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A perfectly sized, sleek SUV.

The Mazda cx-9 is a comfortable, easy to drive, roomy vehicle that holds 7-8 people and still has room in the far back to put backpacks, etc.. The car seems spacious inside, but not too large like dome oversized SUVs. It is easy to park, and has a helpful rear camera. The sunroof is large and may be easily and quickly opened by pushing a button to slide or vent the sunroof. A helpful sunroom shutter can be used to keep out any unwanted light. There are a few negatives. There is not a navigation system, and the backlight camera sometimes gets water on it and it must be wiped off to see clearly. Also, the cup holders have a small opening, so things can inadvertently slide into the hole with no way to retrieve them. Finally, there is a small strip of plastic on the floor in the 2nd row which is difficult to clean.

- Lindsey W

Mazda CX-9: Safe and Resourceful

My Mazda CX-9 has an abundance of storage space. The third row seating is perfect for long car rides with friends or family and also lays down for extra storage space. The navigation screen system is touch screen and works perfectly. There is also a blind-spot monitoring system which is very helpful for driving on the interstate. When driving a larger vehicle, the blind spot is bigger and this monitoring system warns me of other cars or objects that I may not be able to spot when transitioning between lanes. This car is extremely safe and I have found myself very happy driving it.

- Taylor M

Mazda cx-9 grand touring is incredible!

I bought my car used and the only issues I have had besides recalls (that were fixed for free by the dealership) were with the ac blower motor resistor. I absolutely love the heated front seats and dual ac in the front, the blind spot monitoring, backup camera, Bluetooth, and the easy-to-clean vinyl seats. The last two rows of seating fold completely flat which gives me almost as much room to haul things as with a pickup truck. The seats are comfortable, the cab is spacious, and the Bose sound system is incredible!

- Lindsey N

Great camping or family car

I've owned this vehicle for 2 years now and I love it so far. It's roomy and allows me to drive my kids and nieces and nephews around in big groups. Perfect for camping. It fits all my gear! Mine has heated seats, CD player, radio, and automatic locking doors and windows. It uses Unleaded gas. For a V6 it has decent power and speed. I live in the mountains so this is important for me as there are lots of elevation gains. So far my repairs have been minimal and the car has been very trustworthy.

- Sara O

The flexibility of the amenities inside of the car are great. Built for lasting!

I have enjoyed my car for years. It rides well in the city and on the highways.The troubles that I have encountered have been the mirrors falling off or turning in while going through car wash. It is spacious and can see a family of six or more. The trunk space is great and it travels well on the highway. We did have an occurrence when The axle broke and the car was resting on the wheel. That was a very scary situation. The car is great on gas and the music from Boise system is wonderful.

- Tam M

Safe vehicle but some electrical issues.

The screen will show an error saying contact dealership. The dealership wants you to get a new system however it eventually starts working again. I feel it is very safe. This is my 2nd. The 1st one was totaled because someone hit me from the side while I was at a stop and it rolled on it is side, but I was not injured. I barely felt the hit. None of the windows shattered. It was only totaled because all the side airbags deployed.

- Qui L

Sleek, smooth, & spacious.

Nice comfortable seating and interior. Very smooth ride. Never really have a lot of issues with it. One of the best cars I have ever owned. Very reliable. Your phone can not Bluetooth to it with music the only way that works is with voice command. Dual heating and air conditioning easy to use. And rear control heating and air conditioning. 3rd row seating which and be laid down and car can have very spacious trunk area

- Chelsea G

Well-designed, comfortable, and spacious when you want a vehicle large enough for a family, but want something fun to drive and not a minivan.

The car is over eight years old now, and has been dependable, comfortable, and fun to drive. We have taken a vacation with six adults, and all were comfortable. Our son's car seat fits with plenty of room. I feel like I'm driving a luxury vehicle with the features and comfort. It's just now starting to have some problems with the driver's side door lock and window. Overall a good purchase.

- Vicki R

The CX-9: I love the vehicle it works great. I love how much space I have in it.

Had a slight electrical problem. Sometimes when I bumped a button on my keys or slammed my door too hard my sunroof and 2 front windows would open by themselves. I got it fixed and it has worked great ever since. Only other thing I have a slight problem with is my Bluetooth sometimes disconnects and reconnects randomly. Other than that I love the car and It works great.

