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Very comfortable, but decent amount of upkeep.

The Lincoln town car is very comfortable, rides smooth, and has nice features, such as heated, leather seats. It is spacious, seating 6, which makes it nice when you want a car and not a large SUV, but have many people in your family. The downfalls have been the faulty gas tank, which corroded and leaked, causing our garage and house to smell like gas for weeks. Also, the wheels have not held up well and are peeling and causing the tires to leak air constantly.

- Jaime P

Drives very smooth. Has a lot of power and is very big and roomy inside.

My Lincoln is for the most very reliable. I did have to have new shocks last week. It does drive very smooth and has a pretty nice interior with leather seats wood like paneling. It has a lot of nice features such as adjustable seats, air condition in the back, air shocks which make it drive very smooth. It has a big v8 engine which gives it a lot of power. The only disadvantage is that it does use a lot of gas.

- Terry G

Lincoln cars to be very reliable, they are good riding vehicles.

Excellent vehicle has held up well the only issues I have found to be a problem is the suspension system it has a nice set up with the automatic light system smooth riding interiors is leather has held up well. Body design is aerodynamic very easy to handle holds to the road well. It has a lot of miles on it but still drives good and the only problems I have had has been the water pump.

- Lara L

Most important thing is, I would say it is all about the comfort.

My car is a 2006 Lincoln town car signature, silver with a black couch top and tan leather interior. The car has plenty get up and go when you need it, while the comfort and ride is unbeatable. For reliability it's a 10, the only problem it ever had was an air leak in the intake manifold, I would say that is not bad for a 12 year old car.

- John M

The bests are still on the way back.

No issues no issues no problem no issues no problems no issues no complaints no problems o no problem no issues no matter no issues no problem no issues no matter nothing tonight we can do it later today even when I get off the road and then I am going to I was going to we were getting cooler together today we have a wonderful weekend.

- Anthony R

Town car -- they do not make them like this anymore.

The town car is an extremely long car. It barely fits in my garage. That said, it is a luxurious ride with the finest, sturdiest cupholders you've ever seen. Also, I have never had a mechanical problem. The town car has seat warmers and dual climate control. The trunk is roomy enough for golf clubs and groceries -- at the same time.

- Chris G

'06 Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited

The gas mileage is horrible, it's gas consumption is unbelievably high. I have done regular maintenance and tune ups but it doesn't help. And it will not keep an alignment which wears the tires out constantly. I have to spend hundreds of dollars every couple of months just trying to keep it in decent running conditions.

- Jason W

It runs great for a 2006 model.

Performance is great, I traveled to New Orleans in it back in March, had no issues, it ran excellent. Since I've had it I really haven't had any major problems with it. I love the car, it's perfect for my family and I to have and travel in. Great car overall, definitely going to have it for a long time.

- Seven V

The heated seats will adapt to your body, even the curvature of your spine.

My 2006 Lincoln town car is very reliable and extremely comfortable riding on long trips. Has good gas mileage for a v8. Drives like a dream. As long as you keep the car serviced it is a very dependable car. I find something some kind of new feature out about this car on a regular basis.

- Amy M

This vehicle has a great deal of power for the size of the car

My Town car has relatively few problems. It is reliable and comfortable to ride in and the only features that it doesn't have is heated seats and backup camera. The gas mileage is really good especially when you use the cruise control out on the highway when traveling long distances.

- Larry S

Reliability. Always can feel the car is dependable.

The Lincoln town car is a smooth riding large sedan. It can hold five passengers very comfortably. . The gas mileage is acceptable for a large car. I feel, very safe driving with my grandchildren in this car. It is extremely reliable. I maintain service with regular oil changes.

- Naomi Z

It has nice leather seats and a good radio.

I do not have any vehicle problems, it has been a very good car, the seats are leather, they are comfortable, and it has a good radio, I feel safe and comfortable, I have no problems with my car, I would buy another Lincoln town car, it would be one my top choices for a car.

- Angie M

That catchy Old town-car road

Bought it used..a few constant headlight changes..not the best in gas but rides smooth barley feels bumps on road..and V8!! Very professional look inside and out also has a lot of trunk space sound quality if you adjust the bass settings' sounds like aftermarket speakers

- I M

Safety issues and alerts like the backing out notification, automatically notifies you of possible car issues.

It has a smooth ride. I love the extras like backing out warning if something is behind you. Very comfortable. However it is a huge vehicle, eats a lot of gas. The paint on the outside gets very hot in the summer. Unusual. Never had that before.

- Suzanne L

It's A great family car. Very solid and safe.

I love the fact that it's roomy, and comfortable. Really nice on long trips. The gas mileage could be better. I`ve had to replace the air shocks. That seems to be a common problem with these cars. Something Lincoln should look into solving.

- Lonnie H

It has a great engine that has held up for 12+ years.

It's very roomy and comfortable It drives very smoothly. It has an amazing engine that is holding up great. I just wish the inside wasn't made of cheap plastic, all the cosmetic stuff is breaking.

- Linda K

Amazing Power For the size of the engine the power is really outstanding and instantaneous.

My car runs very nicely in town and on the highway. It is comfortable and roomy and has many accessories too many to list. It gets good gas economy in city and on the highway.

- Larry S

Smooth ride, great visibility.

The child proof back set doors are not reliable. The front passenger's door window switch does not work. The car has 40, 000. Miles on it.

- Pat L

Good but Costly. Very smooth Drive

Very good pick up smooth ride bad gas mileage. Had transmission issues. Repairs are costly. Very poor in the snow

- Joe P

My Lincoln Town Car is one of the best smoothest rides!

It's Awesome! I love the leather seats, cruise control, wheel radio controls, luxury package and more!

- Robert H

Smooth riding even for older model.

We like big cars for the smooth ride and the big trunk and we have plenty of room for our grandkids.

- Clara W

The car rides smoothly good on gas very comfortable seats. Overall a reliable. The ac works great in the cat as well.

This car is very reliable I never have to worry if its gonna start when I get on it.

- Angela R