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The cx-7 is a perfect car for snowy roads.

The cx-7 has great steering and handling especially with the all-wheel drive. Its is great for driving in the snow. I had to take care of an airbag issue and a brake issue that mazda paid to have fixed because it was a safety issue. I just had to replace a chain and it was extremely expensive. There is tons of space and the seats fold down nicely so it can haul a lot of stuff, but is also comfortable for passengers. It has a rear wiper which is nice as I live in a very snowy place. Sometimes it is slow to accelerate, but mostly it is a pretty good car. The front of the car has a lot of room and there are a lot of controls on the steering wheel. There is good visibility. The seats are very comfortable, but the arm rests are not adjustable which can be annoying. I can fit a ten foot board in the car diagonally which is very helpful since I do a lot of home repair and diy work. You could easily sleep in the car on a campout. It is easy to get in and out of the car. I wish the seatbelt could be adjusted more. It is very uncomfortable on long trips. I also wish the display had more features such as miles until empty. The rear view mirror has always been loose and has to be adjusted frequently. I love the look of the car. It looks fancy. . I would buy another one.

- Maggie C

Reliable, comfortable vehicle

My car has had very few problems. I do the regular recommended maintenance and not much more and it has held up well. The only issue I've had is with the dashboard navigation system and that only started recently. For a 10 year old car it is still in really good shape. It's very reliable. The seats are comfortable and have heaters which is nice in the winter time.

- Meaghan T

This car is simply amazing!!

It runs pretty well, very good on gas and mileage. It has a lot of room and the ability to let down the back seats completely. The seats are pretty comfort and it has a built in seat warmer for cold days. Built in aux cable as well. Overall I would say it's a very good vehicle, though the one thing it lacks is a digital rearview mirror for backing out.

- Marcus H

Love the room inside the vehicle

Very reliable SUV. Great ground clearance for driving off road and a lot of interior space. Great for kids, animals and family. Perfect for road trips. Great gas mileage and affordable parts. Never had a problem with gas prices or mechanical issues. Id highly recommend this vehicle. Great price and last a long time without any repairs.

- Zac M

The Turbo makes it even more fun!

I have only had my vehicle just over a year and have loved it since I bought it. One thing that does frustrate me is the sun visor on the driver's side. It does not, and has not since I got it, stay in place. I have had no real problems or issues with it, though. It's comfortable and fun to drive. Love the turbo!

- Lara W

The 2009 Mazda cx-7 is a very reliable vehicle.

The 2009 Mazda cx-7 is a great choice of vehicle. It is the perfect sized SUV; compact, yet comfortable with plenty of room. The only issues we've had with ours were the check engine light, which was caused by a bad co2 sensor, and an oil leak, most likely from the previous owner. Overall, a great vehicle!

- Miranda B

The best thing about this car is the many spots inside for storage.

The Mazda cx-7 has been great! No major problems have come up with this car. Even at 10+ years, it's still just like it's brand new! The car seats 7 people, two seats in the back, three seats in the middle, and two in the front. The two back seats can be folded down for more trunk space, too!

- Lee H

My Mazda CX-7. Overall it has been a great car. No major repairs.

We have not had any problems with the CX-7. All repairs have been because of normal wear and tare. Decent mileage for a crossover SUV. Can haul just about anything! Back seat legroom is just OK. Taller people will not like the legroom. Has turbocharged engine which give it a lot of pep.

- John A

I wasn't happy with the fact that I had to pay for a brand new transmission.

I have had to replace transmission and I have had to add oil to the car several times throughout ownership, I do love the space but if I had to do it over I would have went with another option. The overall performance is satisfactory even with transmission problems I still love the car.

- Selina W

Good reliable pretty convenient car.

Comfort, windows broke, not good in snow, comfortable, nice amenities, nice pick up and go, reliable, power everything, nice safety features, good heater/ac, driver/passenger seat roomy, back seat slightly tight, decent storage room, complicated to work on by yourself.

- Miranda H

The key fob/card can be difficult to use at times and needs the battery changed frequently

I have had this Mazda for 9 years and have kept low mileage on it. It is the perfect small crossover for our family of 4. It does not feel too big and overwhelming to drive but it does have a couple blind spots that you must be cautious of.

- Heather R

It is a mini suv, black and has gps.

The Mazda CX-7, is a really wonderful car. It is very comfortable, spacious, enough for my big dogs to fit. Works really well however it does waste more gas than I thought it would but other than that no complaints.

- Michelle P

Great size for a family of 5

I like that it is a good size. I also like that it has a lot of get up and go. most suv do not have that nor do most vans. i do not like the tail lights poor design caused the bulbs to mess up inside.

- nancy K

Cx-7 is a discontinued model.

Cx-7 is a reliable vehicle if you follow routine maintenance. Only major problems is continuous oil leaks. Cost can add up because most replacement parts have to be genuine Mazda parts.

- Renee S

It is reliable and it was worth the purchase.

My car is extremely reliable. It currently had 180, 000 miles on it and I have had no major issues. I plan on getting another Mazda vehicle for my next car.

- Amanda S

Great performance on long trips. Great gas mileage with awesome pick up when entering the freeway.

Comfortable, 6 CD stereo, turbo engine which makes it great for taking long trips. It is a very reliable vehicle on of the most reliable I have ever owned.

- William C

This vehicle always starts.

Runs great. Always starts. I dislike that it is small and not great in snow. I like larger vehicles for my large family.

- Abby W

It's a pretty awful car and is barely drivable.

It doesn't drive well and us bad on gas. I have difficult getting places. It doesn't travel long-distance well.

- Nicholas C

The engine leaks oil. That leak causes other issues such as lack of power when I step on the gas pedal.

Be careful buying this vehicle you may end spending more money fixing it to keep it running.

- Jim W

It is black and hot. Good size and holds a lot additionally it is a turbo

It is old now and has had some problems. It is black and I live in Florida so brutally hot

- suzy R

It gets great mpg but the gas tank isn't very large for the size of car it is

It gets very good mpg. I like that it was not very expensive but is still a very nice car

- Colten C

It drives like a race car and handles like a sports car.

I really like the handling and sensation of control. I also like the turbo engine.

- Dave D

My car does not give me any issues.It is fairly easy on gas.

I love my vehicle.It is so smooth.It is very nice inside & out.

- Edna M