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An SUV that makes driving fun and safe

I bought this car after getting into an accident in my 2004 Honda Civic coupe. I was skeptical about going from a coupe to a large SUV, but I love it and don't think I'll ever go back. I bought the car used and it had minor problems, pretty much your basic wear and tear. Overall, its roomy, comfortable, fast and powerful. I love the engine, especially the turbo. I do miss getting 40 mpg, compared to my 20 now, but having the extra room, being higher up off the ground, and having a more powerful engine makes it worth it. I go on a lot of road trips with and my friends always want to take my car because of how comfortable it is, despite it being more costly to fill up. But with having pets and moving, traveling and taking bikes everywhere, this car is safe, reliable, comfortable, and really fun to drive.

- Brittany S

A nice mid-sized family car with a turbo v4 engine makes getting around a breeze

This Mazda drives smoothly and is very responsive but has a poor turning radius. The base model is quite comfortable but a bit small inside - will comfortably fit two children and two adults, or four adults but trying to get a 5th person is a bit of a squeeze. Trunk space is perfect for normal groceries but not great for larger items like bikes or more than one or two medium sized moving boxes (or camping trips). This model has a known problem with the turbo engine but I haven't experienced problems yet. I've taken my Mazda on several 200 mile day trips without incident. Currently has trouble turning over intermittently and has an off rumbling sound when driving but the performance has remained consistent. Paint has started to chip and fade in places. Overall has been a great car.

- Nannette N

Reliability and longevity. Of course it only has 75000 miles.

I love the acceleration speed that the turbo engine provides. It has been a great vehicle with excellent performance, great reliability and durability and an overall fun vehicle to drive. It is big enough to fold down the back seats and carry tons of stuff, even a Christmas tree, yet it is small enough to get good gas mileage. My CX-7 is almost 11 years old and I have owned it for 10 years. The only complaint I have is that it requires supreme gasoline, the most expensive. I didn't know this when I bought it. All in all, I definitely recommend this vehicle for its sportiness, efficiency and reliability.

- Kim R

There has been a recall on the airbags within the vehicle.

The problems that I am having right now are issues with my transmission. It seems to hesitate at times when it wants to switch gears. Another problem that is happening is the hose that the air conditioning system drains from has been clogged or stopped up so it is causing water to come back into the vehicle on the floor board. Not sure what has caused this. Other than these two issues I am enjoying my Mazda. I purchased it second hand and have had it about five months now.

- Nicole B

08 mazda cx7. Long lasting, fun comfortable ride.

The cx7 has a turbo & I can switch it from automatic to standard shifting. It is fast yet a family vehicle. Seats up to 5 & lots of room for all passengers with a large hatch. Turn radius is not super but it is an SUV. I have had it for almost 7 years & has only had a couple of bug issues which are a big oil leak & cylinders needing changed. Really, just normal wear & tear considering how old it is & being over 110,000 miles.

- Stephanie M

Mazda turbo smokes. Too high heaven! Do not purchase!

The SUV is a mid size model that seats realistically and comfortable two people in the back seat. The drive seat reclines to a strange angle which leaves your legs seeming to float around. Turbo smokes really bad. I researched this model as well as newer models and found that it was a common problem. The problem was fixed with correct grade of oil. I would not recommend this model to anyone looking for a quality used mid-size vehicle.

- Tb B

The white mobile is a reliable vehicle.

I love my mazda for the following reasons: Speed. Seating. Audio sound. Reliability. Gas mileage. Features. Style. Design. Comfortability. Storage area. I feel safe when I operate the vehicle especially when I have my grandchildren in the car. Great recall system,you are contacted when there is an issue. They are relentless until you reach out to them. Recalls are completed in a timely fashion.

- Carrie D

08 Mazda CX-7 would recommend

It is a really nice vehicle If taken care of properly. It does at times have a knocking sound in the engine, but that is because of the high mileage; other than that is a very comfortable and smooth ride for the most part. I did add an aftermarket radio and new door speakers as mine weren't quite as loud and clear as I would have liked, but all around it is a vehicle I would recommend to others

- Timothy H

Love my Mazda, best car ever.

