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Mazda cx-7: they (literally) do not make them like this anymore.

Love the factory options: the Bose stereo, the Bluetooth, apple play, and all controls on the steering wheel. I bought this car used, but if I'd purchased it new I'd have opted for the touch screen display options and navigation. I also love the heated seats. The only problem I have had thus far is with the driver's side door/window/locks. I have had to replace the actuator, the switch, and something else I cannot remember. In hindsight I'd have preferred the cx-5 just because it is slightly shorter and therefore a little easier to maneuver. The cx-7 is good for transporting families. I can fit two teenage boys and a car seat for my grandson in the back seat.

- Jeanette C

Positive aspects of my Mazda cx-7.

My vehicle is comfortable to drive and has easy to use controls. I had to replace my engine after only owning my vehicle for 1 year. It was some kind of weird engine thing that happened. Other than that, I really like my car a lot. It has some really nice features, such as Bluetooth enabled hands free phone use. Bluetooth enabled music is also available by using our smartphones. The air conditioning and heat both work pretty well. The front seats are heated, which is nice. There is quite a lot of cargo room in the back, for it not being a really large vehicle.

- Melody S

Mazda cx-7 stands the test of time.

Incredibly reliable and comfortable. The biggest complaint is the a/c is not powerful enough in Florida during the warmer months, despite working at the optimal level for the car. Is efficient up to 80 degree outdoor temp. (issue is common, not specific to my car) have had no powertrain issues, however in the last year I did have to have repair on the door locking system (driver door needed manual locking, fob didn't work. Vehicle is still modern looking, and spacious. Great acceleration.

- Tina V

Mazda Cx7 is a great vehicle I would buy another one.

We've had the car for about 7 or 8 years now and it's holding up really well. I trust driving it in the snow and the rain obviously not as fast but it feels heavy and sturdy like I don't worry about skidding. the brakes have been making noise and sometimes feel like they won't catch but I'm sure that's due to negligence on our part. The only real issue we've had is with the transmission but I can't remember if that came from something we did or didn't do or if it was a mechanical error.

- Jade W

Mazda cx-7 fair but not the best.

My car was good for the first few years. However, two of my window motors to roll down my window are already messing up. If I try to roll them back up I have to manually pull the window up because the window gets off track of the motor. I have a lot of outside noise that I wish I didn't have. Mechanically I haven't had any problems. I would not suggest buying black because of scratches and chips in paint showing very easily.

- Jessica L

It is been a very good car.

This vehicle we have had for 4 years and have had absolutely no problems besides regular oil changes and tire changes. This vehicle drives amazing and has the slap shift gear shift that goes from automatic to standard that is wonderful for passing vehicles. Overall it is a great vehicle and has served its purpose it has not got enough for my three boys and if someone else is going so we had to get a 7 passenger van.

- Ashley S

I am loving my used Mazda.

I bought this car used with only 66,000 miles on it and it is almost new!! I took it to the local Mazda dealership to take care of all the safety recalls that weren't done by the previous owner. They told me that the car was in excellent condition and only needed new back brakes and rear tires. Aside from basic upkeep, oil changes, tune up, ect, this car has not needed anything else done.

- Amy A

The Mazda cx-7 is a perfect family vehicle. I love how much space it has.

It is reliable, comfortable, decent gas mileage and has been great for me as a single mom. I think it is also a very stylish vehicle and I am now very fond of the Mazda brand. My vehicle has cloth seats which I prefer to leather because they stay temperate and do not get too hot. My kid loves the windows. There’s a lot of storage with folding seats which I love.

- Ana C

Lots of room for a family of 4 and large dog.

Heated leather seats, remote start, sunroof, large space in back, fits our large dog comfortably. Navigation screen and Bluetooth. Great car other than it burns a little oil. Super reliable, have yet to have a major issue. Front grill is plastic so a curb cracked it. I really love my car, I do wish it had third row seating though.

- Nikki M

How doing car repairs is hard and expensive.

Different tire size that makes it hard to find replacements except for only at the dealership. To change easy things like light you have to take so many parts that it makes it necessary to take it to the dealership and not do it yourself. I think a car that you can take care of some by yourself is the kind of car they should make.

- Jane P

Great lines. Smooth handling.

