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The safest car I've ever driven

I love my 2014 Mazda CX-5. Two features I find most helpful are the back up camera and the blind spot monitoring system. I truly have never felt safer in a car. I also love the ability to connect my phone via Bluetooth for calls and audio. The built in speed dial option has been very beneficial for me. No need to look down at my phone, everything can be done through the car. If I need to make a call, I can quickly tap on the person's name under the speed dial option. (I only ever make frequent calls to the three people I have on speed dial) For added safety, you cannot view messages while you are driving, only when stopped. This feature is a great way to help keep the roads safer. My Mazda has truly changed my life. I didn't realize how unsafe my first car was until I got into this one. I give the 2014 Mazda CX-5 five stars.

- Michelle B

The cx-5 is a reasonably affordable, well performing crossover vehicle.

As of this point, my vehicle seems to be reliable transportation. I have had very few problems with it although currently, the seat belt chime sounds for no reason even when the seat belt is fastened. I bought this vehicle at a time when I was commuting so it was a good combination of decent gas mileage and decent cargo space. My first choice was a pickup truck but none met my needs for gas mileage. My only complaint about the way the vehicle drives is it seems the brakes are a little touchy and sometimes grab harder than I think they should. I have experienced that same thing with other Mazda vehicles. The cx-5 is reasonably comfortable to drive and has plenty of legroom for tall people. When I bought the vehicle, I was looking for affordability so I do not have any special features you can get on other cx-5's.

- David B

Reliable and safe with smooth driving!

The 2014 Mazda cx-5 is a great car! The SUV style makes it spacious with a lot of storage. It is safe and reliable with smooth driving. The Bluetooth capabilities are a big winning point, with a quick connection time and great volume capacities. The back seats easily go down for extra storage or more space which makes it great for road trips. The mileage is pretty good making it worthwhile. The seats are very comfortable with seat adjustment controls smooth and simple. I have recommended this car to many people because of its ability to drive in many weather conditions. Living near the mountains in the northeast can be tough in winter, but this car gave me no doubt in its safety and performance.

- Chloe D

Comfortable, easy to park - has a really short turning radius.

Love my cx-5, very comfortable for traveling, my only complaint is that when highway driving there is a lot of road noise. Wish they could insulate better so the ride was quieter. Have had no problems with reliability, and car is comfortable. Like nav system and route planning tools. Also like the that the rear seat folds down to allow for more cargo space, since most of our traveling only involves the two of us. Gas mileage is great and is good for in-town and highway driving. Wish that the passenger side seat had the adjustment features that the driver's side does would also help with comfort. Bought our vehicle new in 2014 and would definitely buy another Mazda SUV in the future.

- Carole F

Best vehicle we've ever purchased!

Positive ' drives great (smooth), heated seats, enough space to sit comfortably, fold down back seats for extra storage if needed. Back windows roll all the way down. Has a sunroof, great navigation system (provided you update the card periodically'. Push start which makes it easier to start and turn off without having to fiddle with the keys, great gas mileage. We get 349 miles to a full tank, it seems to last longer on highway miles. The only thing that I dislike is that sometimes you have to push the gear in park a little harder than normal for the car to power completely off. Other than that it's the best vehicle we've owned!!

- Heather D

2014 Mazda CX 5 Family Car Review

I love this car! We purchased this vehicle to become our family car when we were expecting our first baby. I wanted a car that was reliable and practical but also a bit sporty. We test drove the Honda CR-V, the Subaru Forester and the Toyota RAV4 and liked both the look and handling of the CX-5 the best. For being a compact SUV the vehicle offers a lot of leg space in the front and is comfortable to drive on long trips. We have logged over 130,000 miles in less than 5 years and have had zero issues. My only complaint is that the rear seats are a bit tight and with two car seats in the back we have less room up front.

- Chandi D

All-in-all: I would recommend.

This car is great! There is plenty of room inside the car for people and gear - I do a lot of outdoor sports. I love the dash setup and electronics in the car as well. The only issue I have with the car is that after the first year a few things began to feel 'cheap'. For instance, the doors began to shut harshly (especially the trunk), the sun visors are noticeably looser, and the roof had a spot of rust despite bimonthly waxing. All in all though, I would highly recommend this car. It drives like a dream and has everything the everyday person would be looking for.

- Melissa M

Great AWD compact SUV for a fraction of the cost for luxury crossover SUVs

It's a comfortable small crossover SUV with thoughtful design. It gets great gas mileage and handles smoothly. The suspension, design, and add ons are great for the overall price. The interior is easy to keep clean with leather seats and the design of the trunk allows for easy storage given that the back seats fold down with easy to use switches. The Bose stereo system is excellent and provides great sound quality. The only downfalls are that size of the touch screen display is small and the navigation isn't very user friendly.

- Jessica B

The Mazda CX-5 is a spacious sporty reliable vehicle.

The Mazda CX-5 is a very sharp looking vehicle. It's sporty and spacious. I am satisfied with it for the most part but wish it had more convenient features like more cup holders or a cubby for your lose change, just more spots to put your essentials. My biggest complaint would be the windshield/front door windows when it is raining or has been raining. The water beads into a small grove on the outer edge of the windshield and splatters directly into the vehicle if you are taking a turn with the window open.

- Amanda V

The Mazda CX 5 Fits The Bill!

I just love this SUV. It fits the bill! It has room in the back (trunk area) for the dog, fits 2 child car seats, and is so very comfortable. I love that it sits high up. I was able to put roof racks on top, after market, to move the kayaks. I have a 6 speed, which is the only one in 3 states to have an SUV that I needed. The only think that I have a problem with is the blind spot on the passenger side. It may be that I sit so far up that I cannot see in the area. Other than that I love my car.

- Janice C

Worthy of good rating compared to others in its class for a fair price.

This Mazda is an all around useful vehicle. It has electric seats which are helpful when sharing a car with people that are very different heights. The mirrors are electric and there is a rear camera. These are also great attributes. The one thing I really hate about this and our other Mazda is the steering wheel. The way the cross bars are situated makes it difficult to hold the steering wheel other than at 10 and 2. It makes for a tiring drive on anything longer than about an hour.

- Laurie C

My Mazda CX-5 is very reliable and is great on gas.

My Honda CX-5 is amazing. It's reliable and has great gas mileage. It is a sport so the sub can definitely get up if your foot is on the gas. I have Bluetooth and aux for music and phone calls. This vehicle is very spacious as well. The seats are comfortable and can be adjusted for the driver. The vehicle had touch screen radio but it doesn't have a back camera. The body on the car is quite strong as well. I've been in 2 accidents and the body on the vehicle holds up really well.

- Ashley W

My car is an incredibly smooth drive. From the acceleration, to braking, anytime I go from driving another car, and back to my own, I'm always appreciative of the smoothness of the ride. I think it's something people doing realize.

I really love the smooth ride, and safety features, such as the blind spot indicator, back up camera, latch and tethers for car seats. My biggest complaint is that there is not enough air flow in the back seat, especially for children in a rear facing car seat. Overall, it is the car I have owned the longest because it has held up so well, and drives like a dream. However, now with 3 kids in car seats, I will be forced to get a larger car. If not for that, I would keep this one.

- Jennifer J

Love EVERY Feature of the CX-5!

I absolutely love the Mazda CX-5. It's very comfortable for driving and there is a lot of space in the back seat as well. I was surprised to see how big the trunk space is given that the CX-5 is not an overly large vehicle. The vehicle itself drives very smoothly and I have not encountered any major issues. I don't have 4 Wheel Drive but it does pretty well in the snow. I live in New England and would definitely get a newer version of the CX-5 with 4 wheel drive in the future!

