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Many issues with my Mazda.

My Mazda cx-7 is a nice car. However, it has been one problem after the next. My check engine light is frequently turning on. I have taken it in to the Mazda dealer every time (with the same code) and they have told me different things each time (at the same dealer). First they replaced my variable timing valve. Before I even drove off the lot a week later, I turned my car on and it still had a check engine light. They then told me a head in my engine was cracked and that the entire engine would need replaced. Which would be another $9k after I had just spent $2k for them to fix my car. I then took my car elsewhere and was told I just needed to replace a belt in my engine. I replaced the belt and had no issues for a while. Then out of the blue my car had zero oil. Turns out my car is now burning oil. I have not had any check engine lights and was very lucky to find that I had zero oil before my car was destroyed. Now I am putting more oil in my car weekly until I am able to find a replacement vehicle for myself.

- Candace R

Fun but pricey to fix major, known, common issues.

When running well, this car is fun and sporty to drive. Accelerates fast with the turbocharged engine, and shifts through the gears quickly and smoothly. It is comfortable to drive with heated leather seats (that have lumbar support) that are fully motorized hand, adjustable for height, and how straight or relaxed you want the back to be. The back seats fold down with ease and the cargo area is much larger than it appears from the outside. There is a known issue with the timing chain on these vehicles. They stretch/wear out very quickly, and are not cheap to have replaced. My vehicle is going through oil quite quickly. After 1300 miles driven (from a fresh oil change), there was barely any oil on the dipstick. The turbo chargers have been known to go out, as well. All in all, I love this vehicle, but I hate all the major issues I have had with it. I wouldn't recommend buying one without a completely exam by a trusted mechanic.

- Heidi C

When one major problem arises...everything seems to go. One after another.

I really love my car. We bought it when we found out we were expecting our first child. I really wanted an SUV instead of a minivan. After my husband did some research we chose the Mazda Cx-7. My husband loved it for the turbocharged, and leather seats makes easy clean up when baby spills. I really love how much room there is including the trunk area. It's also comfortable to drive. It's been a great car till around 100, 000 miles. In the last year we have has to do the timing belt, replace the turbo twice, a coil pack and a fuel injector. Seems like it starts to go quickly.

- Kelly L

Oldy but goody; 10 years old and still hanging in there.

I have an all black 2007 Mazda cx-7 with black interior. The seating is comfortable with plenty of leg space. However this car is a gas guzzler. It only takes premium gas, you can put plus in every once in a while. It takes about 40 gallons to fill the tank. I have had the car for about 10 years now and the miles are racking up but mind you I have driven from ga to NJ and back multiple times. Some minor issues are currently taking place like it needs an oil change and the check engine light is on but other than that it is a pretty reliable car.

- Milan H

Compact and sturdy. Great for new drivers or families with no kids.

This car is very reliable and sturdy. The acceleration is great. The size is great for people with no kids. The downside is the size of the back seat and the blind spots. Not great for getting kids and car seats in and out in a daily basis. The light bulbs cost $200 for the headlights and they are a pain to put in since you have to take off the tires to get into the back of the headlight. Fuel mileage is great. Seats are comfy for road trips. You just have to be prepared to pack lights since there is not a lot of room to work with.

- Kayla L

Decent ride for the cost.

I enjoy the Mazda cx 7. It gives me enough space to haul at least 5 people and cargo space for groceries, fishing gear, camping trips. I originally got the cx7 after being in an accident in a Pontiac grand am because a semi driver didn't see me so the CX-7 makes me feel safe and more able to be seen by other drivers. It's comfortable and easy to maneuver. In the 2 years I've had it I've only had about 2000 worth of repairs done. Timing gasket and power steering gasket.

- Savannah S

Auto start Heated seats folding rear seats

Overall has been a great car. Had a couple recall parts since I bought (used) in July 2009 but Mazda notified me via USPS & sent additional mailings for a recall I didn't address promptly upon learning of it. It's been a relatively reliable car. It's getting 'old' now, kind of loud when idle. Hope to get a new car in the next 12-18 months. Sad no longer make CX-7 but CX-9 is definitely one I will strongly consider when the time comes.

- Colleen M

Beautiful car, inside and out.

I have never had a problem with this car. The maintenance is very low, and I have not had any problems as far as being stranded as a result of poor quality. The car is very reliable, and none of my cars can beat the reliability. The car ride is also very comfortable, despite my 100 mile commute, one way. There is nothing bad I could say about this car!