I really have no problems with my vehicle. It is a very reliable and comfortable car. The features are great, such as a great sound system, rear camera and heated seats. The car has great acceleration and handles nicely. Can stop on a dime. Plenty of room for extra passengers or luggage. Hatchback provides easy access to trunk.

- Lynn J

From 9 miles in 2011 to 90k miles in 2018.

My car is awesome. Have had from new with 9 miles and now have just over 90,000. Have not had any major problems with it other than normal wear and tear. Interior had upheld well with leather heated seats and Bose sound system. Mechanically is phenomenal just wish it had a bit better pick up but what do you expect from a 4cyl.

- Nick H

Great car but small issues occurred after seven years.

I bought this car brand new seven years ago. I haven't had any majors problems with it along the way until this past year. The window motors are acting up and the glass falls off the tracks. The battery terminal also gets corroded but I think this is mostly a problem with the battery rather than the car.

- Nina L

The most important for me is that it's can fit my two car seats. Have had problems with them fitting in other cars.

I needed a family car and this was the one I chose. I have three dogs and two kids in car seats. We have enough room in the bag for the car seats and still have enough room to move the front seats back. The dogs fit in the back. Would be nice to have vents for the back seat but that's the only problem.

- Paige R

Mazda cx-7 overall review.

It is a really good car. Runs great but the only problem I have is the gas. Its a 4 cylinder but it eats up gas like its a 6 cylinder. Everything else runs great. The tires are expensive though. I love how it has a lot of power for a little SUV but it does take a lot of maintenance to take care of it.

- Megan M

The car has a screen that tells the temp. Of the car.

It is the family car and it has all the safety features that it needs to keep your family safe on long trips. It has 4 doors, power steering and power windows. It also has power brakes. It has a lot of alarms to let you know if something is wrong with the tires and anything wrong with the car.

- Wesley B

It's a really smooth, comfortable drive that easy to handle

In general, I love the handling and speed of the crossover. For an "older" vehicle, it has nice features (heated leather seats, loaded steering wheel, etc); the trunk space holds a lot, and it's really easy to flip the back row down so we can load even more items in the crossover as needed.

- Sarah M

My car that I enjoy driving.

No problems as of right now, I love going for a drive often. Rides are smooth and cause no problems, gas is fairly priced, and it is great for a night drive. It is a 4 cylinder and is good on speed so I get to where I need to go. Finally I can afford the pricing to keep up with the car.

- Jose O

Comfortable warm ride with great sound system.

I runs great but it does not get great gas mileage. It has added features that make it nice to drive but it has a lot of road noise. The headlights get foggy really fast and even with trying to clean them they are not very clear. I love the heated seats and the Bluetooth feature.

- Shaun H

Cx-7 more pros than cons.

Great gas mileage, rarely has issues. Has a great amount of space in the car. Also one of the safest to drive. Has ac/heat and power locks and windows. Only downside is the amount of recalls it has had, but they have all been covered by Mazda. Tire prices are reasonable.

- Liz R

Great car for a small family

I got the Mazda CX-7 because it was a midsize suv/crossover. As a growing family this was the perfect choice. Now that we have 2 kids I have found that I need more space in the car, so I'll be upgrading in a couple years. This car is perfect for a family with one child.

- Katie R

Buy this make Mazda. Great vehicle.

Easy to load. Comfortable seating. Great Bose sound system, good gas mileage. Fold down seats are great. Enough room for dog bed and the ability for him to stretch out. Easy handling. Good position of outside mirrors. Handle well on straight away and curves.

- Mary Ellen S

Debbie’s Mazda cx-7 review.

Car handles and rides nicely. Have had problems with air conditioner. Has a nice Bose stereo system and awesome back up camera. Design does have some driver side blind spots. Leather seats are nice but I prefer cloth. Would buy another Mazda in the future.

- Debbie H

Mazda CX-7: Comfortable with heated seats

Overall this vehicle has been pretty good to me considering how old it is. Its comfortable but could be slightly bigger. It has heated seats and would be nice if it also had air conditioned. I haven't had many issues since having this car

- Georgina S

Out of everything in the car I liked the sound system. One of the best out of everything in the car. The engines are loud but not too loud. You would have to upgrade your car to get a louder car.

