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Great vehicle for people with hip and knee replacements.

I love this vehicle. I'm 5'6' and I do have issues with the driver seat belt cutting into my neck on occasion and I have the shoulder strap lowered as far as it will go. I enjoy the placement of a charging port and the auxiliary port inside the center console. I also enjoy having an AC that has a rear control. The rear control only works when you turn it on otherwise the people sitting in the back have no AC or heat. That means that when I'm by myself in the car I'm not blowing hot or cold air around other than in the front where I need it. A downside is that since this is a 2008 there is no Bluetooth capability except for phone calls though I have not been able to use this feature as a previous owner used a passcode to secure this feature. I enjoy the third row seat option though majority of the time I leave this row folded down to give me more cargo room. My family has found that this is a great vehicle for them to ride in as most of my family members are older, tall, and have had some combination of hip and knee replacements. I will put a stool in my car to help people get into my car. Majority of the time they choose to just slide right out as I have leather seats. I enjoy having a remote to lock and unlock my vehicle. Downside is that there is only one lock to actually insert a key to lock or unlock the car and it's on the driver side door. If the remote isn't working and I need to get something out of the hatch or the front passenger seat I have to go to the driver side to unlock the car first. Granted the remote unlocks the entire vehicle or just the driver side door but at least with the remote you don't have to unlock the driver door to unlock the car and then walk around.

- Kelly K


I love my Mazda cx-9. This is my first full sized SUV. I bought this specific SUV because of the adjustable seats. Not only do the seats move back and forth, but up and down, which helps tremendously given the fact that I am on the shorter side. I also love the pickup my Mazda cx-9 has. As with all Mazdas, you never have to worry about whether or not you will be able to pick up speed quickly enough to merge or pass. The trim/ style I have for my cx-9 included leather, heated seats. This is my first car to have heated seats, and even though I live in the south, they come in handy on the occasional winter day. I do not like the hands free system of this particular model though. I am sure it is only because it is a 2009 though. After owning this SUV for 2 years, I have still yet to figure out how to connect my phone to the built in hands free system. Also occasionally I will accidentally hit 'connect' to the hands free and what results is a screaming voice that will not stop yelling until I repeatedly scream cancel at it. Another thing I like about this SUV is the size of the trunk/ cargo space. The third row seating can lay completely flat (as well as the second row) so if you are like me, and haul around junk all the time, you always have enough room to do so. this also makes vacations or long road trips more comfortable.


Why do I love my Mazda CX-9? It�s one of the greatest looking 3 row SUV !

My car has 200k miles on it and still runs like a champ. It's very roomy and has 3 row seating, sunroof, and Bose stereo. It gets great gas mileage and I feel safe in my car. It's great for going to town or going out of town on long trips. I had plenty of storage and even a storage rack on top. I love the easy to clean leather. I love using my car for transportation for my grandchildren so it has to be amazing to carry my precious cargo.

- Jen B

This is the best vehicle we've owned for long road trips and tooling around town.

The Mazda CX 9 is a very reliable and practical SUV with great acceleration and overall performance. We have been on many road trips with our CX9 and the interior cabin is spacious and very comfortable. The 3rd row seating has been particularly useful with growing kids and their friends. My CX9 is 10 years old and still going strong (with minimal mechanical problems), and we're looking forward to buying a new CX 9 soon!

- susan m

This car can go up to 200 miles per hour.

This car is amazing and sometimes there are a few problems here and there so sometimes when you turn on off the car the air conditioning turns on so you have to turn the car back on to turn it off. This car is safe on roads it goes up high heels really easily and always travels through roads easily. When you are on bumpy roads you can't really feel the bumpy rocks because this car is so smooth.

- Mary S

Versatility is key! Seating and storage options.

The car has been reliable and has aged considerably well. It still looks very current. It's a bit larger than I would prefer but has adjusted well to hauling extended family members and at least two grandchildren in car seats simultaneously. We are pleased with the car and it's versatility. Hauling lots of people, gardening and building materials from Home Depot, etc.

- Mary M

The best vehicle I've ever owned

I absolutely love this vehicle! I have never had a nicer car than this. It has a super comfortable ride and heated seats and a lot of features that I've never had before. Even though this SUV is a 2008 it is so advanced it feels like a new car! We had one issue with the transmission slipping but we found a quick, cheap fix that didn't cost a lot and worked immediately.