- Megan O

Great family car for a small family

Love the car, definitely feels safe and very economical when it comes to gas usage. Good trunk space. Sometimes it feels a little too compact with the two car seats in the back. Interior seems as spacious as a regular sedan, not a crossover SUV. I haven't had any serious vehicle issues in the 5 years I've had the car. I've replaced the battery once and that was just a few months ago. Breaks were done twice and all new tires once, approximately 4 years into ownership

- Sarah C

Hatchback 4 door SUV. Trunk space is plenty, seats easily fold down.

Comfortable power seats and sunroom is a plus. Good trunk space due to hatch back. Interior is plastic and feels cheap, pieces often pop off inside. Issues with Bluetooth connection and does not allow song skipping. Feels cheap but no engine or body problems and I bought it at 41k miles and have put almost 35k on it since buying it. Driving an hour to work and an hour home the car holds up well. Subaru’s are better with their AWD though, the Mazda cannot compare.

- Colleen M

Fairly decent vehicle for the price.

It gets great gas mileage. Size is perfect. It can hold my kids, husband and 2 large dogs comfortably. Easy to get in and out. AWD. Downside it is very slow. Had to get new brakes very early on due to cheap manufacturing. Also have various pieces that broke off interior early on. The floor mats are bolted to the floor so I cannot take them off to clean properly and now they're becoming worn and piece holding them on is making a hole on my floor board.

- Laura C

My marvelous Mazda- highly recommend!

My Mazda cx-5 is a wonderful car to drive! It is extremely comfortable and I love the heated seats. The size of the car does not feel too big but still provides a lot of space, especially in the trunk. It has a lot of great features like navigation and keyless entry, although the keyless entry is sometimes a huge pain. It will sometimes malfunction and will not let you in even if you have the key close by. That is my only complaint about this car!

- Emily K

It's reliable and drives well in different weather conditions, including snow.

I like the safety ratings. I've had the vehicle for almost 3 years and have had no issues yet. The only items I would like slightly different would be more speeds for wipers (a minor thing, but can be annoying when it rains/snows) and also just slightly more room in the back seats - we have two kids that are both in car seats which makes it tight in the back and between the car seats and the front seats.

- Sarah S

Mazda CX-5 Great Family Car

This is my second Mazda and I am really happy with my car. It's easy to get kids in and out of car seats in the back seat. There is a lot of room in the trunk and the back seats can be folded down for more room when hauling large items. I haven't had any issues with the car and am happy with its performance for a family car. It is roomy enough for our family but I don't feel like I'm driving a large car.

- Nicole N

Small on the outside, spacious inside; good gas mileage, acceleration.

I really love my Mazda CX5. It sits up taller than a sedan making it easy to get in and out of. The seats are comfortable...even the back seat. The back seat has a fold-down armrest in the center and the back seats fold down in a 60/40 split. It is a 4 door hatchback and that makes it versatile for hauling passengers and gear, etc. It has quick acceleration and nimble steering. Also, good gas mileage.

- Sheri M

Comfort, capacity, and capability in a single vehicle.

Our CX-5 is a comfortable and extremely reliable vehicle. It has an excellent technology package that provides safe and secure transportation for both local and long-distance driving. My wife and I both find it easy and comfortable to drive and to control in all traffic conditions. We recommend the vehicle to anyone who needs a combination of comfort, carrying capacity, and performance.

- Michael T

Great car for family with children

This car is the perfect size for a young family. Rear facing car seats can be a bit snug in the backseat if you are y'all; however, it is a great car! Forward facing car seats fit well two or three wide in the back seat. Both front seats are comfortable. The rear hatch currently holds my two single strollers and one double stroller along with reusable grocery bags, so it is HUGE.

- Kelly T

All heart eyes for the cx-5.

The car is very spacious but not so large that it feels gigantic. I love the interior - it is black and everything feels really well put together. The car itself runs well and I love how it looks. The radio does have some minor issues when I am hooked up to Bluetooth (It does not let me use shuffle most of the time) but overall it works well and I like that it is a touch screen.

- Alex M

The CX-5 is a great Colorado car. It has the capabilities to drive safely in the mountains, and the cargo space to carry all your favorite equipment to sustain the lifestyle of a weekend warrior!

My vehicle is a small compact SUV with AWD capabilities. I like the size of it, there is quite a bit of cargo space, the seats are comfortable, and it overall performs well. I dislike the engine, its a bit slow moving, in retrospect it would have been nice to get a car with turbo-charge. I also dislike the entertainment system, for the rest of the car, it seems quite old.

- Olivia F

It is a very reliable car. Maintenance has been very easy and I feel safe and secure that I will not run into issues while driving.

I love my vehicle. We are a military family and have moved a lot since owning my car and it has held up amazing through all of our road trips. It is reliable and we have had minimal issues with it. The only really issue we have had was a check engine light when I first bought my car that would not go away but Mazda took care of the problem and it has been fine ever since.

- Jennifer S

Seats multiple people with comfort.

Large enough to hold 6 people but still compact & not bulky to maneuver. Dials are on steering wheel , so easy access to radio & phone. Good mileage & smooth ride. It has separate a/c & heater for the back passengers plus storage in the seats. I keep my compressor & battery cables hidden away under one seat & the other has a pullout drink holder.

- Laura C

Perfect for a small family!

My SUV is awesome! I get great gas mileage, it handles great in all weather and I drive in snow and ice every winter. It is roomy and comfortable; my husband is six and a half feet tall, we have a car seat and 2 dogs and everything fits! I have made several long trips and it has held up great and I make long commutes daily. It is quiet and affordable and looks sporty!

- Sarah G

My Mazda is a workhorse. Dependable, reliable, and very trustworthy

My Mazda has been very reliable since I purchased it three years ago. I have a very long commute and so far have had no major repairs needed. The only bad thing is I can say is I wish it had more room inside, with more storage inside. I also wish the air-conditioner vents were placed in the rear of the vehicle as the backseat and trunk get very warm in the summer.

- Eli P

It's actually pretty fast for an SUV! And it definitely has a lot more room than you would think.

There has been a starter problem recently, but it only happens when it's extremely hot. It's amazingly comfortable, just got back from a 22 hour road trip in it, with the dog! Love the sunroof, and leather seats. The stock Bluetooth/sound system is kinda bad tho, it doesn't play easily, doesn't connect well and switches around sometimes, but that's a small issue.

- Alex C

An affordable, luxurious ride.

There are no problems with the car. It drives really well, the seats are comfortable, visibility is great, and it is a sturdy vehicle. It has great space, both for passengers and storage. The heat and air conditioning work great. When the windows are foggy or iced, the defroster works extremely fast. Most of the time, I do not even need to scrape the windshield.

- Faye B

Comfortable and very good automobile

My car is very reliable and comfortable it has very excellent gas mileage we drive a lot of different places and have plenty of room for all four of our family plus all our bags and luggage too. I have never had any mechanical problems at all with my automobile. When the time comes for a new vehicle I will definitely consider purchasing another like this one.

- Michelle L

Great car that lasts. No issues.

Not applicable. I have had no problems with the vehicle other than routine maintenance. It drives well and is a very nice vehicle. I have had no problems with the vehicle other than routine maintenance. It drives well and is a very nice vehicle. I have had no problems with the vehicle other than routine maintenance. It drives well and is a very nice vehicle.

