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Owning a Mazda CX 5 fits my on-the-road vacations, enhances my day-to-day commute

Maintenance: I've had the vehicle for about 2 years, and the only things that I've needed done on it were regular oil changes, tire rotation, and some air filter replacements. Performance: The car handles very well in all conditions from windy or rainy to snow to hail to muck to steep grades to sunshine, has a little bit of a more stiff suspension so the ride is smooth but you can feel features of the road, and responds well to everything you throw at it. Braking is pretty smooth and it can stop on a dime in times of need, twisty turny roads are a blast and easily navigable, and while I haven't done off-roading, some more rough roads don't slow it down. The all wheel drive comes in handy in slippery or even everyday situations, and overall it is a great fun car to drive that is very practical. Comfort: We've had several long road trips in the CX-5 and enjoy the comfort of being a driver or a passenger, it is very spacious and the seat is designed for lots of sitting. Even the dog has plenty of room on trips in the backseat, and there is plenty of space for luggage in the back. For my everyday commute, I am very comfortable in the car as well. Features: I ended up adding a roof rack after purchasing so I could carry bikes or a roof carrier if I bring along more people on my adventures, but there is plenty of room in the car as well. The technology is very intuitive, and I am probably going to upgrade to Apple Carplay because I want to keep the car for a long time and they started installing it in my car at Mazda. Heated seats, blind spot monitoring, a rearview camera, and great gas mileage for a crossover make this car a definite winner to me.

- Amber H

My Mazda cx-5 2017 experience.

I chose the Mazda cx-5 because I was expecting a baby and needed extra room. I was previously in a Nissan Altima coupe which was very low to ground and not very backseat friendly. The cx-5 has been the perfect size for us. I am able to get my son in and out with ease. There's plenty of trunk space which was pretty important since we travel a lot. I have had the vehicle for almost a year and it has been very reliable. I feel very safe in it. Performance lags a little behind what I am use to in vehicles. There's a delay when trying to accelerate which is a little concerning when getting on the highway. Also when making big turns, something seems off which I'll need to take in soon to get checked out. The interior of the car can somewhat stain easily. There's a big mark on my seat that I haven't been able to get up but with the dark interior, it is hard to notice. Other than that, I love my car. The sound system is awesome. It uses Bose which is very clear. I have never had a back up camera which is extremely helpful and makes me feel more secure while driving with my little one. The navigation and app features are also a plus. I am able to connect my phone through Bluetooth and stay connected to my texts, calls, and music! I have already had one oil change which was complimentary through Mazda. With an appointment, I was only there for about 30 minutes before I was on the road again. They were very friendly and helpful. Although more expensive, I will definitely be taking my car back.

- Jade S

Luxury and Smooth Driving

I looked around for a small SUV that had the comfort and style of a Mercedes Lexus or BMW and to my surprise the Mazda CX-5 had everything that I was looking for, the exterior and interior design are so elegant, the interior leather seats makes you feel like if you are in heaven, all the gadgets are super easy to understand, Bluetooth was a must for my purchase and setting up my phone was no hassle, it's economy is something that adds up the love for this car since my commute is quite far, the back seat is very roomy perfect for my 4 legged babies. This is a car that I feel secure in because of all of the alerts that has for when you are backing up on trying to change lanes, this was my first car with a rear camera and to be honest it took awhile for me to get used to it, but now I can't live without, the audio system is very cool Bose speakers are very well balanced so since my commute is long this was Aldo a must, it has a console in the middle of the two seats and in the steering wheel so you are not really distracted when answering phone o changing music. I've had my CX-5 for 3 years now and I haven't have any issues with its engine or any other mechanical parts, just the usual wipers wearing out. Overall it's an amazing car, good looking and I believe that luxury brands are not worth it, after checking out most makes the Mazda CX-5 surprised me and am very happy with it.

- Katya A

The vehicle is extremely luxurious.

The ride is very luxurious feeling. The leather interior is beautiful. The trim is gorgeous. The detail of stitching in the steering wheel is amazing! The touchscreen navigation in the dashboard is very convenient. No CD player though. Smooth ride. Easily seats 5 people. The driver's seat can be customized quite a bit to fit your driving style. Heated seats and steering wheel. One of the best features is that it will remind you when things like oil changes or tire rotations are due. Especially if you're forgetful like me! Huge trunk space. Enough to fit tons of bowling equipment. Which can be very heavy. Sport mode is amazing! Handles well in the snow. The only problems I really have are with the blind spot sensors. Sometimes the blind spot sensors on the side view mirrors will alert you when there is nothing in your blind spot. Vice versa sometimes it will not alert you when there is something in your blind spot. Additionally after first purchasing the vehicle there was an issue with the back up camera sensor that needed to be replaced.

- Nicole M

"Vehicle is absolutely phenomenal on gas".

Mazda cx-5 crossover SUV refines every element of Mazda’s design and technology, raising the bar for the line-up’s combination of fuel efficiency, driving fun, award-winning looks and top-class safety. I love my 2017 Mazda cx-5. My exterior is white, and what would be perfect is to offer cognac leather seats. Also the cx-5 needs to have a power liftgate, heated seats, and a few extras that would make my vehicle perfect. The highlights are fuel economy and Bose speakers. Focusing on the absolutely phenomenal gas!! Options however were limited in the interior color options, auto tailgate was not an option, heated steering was not an option, rear seats do not have heat/cooling options, sunroof does not have an automatic close or move, all windows should be powered up and down (one touch), backup camera needs more clarity and warning improvements, rearview mirror needs more adjustability, front seats need more power options, and smart technology and radio signal strength definitely needs work. Overall very pleased with my vehicle.

- Nicole E

Safety, comfort and reliability features with the best style.

My driver seat and steering wheel allows me to comfortably drive, depending on the feel of my body and how I wish to move things. The cx-5 had a number of new safety features added, is AWD and great on gas which gives me satisfaction in knowing I am driving a reliable, safe, vehicle that will get me from point A to point B, and will last. I actually spoke with my dealer today regarding the possibilities of buying out my car after my lease is up. The cx-5 has a tablet screen in the middle of the dash which allows me to control all music, GPS, and communication features right from the center of both of my seats with a round button that clicks from side to side and turns, allowing me to push down to select options. These leaves me with the ability to drive, and use my non-driving hand to navigate to a specific request, while watching the road without distraction.

- Chelsea B

Mazda CX-5 is a great family car with these important details

no problems with the car yet, it drives smoothly even on bumpy roads, you're not flying out of your seat. The car does not work without the key being next to it or in it, so it is safe and the front seats warm up during the cold days, the radio works well and it has a navigation system to hook your phone to, as well as the car taking phone calls. The steering wheel has easy access buttons to turn up and down the volume, take and end calls, etc. the car is quite comfortable and in the back seats, the middle comes down and the seats come down for extra room. The car has cup holders in the middle of the back seats as well as on the doors of the car. Overall the car is an excellent family car and does perfectly well for road trips. I have nothing bad to say about the car.

- Miranda B

How I Feel about My Mazda

Personally, I have one of the best cars on the road right now. It has every feature someone could ask for and it the perfect fit for me. The color is red and it makes me feel so cool! I have seat heaters, sport mode, fully foldable back seats, a huge hatchback trunk, and even a projection onto the road of what speed limit I am driving. Every time I want to impress someone I let them sit in the driver seat and see my projector. It can keep me from driving too close to another vehicle and constantly updates me on my speed and what the current speed limit is on the road I'm driving. The interior is also a talking point. I have white leather and the combination of the interior and the exterior makes my car look like it's worth a million bucks.

- Mary Parker H

The car looks nice from the outside.