- Caroline P

Great car for a family of four.

The Mazda cx-9 is a super comfortable vehicle. I love the leather seats, automatic everything, sunroof. Also it is nice and spacious for my two kids in the back seat. I also love having the option of a third row of seating but when folded down, there is tons of room for all of our stuff (for soccer, groceries, etc.). It is been a great car -- no problems. Very reliable.

- Jessica H


I have had my Mazda CX-9 for about 5 years. I have never had a problem with it other than maintenance (breaks, oil changes, etc.) I have a ton of space for my kids. Having third row seating helps A TON! Gas mileage is also really great. I do a lot of driving and usually only have to fill up one a week! When it's time for a new car, I will definitely shop Mazda again

- Kristina H

Seats are heated. I think that's great if you live in areas that get real winter.

Four door has two sets of back seats. Front seats have heated seats. Back seat has own a/c and heating. Spacious back for storing and second set of back seats fold down for extra storage space. Vehicle drives very smooth. Speaker system is clear and lots of bass. Viewing from windows is very nice. Easy to drive all around.

- Amanda S

It is a safe vehicle to drive, especially in winter.

I like how smooth it drives and how comfortable it is to drive. I like that it makes a sound if you are going to change lanes and hit someone and I like that it is all wheel drive. I hate the color and the third row is really small. The seats do not fold all the way down and it is hard to get into the third row.

- Rachel G

In vehicle DVD player and third row seating makes family travel enjoyable.

Very few issues and not much maintenance needed. Good gas mileage and dependable brand. Car includes DVD player but is not reliable with in car radio feedback. Car is not sporty or attractive and looks more like a crossover with a minivan. Third row seating is great for large families and travel.

- Natasha F

Three rows of seating is fantastic and it handles like a car. It is also all wheel drive.

I love my third row seating. I love how all of the seats move backwards or forwards. I love the size of my gas tank and the vehicle is moderate on gas. I like how it handles like a small car. The blind spot in it is rather small.i love the amount of trunk space when the third row is down

- Samantha N

Noise in the wrong place!

It was great when we first got it as a used car. However, I do have issues with the radio and Bluetooth they do not want to stay connected and it will stop playing music from my phone in the middle of a song. It makes a rattle noise, but have had the car checked out and nothing is wrong.

- Heather R

Super sound and reliable CX 9.

I love the space in my vehicle in the interior. I have three kids by don't use the third row often. The rest of the car has enough room without it. I've only had a few issues with the car. Wheel bearings and steering knuckle but nothing major. All in all Super Sound and reliable.


I love it. This is my favorite car I ever had.

It drives very smooth. The breaks are good, the gas is not that bad I can drive my kids everywhere. The space inside is good and I love that I can add an extra line of sitting on the back if I have more people coming. The air conditioner is good and the vision is excellent.

- Nadia G

Perfect car for my family of 4.

The Mazda cx-9 drives like a car but has the space of a small SUV. The third row is comfortable, it is easy for my kids to get to that third row although I must say it is easier to do without infant/toddler car seats involved. It has been the perfect car for my family of 4.

- Christine L

Reliable and fun to drive; don't settle for a minivan!

I love how smooth and easy it is to drive. Very reliable and gets good gas mileage for an SUV/crossover. I do wish there was a latch system in the third row as well as better air circulation back there. That would make it more family friendly. I have 3 children at home.

- Phoebe S

Sleek family car with spacious interior.

It is a wonderful, reliable car. It is large enough to drive multiple people, but spacious enough where the ride is not uncomfortable. The ride is typically very smooth, and I have never felt unsafe in the car. Overall I think this car would be great for any family.

- Hannah J

Great car with flexible third row seating

The car has heated seats in the front; which are great for cold mornings. I love the third row of seating. It folds down easily for storage but can be easily popped to transport two more kids (it is not the biggest space but works great for kids or smaller adults).

- Shannon P

My vehicle gives me no problems it runs great and I can count on my vehicle.

My vehicle has no problems, it runs very well. Just need new tires. It gets me to. Work with no problems and elsewhere. I can count on my vehicle anytime with no problems. Since I purchased my vehicle no problems given. The dealership I bought it from is fantastic.

- Christina G

Smooth ride with the great amenities in the interior of the vehicle.

