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The good and bad of Lincoln zephyrs.

Overall I love this car I always have problems with the tires and rims due to the rims corroding. Very high maintenance I love my leather interior the sunroof the heated seats and the cooling seats. I also had to replace my computer module which I have read and did research and found out that a lot of Lincoln zephyrs have the same issues I do overall a really great car very reliable it just costs a lot of money to maintain a while driving car.

- Taylor F

When pressing the unlock button at night on my key fob the dome lights turn on!

My Lincoln zephyr is extremely comfortable, heated and cooling seats. It has so many gadgets and it also gets up and goes. It takes a moment when gassing it for it to realize we are going fast, but once it picks up the pace the car gets up to 80 fairly quickly. Since purchasing the car I have called Ford to see if there is a airbag recall and shocker. There is. 2nd airbag recall since this car was made!

- Vivian F

Try another car. . . Too many issues!

The mercury zephyr but does have a few issues. It does get good mileage. Only being produced one year parts are problematic. It relatively comfortable to drive and handles ok. Lincoln does not support this vehicle any longer so service is sketchy at best. The paint seems to fading although I do keep it washed and wax. For it age it does get me from point A to point B.

- Jim W

My car is very easy to drive and I love it a lot.

My car is very reliable. The only issues I have had with it is that it is rusting on the car and the rims so it lowers the air in my tires. Another issue is that its seat heaters went out for 7 months but then started working again. My throttle thing is broken, but it's an easy fix. I hate that it does not have an aux cord but had an aux button.

- gabby R

Windows going down and am afraid to drive.

The only thing I do not like about my car is the windows go down when they are not suppose to and then it happened in New York city where there were people standing over the car. I felt that the car was secure because it does have an alarm system but if the windows all go down when unexpected someone can easily get in my car and steal it.

- Jane D

Beautiful and dependable.

Vehicle has been reliable and depend for many years. I don't intend on replacing it until it totally will not run. No major issues ever. When you drive a Lincoln it feels like you are on a cloud. I would totally recommend it to family and friends. It also looks good in appearance. Everyone thinks its a new car when in fact it's a 2006.

- Nina T

My car runs very well and it is in good shape I have no problems with my

I have no problems with my 2006 Lincoln Zephyr it runs good the mileage is good no engine problems nothing at all everything runs good for this car and I will recommend anyone buying this car or or just having one of its own I would like to update my year in my car but other than that everything is very well I love the way my car

- Tonia A

Comfy ride and luxurious for the price point. Totally worth every penny spent.

It has a super comfy ride but when it breaks down the parts are expensive. I love the sunroof and the leather with warm and cold seats. There is lots of trunk space and fits large people and dogs. The headlights are very bright but if one goes out it costs a lot to replace due to having to take it to a dealership.

- Ashley J

I love that my Lincoln Zephyr has the heated and cooling seats

Other than the normal car repairs that every car has to have every once in a while, I have not really had any problems out of my car other than my rims. My rims are known for leaking air and I did not know this until I bought it. Other than that I love it! It's roomy, comfortable, and reliable.

- Makayla T

Fully loaded luxury car with heat or cool leather seat options

My car is a luxury car. It's got all leather interior with heated and cooled seat options. Powered windows seats etc. This car has driven like a dream for a long time now. The air and heat work great. The car for as old as it is in excellent condition. Nice stock tires and radio also.

- Blanche B

Great car, high mileage, very reliable.

It's a great car. Only minor issues have come up and it's almost got 200,000 miles on it. Overall a very reliable vehicle. It does burn oil, but that's expected with it being older and high mileage. I will probably always buy lincolns. I drive a lot and it gets me to my destinations.

- Alyssa J

The most important thing about this car is that it is a trusted brand. I would gladly purchase another Lincoln and have been impressed with the quality.

The leather interior and high grade components have lasted through the years. I have only had minor things that needed to be fixed. New engine, new tires, door handle in backseat, wipers. The seat seams on drivers side are starting to split after 12 years. This car is very reliable.

- Cher D

It is got room for everyone.

My vehicle is very large we can comfortably fit the whole family plus the dog and still have room for all of our extra stuff. The seats are heated for the winter and cooled for the summer! The speakers sound like you are at a concert with a 6 disk charge CD player!

- Sabrina M

Reliability is awesome, low maintenance.

Very reliable, fully loaded, dashboard has become loose, thing it is due to sun exposure. Just had a recall on airbags. Still have great breaks on this car, gas mileage is not bad a all. Body of this car holds up well, just an all around great purchase.

- Karen F

Good body, Bad interior .

The car is falling apart inside. None of the door locks work electronically now. One door can only be opened from the outside. The dash is coming up and the headliner is falling down. It is very badly put together on the inside

- Tracie W

Lincoln Zephyr: A Classic Model that is Missed!

Excellent car that has been very dependable. I now have over 180,000 miles on it and bought it used from our Lexus dealer. Always can find great used cars from them with excellent prices on all cars not Lexus!

- Ron S

No way to connect an external device to the stock radio.

Likes: lots of modern features for a 2006. Cons: lots of age related issues (mechanical) because it is a 2006. The body has held up over time, no visible rust. The chrome on the chrome wheels is flaking off.

- Mike M

Drives nicely. I like that you can control the radio from the steering wheel.

A/c quit this last summer because of a leak. Seat warmers work very well almost too well, and the seat coolers don't really work at all. Doors only manually lock with key even if you hit lock button.

- Monica M

There's so much room, the seats are heated and cooled!

It's very spacious, having two kids and a fur baby we're usually a little crammed in. With the Lincoln everything fits in the trunk for a both comfy ride!

- Sabrina L

Luxurious and elegant and has power like you wouldn't believe.

No problems with the vehicle a great ride and luxury on the inside so this would be a great vehicle for anybody I would never give this car up.

- Randy W

The car does not get great gas mileage, and is part of the airbag recall.

The gas mileage is not that great. However, all of the luxury features are great. It'd be neat to have an AUX cord, but I love stacking CDs.

- Bonnie T

mileage of the distance of car.

It is scary when all of the windows go down when I do not want them to. Also the car does not have the mileage to where I go.

- Jane B

Highly recommend buying one!

I love the wood interior of my Lincoln zephyr. It is a very nice smooth driving car. The car has very nice space in it also!

- Evan W

Rear-wheel drive with a V-8 motor. Has well over 200,000 miles on it and runs like a purring kitten. The motor isn't big enough to consider a larger cat.

It is a 1987 Continental. You were not offering the choices of anything older than a 2006. I already do not like you.

- Greg V

to buy a vehicle and up with all maintenance the recommended by the manufacturer.

This is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I have 226, 000 on the vehicle and it runs like it is brand new.

- Paul L

It's an older car but it looks and runs like it just rolled out of the show room

It's a nice clean smooth driving car like all lincolns there is the luxury you would expect

- kevin a

It is reliable and rarely lets me down.

It drives nice and is a comfortable commuter car. It could be better in the snow though.

- Lon P

This vehicle handles easy. It let me know how many gas miles I have until empty

I like my car. I get great mileage. It has a built in navigator

- Sam L

That it will get you from point a to point b without worries.

I bought it used and has been a good vehicle and fits my needs.

- Jim W

My car gets great gas mileage still after 12 years

Good mileage. Great looking. Low maintenance. Roomy inside.

- Linda W