- Em B

Mazda CX-5 great car despite minor quirks

I like the lumbar support in the driver's seat. Wish it was also in the passenger seat. Have had issues with the built in navigation system (not responding to button presses, thinking I was driving backwards, etc) but it has been fixed. I find the car comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. I still think it's one of the best looking small SUV alternatives.

- Sa F

Happy mom and happy Mazda customer: The Mazda CX-5 is a perfectly sized SUV

So far no real issues with this car! The only thing I don't like is that there's no air vents in the back so I always worry about my daughter getting too hot. No problems with the car mechanically and I love driving it! It's the perfect size... Not so big I can't get my daughter out of her car seat easily and not so small I can't fit anything in the back.

- Victoria S

Cx-5 reliable crossover suv for a better price than comparable vehicles

My Mazda cx5 has been very reliable. The only problems I've encountered have been a sensor issue on the dashboard that indicates a problem with the tire pressure, even though there is no issue. Comfort-wise I am satisfied. The leg room may be smaller than in other crossover suvs, but I feel the trunk space is good in comparison to other similar vehicles.

- Rebekah Q

The ease of driving a Mazda crx5.

Very easy handling love the rear view backup also love the side mirrors showing you a care is near and if you put on your directional when it is showing this it will beep this helps to prevent blind spots. Love having a Bluetooth this prevents me from worrying who was calling and helps me focus on the road much better also love the seat adjustment.

- Patricia D

Leg room and small issues

Cute but do not like the push button feature the year is known to have issues with a part that causes car to not turn completely off also rattling on rear spoiler top fin of car rattles. But all in all small sporty and good on gas. Not too big small for a couple or small family with room in rear for travel and leg room in second row for passengers

- Maria G

the cargo space is just the right size for an adult bicycle plus a few extras.

Mazda is a quality car gets good mileage and is good looking.being able to turn down the middle seats offers me plenty of cargo space. The seats themselves are comfortable nice looking easy to keep clean. I bought the car because I am a short and wanted a higher profile car to see further ahead in traffic. Like that steering wheel is adjustable.

- Arlene R

Super responsive and smooth ride. Sporty and fun AWD vehicle.

It handles really well especially in bad weather. It is super sporty and responsive feel to the steering when you are driving it, which makes it fun to drive. The ride is always comfortable, particularly with lengthy commutes. All of our passengers have really enjoyed and commented on how smooth it rides, so it shows the shocks are high quality.

- Stacy K

Mazda cx-5 is a great family purchase!

I leased my Mazda cx-5 in 2014, brand new. When the lease was up, I ended up buying it because I loved it so much. In 5 years, I have had no problems at all, but I do maintain it regularly. Although, it is not as spacious as I would like, it has been a wonderful, efficient car for our family of 4. I would highly recommend this model to anyone.

- Amy K

Gray, sporty, and very comfortable

Very nice looking and comfortable, and with no major issues. Very minor problems (I.e. flat tire) have occured, but that's expected. It has power everything and Bluetooth and a GPS system. With an all black interior and cloth bucket seats, it's one of the best cars I have owned. It also has exceptional gas mileage, which is another plus

- Howard B

Great comfort and reliability

Almost 5 years in and I can't really complain. 64000 miles and runs great! No mechanical problems whatsoever. My only gripe would be 2 things. One being the seatbelt and the other being cosmic issues. The seat belt only goes so far down and cuts into my wife's neck. And the panels inside the car have been coming off since I bought .

- John N

Affordable and easy to navigate the vehicle.

There was an issue with turning off the car that has been resolved. The car runs perfectly and I haven't had an issue with it since. It is cool looking and very comfortable. The Audio is clear and I love how easy it is to connect your phone to it via Bluetooth. I love the touch screen aspect of the radio, super convenient and safe.

- Jessica H

We shopped around and this was what we were looking for price wise.

2014 Mazda cx-5, brand new it sold for an affordable price-gets great gas mileage, very easy to handle, rides nicely. 4 dr, back seat folds down for extra storage. Has great pick up. Occasionally I have an issue with radio turning off when I shut the engine off. We love it for traveling because of great gas mileage and nice ride.

- Bernice A

Mazda cx-5 - a most reliable car.

Car has been very reliable. I have not needed any repairs at all since buying the vehicle new. My one quibble is that the cabin light switch is very sensitive, and right next to the sunglasses compartment. This has resulted in accidentally leaving the cabin light on, and draining the battery. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Susan P

Our Mazda is super durable and dependable! You definitely get your money's worth out of the car.

I love the sporty look, roomy feel of the interior. We also love all the features, such as heated leather seats, bluetooth technology, blind spot warning lights, and navigation system. Mazda has proven to be a very dependable and durable vehicle for my husband and I. We've owned 3 Mazdas and will continue to do so in the future.

- Michelle M

Red Mazda cx-5 has worked great for me besides minor technical things.

So far I have had issues with the dash lights either all lighting up incorrectly or none lighting up at all. It is problematic because I never know when to trust if the warning lights safe working or not. Other than that I haven't had any other issues specific to my car. I like the seats and touch screen GPS is reliable as well.

- Kyra V

Mazda rocks! Worth a test drive but be careful, you'll be hooked!

Reliable vehicle, that I am super happy with. Scheduled maintenance is appropriate. No other service calls except for a couple recalls. Interior is roomy and comfortable. I have found it to be dependable and its gets good gas mileage 34 mph - standard transmission. Would definitely purchase another one when the time comes.

- Stephanie T

Great dependable first-time car

It looks like some of the plastic paneling has warped a bit and has 'popped' out just slightly. It's very unnoticeable. It might be due to the fact that I park outside for a majority of the day. There is also this weird popping noise that comes every so often. Not sure what that's about, but hasn't caused any problems.

- Victoria M

Has good gas mileage and drives well.

It has good gas mileage, rides well, is not as roomy as a family would like, does have comfortable seats, does not have power seats, does have a nice cargo area, steering column is adjustable. Only certain additions come with a sunroof, backup camera, power seats, and a source selection button on the steering wheel.

- Cherokee W

Lots of features for the price paid. The mid-model car comes with lots of features AND it's the only SUV/crossover I've seen with a 40-20-40 split in the backseat which has actually pretty useful.

I like the quality of what I was looking for for the price compared to other models from other manufacturers. The only thing I don't like about this car was going from a 6-cylinder to a 4-cylinder engine, I can tell a difference in pick up when I am low on gas. The horn is also a little pathetic, it's more of a toot.

- Kristin G

Style, good gas mileage, comfort.

Great design, quality and style. The motor runs incredible and the gas mileage is very good. Even on the road. I use it mostly for work (I am a realtor) and I travel a lot, so this car works really good for me. This is my second Mazda and I have become a big fan of this brand. Looking forward to getting the new one.

- Carolina L

It is a pretty decent middle of the road car.

The old Mazda's were so much better than this new one. There is nothing really wrong with it but it does not impress me. It is nice to have the rear backup camera and the sideview mirrors that help see blind spots. I had to choose between this and a Honda CR-V but this was cheaper. I wish I had chosen otherwise.

- Laurie M

A review of the reliability of Mazda

Wish the seats were more comfortable but other than that a solid car. I bought it a few years back and haven't had to go into a shop much which is also a plus. I had an older Mazda before this and it was reliable as well. Mazda makes good cars at an affordable price point which makes it desirable to the masses.

- Bob K

Lowest mpg in its class, quick and sporty.

It gets very good gas mileage and performs very well. It is very fast with quick pickup acceleration and I have never had any mechanical problems after over 78, 000 miles of driving. I have recommended this model and make to several people and even had a neighbor buy one for his daughter as her first vehicle.