I love the third row seating and that the SUV drives and handles like a car. The blind spot indicators are helpful and they make me feel safer on the interstate. The only complaint is the tire pressure sensors and window motors have had to be replaced recently.

- Melissa B

I've been driving this car for a long time with no major issues

I have never had any problems with my car. It did have a couple of recalls but they were taken care of quickly. It does seem to not handle bumpy roads well. But other then that I like it and would consider it for my next car. It has a lot of great features.

- Denise L

Best car ever. I hope that Mazda keeps making this car.

Best car I ever had. Very reliable. The seats are comfortable. There is plenty of legroom along with storage space. I cannot say anything negative about this vehicle. This car has only had to have routine maintenance such as a new battery and oil changes.

- Debbie H

Mazda CX 9: The car for everyone

It's spacious and seats 7 people. It has a large trunk. It performs well and is durable. It has a nice interior and exterior. High quality material used for the car seats. Temperature adjusts very easily. You can add many gadgets in it like a DVD player.

- Anna G

Mazda CX 9 is a great family car with room for everyone and everything

I like that it is 4 wheel drive and has a third row which easily folds down to make the trunk large. I don't like that my brakes make noise when I back up even though they've been replaced. Gas mileage isn't good but that's expected for the size.

- Denise P

Dependable, reliable, easy to maneuver through traffic

I've driven it since it was brand new, it's been a great, long lasting vehicle. The middle row seats could be made more comfortable for traveling long distances, the blind side mirrors did not have a very long life, otherwise a great car.

- Susan R

It's so smooth and easy to drive

I like the size of my vehicle. It's bigger than a sedan but smaller than an SUV, so it is easy to drive. All of my complaints have to do with the age of the car. I dislike the navigation system because it is not updated to current roads.

- Kamryn S

It is the most reliable car one could wish for. The car runs great, is good on gas and beside basic maintenance has absolutely no problems whatsoever

It has been one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever had. Beside oil changes and brake changes I have had absolutely no mechanical issues with the car. It has taken me to work and on long family trips. I love it!

- Gia V

convenience of third row seating in a easy to drive car- the best of both worlds

My family and I have enjoyed driving this vehicle. I really love the option of third row seating without having a very large vehicle. The car is easy to drive and has a very attractive, sporty look.

- Anna K

The safety standards are excellent.

I love the way my car handles. I also love the camera system. The third row is one of my favorite things and is a must for my family. The only issue is that the third row is hard to get to.

- Megan C

It is has great pick up when u press the gas pedal.

Air conditioning is unreliable, makes loud noise when driving faster than 40 mph, like the heated seats and the car has versatility to carry large objects when needed. Stylish body/frame.

- Maureen L

Best reliable family vehicle to ever own

I love how it drives it's such a smooth drive. And the gas mileage is wonderful, plenty of room for my family and to also grow with the family. It is absolutely a wonderful vehicle

- Nichole R

It's a great car, but has bad gas mileage. It seems fine for a while but when the needle starts moving it goes down fast.

The mazda CX 9 has been amazing, it picks up fast and drives great. We have had some problems with some weird sounds that it makes, but we got the brakes fixed and it's fine now.

- Christine M

This is car has a high safety rating. It is extremely reliable and designed to go 200k miles or more

The veil is extremely reliable. It is a quality make vehicle with a great safety rating.it has exceptional styling. I have not found anything that I would consider a bad thing.

- Jim M

This has all the qualities of a luxury SUV at a more affordable price.

The vehicle looks attractive, luxury but not overstated. It rides very well, and handles great for an SUV. The interior is super comfortable, and feels/looks somewhat European.


It's the perfect family car. Plenty of space and it's my go-to vehicle when taking road trips.

It's very reliable. The three row seating allows me to fit my family in the car and the room to store a lot of items. I had my car for 4 years now and I have zero complaints.

- Haley R

Mazda CX-9 Is a great mom taxi

It's a nice people hauler for my family of 5. The 3rd row is a bit tight so only small children can fit back there. It lets down to give you nice room for a grocery haul.

- Takara F

Luxury feel on a modest budget. Definitely one of the nicest SUVs of all the major brands on the market.

This SUV is great for transporting kids and grownups with ample room for cargo space. It has been very reliable and comfortable to travel in on long trips.

- Jessica S

The focus is affordable, reliable, and easy to find parts for in the us.

