000 miles

- Jayme V

My car is very comfortable for long distance trips and dependable.My car can hold 5 people very comfortable.

My car is very comfortable. Since it is older it does not have a GPS for navigation. It had not had any problems at all.

- Ruth K

The headlights had a recall. The steering column has an oddity in that it is connected to something that won't let you shift out of park and into drive. That cost me $300 and the air conditioner is stuck on defrost and floor -cold feet and head?

My car is a hoopty. In its day, it was a really nice ride because it has electric leather seats but now it's just ragged.

- Danielle J

It's the total package for a car. it full fulls all my needs in a vehicle. Class, comfort, and reliability.

It's a very sharp looking car. The car is extremely comfortable and full fills all my needs. It is also very reliable.

- Marlene C

It's a comfortable ride with a long lifespan.

An old-school ride but very comfortable. It has kept up well performance wise. It runs smooth and has low maintenance.

- Ray S

Comfortable and dependable.

It is paid for and I am retired so it is not an expense. It requires low maintenance and the seating is comfortable.

- Linda M

Great value. Holds its resale value.

Nothing good I love it it a nice car to have ok really do not know who the said about it ok just saying about it.

- David C

The battery is in the trunk. So I better it empty if I need the battery

There is no room for adults in backseat. You have to sit sideways or spread legged. Mileage seems to be average

- James E

Took 4 trips of 1670 miles going and 1670 and returning, did not have any issues.

Love the ride drive and the looks and it is paid for and was a one owner when I bought it has very low miles.

- Virginia F

It was a gift to my hubby from a dear sweet friend as a blessing from God.

I like the color and style. I love it's get up and go. I don't like how low it sits.

- Joanne W

Lincoln town cars are easy to work on and they run forever.

I got it for cheap. It has been well taken care of and it runs like a champ.

- Stephanie K

gets very Low gas mileage.

Bad gas mileage. High maintenance cost. otherwise a very nice car.

- Linda t

My car is safe to ride in and to drive.

It is a very reliable. The car is spacious. I enjoy the ride.

- Pat S

It's a comfortable, safe vehicle that's fun to drive.

It is comfortable. It's a very safe car. It's easy to drive.

- Bill W