- Lisa B

Love the back-up camera and vehicle warning lights/beepers on side mirrors.

It drives like a dream, handles easily, 25 mpg, is most comfortable for long trips or short trips, I love it. The only dislike is it does not have a sunroof, I have had one on most previous cars, and really miss it! I have recommended my car to friends and/or relatives looking to buy a reliable mid-size SUV!

- Mary K

The car is very good but could be improved in the ways described earlier.

I like that it is not too big or too small. It is quite peppy and easy to handle and drive. The shifting computer program leaves something to be desired - slow to downshift and engine keeps revving after hard acceleration has stopped. There is no light in the back for the cargo area - cheap omission.

- pete v

It is kid and user friendly.

I like the interior room to be able to haul around my bike; and the interior features (radio, sunroof); the overall look; and the engine feel. I dislike the interior darkness: very hard to see items in the interior without turning on the interior overhead light; some features need to be backlit..

- Joanne K

It's very modern with a lot of amenities you only find in much higher priced cars.

My car has almost every single feature available on it and I absolutely love it. The only exceptions are that 1. the back up camera stopped working 2. The seats need to have a cooling feature and 3. It would be nice if the steering wheel was heating. But I suppose you can't have it all can you?

- Olivia k

I would recommend to make sure you get the AWD instead of just 2 wheel drive.

I love my vehicle. The all-wheel drive I have really pulls my trailer with ease. I have really good gas mileage also with this. Extremely comfortable, with added shade with the stock tint. The full navigation system is also awesome not having to use my phone while driving to a new location.

- Mike J

Mazda cx5 my father's car. The most modern part of my car is blind side warning.

There is no temperature regulation so in extreme heat or cold the window freezes or dogs. Interior is hard to keep clean. Cabin does not distribute air without making loud noise if either back or front windows are open. Both front and back window have to be open to avoid noise. Sits low.

- A H

Comfortable ride for long distance

I love this car. One of the main reasons I bought it is that the seating is very comfortable. I have a bad back and some of the other sport SUVs I test drove were not comfortable. The only major problems I have had are with the electrical system and the air conditioner shorting in and out.

- Deborah S

Mazda cx-5 a great family vehicle.

Mazda cx-5 has been a reliable sub so far and having two kids the size is just perfect. We had zero issues. The power is enough to pull are small pop up camper. We have always bought Mazda for the reliability and at a good price. We own two Mazda's. One recall only for shocks on tailgate.

- David K

Such a pleasure to drive, and very reliable.

Very reliable, comfortable seats which is great for back support, drives very smooth and has lots of space. The seats in the back go down so you can really pack the car up. The speakers are not the greatest, so if you want to blast music, you might want to add something to your speakers.

- ollie B

An interesting detail about my car is the blind spot technology it has

I really enjoy my car and the performance of it. I have a Bose sound system in place which I really enjoy. The drive of the car is very smooth and reliable. The rearview camera is the most helpful feature the car has. The blind spot sensors really aid in my day to day driving experience

- Melanie G

Durable and fuel efficient SUV

I have not really had any problems with my car other than needing to bring it in for a recall for a part to the trunk. The car drives very smooth and is gas efficient. However, I wish the back seating could be made a bit more roomier so that three in the back seat could sit comfortably.

- Melissa W

Mazda produces a reliable car.

My cx-5 performs just as I want it to. It has some bells and whistles, but is not so fancy and high-tech that I do not know what to do or get distracted by the features. It is a reliable and comfortable car that I would recommend to anyone as either an everyday car or a family car.

- Jordan F

Remote key access- very helpful when loading groceries, sports equipment.

The driver seat is very comfortable and passenger seats in both front and rear are easy to access, roomy and comfortable. All doors and hatchback are easy to access with remote key entry. The remote key engine starter and stop is very handy especially in the winter and cold months.

- Elizabeth W

Mazda CX-5, a great reliable SUV

My Mazda vehicle has been very worry free. It's also comfortable and has the safety features I like. I haven't had any issues with this vehicle. It's been highly reliable and I plan to drive it for another 5 years. If someone is in the market for an SUV, I would recommend it.

- Marina M

handles like a car, with the capacity and room of an SUV.

I am pleased with my Mazda CX-5. In fact, when my son starts driving, I might purchase another. It's quick turn radius and smooth shock system makes this the most comfortable car I've had. Easy to park in most compact spots and plenty of room for the family while traveling.

- Kelli G

Outstanding vehicle for its price point.

This car is well-made, reliable, and surprisingly peppy. I have always loved the aesthetic of the cx-5 and the interior does not disappoint. It is a smooth ride and performs beautifully in messy New England weather. I will absolutely buy another if and when the time comes.

- Alyssa P

A true crossover in every way.

Very reliable, have had no issues outside of regular service. Lots of room, fits 5 comfortably. The trunk space is roomy, perfect for weekend camping trips. Has handled very well in snow and ice. Good gas mileage, had a Honda Accord before and don't notice much difference.

- Emily R

Mazda the best vehicle I have ever owned.

Very dependable, all wheel drive, easy to park, holds enough people to travel comfortably, good and easy on gas, nice color inside and out. Fabric is comfortable very easy to cleans. Starts well in winter goes through snow very well and can restart another car if need be.

- Sandra F

Easy to drive. Features are fantastic. It's pretty!

I love the features (automatic locks and windows, Bluetooth, air conditioning, cd player, rear camera, blind spot indicator). I dislike the size of the gas tank (way too small for this vehicle (about 12 gallons). I also dislike that I need to use a higher grade of gas.

- Anna G

Stylish black Mazda SUV cx.

The Mazda cx 5 is a luxury in its car style. Although it is a small size SUV perfect for traveling with a family it is also sleek, stylish and sporty. Very reliable with few issues thus far. I have driven it for over 80, 000 miles with only regular wear and tear issues.

- Mike R

My vehicle is very good in various weather conditions. Such as rain and snow.

My vehicle is very reliable, I have never had any issues with it thus far. I haven't broken down or come across many issues. I find that I am very safe while driving in my vehicle. For instance in various weather changes such as snow, rain, sleet, and humid conditions.

- Rachel C

Great car for a mom on the go!

I really love that it is an SUV but doesn't drive/feel like a SUV so it is very comfortable for me to drive and handle. It has a good size engine and responds well when giving gas and a responsive break system. Great technology package including blind spot monitoring.

- Louisa M

The car is safe for families and very good on gas.

My car is good on gas. Very family friendly. I can rely on my car to get me to and from safely. The car is small but a good size. Very expensive to fix if anything was to go wrong with the car. I do not like that the car is push start I would prefer to insert the key.

- Page P

Great gas mileage and comfortable ride.

Parts come from japan and often back ordered. It is great gas mileage and comfortable ride. No real problems low maintenance but it is nice again if a part is needed you may have to wait for up to a month for a replacement. There have been some recalls on the cx 5.

- Tina J

Mazda cx-5 great long distance vehicle but need better lighting.

Great vehicle, do not have any issues with it. Used a lot for long distance drive, no major issues and very quiet engine. Would be helpful if there was better lighting in the back so that unpacking the boot was easier at night; but that is the only complaint I have.

- Angie W

It is a great vehicle for the price you pay for it and as long as you don't care about the bells and whistles, it runs great.