I like the Mazda cx-5, but it is a touch to small for my needs and the pickup is much slower than my previously owned cx 9. Also the only interior color available or when I purchased was black, not the beige color Mazda offers that I prefer. It is virtually impossible to keep clean as everything shows on the black color. The 4 cylinder engine is slow compared to my previous 6 cylinder, but I was assured I wouldn't notice it. I looked a it after driving a while, you cannot help but notice. The car does not have the same power in spite of the claims that the new engine runs better, it may but it is slower to get going. All in all I don't mind the vehicle but will probably get a new one in a few years.

- Suzanne G

The Mazda CX-5 is an excellent choice for someone looking for a small SUV.

The Mazda CX-5 is very sporty. It handles well and is very responsive. It is very well appointed and I love the heads up display on the windshield. The interior leather is nice and holds up well with children. The display for music, navigation and phone are easy to use and do not distract the driver. I have only had a few issues with the overhead camera sensor on very foggy days which are rare in my area. This has only impacted the automatic braking system for a short time and has resolved itself when visibility improved. Overall, my experience with the Mazda CX-5 has been great and I always recommend it to those looking for a small SUV.

- Kelly G

My Mazda aims above its class

My CX-5 continues to impress me well after I bought it. The interior and exterior both have a very premium feel when compared to other mainstream vehicles in the class. It is also one of the quietest vehicles that I test drove while on the expressway. It could use a bit more power with its naturally aspirated engine though it is competitive with engines available in the competition. My favorite features are the full color head up display and all of the advanced safety technology. For the scale of the company when compared to major automobile manufacturers, Mazda makes some very impressive cars well worth consideration.

- James S

I love my car! Mazda cx-5 (touring).

This feels like a luxury vehicle with a cheap price. I love the way it drives. The fax leather seats make it really comfortable and stylish looking. It has heated seats, Bluetooth, sunroof, navigation, backup camera, automatic trunk door, and other details I thought I wouldn't be able to have all together with the amount I could spend. It is relatively new, so I haven't had any problems with it yet. I get a lot of compliments on this car. The gas mileage while street driving could be better. The shape of the car on the front end has caused me to tap into things because it extends out farther than I expect.

- Kathleen O

Premium grand touring Mazda cx five.

If you are thinking of a new car, seriously look into Mazda. My cx-5 I have had for a year and madly in love with everything it offers. I do have the premium grand touring 2017 and this car comes with everything! All black leather interior, Bose speakers, backup camera, the best gas mileage, detectors for changing lanes, and also to mention Mazda does car services every three months. It is also the perfect mom car, so spacious, easy to clean interior and over all so cute! Also to mention it has a holographic dashboard, the Bluetooth setup is super easy, touchscreen stereo and navigation. It is a must buy!

- Joel C

It is very luxurious for a non-luxury car.

I love the interior style. It makes it feel very upscale, which is not found in the competitive CR-V. I have owned my CX-5 for almost a year now, and have had 0 issues. The infotainment system is awesome. It includes everything from media to traffic maps to favorite contacts. I wish it did have Apple Carplay, but maybe in the future. The beige leather-blend seats are easy to maintain and I have a dog. No one has complained about space, It has fit all of my groceries as well as luggage for four people. It truly is a wonderful car.

- Maria O

Mazda cx 5 is fun and comfortable car to drive.

I feel that the Mazda cx 5 is a great car. It is dependable and very comfortable to drive. Given that I have the grand touring version it is loaded and has everything I would want in the car. I really cannot live without the heated seats, navigation, backup camera and the Bose stereo system. The only thing I wish it did was be compatible with apple phones via CarPlay. It goes great in the snow with its all wheel drive and also gets excellent gas mileage for a car its size. I love to drive this car.

- Randy M

Mazda CX-5 the luxury small SUV without the expensive price tag

The 2017 Mazda CX-5 has the look of a luxury small SUV without the price tag. The cruise control basically drives the car for you once it is set and you choose how many car lengths you want to stay behind it will stop and slow down accordingly. The heated seat covers and sunroof that come with the Grand Touring give an added touch you never knew you needed. The car isn't exactly a speed racer but it is extremely reliable and comfortable. I could not be happier with my choice in vehicle.

- Nicole C

Comfortable, reliable small SUV

I have been really satisfied with my CX-5, it is comfortable, provides a quiet ride, and a smooth ride. The control panel is simple yet informative with options to have a use based oil change cycle if you commit to using full synthetic oil. The vehicle sits high to give a good view of traffic, but is small enough to be maneuverable in the city. The passenger areas are comfortable, but the black interior can get very hot in the sun, I've tinted my windows and highly suggest doing so.

- Stephanie F

Practical and reliable but sleek and modern.

I love my Mazda CX-5 for its performance, convenience, and comfort. This is my second CX-5 and have not had any mechanical issues with either. The center controls take some getting used to however it does assist with driver safety as the touch screen is disabled while the car is in motion. Navigation is accurate and descriptive. My only issue is the color of my seats (beige) easily pick up color from blue jeans so seat covers are a must (I used towels).

- Dawn C

This car drives very quietly and smoothly. It is a great choice of midsize SUVs for long trips.

I like the visibility in the CX-5. I do wish the drivers seat adjusted just a tad higher so I could see the speedometer with the wheel in its lowest position. I also wish there were somewhere to prop my arms while driving. I have the base model and I am disappointed that there are NO cup holders in the rear of the vehicle and that the two in the front seat are behind my driving position. This car also has less interior storage than my Prius did.

- anne h

Great mpg/ stylish/ comfy.

My 2017 Mazda cx-5 drives very smooth, and it has great traction control when it rains. I love the features, especially the touch screen. I also love how great it is on gas mileage. I average 28.9 mpg. It has everything I want in a vehicle. I honestly cannot think of a downside. We drove 12 hours this past summer, and it was possibly the most comfortable I have been in a vehicle for that duration of time. The seats are extremely comfy.

- Shan R

The Mazda CX-5 has been the perfect first car for me.

Mazda CX-5 drives so smoothly. There's no jolt on the pedals, and is extremely easy to drive. The gas mileage is amazing. The sound system is clear and has good bass when turned up. The only downside to the vehicle is that there are no air conditioning vents in the rear seats, so passengers in the back often complain about temperature. Otherwise, it's the perfect car, very safe and practical and gets you where you need to go smoothly.

- Emily S

Perfect SUV for day to day or the long haul!

My car is the black Mazda cx-5 sport. It has black microfiber interior and the seats are extremely comfortable. It has a touchscreen that includes navigation, Bluetooth compatibility. It has a very roomy trunk. It is the perfect sized SUV without being too big. It also gets great gas mileage and does great on long road trips. The sound system is very high quality as well and the car is easily to clean because of the microfiber.

- Maura G

I love the Mazda CX-5 and would purchase it again in the future.

It has great performance, accelerates well. It has good gas mileage. I enjoy the heated seats and the moon roof. It has good interior space. I have not had any problems so far with the car, but I believe I will need to change the breaks soon, so about 3 years in. I wish the controls for internal temperature were digital, so I could set my car to a degree instead of guessing and just turning a hot and cold dial.

- Sonia B

My review on the Mazda cx-5

Very small crossover, drives great beautiful shape. I honestly don't have any problems but the space issue, it's hard to fit the full 5 people in the car. The back seats a tad on the tight side. But the trunk is very big and spacious. More than enough room if you go grocery shopping. Great on the road drives smooth. Great Bose sound system, one of the best details of the car is the Bose system.

- Selena M

Still very happy with my Mazda cx-5!

I have had no reliability issues with my vehicle. Nor with the prior two Mazda’s. I really enjoy the power (there when you want or need it) and handling. I find it very comfortable on short or long trips. The package I chose has heated seats which is super helpful in Wisconsin. All other features seem to me to be on par or better than the closest competition. Very happy with my Mazda!

- Jackie T

My comfortable and smart SUV.

I have not experienced any problems with the car. It is roomy, has ample storage and gets decent mileage. I love the GPS, the keyless aspects and the side mirror alerts. The dealership does a great job with service/oil changes. I will certainly consider getting another cx-5 when my current lease expires, as long as the pricing is reasonable when compared to other vehicles in the same category.