I have had zero issues with my cx-7. It is in my top 2 of my favorite vehicles I have owned. The only thing I wish it had was better gas mileage, but that is why they stopped making it. One problem I have noticed that when one headlight goes out, the other fails within a month. But it is a smooth ride, and it is safe, which was a big concern for me especially since I have kids.

- Chris M

Mazda has made an amazing SUV.

Bought the car used with 38k on it, now has over 175k and still drives exactly the same. The only issue I have had with this car is the front left brake caliper seizing up and the a/c compressor failing. Steering is still tight, acceleration is still great, there are no cracks or rattles from the interior and I am forever a fan of Mazda because of this car.

- Tony R

Mazda cx7 is a cheap vehicle for local use and occasional long drives.

Nice small SUV with AWD good for long drives and smooth fit up to five riders with plenty of trunk space good for bad weather as far as tough snow not a off-road vehicle not bad on gas and will last over 200, 000 miles if properly maintained comes with a first gen Mazda turbo so always keep an eye out for that if the turbo goes car is literally no good.

- Jonathan F

Most people think it's newer than it actually is.

My father bought it used two years ago for $4000. Currently it has 130k miles. So far it hasn't given us any real problems except for the brakes which are fine unless you do excessive sudden stops. I love the way it looks and I love the seats. They are very comfortable. Everyone who has seen it always says it looks very expensive.

- Nicole G

Had I noticed the blind spots before purchasing the vehicle, I would not have bought it. It's a safety hazard.

I love the turbo charged engine and the get up and go of the car. It's roomy inside without seeming like a larger vehicle. What I absolutely despise about the vehicle is the numerous blind spots when trying to back up - I have to go slow enough to hear someone yell if I am going to hit something or someone because I can't see.

- Lori C

Beautiful 2008 Mazda cx-7.

It's in perfect mint conditions drives and works great I have no bad comments to say about it. Interior and exterior in perfect condition ac works transmission smooth and motor runs like new. Radio works speakers works alignment is in perfect condition maintain oil changes and 4 tires are new and the same brand.

- Gabriela V

Very reliable beauty in and out.

It's nice and roomy mileage is pretty low. Beautiful color runs good very convenient for my grandkids. Its has 4 wheel drive brand new tires sunroof. Has a media player power locks heated seats and anti brake lock prevention of theft starts every time has great heat and air condition power button for gas tank.

- Charlotte A

A lot of recalls but overall very comfortable for long trips.

Had many recalls when the vehicle was purchased, was not fixed in a timely manner and caused more damage to the vehicle which Mazda fixed. It is very spacious and comfortable to ride in. The vehicle gets good gas mileage and is a mechanical sound now that all of the recalls have been fixed.

- Rachel H

Great car for the whole family to enjoy.

The Mazda cx 7 has been a great car for our family. It is safe and reliable. It has room enough room for the kids in the back and substantial trunk space for groceries or packing for vacation. This car also has get up, it is fast. Our family has loved this car and will drive it until it dies.

- Ryan N

My review of the Mazda cx-7

Overall good vehicle. Plenty of space for passengers and cargo. Seems to be a reliable vehicle. Surprisingly fast! The only thing I don't like about it is that it has many blind spots. The vehicle was purchased with 140k miles and only needed brake pads and the a/c has a small leak.

- Don N

Mazda cx-7 is great looking and reliable.

Mazda is a very good and reliable car brand. It is 11 years old now and still runs very well. We haven't had any major issues with it other than the compressor seizing and needing replacement. We are very happy with the vehicle. We would definitely recommend a Mazda vehicle to others.

- Andy G

The vehicle is a crossover SUV with a turbo engine. The acceleration is great.

After 100,000 miles there have been several issues that have cost me the cost of the car. The car drives great when working properly but has terrible gas mileage. The vehicles is spacious and has nice cargo room. I am religious with care and am still running into issues and recalls.