I like the gas mileage. I like the size of the vehicle. Not to small but also not a gas guzzler. It is not luxurious and could use a few upgrades to make it a bit more comfortable and the interior quality is not superior causing it to wear much faster than it should

- Kathy L

Amazing vehicle, runs great, only small details could make it the best car

This Is a great car. Runs great, I have not had any mechanical problem, and it has all the necessary features to drive comfortably. The only suggestion is to make the third row seat leg room a bit bigger. That area is only comfortable for smaller people or children

- Tony B

Fun to drive with good fuel economy

I love how my car drives, it is fun to drive. The gas mileage is pretty good. For a SUV. It has been a very reliable car and Like that a lot. I love the safety features and the leather interior and seat warmers. I wish it had a power liftgate and a hybrid version.

- Annette M

The Mazda CX-5 is very fun to drive. It handles well, and is great on gas!

I love the color of my vehicle, and I really like how it handles. It had some cool little tech features included that were not on other similar vehicles at the time, which was the ultimate selling point. The vehicle also handles very well in all kinds of weather.

- Laura K

Mazda CX-5 experience. Recommend to everyone

Very reliable, bought used and driven almost 50000 miles with no problems, solid feel, good handling. Love the backup camera. Expect to keep it at least another 50000 miles. Have had some problems with plastic parts around the base of the front passenger seat.

- Robert P

The Mazda cx-5: a vehicle for all seasons.

The Mazda cx-5 is reliable, strong on highways, great AWD features, comfortable on long trips, spacious compact SUV, good gas mileage for an SUV, looks sporty and performs as such, and from a reputable and well-respected brand. Highly recommend this vehicle.

- Ian K

I highly recommend this car

We love this car. I am over 6 ft tall and this car provides plenty of leg and head room. It handles great and is very comfortable. I am spending about half of what I used to on gas! Loaded with extras and nice detailing. Would highly recommend this car!

- Nancy W

Complete family car with classy look.

The mileage is very good compared to other vehicles of same class. The driving is stress less. The vehicle being an all wheel drive is perfect for any road condition. This car is very good for family use. The driver assist system in the car is very useful.

- Hari K

Buy it brand new is always the best deal with Mazda’s bumper to bumper warranty.

I really love this little SUV! Most of all I love the gas mileage. Runs great with steering wheel radio function controls a plus. No problems finding or fitting in any parking stalls. The only thing I miss is having third row seating for extra passengers.

- Jo Anne T

Reliable car for a growing family.

Our Mazda cx-5 has been a very reliable car for us. We love the style and feel while driving it. And love having an SUV that is still small and does not feel overly big. It is perfect for our growing family. All around a very nice car. We are Mazda-loyal.

- Ashley G

Love this car, I would recommend it!

The Mazda CX-5 a great car, and has a ton of space inside! The ability to put the back seats down provides almost as much cargo room as a small truck. The only problem I have had is that the battery seems to glitch occasionally, but it is an easy fix.

- Lindsay D

That the back seats can be lowered.

I love the shape and how spacious the inside is. I like that you can lower the back seats so you can put larger items in the back. I can also use it to put stuff on the roof top and can haul things with the hitch. It is in all in one purpose vehicle.

- Cheryl B

The car is spacious and provides a comfortable ride.

I have owned Mazda's my entire driving experience. My CX5 is great to drive but has had a few technical problems. I do not like the steering wheel because it is hard and gets uncomfortable after driving awhile. I do like the gas mileage it gets.

- Kristin B

The Mazda CX-5 is a great family vehicle and can easily seat 5 with a nice rear storage space!

I love the features of the vehicle. It has backup camera, auto lock/window and blind spot monitoring. It has Bose sound system and Bluetooth enabled stereo, GPS nav,etc. So far I do not have any complaints about it, I have had it almost a year.

- Jessica M

A good quality vehicle, and it is affordable.

I love the look of the vehicle, very sleek. The interior is spacious and modern, with all of the luxuries I was looking for. The only complaint I have is the power behind the engine; I sometimes feel like it takes too much effort to accelerate.

- Amber L

Classy ride from classy company

I love the cx5 because it handles well and doesn't feel big and clunky for an suv. The gas mileage is great and it rides nice. I've had several cars in my time but the cx5 is by far the most bang for the buck. Absolutely would buy one again

- Cheryl S

It has a lot of miles but is a very good car.

My vehicle gets great gas mileage. I do not like that it's not a truck. I do not have any complaints about the vehicle except for the interior tears on the door. It has not held up very well. The rest of the vehicle has been fine.

- Joanna T

It is a great compact SUV for a family that doesn't need too much cargo space.

I like the way the SUV drives. It handles like a car and gets pretty good gas mileage. It is the perfect size for my small family. The reliability has been very good so far, too. As a bonus, it is a good looking car to boot.

- Wes D

It is a very dependable vehicle.

I love the size of my Mazda and the amount of space available for transporting items. It also gets pretty good gas mileage and has been dependable. I also enjoy using the navigation system and the camera for driving in reverse.

- Robin A

I've had the car for over 4 years and i've needed to replace the front brakes, battery, and tires.

My car is the perfect size for a young adult with no children. It is not too big, but big enough for every day errands and the occasional space needed for storing large items such as suitcases and small pieces of furniture.

- Katie B

it's a very smooth ride. a very good family car for having 1 child. a second child makes it a little tight but still good space

the car has run very smooth so far. I have not noticed any issues with the vehicle. it has the same brakes on it and stop on a dime still. it has a lifetime warranty as long as you keep up on all required maintenance.

- russell r

Mazda Cx-5, noisy but overall ok

Overall it is a good suv with enough space to transport small equipment or large purchases. It is a little noisy on the highway and the speedometer speed is always a couple mph lower then the cruise control set speed.

- Michelle R

CX-5 is by far the best selling Mazda model; I think this is because it is an ideal size for a utility vehicle and has more features than most in Its class.

I like the back-up camera and other safety features. The comfort features are not as good as I would like, but better than most previous cars. Gas mileage is OK. I've had no major repairs with almost 50,000 miles.

- robert G

Just love my beautiful blue Mazda cx-5!

After driving a Honda pilot for ten years I was afraid the Mazda would be too small. Not so!! It carries all my purchases, four large passengers and two dogs! I love it and have had no problems in over four years.

- Cindy B

Mazda CX-5 is a reliable SUV that gets you to your destination in style.

My Mazda is very roomy, which I like. It has heated leather seats and a sun roof, which are a big plus for stargazing on cool mountain nights. The all wheel drive system really helps for off-roading to campsites.

- Kari S

Wish it was a little bit bigger

Our family has been very pleased with the CX-5. The only downfall of it has been the size of the interior. While it would be great for a single person or couple, there isn't quite enough room for a family of 4.

- Allison F

It has great mileage, is fun to drive, and economical to repair. Just don't take it to the dealer; they charge way too much.

I like that it's economical to repair, has great gas mileage, is easy to park. Complaints: When backing up, my model CX-5 Touring does not beep, warning me of someone in back of me; it's an expensive add-on.

- Sharlene P

Great gas mileage! Rides very comfortably. Easy handling & maneuvers great.

Great gas mileage. Low road noise. Handles well in inclement weather. Nice interior. I like the way the dash is displayed. The only thing I do not like is that the seats are not roomy for bigger people.

- Angela K

A powerful crossover with amazing gas mileage. Wish the center dash had better functions and play music properly while on Bluetooth. The electrical work has been glitchy after 4 years of owning.

A surprisingly powerful crossover. Great on gas mileage. Affordable maintenance. Only gripe is the center in dash screen and its functions. After 4 years it started getting glitchy. Still drives well.

