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It fits our family, it is paid for and it gets us where we need to go. We don't need a new car

I like that it is paid for in cash so we do not have a car note. I like that it gets us where we need to go. We usually do not travel far. I like that it's an older call. I just have a love of that from my dad and it's a luxury car with seat warmers and electronic everything. I like that it fits a family of 5 which I closes 3 car seats. I like that when I back up or lets me know if I'm going to hit something. I'm a new driver so that great. The only thing I don't like is that it has wear and tear so we have to put some money in to fix it. Quite a bit of money

- Veronica B

The air shocks are really nice it literally feels like I am driving on clouds.

I've owned my car for close to ten years, I love it because it is a smooth ride, it is easy to adjust seats and change radio station, there are seven buttons to set your favorite stations on, it is a luxury car so there's a lot of room to be comfy in as well. Lots of trunk space, it has air shocks, the whole time I have owned my car I have had two issues, one was new battery and the other a flat tire so the make is wonderful. Plus it gets about a eighty miles per gallon.

- Brandy B

Comfy stylish ride from point to point!!

I have had my Lincoln for 13 years of mainly trouble free comfort mileage. I use it mainly to get to point to point such as grocery store, visit to family members etc so have kept mileage low. So have had very little work on this car other than tire changes, oil changes etc. It is comfy with four doors and is still quite stylish as is a LINCOLN.l

- Dorella J

Rear wheel drive 4. 6 Liter v-8.

My 2005 lincoln town car is a rear wheel drive vehicle with a 4. 6 V-8 engine. It has been pretty trouble free. It did have a parasitic battery drain which ran me crazy. Turned out to be in the left turn indicator. Once that was taken care of the problem was solved. Also had to replace the ac compressor and the windshield wiper motor.

- Melba N

The fact that it needs premium gas because this can get quite expensive. I would take a take with less features if I could put regular gas in it.

I have a Lincoln LS, not a town car but there was no option for it. Good pick up, heated seats, slides on the road when wet outside sometimes. Very prestigious interior and leather seats. The car looks great on the outside as well. It needs premium gas which is expensive. Had one misfiring cylinder which hasn't been a big issue yet.

- Frank K

Lincoln town car, a powerhouse of luxury.

The Lincoln town car is a high performance luxury machine that delivers in every aspect. Whether it be safety, comfort, drive-ability, or roadworthiness, the Lincoln town car has been one of the best vehicles I have ever driven. Trunk space, radio, heated seats, there are details you will not get anywhere else with this vehicle.

- Joseph A

When the car is turned on it auto moves forward to the my custom position.

My vehicle is very reliable, it drives smoothly and I bought it used for a great price. It only had one problem- it took off very slowly however my husband fixed it easily. Now we are working on better gas mileage but other than that I am very happy with the performance of the car. It is comfortable and spacious as well.

- Stacey W

If you are looking for a family vehicle.

I love the spaciousness, it is very reliable and durable. It drives smoothly low maintenance as well. It is a great car to use if you have a small family. My advice would be to get a good mechanic and take care of your car. For this I would recommend this vehicle to anyone it is been amazing.

- Andrea C

Lincoln Town Car 2005 Great Buy!!

This is the best car I've ever had. Runs perfect was driving 4 hours a day for 5 months never had one thing wrong with it. Runs like a dream. Interior is still perfect and long lasting. Always has the power and still is good on gas. I would recommend this car to anyone who loves luxury!!

- Travis A

The most reliable car l have owned.

Great car with heated seats and seat adjustment to height have had no major problems just routine servicing only concerns is uses a lot of gas have been very reliable vehicle great for work and recreation this has been the best car l have owned in the last four years.

- Camilla C

It's very dependable and stylish.

What I really liked about my car was the how spacious and comfortable it is. The gas mileage is pretty good to. Currently still learning things about the car. I would've like if the layout was better for the entertainment in the car the speakers could be better.

- Monica D

Low maintenance ease of operation.

I like the comfort and how it takes to the road easy to handle and maneuver, the color, the great compliments I get. I dislike that I do not get lots of miles a gallon, however, I do drive quite a bit doing errands, chores and helping others as much as possible.

- Nan L

Its a V8 so It's a fast pace car.

My Lincoln ls is an amazing car. It has all of the luxuries I want in a vehicle. From Its moonroof to Its heated and ac seats and climate control for both sides. It's all leather which is a great thing easy pick up. It's a great way to get a nice smooth ride.

- Kayla B

They don't make them anymore!