- Louis L

My Dream My Life My Mazda

I love my red Mazda the heated leather seats, it's very roomy and great for families. The blind spot lights in the rear view The blind spot signifiers in the rearview mirrors are complete Lifesavers mirrors are lifesavers, and the back up camera helps me keep my kids and the rest of the world safe. It's not a loud car by any means But the Bluetooth touch screen stereo is pretty awesome.

- Taylor L

Perfect car for a small family

This is my second time owning a Mazda. First was a 2006 Mazda 3. I absolutely loved that car and never had any issues with it. Needed simply to upsize after having a baby. The CX-5 is perfect size for our small family. Car seat fits great in the back seat and my daughter is always safe. Runs like a champ, smooth, clean, sporty for a "mom car". Can't say enough good about it honestly.

- Kristin W

Luxury feel, discounted price.

Love everything about my car except for the brown stitching on the border of the black leather seats. It is a really fun car to drive. Safety features are wonderful. Looks like a luxury vehicle. Without the luxury vehicle price tag. The navigation feature that comes equipped with the car is not my favorite, but it gets me by if I am using it, so cannot really complain about that.

- Dina V

Reliable sporty crossover.

No issues. I love the way this car looks and how it drives. I get constant compliments on how my car looks and feels. It is a great car, especially for the price. It has great safety features such as lane keep assist, blind spot monitoring, and radar cruise control. I love the automatic lift hatch in the back as well as the backup cameras. The ride is smooth and very quiet.

- De L

Sports mode is great for long drives.

I love the performance. Great for long drives and great on gas. I have driven from New York to Florida and from New York to Las Vegas and back to NY. Seats four adults comfortably and 3 kids in the back with 2 up front. Sports mode is another amazing feature. Makes the drive feel great and cruise at high speed without feeling the road bumping and rough. It's a smooth drive.


Runs extremely well and perfect size!

We absolutely love our cx-5. Great space and a midsize SUV and the trunk has a lot of space also! Love the combo leather/suede seats (does not stain). Me and my significant other are over 6 feet tall and can both sit in the front and still have people comfortably in the back seat! My only complaint is air flow in the back seat is not as strong as I feel like it should be.

- Kayla A

Great car, highly recommended

it is very reliable car, very safe to drive. My family and I really enjoy driving it every single day. We also often go to trips that are 2-5h drive and never had an issue. The only thing we needed in the past 2 years are new tires. Not sure if there is an issue with tires or just NY roads. There are lot of potholes, large nails that punch tires on daily basis.

- Selena A

Missing some features. Like the beeps esp. With backup camera.

Very easy to drive includes many safety features I have not had any maintenance issues since purchase. Very easy to park handles very in snow rain. I do have touring and very disappointed does not have fog light, trailing headlights. Grand touring more expensive has more comfort upgrades than safety features. Safety features should be standard on all models.

- Ann Z

Sporty looking utility vehicle and fun to drive.

Fast acceleration. Comfortable seats and armrests on the doors and center console. Has a lot of electronic outlets in the center console. Blind spot monitoring on the side mirrors is great when driving on busy roads. Sound system is nice. No real complaints about this vehicle. The splitting of the back seats when they fold down is also a very nice feature.

- Erin B

Fun car to drive and best SUV ever owned.

I haven't had any problems with my car. I love that it has a back up camera and that it is so fun to drive. It is very useful for when you have travel or just move some things around. I love how it drives and that you can control the stereo without taking your eyes off the road. It has Bluetooth capability and you can charge your phone at the same time.

- Ashley J

Reliable mini SUV with luxury features!

I have had this car for roughly 10 months and absolutely love it! It is really smooth, quiet interior when I am driving and has great technology features that do not distract me as I drive. In addition, it is reasonably priced for the amount that the purchaser receives. It is ranked high in safety as well, which led me to my decision to purchase it.

- Kelsey G

It is a sporty compact SUV. It is affordable.

I like my vehicle. The way it drives, rides, and looks. One thing I dislike is the drivers assist. It is too dramatic. It will come to a complete stop when it is unnecessary. But the car is sporty like I like. I like the white pearl color on the exterior and the black leather interior. The back seat lays flat so I also have a good amount of storage.

- Casey M

My Mazda is great for daily commutes and comfortable for vacationing.

I love my vehicle. It is dependable, and stylish. I have leather seats that are extremely comfortable. Large trunk space for moving items or vacationing. My car is roomy with great leg space. Great car to have. Nice stylish wheels and tinted windows. I love the Bluetooth for hands free phone and pas to start feature. Great car to drive. Smooth ride.

- Maria T

Black CV-5, four door, hatchback,

I love my car, it doesn't have all the fancy gadgets you could add to it. But the lane assist, the Cruz's control work really well. I like that with the Cruise control all I have to do is set my speed and my car length and the car does the rest. If the car in front of me slows down I don't have to push on the break. The car does it automatically.

- McKenzie P

My first Mazda...Not the last.

The leather seats are soft and creamy. The seat warmer is great with 3 variations. I wish I had the steering wheel warmer. Handling is great, smooth ride, great gas mileage, love the automatic wipers. The only negative I can think of is the second row seating... Not much leg room for passengers, but the seats fold down to great storage space.

- Cj M

Sleek and elegant midsize SUV with a heated steering wheel.

My favorite part of my car is the heated steering wheel. It is also a lot quieter internally than the older models. It looks sleek and feels like a more expensive car. All the seats have heated seats and the trunk space is large for a mid size SUV. Also knowing the newer models have Apple carplay now makes me excited for the future of Mazda.

- Haley D

Luxury SUV for great price!

My car drives extremely smooth. The interior is very luxurious. It has 4 wheel drive and does well in bad weather conditions. I appreciate that the driver's area is large enough to fit someone taller and larger comfortably. The interior was made well for a midsize SUV. I also enjoy the large trunk space and that the back seat folds when.

- Nicole D

Easy to drive, drives like a sedan!

We have only had the vehicle for two months but so far we are very impressed with it. You can hear little to no road noise while driving and you can tell the car was built with quality in mind. Everything is nice to the touch. We love the automatic on/off of the bright lights and windshield wipers. Great SUV for our family thus far.

- Heather M

Mazda CX-5: highly recommended!

My Mazda CX-5 gets great gas mileage. It gets anywhere from 24-28 miles per gallon! It is AWD and does really well in the snow! I love the trunk that is an automatic lift when you push the button. It is a very sturdy, spacious car. Also, I take it to the local Mazda dealer for maintenance and I get a loaner car for the day for free!

- Lis H

Practical family car for everyday needs.

Practical car with ample trunk space and seating for a small family on the go. Seats are comfortable and the seating space inside is roomy enough for 5 people. Car provides great mileage and is not a gas guzzler like many SUVs. It is an easy-to-drive vehicle that has a lot of great features like blind spot detection and rear camera.

- Steph E

My car is sporty, cute and great in the snow. I luv the seat warmers!

Look, I have been a lifelong Toyota person but I liked the style of this car. I think it is cute, it is good on gas and dependable. There are some tech I could do without, and some extras I should have gone for, but here in Ohio, snow/ice is king, so I feel safe on the road. I have noticed the electronics act goofy when it is cold.

- Jill F

Reliable, typical 2018 SUV.

Overall, I really do enjoy the Mazda cx-5. I upgraded to this car from a 2006 CR-V and it is everything I was looking for and then some. This SUV is a smooth ride and has easy to set up Bluetooth features. Nice sleek design, and in my opinion, the perfect sized SUV. Only downside I can think of is limited legroom for passengers.

- Mike I

Classy, fuel efficient, but most of all SAFE!!

very reliable and has a decent mileage. The interior design is really classy. The safety is another strength of the vehicle. I've had a few experience where the car in front of me takes a sudden unexpected break but my vehicle has pulled the automatic safety brake to protect my car from crashing into the vehicle in front of me.

