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Overall a fantastic car at a reasonable cost.

What I like is I get great gas mileage, excellent commuter vehicle. Has all the bells and whistles of newer vehicles, some I have added of course. It handles well in inclement weather. . . That being important since I live in Washington state. My dislikes are it is almost too small inside, for example I care for a small elderly who is 5'6 and when he sits in the passenger seat his knees hit the glovebox! My roommate us 6'3 300+ pounds has to sit sideways in the backseat and seatbelts do not fit him either.

- Cath T

The daily life of a mom and a Mazda!

I love my car! It is reliable. There are a few things that I have run into with my Mazda and that I have heard has been with other Mazda owners. . The engine has a slightly high idle. The gas mileage is also a little high. But the car runs great and is very dependable and has lasted for years. Plus, the parts are fairly cheap and mostly easy to fix.

- Katherine E

Great gas mileage/commuter vehicle.

Mid size, tinted windows making it more sporty. Over 190, 000 miles and still has get up and go. I have only had to do regular maintenance, fully loaded inside and out. Car could be roomier inside, at 5'7 my knees touch the glove box with the seat fully reclined, rear seat is big enough for 2 grade school kids. . . Other than that is uncomfortable.

- Catherine T

Great commuter vehicle, good on gas.

For a sedan this car has a lot more punch than it appears from the outside, with over 200, 000 miles it still gets up and goes. Drawbacks it is very small inside, I am 5'7 and my knees hit the glovebox with the seat all the way back, this is a problem. However it's a great commuter vehicle since it is good on gas mileage.

- Cathy T

2001 silver Mazda 626 bought about 4 years ago, runs okay but gives a hard time.

Everything! It has stopped at the traffic light multiple times! It is very old and I need a new one as soon as possible. Problems include ac, some other stuff inside that makes the car go crazy all the time. The performance is absolutely awful, does not drive properly and always needs attention. I am legit sick of it.

- Maryam S

My vehicle is all white in color and is very spacious.

My vehicle is old in age but keeps us very well. My vehicle's performance is great, has 160 max on the dash and runs great on the highway. It is so reliable and its comfortable. I have air heat radio no accidents clean title and plenty of space inside of my car.

- Desire M

It is a very safe car even in an accident. My family was T-boned on the back left and nobody was hurt at all.

I love how smooth it drives, how comfortable the seats are, the quality of the radio is better than most factory radios, it gets great gas mileage (a full tank can last 2 weeks around town). There really is nothing I don't like about it.

- Lisa R

The most important thing about my car is that it gets great gas mileage and was worth the money spent to buy it.

I love my car because it's dependable and runs well. It get excellent gas mileage and it's trustworthy. The cost was great and it's lasted me over 20 years now. There's not anything I dislike about it.

- Gayle B

It is definitely an older car and will require constant repair and maintenance to keep it running

I have had to take it in to the shop each year since I bought it used in 2010. This had cost me an average of about $1000 per year. It has lasted, though, until now.

- Ryan L

It's good in all types of weather, and does not require constant mechanical work.

It is a very reliable vehicle, with the amount of mileage over the years, it has held up very well, recently requiring some upkeep, but overall we love it.

- Jodi Y

The fastest five speed Mazda.

I really like the Mazda. I love the five speed and the way it hugs the road. . The only thing is I need a little more leg room.

- Teresa P

I like that my car though a bit old runs smoothly. I don't particularly like that it shakes and vibrates when I'm at a stop light. The great gas mileage is a fantastic perk. And all in all pretty reliable

My car when In drive tends to vibrate and shake when stopped it's fine in park but for some reason not so much when in drive

- Heavenly M

I love the room in the front and back seat. And the trunk is very large.

It's a great car, I have had minimal mechanical problems with it. I would love to purchase another Mazda for my next car.

- Marsha H

The car is economical and low maintenance.

My Mazda is a nice sedan, that is economical, dependable and low maintenance. I have had minimal concerns with my vehicle.

- Terri C

My car is a very reliable car when traveling

My car has minor malfunctions but fixable. It is a very reliable car. Somewhat of a gas saver. Interior is decent.

- Mayra S

Awesome features like sunroof

It's a very dependable car. I've loved owning it this far. No issues and lots of great memories. Highly recommend

- Briana L

It has safety features plenty of airbags.

I love that my car is so dependable I hate that my oscillating vents do not turn off when the car is shut off.

- Brie L

One important thing I would like people to know about my car is that it is simple.

It works fine. I like the features on it. The price is also affordable for me. I take it to school and work.

- Lillian G