The car rides like you are sitting on a sofa! There is lots of room in the front seat and back seat. More room in the trunk. Of course I wish it got better gas mileage, but 25 on the highway for an 8 cylinder is pretty good in my opinion.

- Larry C

It's a V8 and goes very very fast. It is the first time I've ever owned a V8

2005 Lincoln LS has electrical problems like crazy the car tells me my back doors are ajar the windows don't roll up because the motors are no good but she still gets me from point A to point B to C anytime I want I love her

- Windy D

I would say that my car breaks down a lot and to be careful driving it because you never know what could happen to it next. Right now the air suspension is out on my car so that needs to be repaired next so always be careful when driving it.

This car has always been my dream car. I love how spacious it is and the interior of the car. I also love the color of the car. I do not like that it was bought so used that it is run down and constantly needing repairs.

- Cora C

It's the most dependable one I have ever had. Great mileage.

Honestly I like the car. My worst complaint probably has to be all the squeaky noises it makes as it drives down the road...door panels and such. But Ford's are known to do that. Still great response time...

- Katherine M

Lincoln Town Car the comfort ride

This vehicle is a great on gas. It drives smoothly and it is made for comfort with adjustable seats. It seats 6 people comfortably with a huge trunk to carry luggage and groceries.

- Theresa S

Roomy and comfortable town car

Very smooth comfortable roomy car. Oil changes and brakes are the only thing I've had to do to it since owning this 2005 town car.I would buy another one definitely

- Lisa D

It is reliable and a good ride.

No problems, have had this car for [12] years have had no major problems. It is very reliable, the ride is great. I have been driving Lincolns for many years.

- I L

That it isn't worth paying the extra money for a luxury vehicle. You will end up paying more in the long run.

My vehicle runs fine but all of the exterior things are falling apart. Once the car hit 100,000 miles everything on the inside of the car kept falling apart.

- Zach M

Knowing if the car will work for you based upon your understanding and tastes.

It's good nothing bad or wrong with it. I wish to have a car that is more luxurious and comfortable. I still love my car nothing I dislike at all right now.

- Abdullah Z

I love my car. It is big enough for taking along family or friends and has a great ride, that's smooth, and comfortable for everyone. It has a nice sound system too for playing the radio or CDs. It just has everything that I want in a car. I haven't found any problems so far. It's been running well.

My car has comfortable ride, no matter the weather. Smooth, and you barely feel any bumps in the road. Plush wide seats that feel like a living room chair.

- Betty D

Safety and comfort. This type of car comes with all the perks and you do not have to pay more to have them installed.

This car has many perks. Leather seats, Front seats lay all the way back, Good sound system. Is safer to drive than many other autos.

- Roy R

Everything is electrical in the car, meaning it's all computer controlled and expensive to fix

It's not a bad vehicle, after about 90k miles it started suffering from some expensive mechanical issues but seems to be holding now

- Eric D

It needs a good cleaning.

I just have so many miles on the car and it needs some work done on it. It is a gas guzzler. I need a tune up. I need brakes.

- Renee D

It drives like a dream. Very luxurious leather seats,

For being an older car, it had every option at the time of purchase. GPS, sunroof, heated front seats, keypad entry plus FOB,

- Linda S

The gas mileage is great and it is very reliable.

It has great gas mileage. It has a lot of space. It looks nice so I drive it everywhere. It is a very reliable vehicle.

- Dustin C

It gets great mileage for a large luxury car.

It's a luxury car. It's very roomy. It gets 23 miles per gallon. I was sad that Lincoln stopped making the Town Car.

- John R

It rides very nice and comfortable.

Its comfortable, rides nice, it's not a small car trunk is large has heated seats, radio and CD player are great.

- Eleanor S

It is a family car which I love.

It is been a very dependable vehicle for the last year I had it! It is great on gas and a great family car!

- Sara B

Luxury car without the price.

It is a nice car, just getting older. Suspension going, cold air, big trunk, lots of room, reliable, nice.

- Shawn S

Very reliable vehicle. Almost no mechanical problems beyond normal wear and tear

I like the size of my vehicle and the gas mileage. I don't like that my air conditioner no longer works.

- Nicole k

It is a luxury car. Lots of comfort for long trips.

The comfort. Easy to drive. Big car. Dislike the amount of gas it uses. Also love the keypad lock.

- Barbara F

My car can fit up to six people.

My vehicle gets me where I need to go. It has excellent gas mileage. It is quite large.

- Heather B

It's very spacious and can seat up six passengers.

No complaints. It drives smooth. It has great gas mileage.

- Heather W

It is dependable and has been all the time.

I now have 99998 miles on my Lincoln and love it.

- Robert D