- Alex A

Good gas mileage and limited maintenance.

I like the storage capability and the back hatch. I also enjoy the arrangement of the dash and displays for the driver. I dislike the lack of space in the back seat. The back doors do not open far enough for an adult to comfortably enter and exit the vehicle. Doors also have issues with springing back once opened and could cause injury.

- Sarah A

Great Family Car and grocery getter

I love the get up and go that my vehicle has. The seats are comfortable and it's very roomy throughout the entire car. Great family car and grocery getter. The look of the car is very sleek yet still a mom car. It has lots of room to store things as well and plenty of great features. It's the best car I've owned. I love it.

- Emma P

Drive in race car seat comfort in the 2007 Mazda cx-7.

I love the size of this SUV. It has good visibility all the way around. This model offers race car like seats for great driving comfort. Mine is a turbo so it has great pick up but uses lots of gas. Also because of the turbo you must use premium gas which costs more. Average back seat space. Great storage room in the back.

- Dee B

I love that it consumes less gas.

My vehicle is very reliable, meets all my needs. It helps me save money since it does not consume much gas even though I drive long distances to and from work everyday. My vehicle is also very convenient with enough interior space. I also love the fact that the interior looks so nice and well arranged in making.

- Gloria K

If it is reliable enough for me, it will be for you.

This truck has been very reliable. It is going into its 2nd major service at 160k miles (timing chain, vvt gear). Normal wear and tear but never had many issues. The shocks and struts are not the greatest from the factory but they lasted longer than I expected. The transmission is still going strong too.

- Russ W

Decent, but nothing special

Pros: Drives really smooth, love the SUV's exterior, spacious Cons: No AUX cord jack Purchased the SUV right out. Check engine light is on because of a sensor. Low miles for the year it was made. Love the way it looks on the outside. Interior is decent but No aux cord jack. But great for the year.

- Tammy P

I enjoy the space and storage capabilities my vehicle has.

I did have a few tire issues at first but it was resolved. I truly enjoy my vehicle, has a hatchback and plenty of storage space since the back seats do fold down. If you have smaller children a car seat fits very well. It does have a turbo so it does get up and go which is awesome it doesn't stall.

- Lacey S

The car is a bit much but it is my baby.

I had some engine and timing belt issues, my check engine light is on all the time even though nothing is wrong with it. My traction control system turns on randomly. The gas mileage is a bit rough and gas is spend. The car itself is zippy and great, gets me from point A to B. Pretty smooth going.

- Kennedy L

A car is a car. I hate driving and avoid it whenever possible.

My car gets me where I want to go. It has been mostly reliable. Routine maintenance. It starts when I turn the key it stops when I step on the brakes. A car is a car. There is not much to say. I am not a motorhead. The only thing I care about a car is it gets me where I want to go and back again.

- Edward D

2007 Mazda cx 7 sport SUV - beautiful body style.

I love my 2007 Mazda cx 7 sport SUV for its size, body style (it looks great), and comfort. It truly is a beautiful body style. In fact, everyone thinks it is a newer model. There are a few problems with the turbo charger and radiator. I have had to replace both the turbo charger and radiator.

- Lea C

Good added perks but needs a lot of oil

Needs a lot of oil. We constantly put oil in it and it still broke down and mechanic said it didn't have oil. It is also all wheel drive so you have to replace all the tires if one goes out. I liked the heated seats, back up camera, 6 CD player, a lot of space in back for stroller and food.

- Olivia K

I love the sporty look of my car.

My car is very reliable. I have put over 90k miles on it and have had to do very little large scale maintenance. I do with it had more up to date features like an auxiliary outlet, but that is something that could be added. I plan on driving my car until it is no longer affordable to repair.

- Jessica R

Mazda cx-7 makes for a smooth sailing ride.

The Mazda cx-7 is not the most fuel efficient, but it is a very smooth ride. We got the model with black, leather interior and a GPS. Nowadays, cell phones come with GPS built - in, so if we ever get another car, we will not splurge on one of those since most people these days have phones.

- Nikki F

Mazda CX-7 has its pros and cons like other vehicles. But worth it in the end

The locks are no longer working and cost 100 each which is 500.00 plus tax with four doors and a hatchback. Also the parts are very expensive the headlights cost 1000.00 each. I love the car but it being foreign makes it expensive to own. It is great on gas a full tank can last me a week

- Angelica S

Looks nice & feels nice, but gets expensive!