- Melanie J

Great versatile, fun car!

I love all aspects of this vehicle. It is a great mix of performance and comfort at a great price. I haven't had any maintenance issues in 70k miles and have driven it in all conditions and terrain.

- Kristen C

I love the backup camera in the car that automatically turns on when you reverse.

I love the gas milage of the car. The car itself runs great in all weather. Personally the headrest for me pushes my neck out a little farther that I would like so getting comfortable can be tough.

- Melissa H

This vehicle is very comfortable and luxurious.

I love this vehicle. The quality is excellent. The performance is top notch. It has all the bells and whistles and drives like a dream. I would recommend this vehicle to all my friends and family.

- Debra D

Reliability never any problems.

Have owned 4 Mazda's and all have been wonderful automobiles. There were two recalls and when I returned the car to the dealer they spent about an hour working on it. The total charge was zero.

- Robert N

It drives like a car even though it is higher and slightly bigger.

The CX-5 is really easy to drive. There is a lot of power in the small and compact crossover, and it drives like a car, but has the power of a larger vehicle. It also gets decent gas mileage.

- Devin G

It has mirror alarms on the side mirrors to warn of cars in blind spots.

No problems with the car. Love the safety features. Wish the navigation system was easier to read. Also would like it if it kept previous addresses. Car runs really well and is fun to drive.

- Vaughan N

It's very aesthetically pleasing but it's not a reliable car.

I like that it has a rear camera and bluetooth capabilities. What I dislike is that I've had so many issues with the gear shift, tires, and transmission. I wouldn't really recommend the car

- Anyre R

It's a crossover that has a modest engine in a mock SUV body. It's great for hauling five people around with a decently large hatchback trunk. Good height above the road.

The tires are lasting a really long time. I haven't needed any service other than oil changes in 35,000 miles. The MPG is decent. I like that i can tow a small load. I like the big wheels.

- Daniel G

Its reliable and has required minimal maintenance.

I like that it is a smaller SUV that gets great gas mileage and enough room to haul things around. I do not like the plastic around the bottom or that the seat warmers don't get very hot.

- Heather M

Reliable car that keeps you safe and comfortable. It is a good family car.

This car is an upgrade from my prior one. I Love all the extra security feature of blindsight and it helps keep me and my family safe. . GPS, safety and reliable make it the best car.

- Ana G

It gets great gas mileage and has been going strong for 78,000 miles

I love this car except I wish it was a little bigger. I love the black color and the fact that it's a 6 speed. I don't have a lot of extras which I regret not doing when I purchased it.

- Lisa N

It handles well and has good mpg.

The car has very good gas mileage, I am a 33 mpg interstate, and about 25 mpg highway. It does not have Bluetooth or a backup camera, but those weren't included in the package I chose.

- Cherokee W

The Mazda is a very reliable vehicle and fun to drive. It has lots of pep to it.

My CX5 is the most reliable car I've had. I'm close to 100,000 miles and have had absolutely know problems with the vehicle. Although it is a 4 cylinder car it has a ton of pep to it.

- Stephanie r

Its trustworthy and dependable.

I like the gas mileage, the way it handles on the road, and the ease of use with the display. I do not like that my rearview mirror melted off and that Mazda wouldn't fix it for free.

- Olivia L

It is a comfortable vehicle to drive and will keep you feeling comfortable with long drives.

I like the roominess and spaciousness it has. I has quite a bit of cargo room. It gets fairly good gas mileage for the type of vehicle it is. It is comfortable and fun to drive.

- Robert P

It is compact but the truck is spacious enough for strollers and groceries

I love my car. The only issue I've had with it was when I tried turning my car off it wouldn't shut off. I had to switch it from neutral to park 3 or 4 times before it turned off

- Breana H

It's safety features. Prior to this Mazda, we were hit by a truck at a stop and our car was completely damaged but somehow we made it out with just whiplash and bruised legs. It was also a Cx-5 car.

My car has good mileage and it's a safe vehicle. The brakes work well and the car drives with ease. Sometimes the Bluetooth doesn't work but that's not too much of a complaint.

- Gillian B

Do not buy it. You will not be satisfied.

I would never buy a Mazda again. They used to be great but Mazda has chosen to go low budget. The car does not have features one assumes is standard. Go for a Honda next time.

- Laurie C

It is safe, reliable, and a good family vehicle.

I love how it handles in the snow. I like the fact that I haven't had any issues with it in the past 3 years. I like the safety rating, especially having two small children. .

- Sarah S

Great crossover for a family; reliable and fun to drive

This is a very reliable car. It handles really well and is excellent in the snow. It's large enough to hold a lot of stuff but small enough to parallel park without a problem.

- lincy J

It has a lot of power and is fun to drive and fun to ride in.

I love the way it handles. The acceleration is great. I also like the interior and exterior. It looks great and drives great. Love the leather seats and the backup camera

- Shanna G

This car is a safe choice for car owners.

I like how safe this car is and how well it drives. I dislike the lack of features in the car (such as a backseat air conditioner). I also find the car to be a little small.

- Danielle K

It is quality at an affordable price with above par reviews.

I have no dislikes. I like that the vehicle is a mid size SUV. I like its features including Bluetooth, leather seats, rear view camera and blind spot sensor amongst others.

- Amandine T

It has very good safety ratings and it is a fun car to drive.

I have had 3 mazdas and have loved them all. I feel like they fit my personality. What I don't like is that all of the doors automatically unlock when you turn the car off.

- Ashley M

The car need seat covers and good floor mats.

I really thing my Mazda is great. Looks very expensive. But, some issues, no roof racks, don't like interior seat covering. Everything sticks to it, rugs don't clean nice.

- Joan B

It is the perfect crossover SUV for a small family with a lot of activities.

I love the size, as it's not too big and not too small. The trunk space is great, and it gets great mileage. My only complaint is that there aren't enough cup holders.

- Alice M

It is a quality car that makes even the little trips fun!

I love the color (blue) and that it was the first one I bought on my own. That year, it had all the bells and whistles. I love the back-up camera and the sound system.

- Amy D

It drives really well and is very safe. The blindfold monitoring is amazing!

I don't like that it only has 4 cylinders. I love that its awd. I love the blind spot monitoring and the backup camera. I also like that it's high up off the ground.

- Maggie O

Cx5 A reliable car for short or long distance drives

Very reliable car and comfortable. Really good gas mileage. Only criticism is the trunk. It sometimes doesn't want to snap in to close and the top hatch makes noise

- Jeannette C

Mazda is a great brand that is quality to boot.

I love the pep that my Mazda exhibits even though she is only a 4 cylinder. The comfort features are well appropriated. She is fun to drive and comfortable to me.

- Ann M

My car is very well maintained and taken care of. It has low mileage.

The Mazda CX-5 is a nice looking vehicle that is reliable, has important safety features, and the latest technology. It is fun to drive and gets good gas mileage.

- Melissa S

No service problems ever.

No problems ever except the battery had to be replaced. It is a little bumpy since they tightened up the suspension. I will fix that with softer tires someday.

- Robin R

It's reliable and comfortable to drive Gas mileage is ok

Like the back view camera and the warning getting too close to others etc Dislike the visibility when trying to cross a road someone may coming from the left e

- Ken S

It is spacious and great for a family runs really well.

Well until today i have not have problems with my suv. I love it. Its economical in gas and runs really well without issues and i have had it since 2013.