- Kirsten S

The in’s and out’s of the Mazda cx-7.

Hard to steer and has a rough ride. Problem with door handles coming off. Does not have current mp3 plugins and no Bluetooth. Seats are kind of hard for long road trips and gas is expensive. Otherwise been running for years doing long road trips once a month.

- Tammy S

This Mazda has a great 6 CD player, a sunroof, it has a wiper on back window.

I was looking for a car that I could step up into and slide out of and this Mazda does that, it also has a 6 disc CD player, and a sunroof, it rides very smooth, the driver's seat is very easy to adjust and it is very roomy can seat 4 people comfortably.

- Corrie E

It was a great first car, and is still a great car years later.

I don't think I have any complaints! It has held up great, and I still love the way it drives and looks even after how long I've had it. My only problem is the fact that the engine has gotten a little loud in recent years.

- Catherine G

It is a gas guzzler:( so I end up needing to fill up more than I would like.

I have had the car for under a year and it rides smooth. It is comfortable and suitable for my commute from home to work and vice versa. It is fully stocked however, downside is it is not bluetooth ready.

- Sabrina E

I can move over snowy banks with no problem. It's fast!

Purchased in 2013 as a pre-owned vehicle. I didn't want another black car but I had difficulty getting financed and this car only had 41,000 miles on it. Love that it's AWD and turbo-charged.

- Patricia C

Drives great, easy to set cruise and nice sunroof.

Very reliable car and its spacious. Gas mileage is okay wish it was a little better. Check oil often as well as tire pressure seems to make the light come on after a really cold night.

- Robyn B

The turbo is known to go bad and the cost of repairing it is not worth it, especially since it's a design flaw that apparently can't be completely eliminated.

I like that it's a CUV/SUV and has enough room for my needs. However, it has engine issues that cannot be affordably repaired and I'll have to get a new vehicle sooner than expected.

- Steve P

Looks good but not the best driving experience

This SUV crossover looks great but it's not that great to drive. The front end makes it difficult to see while parking and there are blind spots due to the seat backs.

- Tom N

I will not break down and it will last a long time.

The best Mazda model I have owned. Great car, lasts long, after 10 years I have only had to change a few things. Only dislike is that they discontinued the cx-7.

- Patricia M

It has always ran good, and it is a good quality car.

I dislike the size, it's also very loud when driving. But I've had it going on 5 years and never had any problems, its a reliable family car.

- Stephanie M

That it saves a lot of gas.

I love my car! It is very spacious and it drives super smooth. No issues with it since I bought it. The seats are also very comfortable.

- Elizabeth R

Keep up to date with manufacture recalls!

I love the seat warmers, smooth shifting and it has great gas mileage for a SUV. Everything works and feels like an absolute charm.

- Kelsey S

Although it drives like a sport vehicle, it still doesn't have the horsepower to match larger vehicles.

I like the smoothness of the driving and how it can fit a large number of people without being an overly large vehicle.

- nick m

It is speed is nice and fast and rides smooth.

Mazda cx-7 is good for single couples or two kid family homes the turbo engine soaks up oil gas runs quick.

- Dominique S

That it is reliable and dependable. It has been low maintenance.

I like the style and the reliability of it. I've had good luck with Mazda. It has lasted well.

- Carolynn S

That it is great and everyone should get it

I like it because it was cheap, my first car and it is perfect to go where I want it to go

- Sierra V

My trusty Mazda CX-7 will be replaced in a year or less.

It has good acceleration. It is the perfect size for me. It only takes premium gasoline.

- Dereck M

Good on gas to mile when traveling so can save a bit. Nice truck as well

I like the design and style of it, could have a better radio and seat warmer.

- Tavia c

Many recalls for this car, check with your manufacturer to make sure

Awesome sounds system, but wheels are squeaky and bad transmission

- Dane G

That it takes premium gas, they didn't tell me that when I purchased the car and I didn't think to ask.

I dislike that it takes premium gas I like the moon roof

- Cheryl P