- Ken F

Best Car I've Owned! 5 stars!

Infotainment is slightly outdated, but can be fixed by upgrading to CarPlay. Driving is a breeze, although you have to be careful, because you can easily speed in this vehicle. I've never broken down, so I think this car is very reliable. I feel safe driving my nephew around in the vehicle. Not to mention, it's a beautiful car!

- Jessica G

The fuel mileage is the best thing about the car. , without question.

The Mazda cx-5 is by far one of the best cars I have ever purchased. The size of the vehicle is perfect for what I need in a car. Storage space is great for the car size and the layout inside from the dashboard to the footboards is awesome. Would recommend to anybody who is looking for durability and great gas mileage as well.

- Shane O

The 2017 Mazda CX-5 is zippy, comfortable, and safe.

My car is zippy and roomy. I love that it has a Bluetooth connection, but it always takes a long time to properly connect, and when it connects, it skips around for a few seconds. The safety features are great - I love that the mirrors warn me if another vehicle is in my blind spot. Lastly, the car has a great turning radius!

- Julia R

The title of my review is the amazing things that I like about my vehicle.

I do not have any current problems with my vehicle. My Mazda cx-5 touring vehicle is very reliable as far as transportation. The comfort level of this car is so comfortable. This car has amazing features that are available. This car is really amazing I love to drive around in this car it makes me feel responsible and cool.

- Cassandra E

Safe, reliable and spacious.

I have not had problems with my Mazda cx-5 so far. The safety characteristics are nice, though the automatic break can get a little annoying sometimes. The car is comfortable and spacious. I was able to move all my stuff from one apartment to the next by putting the seats down and using the trunk. The car is very reliable!

- Maddie M

It is a beautiful, red crossover. It has plenty of space and style.

I love this car. It is comfortable and has all the latest technology. It is also very stylish. The only thing I do not like about it is that it does not have some small features of the upgraded model which I could not afford. This would just be small things like a sunroof or cup holders/charging station in the back seat.

- Emily A

The car is safe and comfortable.

I love everything about my Mazda cx-5. No problems. Performance is great - I love that it is a crossover but still maintains that sporty feel (plus has the turbo button!). Very reliable and comfortable. Grand touring trim comes with all of the latest features and they are worth it. The car practically drives itself.

- Caitlin T

Love my Mazda cx-5- best choice!

My vehicle drives smooth and have a classic look to it. The technology features are amazing! My car has so many features that I didn't have before like the automatic locking feature and the multiple light options! The best feature I would say is the dual temperature zone so you and your passenger can be comfortable.

- Britt S

Roomy and comfortable however windshield cracked twice

I really love this car. It's the perfect size for a family of 3. All of the back seats fold completely flat which is great for moving and transporting large items, or for dogs. The one problem is that the front windshield has cracked twice from rocks while driving on the freeway. But overall, I'm very satisfied.

- Vanessa N

Overall is good! The car alert systems are great!

Overall the vehicle is good! The problem is us. We have 1 baby and have family visiting really often so it is not enough room for all of us. And since we do not sit on the backseat we didn't see that it does not have an a/c on the back when we purchased it so summer time is too hot for our baby in the backseat.

- Jasmine P

The CX-5 is a good ride. There is ample front seat leg room and spacious trunk.

The car has a very nice ride. The seats are not very comfortable and the front passenger seat is difficult to maneuver some of the features. There is very limited leg room in the back seat. There is great trunk space and the back seats lay down making additional room for larger items. Overall the car is ok.

- Victoria G

Excellent small SUV with great features

Very reliable car that looks great inside and out. Plenty of space for passengers in the front and back row. Ample storage space in the trunk. Great features that come standard including touch screen display and heated safes. High safety rating with features like brake assist and blind spot monitoring

- Sarah M

All about the Mazda cx-5 SUV.

I love my Mazda cx-5. The handling is amazing, the way the windows keep the wind out makes the ride so quiet. The cx-5 has so many safety features including backup camera, lane change alerts. It also has cruise control detection where it slows down on its own if you are approaching a car too closely.

- Whitney T

Buy a Mazda for its amazing value.

The cx-5 has a very luxurious interior. There is leather and a very stylish console. The interior is much nicer than some expensive cars. It is very comfortable and drives like a car. Very smooth ride. I have had no problems with it at all. It performs impeccably and is an amazing car for the money.

- Jessica L

Beauty and Safety Features make it stand out

It is beautiful, gets 26 mpg in city, 30 for long trips. It has very good lumbar support, drives beautifully. Moving the driver's seat is motorized. It can move up and down as well as backward and forward. The back up camera is great and there are warning sounds if someone is in my blind spot.

- Patricia H

Sporty and versatile with great get up and go.

No issues. Performance and handling are great as well as dashboard. Low maintenance and good mileage. Lots of cargo room and seats fold back nicely. Easy to use information s teen with Bluetooth and great sound system. Accelerates and brakes very well and no recalls on the vehicle. Very safe.

- Sam K

Modern Luxury for the most affordable price

Extreme comfort, smooth drivability, state of the art features. Modern design stands out from the rest of the segment and mirrors those in the expensive luxury class. Gas mileage could be better but not the worst. The room inside the cabin is very spacious. Speaker system is exceptional.

- Ryan L

My Mazda SUV cx 5 review ii.

Trying to get used to all the technology - takes time. Very smooth and quiet ride. Wonderful response and the warnings are great. Many ways to personalize. Very comfortable seats. Roomier than I expected. Good gas mileage. Love reminders for service. Have a great dealership for service.

- Barbara M

Slightly more expensive than I wanted but it is a great car!

Auto breaking was to sensitive and would trigger really easily. Cars interior and exterior quality was fantastic! The cruise control radar was also a great feature as it eliminated a lot of slowing and speeding up. Touch screen was also great and responsive to everything I needed to do.

- Jared K

Great Vehicle with numerous standard features.

I like that my vehicle is higher than a standard car. It is easier to get into. I like the gas mileage. I also like the electronic systems for the radio and connectivity. The cruise control works great and is easy to activate, cancel and update. The air conditioning works great as well.

- Todd L

I like the hatch back feature button.

Keyless entry cumbersome. Do not like screen in car does not always automate. Like the ride and very comfortable. I like the color and interior features. Wish I had more mileage allowance with lease. Car has weird key fob and does not allow you to open a door when another door is open.

- Chris T

Best SUV out on the road.

I love my car however there are no cup holders for the back seat. That would be the only issue I have with it. The engine, and performance are great. The SUV is good on gas and it runs smoothly. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a practical and family friendly car.

- Sher B

My first SUV crossover 2017 Mazda.

Good gas mileage, smooth ride, great turning radius, learning more about the bells and whistles, seating flexibility, blind spot in front, good trunk space, service reminder, dual temperature control, soft leather, had black leather replaced so not as hot, dashboard reflects heat.

- Cj M

Comfortable and reliable driving experience.

Very comfortable. Drives so smoothly. Very quiet. I love the self opening and closing trunk! Extremely reliable. I like to sit up tall and this car allows me to do that. The sight lines are good and the turning ratio is good too. I love driving this car. It is ride is so smooth.

- Carole E

It is everything you could ever want in a vehicle.

My vehicle is an amazing one. There's only one thing I do not like about it, and it is the heating/cooling system. Even if the air is off all of the way, I can still feel it coming out a bit. Other than that, everything is honestly perfect. It is pretty, efficient, and reliable.

- Brittany M

Great car with great value

It's great. My family loves it. I'm the primary driver but my husband also enjoys driving the car. It's been great over 2 years of daily driving and a few road trips have been thrown in as well. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone looking to make a purchase.