Pros: Great size, spacious, runs good, Turbo pickup, leather interior, nice car design. Cons: Only takes premium gas, electrical problems (door and windows don't always unlock), paint and leather seats are wearing down, air conditioner needs to be replaced, radio doesn't work.

- Selena D

This vehicle offers excellent gas mileage.

I love the fact my vehicle is compact yet offers safety features such as anti-lock brakes and multiple airbags. It also gets excellent gas mileage and is easy to drive and comfortable. The one thing I do not like is the fact that the headliner fabric is falling and coming loose.

- Tiffany M

Great reliable car that works well.

Great car, comfy seats. Nice wheel. It makes my life so much easier to ride this car everyday. It is smooth, the breaks work, it feels amazing. This car has great mileage and the car just flows. Because it is an old car it sometimes makes noise but other than that it is perfect.

- Sarah M

Have only had sedan, and this is a. Crossover. I like it and enjoy driving it.

It handles well, but is light in weight. Could feel light to me, because I have only driven Volvos; three. Has only needed maintenance. Lot of recalls. I really like the crossover SUV. It has been a reliable car. It is not driven very much, and has been driven only about 80,000.

- Patricia S

This model is a very good looking car. It is a crossover.

The car has been a decent one. After having a Volvo 960, it feels very lightweight. Have no had a lot of difficulties with it. So far, just ordinary maintenance. It has no "bells and whistles, " however, it is a beautiful crossover. I think it is the prettiest one out there.

- Pat S

07 Mazda cx-7 turbo with awesome had mileage.

Great mileage for a turbo. Plenty of room. Love the sleek style of this SUV! Great pickup, and lots of room for luggage if taking trip or even grocery shopping! Have owned several Mazdas and have not been disappointed! Bought mine used and it is been worth every penny.

- Michelle H

Love the responsiveness of this car!

I love my car! It still drives like its brand new at ten years old. Air conditioning is not the best, just replaced the compressor after the clutch on it froze. The single belt system does not allow you to operate the vehicle if that locks up. Expensive design flaw.

- Jolene D

The Cx-7 is Amazing and would recommend it to anyone

The only problem that I have really encountered so far is how the timing is when I'm in automatic and the transmission seems to shift a lot less consistent than it does when I have it switched to manual mode. Once I am in control then there's no problem at all

- James J

It had all of the features I wanted and more

I love that my CX7 has all the bells and whistles. Leather heated seats, navigation, sunroof, backup camera and more. Unfortunately, approximately 3 years ago, the engine had to be completely rebuilt due to the previous owner not changing the oil regularly.

- Christy H

Amazing all wheel drive, heated seats

I've had very few problems with this vehicle. The heated seats make a drive wonderful. All wheel drive is great for any storm. It has great storage in the back. Seats 3-4 adults comfortably. The biggest frustration is premium gas due to the turbo engine.

- Sarah P

It's an SUV that handles like a car but has more interior space than a car.

It is great to drive and handles well. It has had a lot of maintenance issues lately as it approaches 100k miles. Those costs are starting to add up. That is the main negative. Oh, I would love better gas mileage than my Mazda gets but doesn't everyone.

- Randy a

It requires premium gasoline.

I like the size of it and it has nice pickup due to the turbo it has. It's a very comfortable car to drive and has hardly any blind spots. I dislike that it takes premium gas and would not have bought it if i had noticed this.

- Ann s

Dependable vehicle. Love back up camera and 6 disc CD changer.

So far so good. I haven't had any major problems or concerns with my vehicle. It runs good and is reliable. Just had it inspected and it passed with flying colors. I would recommend this make to anyone interested or unsure.

- Dora W

That it is my style...and it is dependable

I like cars but prefer to have an SUV. I bought mine within this past year and I love it. I wish it would run on lower priced gasoline though.. Anyhow I still love it, it runs great and is very dependable.

- Marisol R

I feel safe it is a very comfortable spacious dependable beautiful vehicle.

I love my Mazda but the timing chain is the only complaint I have it is always been dependable spacious my kids love it is not too big very comfortable I consider it a luxury vehicle.

- Jennifer B

Great Car With Some Serious Pep!

I love this little car! It has a smooth ride and a turbo so it has a little pep as well. The only issue I've had with the car is the air conditioning pump had to be replaced.

- Maureen H

It rides great! For a small four cylinder motor this car has some pep!