- Rosanna C

It handles well and has some great standard features

I like the feel while driving it and I like the blind spot monitoring that comes standard. I do wish it had more leg room and a little bigger trunk space

- Kacie I

Practical crossover that is fun to drive

Fun to drive and comfortable. It's sporty and holds a lot of my work materials. I don't like the navigation system because it is slow and unresponsive.

- Ted P

It is a Very reliable automobile.

It is very reliable. It is very comfortable and stylish. Nav and audio system are "glitchy". Sometime the dont turn on. Gas mileage could be better.

- Darren M

Love my 2014 Mazda CX-5!!!

I love the size and look of my car. It has decent gas mileage and I really like the technology in the car. I wish it had navigation and better MPG.

- Mikaila F

It is a reliable car and has good mpg compared to other SUVs.

It is an overall good vehicle. I like that is it an SUV and has decent mpg. I wish it was a little bigger/roomier inside and more powerful engine.

- Melissa F

Plenty of Space/Kind of Noisey

Great amount of space, versatile with 3rd row seating that can be stored for more cargo space. The cheap tin covering the undercarriage is noisey.

- Rachael H

The car has been reliable in the extreme cold and warm weather.

Height of the car is perfect and allows me to get in and out easily. The gas mileage helps with my long commute. Lastly, I like the smooth drive.

- Shelly B

It is extremely problem free, very little maintenance.

It has great handling, quick acceleration, and a smooth ride. It is also very maintenance free. I haven't had a problem in nearly 100,000 miles

- Jason B

It drives very smoothly and great in the rain or snow.

I love that it saves on gas. I love the quality. Navigation is not accurate or great. Hard to keep it clean. Inside panels scratch very easily.

- angela G

Responsiveness is very quick and it drives like a sports car.

A very responsive vehicle. I like the gear shift opportunity that allows manual as well as automatic shifting. It drives like a sports car.

- Joel O

fantastic gas mileage I am getting 28.9 miles per gallon

like fuel economy. The comfort of the ride. The size of the cargo space. Turning radius. My only dislike is the spare tire is not full size.

- Steven D

It's an economy ride with a luxury look.

My car gets great mileage and provides a smooth ride. It is roomy and has scace to haul groceries or grandkids. I also like it's sleek look.

- Lynda D

It drives smoothly and has great safety ratings...but it isn't a particularly quiet ride.

I like the feel of my car, how it drives, and how high off the ground it puts me. I'm a little less than impressed with the voice dictation.

- Sivya L

Would highly recommend the Mazda CX-5 to anyone who would like a reliable mini SUV

Love the car!! It has about 60k mileage and have no issues with it so far. I do love the look of what I have but love the new one even more.

- Bruce V

The Mazda CX-5 has great gas mileage and looks good unlike other similar cars.

I like the gas mileage and the look of the car. The engine is a bit wimpy at times, and the body is very light making it sway in high winds.

- Nick V

Push to get the back up camera, it is definitely worth it.

Love the driver's seat. Love the sturdy ness of the tires. Love the way it handles. Love the color of the car. Love the space in the trunk.

- Barbara S

Value, the price of this car is better than others in the same class, and handles just as well

I like the fuel mileage, not bad for a crossover vehicle. I expected it to handle better in the snow. It is a comfortable vehicle to drive

- Holly H

It is comfortable and fun to drive.

The test drive with the salesman was incredible! The car fits my 250 pound frame comfortably. I can fit three people in the back seat.

- Gary B

My Mazda is great on gas mileage. I have never had any mechanical issues.

I love everything about my car. It has great gas mileage, beautiful interior and exterior. GPS Nav System, seat heaters, its compact.

- Maria F

The vehicle is very dependable and safe.

My vehicle is very reliable. There have been no major issues with the mechanical parts. The bad mileage and storage are very competent.

- Ethan N

It is very fuel efficient and people can save a lot of money. Surprisingly, it has a lot of power.

I love the safety features. Also, it has a lot more power than I thought. It is very stylish. A lot of room for different purposes.

- Yuki T

It gets really good gas mileage.

I love to drive it and it's very easy to park. We can fit 2 kids and room with plenty of trunk space. I really live the gas mileage!

- Claressa B

I bought it as a certified pre owned car and the price was good.

It is easy to get in and out of. I can take quite a few things in the storage area. It runs well and feels safe. It is affordable.

- Jan J

It is reliable and comfortable for everyone to ride in.

The car has the right amount of room and comfort. It gets good mileage and is very dependable. I like the size of the cargo space.

- Stacey M

Love my cx5 would definitely purchase another.

No problems but my one complaint is the voice command system is poor and the navigation system cannot be operated unless stopped.

- Lindsey V

Easy to drive and comptable

Like easy getting in and out build in navigation plus the rear camera when backing out Dislike i normally like smaller cars

- Barbara L

there can sometimes be a lot of maintenance if you don't take care of it

i love this car a lot. it is my first car and it's been a great experience driving. I recommend this car to first time drivers

- caroline h

Great car. Reliable, comfortable

Enjoy the cargo space, runs smooth, best make/model I ever owned,comfortable, XM radio, only bad is sometimes don't turn off

- Theresa B

My cx5 is huge on the inside!

It gets good gas mileage. There is enough room to hold me, my boyfriend, 2 large dogs and some bags for cross country trips.

- Lisa N

Midline Model Mazda CX-5.

I like my vehicle very much, my only complaint is that it is not as smooth of a drive as when I first bought it new in 2014.

- Devon C

Comfortable drive. Gas mileage okay. Would buy another, same model.

Pro: have 104k miles. Reliable and fun. No major issues con: plastic pieces inside car fall apart. Dealership service awful.

- Diana P

That it's safe, reliable, fun to drive and again, safe!

I like that It's a crossover but feels like an SUV. The only thing I don't like is that the technology is a little outdated.

- Ashlee B

Small suv with all wheel drive

I enjoy the all wheel drive and the bluetooth. The only negative is with 2 kids in carseats in the back it is not very roomy

- Kristine T

Good bang for your buck and awesome ride!

I love this car! It drives great and is easy to maneuver. Super attractive on the outside and inside. No complaints so far!

- Meg H

Vehicle does have good gas mileage.

Like-gas mileage. Dislike-air conditioning vent on driver's side. Too small inside. "Jolting effects" stopping and going.


It drives really smooth and is reliable.

I enjoy the features the cx 5 offers. Specifically the sunroof and audio system. I wish it had a bigger engine, however.

- Tracy S

The handling is wonderful, I feel so safe.

It gets good gas mileage. Has a clean look to the outside. It is an easy car to drive. The back seat is a little small.

- Albert H

Smooth ride, very reliable.

I like my car a lot I haven't had any complainants in the time I have had my Mazda cx-5 which has been for 4 years now.

- Mary M

It is dependable and good quality.

No major issues. Reliable vehicle with minimal upkeep. Drives well in all weather and sits comfortably for long drives.

- Jamie C

It has grown on me in the last almost 5 years. I miss the simplicity of the older cars. I'm nervous about so much electric stuff in cars and the longevity. So far Mazda has taken good care of me and my car.

This car has a lot of space. I am a travel music teacher and I am able to fit in many instruments in my car at a time.

- Angela D

It is a good value for the money but dents easily and does not accelerate quickly

Its roomy and the technology is mostly up to date. I want it to be leather, have a sunroof, and faster acceleration.

- Carli G

I wish it had a little more room. Not ideal for big families but great for small families.

I have never had any issues with my car. I love it! It runs smooth and have never had issues. I also love the look.

- courtney o

Great driving and handling, good in snow, fun to drive and safe.

