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Manual Mazda b4000 truck - 130,000 miles.

The truck runs great overall, I had to replace the front wheel bearings around 100,000 miles and the brake pads seem to wear down more than what is typical... I haven't had any problems with the transmission, 4wd, or engine yet (at around 130,000 miles). Even in extremely cold weather (-30f) the truck has always started without any issues. The electrical components are left to be desired though, as the windows and locks are manual. The mud flaps that came with the vehicle were bulky and collected way too much mud and snow, so I took them all off.

- James M

A cheap set of wheels that gets great gas mileage.

It is a great vehicle. Easy on gas mileage and repairs. When it needs repairs the parts are easy to acquire and are not very expensive. What do I put if I have run out of adjectives about this vehicle? It is simply a means of transportation and not a true love or religious experience. If you need that much information about a vehicle you must have issues in social situations.

- Bill Z

Good truck, wish they still made 'them.

It is a good truck. It has been mostly reliable but will have age-related issues like most do. I enjoy it and am glad to not have a payment! I have driven it across country, from Texas to upstate New York, and all across the middle part of the country. Until recently, never had an worries about doing so at a moment's notice.

- Randall R

Great reliable affordable truck.

Dude, it is paid for and it works. The truck has been across this country and back several times and while I no longer take it on long trips, there was a time I had no qualms about doing so. Wish they still made affordable trucks like this but they do not.

- Ran R

It can spin around in tight little circles on ice. Downside is sometimes it does it when I don't want it to.

It's a very cute little truck, and fun to drive, but it also doesn't go very fast and I have to turn off overdrive to get on the highway at a reasonable speed. It does haul stuff though.

- Jennifer L

dependable and reliable transportation - not fancy but sturdy

sturdy little truck - gets wonderful gas mileage and just keeps going and going like the energizer bunny - hauls loads well even when I overload it and pulls a small trailer beautifully

- kirk l

its a truck not a luxury vehicle and drives as such.

great little truck for hauling furniture and drives to the beach. No maintenance issues and doesn't drive like its 15 years old. very happy with it

- Lynette P

It is a very good truck for the money.

The Mazda b3000 dual sport has not had many problems with it. It is good on gas. Not hard to work on. I like the way it look.

- Terry R

gets me around and is not rusting, but would love it if it was more perfect and money spent old truck was invest in this other used truck to be up to par

it is a truck which I like and good on gas but do not like the lower tuck body size is too low to the ground

- julia f

great gas mileage vehicle, very reliable transportation with minimal vehicle repairs

great gas mileage, small pickup, easy to maneuver in parking lots, very reliable high mileage truck,

- edward s

The mazda engine is long lasting. The b2300 handles very well better than most of the vehicles that I have owned. Great gas mileage for a pickup. 25 mpg

Love my truck. Over 198 thousand miles on it. No major repairs ever don

- Don M