- Florence P

2017 Mazda cx-5 grand select.

All leather interior, smart city brake support, touch screen infotainment screen, Bluetooth capabilities, power driver's seat, sunroof, smooth ride, blind spot monitoring system, front and rear cupholders, USB ports in the center console and rear of vehicle, heated front seats.

- Morgan F

Mazda Review - Great car and reliability

It is extremely comfortable seating wise and driving wise. I like the smaller steering wheel as I feel like I have more control. The car drives well in all weather and is able to handle snow well. My only complaint is the car doesn't have CarPlay compatible with Apple just yet.

- Laura D

The navigation showing in the windshield is an amazing feature

It is a smooth ride. No issue to date. I love the fact that I can not only put my lights on auto but I can do the same with my wipers. I like that the navigation shows in my windshield so I don't have to take my eyes off the road. I only wish the seats had a cooling feature

- Margaret D

Reliable and decent option

I don't have any performance concerns all smooth so far just doesn't accelerate very fast. Dependable and reliable, comfortable, like the navigation, decent amount of trunk space. However I don't feel as though there's much leg room in the back. Decent overall in my opinion

- Rachel F

Mazda cx-5 the best crossover SUV.

Drives like a car. Inside simple to understand and use Bluetooth mechanisms. Comfortable seats with lots of legroom. Gauges are simple and easy to understand. Radio and ca offer lots of extra features plus Bluetooth capabilities are easy to use. Stain free seats are a plus.

- Sandy R

High performance Mazda cx-5.

The performance on my car is really good. It is good looking and the car has great mileage. It is easy to drive and it is comfortable with plenty of space inside. It is very high quality for a decent price and I highly recommend this car to anyone looking to buy a new car.

- Emily J

Midnight blue in colour, bright and bold in style.

Smooth drive with a short shift gear change making it satisfying to drive. Very comfortable seats with a range of adjustable settings that can be personalized to each driver easily. Electric handbrake can sometimes stick, only very rarely however, but it happens sometimes.

- Kirsten S

The most interesting detail about my car is that it has amazing speakers.

The problems that I have with my car is that when I open the doors the doors do not stay open sometimes they swing back into the car, the performance is amazing especially in the snow, it is very comfortable with leather seats mixed with the velvet! Also with seat warmers!

- Emily P

2017 Mazda cx 5 grand select luxury at affordable price.

Problems no light in the glove compartments. Reliability- car has been extremely reliable to date. Comfort and features were the main selling points. Moderate price with luxury bells and whistles. Backup camera. Brake assist. Lane assist. Lane departure warning and more.

- Sidney W

Cx 5 sport/turbo great buy.

Great gas mileage, excellent pickup with ac on, perfect family vehicle. Made moving easy. Love the cameras, and safety features such as blind spot notification. Headlights turn with car. XM is a plus. Factory speakers bump.Sport/turbo is great when getting on the freeway.

- Rae K

Compact SUV spacious easily fits 3 in the backseat with lots of legroom.

The touring model includes the navigation system. I have found the navigation system to be very helpful. You can put the address in manually or you can enter it through voice. After first getting the car, the voice can be touchy and not accurately hear what is being said.

- Tyler N

smart cruise control allows you to set distance and speed. It will adjust.

Nice tech features including brake assist, lane departure warning, and smart cruise control. Very spacious, comfortable seats with seat warmers, Bluetooth radio works very well and automatically connects with my devices, smooth ride with sport option, spacious trunk area

- Rachael M

Mazda advantage and disadvantage.

Mazda cx 5 is nice car very comfortable and safe since it has the blind spot and the rear camera this two feature are very important. The only problem Mazda has is the engine sound little bit loud if we compared to other cars otherwise it's very nice car with good price.

- Mel B

The mileage the gas gives you is great, I believe. Nice luxury car without breaking the bank.

Love the Luxury part of it, seat warmers, sunroof, leather interior and stitching. Bose speakers are the best. What I dislike is the automatic drive and safety feature. It automatically slams breaks when i get too close to a car. I don't know how to remove this feature.

- Stephanie V

Great family car to travel the world with

The Mazda CX-5 is a family car and it can be used as a business vehicle as well. The handling of it is very nice as well as the performance. There is not one turn or speed that it can't really go. The towing could be a little better but for a SUV it is very reasonable.

- Megan E

My cx-5 is the perfect family car!

My vehicle is very spacious, drives well, and gets great highway mileage. Not as great mileage in town. But gives me few issues. It is very comfortable. Defrosts and gets warm super fast. I had a fender bender and there was no damage, amazing bumper. I love this car.

- Kathryn F

The car is quality built in and out.

The car is beautiful and draws lots of comments. It has a smooth ride, is extremely comfortable. Great options such as heads up display and other safety features. The only thing I am not happy with is I wish it was apple compatible. The GPS system is not my favorite.

- Cindy M

Not that great, but an okay car.

The screen turns off randomly in the cold, it is loud to drive. It is not that comfortable to sit in. I am not sure why I don't love it, I just do not. The gas is good, but the loud noise of the engine, takes a long time to heat up, and I don't love the heat system.

- Annie F

Technology features galore

I love the auto cruise control where it automatically adjusts your speed to allow for a set following distance from the car in front of you. I also like the blind spot warning and the backup camera. The heated rear seats and USB plugins are a nice feature as well.

- Tanya E

My Mazda cx-5 is a smooth and spacious ride.

The Mazda cx-5 is a smooth drive with amazing sound speakers that pair via Bluetooth to my phone. Channeling clear and crisp music. Back seats are comfortable and spacious. Plenty of trunk space to hold my large grocery runs. All in all a reliable car with style.

- Alice M

Mazda 2017 review for future customers.

My car is very smooth on the road and is very family friendly especially for a sports active family. The car itself is very resourceful when it comes to navigation and I plan to buy one for my son soon. It is very up to speed when it comes to technology as well.

- Eddie T

The cargo room is spacious. It is a comfortable drive even on long trips.

The braking takes a bit of getting used to. I felt like the car was pulling once it got under 15 mph. Other than that, it drives great and the gas mileage is better than my previous vehicle which was an F150. I don't really have any complaints other than that.

- David R

Cx-5 a safe stylish vehicle.

Comfortable ride, back up camera and alert if car person approaching as car in reverse very helpful. Touring model does not have fog lights, or brights following curves in road, automatic bright light dimming as standard it is option. This should be standard.

- Dee S

The Mazda CX-5 is the perfect midsize vehicle ranking at the top of the charts.

I love my car. It has a nice leather interior with heated seats. It has blind spot sensors, adaptive cruise control, brake assist for accidents, lane control, visual display, backup and front cameras and a push button hatch. It also has a rain sensing window.

- Sharon M

Love driving Mazda's. Great brand with a very reasonable price.

Great vehicle. Fun to drive and very reliable. Can't beat the sound system, leather and AWD for the price. I have driven it all over the us and have never had a problem. Very comfortable and very little road noise. I am very loyal to the Mazda brand. Love it!

- Jennifer S

Safe and reliable, could use more space...

It's affordable and comfortable! Not fancy but safe and reliable. I love the backup camera. I do wish that I had more space in the backseat. My kids car seats take up the whole back. It can make the front a little tight when the car seats are rear facing.

- Jessica D

Great color and sound system.

The car drives "sporty" and has an excellent sound system! It is fun to drive and I received an excellent deal. It is a lease that has all the maintenance, tires and essentials covered. Having a car that has "no worries" makes the experience even better.

- Chan W

Reliability of Mazda cx-5.

This is my first SUV and it is amazing. It has great speed and is very reliable. I have taken it on long trips and it is very comfortable. I only buy Mazda because they have always been reliable and the customer service is amazing and very knowledgeable.

- Lisa S

IT's a good family car. IT's safe and reliable. Car seats fit in it the latch system is easy to use. The trunk is big enough for a stroller and groceries.

I Like the way it drives. It fits my car seats comfortably in the back. The one complaint I have is that when the windows are open it hurts the ears if all the windows are not open a little bit. Gas mileage is good for an SUV

- Rebecca A

It has many safety features.