The car is nice and it don't burn a lot of gas which is fine. Have a lot of miles. I don't know a lot about cars but I would inspire you guys to buy that car. I like how the seats are and the technology. The sound system is good too.

- olivia T

Beautiful Black Cherry Mica

Love the comfortable ride on this vehicle. A friend purchased a newer model Mazda CX-5 and thinks my vehicle rides smoother. I've had it for three years and only had minor mechanical issue with the driver's side window. Love my car.

- Sarah H

Reliable car, good for families and driving around town

Bought it before the birth of our first child. We wanted to have more space and not have to lean down into a car. It lacks lots of bells and whistles that newer cars have, but it has been extremely reliable and safe for us.

- Jill R

Blind spot. I recommend adding small circular mirrors onto the side views.

Great car, not much to complain about. Engine can feel a bit jumpy at times, especially when braking, but this could just be my vehicle. Overall, a reliable and roomy ride good for loading up or taking the family out.

- Matthew J

It gets decent mileage and drives well.

I like that it is a smooth driver and gets good gas mileage. I really dislike how the ac is weak and there are no back vents for people who sit in the back seat. Especially in the summer when it gets in the 100s.

- Christian H

It is very safe, low maintenance and gets great gas mileage.

My car runs well and gets good gas mileage. I rarely have any issues with it. The only dislike would be the amount of recalls on my car, which have been inconvenient and time consuming to get fixed.

- Elizabeth R

Suv that is perfect size for anything. Also has a DVD player in the back

Great heated seats, and awesome sound system. It's a sports utility car so it has great pick up and moderately good gas mileage. The only thing is that it needs super premium gas.

- Miranda S

Headlights keep burning out and expensive to replace

I love the size of the car. It gets great gas mileage. The front headlights keep burning out and they are very difficult to replace. The tires are also extremely expensive.

- Matthew C

Great car - lots of space, reliable, fuel efficient

Love this vehicle! It is reliable, there is a good amount space both in the back and in the backseat. It fits car seats easily. It is pretty fuel efficient as well.

- Lindsey P

Perfect! I love Mazda! Get one!

I love this car! Only sorry they stopped making them. Perfect size. Great engine. Performance is excellent. Roomy. Comfortable. No issues at all. Great gas mileage.

- Lynne T

How does Mazda make an suv not four wheel drive!

The car has had many issues with the check engine light always coming on and the there not being an issue. Also the headlights are extremely difficult to change.

- Mal H

It's affordable and we feel safe in it, it works for our family.

It's a 2011 MAzda, silver. We had issues with the engine before where the car would just turn off on its own. We had to fix it and has been doing well since.

- Laura S

There is a blind spot in the rear. I cannot see a low vehicle at the rear quarter or below the rear window.

The CX-7 is more comfortable than others that I have driven. It is very reliable. One complaint is that replacing the headlight bulb is very difficult.

- Robert G

Car gets great gas mileage.

Had this care for 7 years, very few problems. This is my second Mazda and will buy another when I am ready. Very fuel efficient, comfortable seats.

- Katy L

It's a reliable vehicle with some nice features and is a smooth, comfortable ride.

I've just had it too long and want a new vehicle. I've never had any major issues with my current vehicle though. I just want to get a truck now.

- Jeremy B

Below average Mazda. Expensive to operate.

only uses premium gas, handles terrible in snow. Braking is rough, abs is terrible. Uses more oil than most vehicles when getting an oil change.

- scott r

Good balance of features, styling, and fuel economy.

I like that it get very good gas mileage and is easy to drive. I think it is very stylish. It has good cargo room and can seat 5 if needed.

- Aaron T

Perfect vehicle for your family

I love my CX7. It isn't necessarily the smoothest ride but she's roomy and easy to handle at high speeds. Awesome truck for family travel.

- Corinne J

It has airbags everywhere in the car.

I love that it fits my family comfortably. The trunk has plenty of space for whatever I need to put there. I love the look of my cx-7.

- Beth S

Nothing that is important to me. It's just a car. The only part of the car need in the cargo area.

I like it because of the cargo area. Other than that I buy a car by price I want to pay. A car is only to go from point A to point B.