- Lynda T

After 10 years, it's been relatively maintenance free. Tires, brakes and a window repair... not bad for 10 years!

The third row seat is nice to have, and even without using it, the "trunk" room is huge. We are a family of 5, and the size of the interior makes everyone more comfortable. I also like that it drives like a car, instead of an SUV/truck. Negatives would be the interior trim... it started peeling after owning the vehicle for 4 years. We've now had it for 10.

- Shelly N

Great mommy car. Mazda CX-9

I love my Mazda CX-9. It has a 3rd row. Exactly what I need. Heated seats, I ordered special car headrest for DVD players to go in the back of them for my children. I absolutely love it. Leather seats are awesome to clean up after kiddos. It has seats that go down where I can also haul things if I don't have my kids it is just great.

- Shelby B

The car has 7 seats and it has a backup camera.

The car is really good and has not much mechanic problems. The only thing you should consider is changing engine oil on time as schedule, make sure brake pads are safe for your driving. About the engine parts, they are well performed, but the remote car is not sensitive, and I have to stand close the vehicle to open door lock.

- Nhi C

Great value for the price!

It is a very reliable and hardy car. It encompasses the best of both worlds in the sense that I can haul a lot of people and/or gear but also has great performance. It is very stylish and tastefully designed, both the interior and the exterior. Overall, I wouldn't mind purchasing another Mazda in the future.

- Gabriel L

A nice little compact SUV with 3 rows

I love this SUV because it feels compact, but it has 3 rows of seating (which is great for separating kids!) The turning radius is great, and I haven't had any major mechanical issues. I do have a fob that acts as a key, so if lost or if the battery dies, there is no way to start your vehicle.

- Karissa H

Mazda SUV air conditioning.

The air conditioning does not work and is too expensive to fix. I have already spent over $100 dollars trying to fix it and it still does not work. The third row comes in real handy sometimes for family visits. I like the cargo space and the gas mileage is not terrible for the size car.

- Glen S

We just replace the wheel bearing.

Our car dealer just sold us the car with all kind problem that didn't show up when we first bought it the wheel bearing need to replace, spark plug need to change after a month of having the car the check engine light went on they should've check the whole car before sell it to people.

- Diana S

Reliable vehicle for intown and long-distance driving.

Has good gas mileage and the third row seating helps. Ac stopped working though. The radio and accessories are convenient. Power locks are good as well. The car comes will all the amenities that I need and is a reliable vehicle to drive. I have taken it on long-distance trips as well.

- Glen S

Wheel issues and missing/broken pieces.

Issues with wheel bearings, brake pads wearing quickly, calipers, and one of the heat shields above my muffler disintegrated and disappeared. Many things have easily broken in the interior, but it still is driving at 120,000 miles. I have had no issues with the motor or transmission.

- Kimberly D

Everyone fits for a great ride!

Large and comfortable. Fits seven people comfortably, without being squished. Able to close back two rows for added storage capacity. Very Smooth ride and great sound system. Attractive and standard design outside and inside. Sightlines on each side in the front can impact safety.

- Lori T

It's very spacious. Because the seats can be laid down when needed.

I love the space. Even though it is an enclosed vehicle have been able to move pretty large furniture in it. I love that it has the possibility of 3 rows. That has come in handy. I l love the key and although it seems to glitch randomly I like mostly not having to take it out.

- Ana V

Great car, plenty of space

Very reliable and spacious car. Interior has held up very well. Seats all lay down to create a very large cargo area capable of moving furniture. Car is equipped with great storage and has a beautiful interior design. Car has ran well with minimal maintenance required.

- Ashley C

Big leg room, comfortable seating.

The mileage I do not like. I was getting almost double on my Toyota matrix -2004 before this car. I like the size and the 3 rows of seating. I like the entertainment system setup. I do not like that the entertainment systems are outdated an expensive to update.

- Erica L

Great family car, reliable and comfortable.

I love the size of the car; fits my whole family plus everything that comes with them. Not the best on gas but it is a large car. It has really held up well for us for being ten years old and I have no plans to trade it in any time soon.

- Jennifer T

How much you can fit into it!

The car is great. It is very comfortable, has heated seats, fits 7 people, and is all-wheel drive for the colder months. It has a smooth drive and is able to haul everything I want. I feel it is great quality for a ten year old car.

- Alicia G

It can zoom! This car really has great pick up especially when you need it!