My Mazda cx5 is a smooth ride. Reliable, so far. The technology is easy to navigate. Things I would change would be more storage space in the doors and front seats. Also a CD player would be nice. All in all, love my Mazda cx5.

- Kathleen R

My cx-5 is super fun to drive around town and on long road trips.

I have not had any problems. The AWD worked well when driving to Colorado in the winter. Great on snow and ice. Very comfortable and leather is durable. Air conditioner works fast and gets very cold. Perfect in the Texas heat.

- Jennifer M

I've had no problems with my car. I just need to change the oil, rotate the tires, and I'm good to go.

Lasting Durability. This is my second Mazda, and I bought one because my first had 165,000 miles when I finally traded it in. It only needed normal wear and tear maintenance, and I only traded it because I wanted a new one.

- Katrina S

Good gas mileage and safety features.

The vehicle is the perfect smaller size SUV that gets great gas mileage in its class. The 2017 model has a front camera that overheats in the Arizona sun and malfunctions. Mazda has not been able to resolve this issue yet.

- Lucia J

My automobile is a really good value for the money.

The vehicle feels more upscale than it's price suggests and it includes modern technology features. I've had to replace the front camera, which was under warranty, but concerned if this is an indicator of its reliability.

- jason c

There is absolutely no lower back support. Your back will be on fire if you don't add aftermarket support

It looks like a lady bug from the outside. There is no lower back support but there is plenty of room. The sound system could be improved as well. There's no pick up for speed but it is comfortable for driving distances

- Molly E

Its comfortable and extremely dependable.

I love my car. I have no complaints. It is the perfect size, gets pretty good gas mileage, drives well in snow and has been very dependable. In fact I have owned this model of car 3 times.It is the perfect car for me.

- July A

Fuel efficient/ skyactiv compact SUV, navigation system and enough space in the back

I love the comfort of the small SUV with enough space for a family of four and back storage space. It is energy efficient and save of gas. I haven't had any problems with performance and have had it for three years.

- Janine R

Car design is very nice and the ride is comfortable

The heated seats are quick to warm up. The ride is smooth with good acceleration. I don't like that you can't make changes to the navigation while the car is moving even when there is a passenger to make the change

- Lily H

Looks really nice but I would affordable.

It drives quietly and smoothly. It looks like a luxury car but is affordable. I have the most basic model and it is still pretty nice. Would like a few more bells and whistles but for this price I cannot complain.

- Kylie M

Great features and performance.

The Mazda CX5 is a very reliable car. It comes with rear camera detection and lane departure detection which helps you to avoid crashes and other vehicles. The seats are comfortable and the driving is smooth.

- Stanley M

The Mazda CX-5 is more enjoyable that most would think it is.

For an SUV type car it is very enjoyable to drive. It handles like a much smaller car with not much body roll during corners. A dislike with the car would be that the alarm can be a little quirky at times.

- juan r

It is a Japanese car and is affordable, but is built like the German luxury cars.

I love that it's an SUV but feels like a car from the inside. It's comfortable and I like the driver's window "dashboard" feature. It is made to be similar to a luxury car without the expensive price

- Lori L

Overall fun vehicle to drive.

Performance is very good. Only complaint is radio will not connect with Pandora as is should. Gas mileage is good. Navigation system is very difficult to work. Has Bose sound system that is very loud.

- Chan W

Great all around car, for a decent price and great style.

I love the size of the vehicle. The pickup isn't great, but with the sport addition from the 2015 model it is greatly improved. The gas usage is AMAZING, it's never more than $30 to fill up my tank.

- Jessica P

It has high technology and may take some time to understand.

I like the way the car drives smooth, the safety features, the screen and buttons although I wish some aspects like settings and favorites were easier to navigate. It is comfortable and runs well.

- Molly M

It gets great gas mileage and i.

The brakes squeak after 7000 miles and they will not replace or fix problem. I have had it in for service several times they clean the brakes but still squeak. Dealer is no help in this problem.

- Dana M

Mazda CX-5 GREAT commuter car

MY Mazda CX-5 is the best, most reliable car I have ever owned. The seats are luxurious (tan leather) with a navy exterior. I feel safe driving my car to and from work as I have a long commute.

- Lauren M

My Mazda and its smooth ride

I really enjoy driving this car. It has decent pickup and drives smoothly on the highway. I especially like the heated seats. My only issue is that it seems to attract other cars to hit it.

- Randi C

My Mazda is by far one of the best vehicles I have bought. It's efficient fuel wise and the motor and automatic transmission shifts flawlessly. I have zero gripes with the vehicle itself. For a 4 door SUV, it is perfect for me.

The fuel efficiency is by far the most important thing when it comes to this vehicle. I drive from Long Island to Brooklyn every day and for the distances I drive. My gas mileage is GREAT.

- Shane O

The sport mode is really fun, best feature!

I love this car! Best one I have ever owned. The seats are comfy, and the interior is so sleek and clean. Love the trunk space. Drives smooth and the sport mode is super fun and useful:).

- Hay P

The numerous safety features the car has. I like that it alerts me when a car or person is in my blind spot.

I love my vehicle because of the safety features, sleek design and how it drives. Gas mileage is also good. I like when someone is in my blind spot the car starts to beep to alert me.

- Rupa C

Good looking and effective

I love this mazda new model, I believe is elegant and very pretty. Its fuel consumption is moderate compare to other cars and is performance is amazing. It has work perfectly for me .

- Pamela c

Love driving my smaller SUV.

It is just a fun car to drive after driving a larger SUV for many years. I had been driving minivans prior to my last SUV's. So it is just fun to drive smaller with the sunroof down.

- Laura P

A driver's car in terms of handling and performance.

Replaced a Mazda Tribute that was lost in Hurricane Harvey flood. Much more modern and equipped with current technology. Very happy with the vehicle in terms of quality and style.

- Liana w

The Mazda CX-5 is a sharp looking vehicle and gets good gas mileage.

Love this SUV because it feels like luxury and drives the same. Solid vehicle, gets through snow and is spacious inside. Has heated seats for winter and love the dashboard set up.

- Cheryl W

It looks sleek, but there are some drawbacks in it.

I like that it is an SUV instead of a small car. I also like that it has more room and more power and that it has up to date technology. I dislike that some of it is cheaply made

- katie a

Love driving my new crossover!

My crossover is so fun to drive after driving a SUV and minivans since 1988. The one disappointment is the navigation system! Not worth the extra money! Not user friendly at all!

- Laura P

Affordable with luxury feel.

I have had my Mazda for 8 months now and I absolutely love it. Very smooth, comfortable ride. Low road noise. Great gas mileage. Perfect size to travel in. Visibility is great.

- Nick P

The attention to detail is second to none.

I have not had any issues with my CX-5. It is an absolute pleasure to drive. The CX-5 handles beautifully in all conditions and the equipment is on par with a luxury vehicle.

- James C

It is sleek & cute & the updated body is so much cuter than the old models.

I love my car! It is not a high end vehicle, but it feels high end. It is comfortable and drives really smoothly. I love the leather / suede combo on the seats of my make.

- Katherine R

It is very safe. The braking system has helped me avoid more than one accident!

I have no complaints about my vehicle. It gets good gas mileage. I love the sound system. It is very roomy. The seats fold down and it has almost as much room as a pickup.

- Brenda M

It is the smoothest ride and best daily driver that I've ever owned that gets great gas mileage.

I love the smooth ride of my Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring as well as the great gas mileage. The leather interior is beautiful and the Bose Sound System has excellent sound.

- Catherine L

It has good safety features and handles well.

I love the way it looks and the way it drives. Only dislike is that it took over 2 months to get a new windshield after mine was cracked while driving on the highway.

- Michelle C

It only seats five people at a time.