- George A

I have not never had any issues with it at all! I love all the features and I've only had to buy 1 set of tires since I bought the car in 2012 and it is now 2018.

Very roomy, haven't ever had any issues with it. Dislike how quickly the headlights burn out and that there are several blind spots.

- Kristie P

It is a reliable vehicle that has very few maintenance issues.

It was affordable, comfortable and has good gas mileage. Wished it would have more room in the front seat for larger/taller people.

- Sandy G

comfortable ride, good storage. Works well in city limits

Love the car! good size for passengers and medium/large items. back two seats fold down... comfortable ride with some road noise.

- sheri w

It is stylish and dependable.

Handles well. Body shape has not changed much in newer models. It has been a very dependable vehicle. I wish I had leather seats.

- Mary N

2011 Mazda CX-7 SUV. Perfect Family car.

I absolutely love my car. It does good in the snow, has an awesome sunroof, and has enough trunk space for our big stroller.

- Christine L

It is a very reliable family vehicle.

Great gas mileage. Love the cargo space and flexibility it has in adjusting the seats. Great family vehicle. It is black.

- Mason C

The speed. The design. It's just great

My car is great I don't see anything wrong with it cause it's in perfect shaped. It was one of the best cars I ever had

- Marvin B

It is an amazing driving car.

I love my car but it has this squeaking noise I do not know what the noise is it is not the brakes we had them checked.

- Lisa U

It's difficult to clean, so don't mind the crumbs in strange places I can't seem to figure out how to remove!

I love the size of my CX-7. It's perfect for road trips with friends but yet small enough for everyday errand running.

- Alicia D

Beautiful profile, has a good stereo and nice amenities.

After seven years old, major components are now are needed to be replaced. Alternator, transfer case, wheel bearings.

- Sandra C

It works well for our family of four, it's an affordable car too so that helps

It's a comfortable car, easy to drive. Had issues with the engine before but has been reliable since it was fixed.

- Laura C

It doesn't cost a lot to fill it up and it is really easy on gas

I like that it's easy on gas. It is comfortable to ride in. There is plenty of cargo room and room for passengers.

- Debbie H

4-wheel/all-wheel drive, stopped production of this model.

Problem with turbo, leaking oil bad, shifts rough. Ac does not put out enough cold air, not very good gas mileage.

- Mark W

It is paid off and has no monthly payment.

Like the space. Like the gas mileage. Do not like the payment. Wish it had a sunroof and DVD player for my kids.

- Rebecca R

We love our Mazda CX7. Would like another one

We Absolutely love it, great on gas. If they still made them I would not hesitate to buy another one

- Ann C

That it can have recalls and engine problems.

It has great gas mileage which I love! And I love the style. I dislike that there is engine problems.

- Ashley J

Great on gas, fits a family of 5 and is easy on maintenance.

My car is a small SUV, its great on gas and its fits my family of five with comfort and we enjoy it.

- Sasha J

Vehicle lives up to the Mazda advertisement of zoom-zoom.

Nice sized SUV that is fun to drive, has great acceleration, handles curves well. So-so gas mileage.

- Lisa E

It is a reliable vehicle at affordable price. Well worth the money.

Reliable vehicle. I have owned it for 7 years and had never had problems with it.

- M C

I love the space in the car. I enjoy driving it as its fast and smooth. My only issue is it is not gas efficient and so I don't like to drive it too often.

4 wheel drive. Turbo sport vehicle. Great for outdoor trips. Horrible on gas.

- Clarizcel R

Mazda has very reliable cars. I've never had an issue with my car

I love how it drives. Repairs are inexpensive. It's a very reliable car.

- Kym W

It sits 5 comfortably, easy to drive, mechanically good

I like it a lot. Comfortable easy to drive, gas mileage could be better

- Joyce G

They are reliable and cost effective with little to no issues

Great reliability. Good size and functionality. No issues with it

- Laura M

It is well made and fun to drive. The inside is roomy.

I just like my car. It is sporty and reliable and comfortable.

- Tim M

I have electrical issues with the back door. It won't automatically unlock or lock. There is some air resistance inside and it's loud.

It rides smooth and isn't too hard when you go over bumps.


It only takes two kinds of tires and neither is very good.

It is very safe. It has been hit and has not even dented.

- Laura S