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Good reliable car. Comfortable ride.

The only problem I had was a coil that needed replacement. The car is very comfortable and the controls are not complicated. The trunk is spacious and the leather seats have held up well. I like the way I can adjust the seat because I am 4 feet 11 inches. The car handles well and responds quickly. It gets 13 mpg around town and 16 mpg on the highway. I have driven 6 hours straight with no comfort issues. I would buy this car again.

- Lisa F

The way it drives and handles smooth ride you don't hear any road noise.

Like the ride especially heated seats has 6 disc CD player .for car of its size gets over 22 miles per gallon. The leg room is very comfortable .the moon roof is good in the evening when just riding around . There is great sound to stereo. Engine is quiet and never have to add any oil . On this model you able to check transmission.

- Ronniel L

Great car bets Cadillac hands down.

Best car I have owned. Smooth ride. Have had no mechanical issues. Very roomy trunk. This is my first Lincoln have always been a Cadillac person but this car won me. Over to Lincoln. Car has great pick up quite ride. Would consider buying a Lincoln again Cadillac has lost me as customer. The ride and handling is far better.

- Chris J

2007 Lincoln Town-Car Signature Series

Great driving and smooth driving vehicle. Very good on gas if you use BP Gasoline and 89 is what you use. Zero to no emissions and get more mileage per gallon of gasoline. Plenty of room on the inside of cabin and the sound system has both a CD Player and a cassette player. No antenna and the radio gives you what you want.

- Ra-Shawn W

Lincoln town car good family car.

Good comfortable car, with plenty of room but a little too low to the ground. It has a lot of space in the trunk which has been great when we travel or when we go grocery shopping plus carry the baby stroller. It is easy to clean up the seats and the carpet. We had issues with the driver floor getting wet when it rain.

- Carolina B

Comfort and reliability is key

I love the ride and the comfort. It is roomy and has a lot of legroom. Performance wise I have had no issues. Have only changed an alternator once and a belt. The only thing missing is the ability to plug in my cell phone into the radio. Also have had to change power window motors.

- Faye B

Diagnosis of a older Lincoln town car.

The Lincoln town car has been the most comfortable car, yes it is a gas guzzler and feels like your floating when driving it. I have never had major issues with it until now I need to get transmission fixed. But with proper oil change and service it has been a great car.

- Tara N

The car sits on the road. It is strong reliable and fun to drive.

I love the fact that my car rides smooth down the road. It's so good to know that I can be on the go! I hate that my air doesn't really work in the hot summer days, but when its winter its a breeze! I live that it a big body I do not like small cars.

- Marie M

That it's a model often used as a livery car, it's engine is going to last a long time, it is worth buying one no matter the year.

After driving a minivan for years, I wanted a large roomy sedan. I love that even though it's older, I have had zero repairs for the 3 years I've owned it.. I have no complaints, it drives like a dream

- cheryl H

Good traction control in winter months. Gets threw snow pretty good.

Car is very reliable, smooth ride easy stopping. Seat belts will not contract on three of the seat belts. Auto lock does not work for one the driver side passenger door.

- Jen H

It is just a all around great vehicle.

I love it a Lincoln rides so smooth I wouldn't trade it, dislike I spend a lot for gas but not too bad I still wouldn't trade it.

- Rick W

Its runs very good and smooth. Very fast.

Smooth ride.. The next it added all the good stuff: cooled seat, mp3 player, cameras, back seat heating and cooling, etc..

- Sam M

It gets poor gas mileage and parts/repairs are prohibitively expensive.

I love the leather seats and their adjustability. Also love the smooth ride. Dislike the gas mileage and cost of repairs.

- Rosa S

Designer edition. Extra chrome.

Very comfortable. Excellent gas mileage for the size of the car. Very smooth ride. Beautiful interior and exterior.

- Linda H

My favorite car ever...what do you recommend I replace it with?

This is my 5th Towncar. I hate that Ford quit making them. I've been on the lookout for a low mileage replacement.

- Amy D

It has rare parts so it is hard to fix at times.

I like the design the wood detail is very nice. I also like the sun roof. However I hate the leather seats.

- Sam B

Luxury and well made. Looks beautiful.aS moon/sun roof

Luxury car. All bells and whistles. Heated seats auto start from remote. Trunk opens and closes from remote

- Cat G

It improves with age. It is a superb vehicle in every way.

Best car I ever had. It was 10 years old when I bought it and had one owner who maintained it very well.

- Ronald C

it's a luxury car, with a smooth ride in comfort. Has all the bells and whistles already installed.

love the way it feels to drive. Love the looks. Love all the luxury items Hate the gas mileage

- cath g


smooth ride and it's a large car. My only complaint is that they stopped making town cars

- Sam S

good mileage(27 mpg) even for a large luxury car

smooth ride, comfortable seats, good mpg, durable - 200000+ miles life no complaints

- sam b

It is durable and reliable

I like that it's comfortable. I don't like the poor build quality. That is too bad.

- Paul J

It gets great gas mileage when I'm driving on the highway.

It is large and floats down the road. It is a luxury car that people recognize


The lumbar support keeps me from having a back ache when I drive several hundred miles.

It drives very easily! It is extremely comfortable. It has features I enjoy.

- Rita M

It's reliable, dependable, easy to drive, and beautiful

I love the look. I love the room. I love the ride.

- Roxanna C

it rides like sitting still and will get you out of the very fast

it uses to much gas but it does ride and drive great

- betty j