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My car is a compact car and it runs. It is also good on gas.

Well there is so much that I could say about my car. Lately, it is been giving me the blues. My car is 16 years old and it is starting to show Its age to. The power windows work great, but the doors no longer lock or unlock correctly when you touch the button. It does get me from point A to point B, but very slowly. And, the sound that it makes when Its trying to pick up speed is just hilarious. I am always so surprised whenever I put the key in the ignition turn it and it starts. I have started calling it the miracle putter because when it miraculously starts it putts on down the road.

- Brandy F

My Great Older Mazda is still getting me where I need to be with over 300k miles!

I bought my Mazda in 2008, used with about 75000 miles on her. This has been my best car I have ever had. I had to replace the timing belt about 2 years ago but other than that, have made no other major repairs. My Mazda is still my main vehicle with 320000 miles on her! I truly believe that they don't make cars to last like this now days and that is a shame!

- Lisa B

Review of the Mazda 2002, 626

I received this car from a family member that is a part of my living facility. I drive it almost everyday, whether it's to work everyday to the store. It is very good on gas and I don't have any problems with how it drives or sounds. It is almost a small car so I don't have issues with it being to big. I highly recommend this car for you and your family.

- Suzanne C

Mazda 626 review: personal opinion

No problems really since we bought it. Got it used. Performs great, very reliable. The air conditioning is amazing, especially with a heat wave of 110'. Only thing I don't like is the leather seats, but that's not a big deal. Wide backseat, plenty of trunk space. Got it to use as a family car, and it's worked great for us so far. 5 stars all around!

- Lauren B

All in all it is worth it very reliable always.

My Mazda is very reliable, that is why I love it. I can put that thing through the ringer and it always pulls through. I never get stuck in the snow. The only problems I have had with my vehicle are interior issues and that is just wear and tear. I feel very safe in my car. It could last me forever if I take care of it the way I am supposed to.

- A B

2002 Mazda 626 with a manual transmission, best car ever!!

First of all I really love my car. There are a few things that could definitely be better. Number one problem. Transmission issues. My transmission has gone out twice. After the 2nd time I converted it to a manual transmission. So if you have one with a stick the car is wonderful. Great on gas. Very comfortable. Good sound system.

- Kristina C

Easy to own and fun to drive

Very reliable, affordable and comfortable. Easy to operate and inexpensive to drive. Good gas mileage and easy to upkeep. The ride is solid and any repairs parts are way to find and affordable. The options are good and the ability to get around town or travel the interstate are both realistically to navigate easy

- Steven D

We call her Lucy, she is part of the family.

It has been reliable and low maintenance, even with high miles. We are thinking of buying a newer one so we can give this one to our daughter for work car. We still have the same tires on it, since we bought it. I only wish it had a sunroof. O would highly recommend this car for anyone.

- Stacy S

good first quality car for new drivers

runs well, radio is iffy with picking up signals. Have had problems with belts and pulley system. Had problems with antifreeze reservoir and car running hot. Overall good first car. Good on gas and highway mileage. Pretty roomy with leg space and trunk space for sedan type car

- ra T

That it is 16 yrs old and high mileage.

Have no problems a this time. It's a gas saver and good on mileage. Its very high in miles. I know I might have to thing about getting another car but right now this car from the time I got the car I had to put in a transmission. From that time I have not had any problems.

- Renee M

Very dependable vehicle always will work for you.

Dependable vehicle. Generally a good vehicle no noises or issues. Not a gas guzzler. Very dependable vehicles. Can take a lot of beating. When in crashes you will be safe and the car with take a beating without you yourself being affected in the car. Love the model car

- Samuel K

This car handles like a dream!

I love my vehicle because it drives like an extension of me -- as if my body is in tune with the handling of the car. It's always been a thing of mine, red cars, and this one is the most cherry red one yet. Even though it's a smaller car, it is big on personality.

- Kimberly S

The inside interior leather seats.

Good style it looks good. The performance of the car is decent. Though the reliability is not that great because things start to break sooner or later the parts are not made of high quality. It is a comfortable ride but lacks the reliability of a Toyota.

- Mario H

There are no interesting details as of yet.

There are no problems with the car and the car is running smoothly. Only headlight problem but it was fixed already. It was bought in Canada and continues to run till now. Automatic and clean. Doesn't need a lot of maintenance and fixing at this moment.

- Jerry S

Gold sedan, tan cloth interior

Cosmetically it is awful - everything falls apart from normal use. It is somewhat cheaper to fix compared to other cars which is great. The resale value is never worth what you are getting, so I would suggest buying only if I loved Mazda's overall.

- Brooke R

It's spacious and comfortable. It is a good car for small family.

My car is roomy, which I love. I had a lot of trunk space for groceries and kids' stuff. I also like the comfortable seats. I dislike the "swing" feature of the air conditioning vent.

- Tiffany M

It has a BOSE sound system, so the sound is great, and I usually crank up the radio a bit as I'm driving.

Nice vehicle... lots of miles on it. Just recently bought it used. Have had to replace many parts. This car is very hard to work on, but once you get it going, it rides nice.

- Bob M

Sometimes but bit always it will die on you and the brakes at weak

I like that I gets me from point a to point be just fine. I don't like the fact I have spent lot than 15000 dollars in it at the shop and that it really needs a new paint job

- Steven G

It is paid for and even though it is old it has no rust and is easy to maintain.

I love the size, easy for me to drive. It is very economical to operate. I just wish it had a bench seat like my former cars had but I don't think they make them anymore!

- Sally R

The upkeep is very affordable

It is very reliable and good on gas. I have not had any major problems with my vehicle over the years. I would purchase this brand again in a flash.

- Olga G

It will still run well over 200,000 miles.

I like my Mazda because it drives smooth, it is a long lasting vehicle. The Mazda 626 has the reputation for continued great driving over 200.

- Karen M

my vehicle is light grey with blacked out rims, and has a lot of space

My car is really nice, for the year it is it runs well, has good mileage and also is very roomy and comfortable. I would recommend it

- Cristian T

My vehicle is very dependable

very reliable, only a few problems. It is a vehicle that was given to me by my Grandson. I have had this car for several years.

- Warrington A

My 626 runs better than expected couldn't be more pleased

I bought it used low miles and ive had it 4 years I love it it has never given me any major mechanical problems

- RHonda L

It is reliable and gets the job done.

The car seems to struggle with the engine it has due to the size of the car. I like the swing air vents.

- Jenna M

The strong body, and low cost in the parts and comfort.

My vehicle is very hard and resistant, it is quite comfortable inside, and the parts are not expensive.


Make sure she gets gas treatment every couple of fillups...she needs her vitamins!

It gets good gas mileage.I like the size-just perfect! The trunk is huge! It's a great little car.

- Chris p

It is a reliable car to drive. I feel it is a very safe car.

I like the way it handles in the winter. It is a good car for winter driving. No complaints

- cindy c

I like that it gets me from point a to point b, but the fact that it's 16 years old it has a lot of problems.

That it is reliable yet old and is nice looking compared to other old cars.

- Victoria P