I like how reliable it is. It has good gas mileage. I do not like that it's not a convertible. I also wish it was made in the USA but I still like it.

- Brandon L

It's a very reliable vehicle. It has a lot of safety features.

I like all the options it has. I like the backup camera. I like the blind spot sensors. Pretty good gas mileage. I dislike how expensive parts can be.

- Jennifer J

It drives well, very smooth. Good gas mileage for its size.

I love my vehicle. It has leather seats and a moonroof. It seats up to 7 people so is very roomy. I've owned it for 6 years and have no plans to sell.

- Sally P

I have over 125,000 miles on my car.

My car is good at carrying people or lots of stuff, but not both. It is very comfortable and easy to drive. I think my car has electrical problems.

- Cat W

Jeeps are really cool if you want a DRIVING experience. Not a mall crawler.

I love the fact that it has a lot of space and it runs good even if is a few years old. The only complain I had that the seats are not very comfy.

- Griselda L

Road trip bound, set cruise control and turn up the radio.

Comfortable to drive, versatile, plenty of room for cargo or passengers, easy to handle, great stereo system. All around great car. Reliable.

- Gina B

Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring drive machine

Car drives very smooth, great for towing and plenty of room for multiple passengers. Would definitely buy again or upgrade to a newer model.

- Leanna S

Rated 2nd safest car in 2010.

Very comfortable. Easy to drive. Many helpful features. Great on gas. Kid friendly. Leather heated seats. Three rows. Absolutely love it.

- Alexis L

Great car for a great price!

I love my car! It rides really well and can hold a lot of stuff. It has three rows for seating so it has room for seven or eight people.

- Kathy R

That it is a decent used car that we purchased. Maybe the best brand so far.

It looks good for being 8 years old. I like the safety features that it has. It has a lot of room. Heated seats. Nice sound system.

- Paula m

It is a 7 passenger car, it tells you if one of the tires needs air, thank you

It is an great car, I don't have any problems, it is a very comfortable car for a big family back chairs recline and very spacious

- Davelin U

Reliability and quality are exceptional.

Reliability of the vehicle. The styling of both the interior and exterior. The dealer care programs and overall product quality.

- Jim H

Mazda cx 9 Great family car

I love all the features my car has. The side mirrors inform you when a car is in your blind spot. The back up camera is good.

- Dee I

Reliable and roomy family SUV

Very reliable and smooth ride. Roomy 3rd row vehicle. Plenty of options that make the ride very comfortable for everyone.

- Jeff M

It had a lot of space for the entire family

I love this vehicle, it has a lot of space and enough seating room for all of my family. My kids love having enough room

- Jessica N

drives more like a car than an SUV. Does not feel sluggish, while being a large vehicle.

Likes: Acceleration, interior comfort, feel on the road. Dislikes: poor gas mileage, bluetooth sometimes temperamental.

- Jeff h

Even though the parts are expensive for my car, l love it!

Don't like gas mileage on my car. My car has had to many recalls for me to name. The parts on my car are so expensive.

- Precious B

My car has good seats. It is very comfortable.

No complaints. I love it. I will get another one when this one gets too old. I hope to keep it a few more years.

- Sandy K

The gas mileage is not great. The third row seats are hard to engage.

It's hard to park straight. The passenger's seat could use more adjustments. It could use more head room.

- Brenda C

It has not had any major issues despite being used daily for over 10 years.

I wish that the third row seating was easier to access. Also the car seat hooks are very difficult to use.

- Heidi F

It is very roomy and has plenty of legroom

I love the way it handles and performs as well as the mileage I get and the safety features are excellent

- Harry E

It's a luxury vehicle with affordable price. Its comfortable and fits up to 8 people. It has a great entertainment package.

I like that it is loaded with safety features.It's got plenty of room but is smaller and not a gas hog

- Virginia C

It has a foreign engine but is made in usa.

My car revs up real good and had pep. It goes very fast. However it is not really good on gas mileage.

- Patricia S

solid well built good gas mileage

I like the the appearance good quality never breaks down

- leo p

Nice looking automobile, gets great fuel mileage. This SUV has lots of room and late technology

Gets great fuel mileage and is a pleasure to drive

- Nina S

The water pump is behind the engine so it is high labor to fix

It is reliable, but can be a little pricey to fix.

- Ryan G