It is comfortable, handles the road well, seat adjustment are not great. Heated seats are good and hot. Do not like where the gas tank cap release is. It is sporty.

- Cynthia J

It is good on gas with a lot of room.

I like all of the features it has including: cruise control, heated seats, back up camera, and push to start. It is also good on gas. I do not have any dislikes.

- Kay S

I will buy out my lease for this car.

I love the space. I enjoy the camera especially for backing up. I wish it had more power. I love the color and shape of the car. I love the dashboard and seats.

- Michelle B

It feels extremely safe and I have never had any issues with it

I think it is the perfect size SUV and it has a lot of the extras I love. I upgraded for the sport version and love the look of it. I don't have any complaints

- macy L

That the mileage is not amazing, and that it does not have satellite.

It is zippy and can hold quite a bit. It is also very comfortable. The mileage is not that good; it only got 25 mpg on a 1,400 mi road trip I took recently.

- El R

That it is a tank, and will protect me if I am in an accident.

This is a dumb question. Why would you ask this question. Do not like a purple car and wonder that color the person who thought of this question dislikes.

- Walter Z

It is a sporty SUV. It is roomy but still compact.

I love my car. It has awesome safety features and is very reliable. The exterior and interior are both gorgeous and durable for my German shepherd and I.

- Mikayla R

It is the most awesome vehicle made on Earth.

I like the interior and exterior design. I like the speed and precision of the vehicle, especially in turns and freeways. There are no complaints at all.

- Charles S

Miles per gallon. You don't waste so much money on gas and that helps for a good SUV with a lower cost

Good on Gas. It reminds you on the monitor that it needs an oil change or tire rotations. Only downside is the color during the summer it gets too hot

- Vanessa M

The bass is loud I love that part of it.

It handles great in all inclement weather. Great technology and safety features. Looks great and sporty. A lot of legroom in the back and cargo space.

- Dee P

Runs extremely smoothly, the noise inside the car is really super low.

No problem with the car, it runs smoothly, noise is kept to a minimum. I think the mileage could be improved on this model average 29 mpg is too low.

- albert Z

Feel safe on the car. It sits higher than a sedan sl it is easier to get in.

It is a great car. The hands free telephone is my favorite part. Easy to drive great gas mileage. The stereo system is powerful. Comfortably seats 5.

- Christine B

It's very good on gas mileage and reliability. 4wd is good on the mountain

It's very fun to drive, great drivability. And also very comfortable and good looking. Wish it had a bigger engine with a turbo but it performs okay.

- Phillip A

the car drives smoothly and the seats are comfortable

I like the way the car drives. It has a sleek design and has a great blue color. The backseat is a little small and the blind spots seem to be large.

- James M

It has great handling, it drives like a car not an SUV.

I like that my car has a lot of features that i like standard. It has power locks and windows, Bluetooth, blind spot monitors, and a backup camera.

- Alex M

The Mazda CX-5 is the perfect transition vehicle for a family.

I like that it is larger than a car, but I wish it was closer to the size of a CX-7. Sporty looking car and quick. Smaller SUV, but a large trunk.

- Kristen D

My Mazda CX-5 is very reliable also very good on gasoline is considered one of the best SUV in the market.

I think is the best suv ever good on gasoline y love the body shape, the inside interior love it I think my opinion is the best SUV in the Market

- Wilfredo P

It's a great car, reliable and safe, family friendly.

Versatile, all wheel drive. Great in the snow, drove in a blizzard last winter. Good safety ratings, family friendly. Comfortable, fun to drive.

- Jason S

That the brakes squeal after 7000 miles.

Love the feel on it the way it drives and the gas mileage. Do not like the brakes they started squeaking after 7000 miles and continue to do so.

- Dana K

Runs great and is a good all around vehicle.

The car is a good size for my needs. It gets around well in all traffic situations and has plenty of room. Good on gas mileage, has good looks.

- Carolyn J

That it is a mazda and that we love the mazda brand.We have had mazdas for many years now and find them to be great vehicles

Overall I love this car. I love the heated seats and even better the heated steering wheel. I do think it is a little small in the trunk area.

- Kelly M

This suv is the most comfortable and has the best drive of any I've driven or sat in.

I love the comfort and the way the car handles. I love the sound system. I love the roominess of the vehicle. There is nothing I dislike.

- Murray H

The car has great pick up speed and does not lag up hills.

The only thing I dislike is that, because I am only 5'4", when my seat is forward, the center controls and cup holder are a little annoying.

- Kim L

It is well designed and comfortable. I love my cart!

It is well-designed/ It is very comfortable to drive and ride in. It has space to pack to take a child to college. No complaints at all.

- bib k

It was a great deal for the cost.

Love the comfortable ride, space inside, controls are easy to use, clearance under the vehicle, the look and metallic paint on the outside.

- Melissa L

Small suv but plenty of passenger room. Good trunk space. Rides comfortably

No issues since I bought it over a year ago. Wish it had rear temp control and an automatic lift gate. Very comfortable and good features

- Andrea C

A must have car for every day travel!

Perfect size vehicle for my everyday needs. Drives amazing, reliable, good gas mileage and has all the bells and whistles. Love my car.

- Karen Y

The car is very reliable and has valuable safety features.

The car is sporty and has a smooth ride. It has the power to merge into traffic safely. The blind spot monitor is my favorite feature.

- Allie L

It is very sturdy and reliable. I love the way the car never fails me.

I like that it is stable and dependable. It is very controllable and nice looking. I do wish that it came with a better stereo system.

- Mary M

I think the paint job is beautiful. I love that the car feels luxury.

I love the way it handles, looks and the sleek interior. When I looked at all the small SUV?s on the market, the cx- 5 took the cake.

- Meredith A

It is fun to drive. It is has lots of pick up.

No complaints gets good gas mileage. Has comfortable ride. Has plenty of power. I enjoy the stereo sound system. Has good visibility.

- Anita H

Zoom, zoom, zoom! So much speed and power in such a small car.

I love how easy and fun it is to drive. My favorite features are the turbo button for extra speed and power, and the back up camera.

- Lisa Z

It's not too small and not too big, just the right size so it's very easy to drive.

Love my vehicle. Since relatively new, I've had no problems so far. It has good performance and the fuel economy is pretty good.

- Gail O

It is efficient and compact. The trunk room is small, this is good if you are traveling short distance or do not have many passengers.

Drives well and is very gas efficient. The seats are comfortable. However, I wished that the interior and trunk room was bigger.

- Saelina L

It is great on gas. It is easy to drive. Great leg room for taller people.

How it offers a smooth ride. Comfort inside the cabin. Well equipped with various optional features that are easy to navigate.

- Laura E

Mazda Cx 5 - great family car

This car is a really great car for the price. the only problems are no apple carplay and slow acceleration. good family car.

- Colleen L

Great gas mileage, better than expected.

Better than tested fuel economy. Incredibly smooth shifting 6 speed transmission. Not noticeable 4 wheel drive, great ride.

- Bilbo K

I love the safety features

there are no problems. It is very comfortable for long rides. The car is very spacious. The safety features are very helpful

- susan s

Fun to drive in town and on long road trips. Very reliable.

I haven't had any problems. AWD works great on trips to Colorado in February with snow and ice. Fun to drive. Love Mazdas!

- Jenn M

My Mazda CX-5 has very good gas mileage for a Sport Utility Vehicle.

I like the driver assistance features. It is comfortable on long trips. It is roomy. It is expensive to service though.

- William D

Good on gas. I am always in it and the gas mileage is much better than my other Mazda.

I like that it's good on gas, runs smooth, and cheaper with car payments. I used to have the CX-9 and it was much roomier.

- Alison G

Good overall car for safety, accessories, AWD and comfort.

Dislike how gutless it can be when stepping on the gas. I like how much room there is. I like how it handles in the snow.

- Jessica S

It gets us where we?re going in relative comfort.