I love the color of my vehicle (Stormy Mica Blue). I love the way my vehicle handles and drives - definitely has zip and can zoom! I also like the fact that I can transport 7 people in the vehicle without feeling like a huge car.

- Jane E

The car is very spacious with a convertible third row of seats and large hatchback trunk.

My vehicle is older yet reliable. Because of Its age, it has many visual flaws that I dislike that were caused by the previous owner, my mother. This car was also given to me with no question of whether or not I wanted it.

- Rachel m

It has 3 rows of seats and is very comfortable and roomy.

I really like that it has 3 rows of seats and looks sporty. I also like that is is AWD, especially in the winter. The only thing I don't like about it is the gas mileage. I do a lot of travelling and it gets expensive.

- Melissa V

Get ready to spend money on parts.

I have had a lot of things I had to fix on it. The air has gone out. Something went out where it wouldn’t run at all. Now I need an $1800 part called a transfer kit. And I have a window that gets stuck.

- Tiffany M

We live in South Florida and we are a family of five that's on the road often. Since acquiring the car less than one year ago, we've had no maintenance issues with it and the air conditioning is excellent.

The vehicle itself is great, but the interior finish, particularly on the front passenger door, came off within weeks of me acquiring the car from a family member who rarely used the car.

- Joe D

My car is affordable roomy and comfortable. It can fit a small team in the back of kids, excellent for carpooling.

smooth drive, can fit 7 passengers comfortably. Don't' like the wheel problem that has been plaguing me for years. Sounds like it is going to fall apart when I turn.

- Heather Y

It's very loud so it can make it hard to have a conversation on the highway

I don't like that the cabin noise is loud and that it doesn't have a sliding door like minivans other than that I love it. It works for the size of my family

- cara D

That it is a great value and is so fun to drive!

The cx-9 is so smooth and fun to drive. I love that it seats our family of six comfortably and is still not too big to drive. I recommend this car to anyone.

- Petra J

It suits me and my family

It is roomy, for passengers and cargo. Smoother ride than a 2018 Nissan Rogue I recently rented. More technology would be nice but it is an older car.

- Ana D

No major repairs in almost 18 years.

I like the leather heated seats. I like the surround sound and DVD player. I dislike that it does not have an alarm to warn you when backing up.

- Alicia N

It's good on gas and very safe.it has plenty of power without using a lot of gas.

It has plenty of room.And it has comfortable seats. Very good gas mileage . I love everything about it plus I have has a very nice sound system.

- Robert B

I love that it holds 7 people. It has lasted us for over 10 years with no repairs, just maintenance work.

The head clearance for the front seat is a little low, and I am actually short. Also the third row is a little tight if you are not a kid.

- mONA s

It's been very reliable even though we bought it used

I love hoe roomy it is. It has a smooth ride even compared to much newer cars that I have driven. It is comfortable and looks nice.

- Ana Z

Keep the oil change make should you keep the maintenance on it and keep It clean.

I love my Mazda run good. don't have a problem with it everything work on it very clean car I recommend you to buy one.

- Sandra G

Elegant and spacious, economic!

I never have a problem with my Mazda, just regular maintenance. Is very comfortable and spacious if you have kids!

- Karen R

It's a great car. Buy one! It handles great it all kinds of weather.

I have not had any major car repairs or issues. It is a very smooth ride. It holds a lot of people. No complaints

- Davina M

It is a good family vehicle.

We like the size of the vehicle. We like the amount of gas mileage it gets. We dislike it is getting old.

- Kim S

IT has been a reliable car for the ten years that we've had it.

It's a comfortable, medium sized SUV. We've had almost no trouble out of it. It's also stylish.

- Val G

Third row seating! It's gone the distance and is absolutely a great family vehicle

Great crossover. I like having the optional third row seating. I like Mazda in general

- Jessica B

It has dual climate control and a very smooth ride

I have the top of the line model and a smooth ride. The gas mileage could be better

- JaNina L

it drives well in all weather conditions, rain, flooding, snow, ice

It's a great car. it drives well in all weather. i drive it every day

- eileen l

a car i would want to buy again it the future. i have always owned hondas and this is the first time with a mazda and it is a great car.

It is great on gas. It's very reliable. it is a very well made car.

- Casandra W

A lot of room to travel and for family for day to day stuff

I love the space. The features are great for a family.

- Cina H