Electrical system issues after 5 years. I bought the extended warranty and the part failed 1 month past warranty.

- Jenna Y

Warranty should look toward purchasing an extended warranty even though the mfg offers you a certain amount of months for warranty

I like Suv. Mazda has a good reputation and saw this vehicle so I purchased it in 2013, even though it is a 2014

- Joseph N

It has great style and gas mileage.

I like the comfort and style. I don't like how it has many blind spots and it us hard to see what is behind you.

- Jess H

You get what you pay for. Don't expect too much, but overall, it's a really responsive and value car.

Some parts of the inside wall is falling off. It requires a lot of maintenance. However, it is very affordable.

- Larry J

It is reliable and a solid choice. I have not had any problems with it since purchasing

I like the vehicle because it suits my style. It has plenty of room and is sporty. It has been reliable so far.

- Geoffrey W

It gets great gas mileage.

Likes - comfortable ride -seats fold down- looks good!.. Dislike - wish I would not have chosen black interior.

- Beverly B

reliable, great gas mileage., comfortable, easy to drive

It's been reliable for the past 4 years, comfortable, and gets great gas mileage- especially on long road trips

- Christina S

It is dependable and good gas mileage. Also reasonably priced

I love the look of it. It is fun to drive and looks sporty. I dislike the fact that the ride is not so smooth

- Roslyn S

Fun to Drive with lots of response to the drivers.

Easy to handle. Responsive, Quick, fun to drive. Sits up high for good viewing of the road. No complaints.

- Marjorie L

It is an affordable yet comfortable car.

I love the size, the fit for me and its looks. I could use a little more acceleration and less highway noise.

- Katie S

It's safe. The safety features are phenomenal

I think my vehicle is very safe. It protected me when I got into an accident. I think it's very good on gas.

- Eric H

Good gas mileage. I love that it doesn't break fast. I love that you can do easy oil change.

I love that it drives smoothly. I hate that it's loud inside. I hate that it doesn't have much room inside.

- bella F

The reliability. No major problems in the years I have owned this vehicle.

The comfortable drive, the gas mileage and very reliable. I do not like the lack of lighting in hatch area.

- Shelley W

Low cost of repairs compared to other vehicles.

Love the space and the height. Love the safety features and dimming rear view mirror. Great in the winter.

- Jen P

Fun and comfortable to drive. Roomy interiors. Fuel efficient. Good acceleration.

Fun to drive. Low cost maintenance. Dislikes: Cabin and sometimes a clunking noise, hesitates to shift up

- Ronald G

Comfortable girly drives nice easy to handle.

Jerks when I drive sometimes. Makes loud sounds sometimes. Very comfortable good for a family and friends.

- Kelsey D

Mazda CX-5. Nice car. Could use a better Nav System.

Drives great. Tires are expensive. Navigation system is pretty bad, though. Overall pretty happy with it.

- Jane W

My car is so dependable and it is great in all weather.

I love my car because of the way it handles. It is a very reliable car. It is super comfortable as well.

- Sara H

It's a nice sleek and sporty vehicle with plenty of room.

It looks sleek and nice. It hasn't had any maintenance issues. It gets pretty decent mileage for an SUV.

- Amber B

You will not be disappointed if you purchase a Mazda

I love my Mazda CX-5. It is really comfortable and gets great gas mileage. Perfect for long road trips!

- Clarissa B

Mazda CX-5 2014 great car

Good car, comfortable, plenty of space, good safety features, no issues so far, very happy with the car

- Steph B

It's good on gas, and it drives good, it also has good ac.

It is good on gas! It drives good! There is not any thing that I can think of right now that I dislike.

- Michael M

Cute, comfortable, convenient

Drives well, smooth. Decent gas mileage. Comfortable car. Currently having problems with car squealing

- Kellie B

The odyssey is reliable, roomy, with good customer service.

I love the technology in the car. I wish I had gotten leather seats. I like the size and the color too.

- Tara V

I love the size of the vehicle. It is not too small and not too large.

It is a nice small vehicle to drive around. It maneuvers well . It is comfortable and easy to drive.

- mary g

The car is very reliable, it drives nicely and looks good.

It is one of the best cars I ever had,. The only negative with the car is it's seats are uncomfortable

- LaGlenda J

It doesn't last forever and will require some work after time.

I liked it more when we first bought it. We are having some issues with it now. It gets the job done.

- Molly J

It has sufficient space for the size of the vehicle and is comfortable.

Love options. Wish had halo lights. Stock rims could of been better. The gps screen is rather small.

- Ashley O

It is very safe and has plenty of room

I like that it has enough room for everything needed for my daughter and I. It gets good gas mileage

- Jere J

It's reliable, good on gas, and I love it.

I like the color and the way it looks. I like the gas mileage. I like that it's a smooth ride.

- Kelly K

The safety features and the backup camera..

I like the safety features and the ride. I do not like the inside noise it makes on long rips.

- Judy R

Good gas mileage. Goes far before having to stop for gas.

It handles well. Like the push start and rear camera. I dislike the size of steering wheel.

- Barbara H

Great value for the money - very versatile vehicle.

Love my car! No complaints. Great fuel economy, great storage, comfortable, fun to drive.

- Karen K

Good crash test rating and the seats are comfortable for longer road trips

Quiet ride, wheels are too big makes finding tires hard and expensive. Decent gas mileage

- Jen D

Drives like a car, storage and safety like an SUV.

Likes - Safe, comfortable, good features. Good storage room. Dislikes - nothing really

- T M

Its comfortable and fits perfect for family.

I love my Mazda. Its my first time ever owning a Mazda. Its comfortable and a great car

- Sabrina V

Good value for the price. It drives nice and has good crash test ratings/safe car.

It is reliable and good in the snow. Haven't had any huge maintenance issues with it

- Ann S

It's a great car and for a whole family, especially with kids

Really like my SUV car. It's great. I don't like that I don't have GPS in my car.

- Sylwia B

It randomly pops out of 3rd gear when you least expect it

It gets good mileage. It randomly pops out of 3rd gear. It has air conditioning.

- Brenda B

I like the third row seating in my car, so I can fit 6 people. You can't fit a lot of luggage in if the seats are full. The drive is smooth and the gas mileage is pretty good. The handle on the driver's side broke 3 times in the first couple of years. I don't know why that happened, but it is fixed and works well now.

You can fit a lot of people or things, but not both at the same time.

- Melissa B

Good gas mileage but compromise on the interior room.

Good compact SUV. Decent mileage, but a little small for the family.

- Vincent w

It's the best ride ever! Super comfortable!

I love it's unique color. I also love how spacious yet sporty it is.

- Cristina M

I love that this is an SUV that drives like a car. I do wish that the back seat had a little more room.

The Mazda CX-5 is an SUV in every way except for the way it drives.

- Hannah N

It is cost efficient. Gets good mileage and the price was reasonable. It got good ratings in Consumer reports.

It's the perfect size Handles well. Good mileage Price was right

- Maria M

The most important thing to know is that it is extremely maneuverable.

I like the size. I love how easy it is to drive. No complaints.

- Kate W

Good fuel economy for size. Ride and handling is excellent. Great sound system.

Good ride & handling. Good fuel economy. Good reliability.

- Rodney W

Drives great, dependable , worth the money. Love it.

Dependable. Great gas mileage. No GPS. Great sound system.

- Joan S

It's a good family car that is also stylish and dependable.

Great size. Looks good. Good mileage. Cargo space I need.

- Beth D

Smooth driving comfortable

No complaints. I like my car Smooth driving

- Rajesh H