No major complaints. Radio could work better; promised integration with phone apps does not work (for example, Pandora).

- Sherry T

It has amazing safety features, it makes/keeps driving safe.

I've only had it for about a month so I am still loving the "new car" aspect. Otherwise, it has all the features I want.

- Vicki H

Gas mileage is 26 mpg, safety is good, comfort is great and fun to drive.

Just love my cx-5. It is fun to drive, it is super comfortable. It fits all my shopping. Love the GPS and Sirius radio.

- Nina K

It has a small gas tank capacity, so gas needs to be refilled often.

I love the handling of the car. I just wish it had a bigger gas tank and better mpg. I also love the exterior looks!

- Ivana H

It has great features and options and performs well

I like the functionality and features. It has good options. It handles well. I wish it was a little better quality.

- Bla A

Good, but I expect it more.

Good performance and fuel economy. The gas tank last for almost 400 miles per gallon. I don't like the ac system.

- cristi s

With that size of midsize SUV, it has a good engine with mileage

I like the appearance of the car, way to drive, and mileage. Some convenient equipments are lacking, like carplay

- Michael W

Its safety is the best feature.

I love my vehicle because it is extremely safe. It feels luxurious. It is a smooth drive and is great on mileage.

- Madeline S

It looks and feels much more expensive than it actually is!

Love my vehicle. Drives super smooth and the interior is luxurious. Not the best on gas mileage but not terrible!

- Morgan B

Great car. Sporty looking and great gas mileage.

No issues, very well made, rides very smooth and quite, great gas mileage. A name you can trust, will buy again.

- Mark S

It drives really smooth and I get lots of compliments on the color of it

I don't like the keyless fob I miss not having a CD player I also miss not being able to turn it on from indoors

- Rosie l

It gets good gas mileage for a SUV.

Likes: good gas mileage, handles nice, looks good, back up camera, auto cruise control and blind spot detection.

- Nicole T

My van is reliable and comfortable. It rarely has any issues.

Love there ride, look, and interior specs. Do not like the mileage to year warranty. Decent mileage per gallon.

- Joshua K

Mazda cx 5 sport compact SUV review.

Its very easy to operate and comfortable to drive every day. It allows you to be high up and see the road well.

- David G

Maintain the car and it will last a long time.

Good quality, nicely built, gets good gas mileage and is comfortable to ride in. Plus the price was reasonable.

- Adam U

All the bells and whistles at an affordable price with great service.

This car has all that I could ask for. Bluetooth, great handling, and comfort. All the technology I could want.

- Dominic H

Love it, I am sure I will not have any problems with it for there next 10 years.

I love the vehicle haven't had any problems at all, been driving it for almost a year, it is very comfortable.

- Elizabeth R

Wonderful SUV for whole family

Fuel economy, safety, beautiful outside, spacious, comfortable, sensor everywhere, elegant and wonderful SUV

- Stefanie A

Looks great rides great. Feels like a more expensive car

I like the ride the style the pickup the comfort the technology. I dislike the transmission sometimes jumps

- Robert V

Inside is very stylish and comfortable. Large legroom

It is very quiet inside. You can barely hear noise of engine outside and it is comfortable. Lots of legroom.

- Gilda G

It's handling and its size is terrific. The gas mileage is a bit on the high side.

Like the way it handles and it's size. The thing missing is a compass. The nav system is extremely helpful.

- Edwin B

Excellent vehicle choice!

Smooth ride. Low maintenance excellent warranty dealership we deal with is awesome. This is our 4th mazda

- Donna J

Incredible gas mileage and its very "zippy". It's sleek and attractive as well.

It handles amazingly. Excellent gas mileage. Love the zoom-zoom! Extremely comfortable even on long drives.

- Lori O

That is it is bright red in color.

I like the size of the car. I like that it's easy to drive. I like the gas mileage. So far no complaints.

- Bree F

It is very safe and completable.

Bells and whistles for diagnostics, dual temperature.. Comfortable ride, quiet, back up camera.. Roomier.

- Carol M

The Price and Safety of the SUV for the people in the car .

I like the technology of the CX-5. Also Love the design of the SUV. And most of all the price of the SUV.

- Cookie C

That is a great car and you should have one.

There's nothing I do not like about our vehicle it drives great and all conditions I could not complain.

- Jeffery B

Safety wise it is one of the best.

I love the safety features that come with my car. It handles great in all weather. I have no complaints!

- Lauren S

It is fun to drive and looks great. The car is very safe.

I like the size of the vehicle. I like the styling of the vehicle. I like the way the vehicle drives.

- Carol L

Electronic features that tell us when cars or people are close to the vehicle

The rear view camera is helpful. Side camera tells us when cars are in our blind spot. Smooth driving.

- Abby S

When driving, I feel that my family is safe and secure.

It's big enough for my family. It's an affordable vehicle. It gets good gas mileage. It looks nice.

- Ashlea P

Great on fuel mileage. And has plenty of comfortable space for passengers

I love my cx-5. It has plenty of room for long trips. And it's not a gas guzzler like a large suv.

- Val l

It's both pretty and it's great on gas. It has a lot more room than it looks.

I like the looks of it. I like the way it drives. I'm not a fan of the cheap outdoor-like carpet.

- Wendy B

best bang for the buck in class including gas mileage

roomy, great gas mileage, lots of extras for such a low price, good pickup. Nothing I dislike.

- Samantha S

It is very comfortable to drive and feels bigger than it looks.

I love my car. It's roomy and efficient. I've owned multiple Mazda's and will continue.

- Scott S

It has a heated steering wheel and automatic high beams!

It handles well. It is very safe. It has wonderful features for comfort and safety

- Lyn B

It's safe, comfortable and economic It doesn't have apple play

Love the color, safety and comfortably I don't like that doesn't have remote start

- Fabiana C

I love the options that came with the car and the look of the car, but I wish it was a little faster.

It's AWD, luxurious but also sporty, and drives like a car but it's a small SUV.

- Shayla J

I like the design. Wish it had more leg room in the back seat and more trunk space.

It's got great gas mileage, sleek design. Needs more leg room and storage space.

- Jessica H

You cannot turn off the radio/nav, but other than that it's fun to drive.

I dislike that I cannot turn off the radio/nav. There is only a mute button.

- Kayleigh R

Safety is important with my vehicles and this vehicle has great safety features including blind spot assistance and back up camera

Big enough for my family but small enough that it still maneuvers like a car

- Carrie S

It is fun to drive! spacious and a great compact SUV

I love the Soul Red Crystal Metallic color of my car! and has more power!

- Lou S

Easy to drive and good gas mileage. Nice looking car.

Runs very smoothly and quietly. Adequate storage. Comfortable seating.

- gretchen t

It looks great! Beautiful design

I like the mileage as it is a suv! Drive smoothly and start fast

- Michael M

I absolutely love my car. I think it is sleek looking and drives smooth. It is very functional and the best car I've ever had.

It drives smoothly and looks good. Haven't had probl me yet.

- Jaclyn A

Lots of better cars out there, this is not a preferred car

Not comfortable or powerful, doesn't have any luxury feeling

- Joan T

Not all foreign cars are built the same, but my Mazda is very well-made.

The interior is very stylish and the ride is very smooth.

- zach t

Price, Handling and Driving the car Nearest Dealership to home

Very sporty drive Comfortable, feels like driving a car


It is fun to drive it handles very well and it is good on gas.

I like the size.I like the handling. I like the style.

- Mike B

I love this car! It is very reliable and has amazing safety features and a very nice dashboard. It has more than enough space and drives very well in a variety of terrains. Great on gas too!

Very reliable safety features and drives very well

- Jessica B

it has a very nice interior compared to other cars

very reliable. handles great. looks very good.

- dave K

the best brand things everything

I like everything the best brand the best model

- Liliana P

It has good technology and gets good mileage

It goes with my eyes and I have no complaints

- Peter g