I like the low profile and good gas mileage. This car also has good traction in snow. The 2 things I dislike are that the satellite radio does not work and it is wearing out.

- Mike J

Reliable and good price/value.

Great gas mileage and very reliable in the snow. Love the heated seats all wheel drive and gps. Unfortunately it broke a timing chain at only 70000, which is unheard of.

- Rose T

The car is very comfortable. There is plenty of legroom for driver and passengers.

The car is very comfortable for taller people like me. The position of the windshield and seat make it so that I do not have to lean forward to see traffic lights.


If you want to feel safe and comfortable this us the car to choose.

For a SUV Its great on gas and very spacious. I have a small family but a lot of stuff and traveling and this car is ideal for your weekend stays and traveling.

- Noel P

Safety! This car gives you the feel of being very safe on the road!

Really comfortable car stable on the road! Drives very smooth and does not spend as much gas! Recently I have changed to new tires and it is just perfect!

- Anna D

It's reliable and gets me where I'm going

I like that it tells me how far I can drive before refueling. I hate that the windows stick. I like that it let's me know when the tire need attention

- Woody s

It only takes premium gas

I love the room and it's very comfortable ride I don't like that it doesn't have bluetooth and also has a turbo engine and only uses premium gas

- Christal T

the mazda cx 7 is really fun to drive.

I love the way it drives, it handles great. it rides real smooth and really has great get up and go. i love the way it looks it has a good shape.

- Donna D

It is beautiful to look at.

Love how the car sits higher than a sedan. Lots of room, love this sunroof. Wish I didn't have to use premium gas so it was cheaper to drive.

- Amy P

The power and quality of the motor, and the economy per mile

I love the gas economy I like the good working with a few maintenance I like the power of the motor Its a old car and still working so good

- Adriana S

A great highlight is its sound system.

This car is reliable. Its performance is perfect for daily outings, and is very comfortable with great inside car features. A great car!

- Mei P

The car is extremely reliable and handles well. The steering and turning are very smooth and comfortable.

Well overall it is a fairly reliable car to drive. The handling is good, everything from the turning to the acceleration is spot on.

- Osvaldo M

Comfortable and great family car gets good gas mileage.

I can honestly say i have no complaints. Its comfortable easy on gas. Runs great and i like the way it looks. Great stereo system.

- Jennifer S

I want a better car with good air conditioner.

The gps costs to update and it is not cheap.. The gages the way they are designed.. The way the console is in the middle..

- Rubio C

Performance of the car and it's safety

Overall my vehicle performance is great.It is great for travel and never have i experience a bad service with the car.

- Daniela S

It takes premium gas, but it is very fun to drive.

I love the way the car handles. It has good amount of room for people and cargo. I wish the full economy was better.

- Darryl L

Not great gas mileage. Steering is wonky.

The steering is wonky. It has good acceleration. Good air conditioner. Plenty of room. Smooth ride. Good heater.

- Brenda W

My car is grey with black pimped rims.

My car us nice, drives well, is comfortable, good mileage, and is overall a well car. I like how smooth it runs.

- Christian T

It has a lot of space in the back. It's definitely a good car if you have kids.

It drives great. The AC is really cold. I don't like that when looking in my side mirror there is a blind spot.

- Meaghan M

Good until 10 years of use.

It was fine at first but after 10 years it started having problems. The ac went out and the turbo is bad.

- Korin T

It holds its value more than other vehicles. But it is leaking oil.

My car is leaking oil at the moment. I like the reliability. I love the leather interior and sunroof.

- Diane M

I like the look of the vehicle, it is very sporty and has a nice color. I hate that their have been so many recalls to the car with no way of fixing it for awhile . The interior cloth is also hard to clean and i wish it had better gas mileage. Also, the turbo always has problems

It needs to have premium fuel, if you don't use premium fuel it will mess up the turbo prematurely.

- terri R

It gets you from point a to b. It still looks like a sharp car from the outside.

It's old and needs some work done.I like the sunroof and the speakers and the leather interior.

- Richard F

It's a low maintenance, reliable vehicle. It's stylish without costing too much

No complaints. It is a reliable vehicle. Low maintenance. Stylish without being too expensive

- Shakeya L

It's a great car to drive in snow

I love my vehicle drives very good in snow the only complaint I have is the turbo on car

- kimberly m

Its top rated for the year it came out. It's a good looking, reliable car.

It is very comfortable, it's a SUV with get up and go.

- Jennifer H