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Dependability and reliability.

This is the second Mazda vehicle I have owned. I thoroughly enjoy the vehicle. I have had other family members and friends purchase a Mazda for their durability and dependability. Mazda made in America seems to me to be the best on the market. Mazda makes several variety of models and I foresee no problems. Mazda also has the best market value and original purchase price available. Great gas mileage even after 100 thousand miles. Durability and reliability makes me continue to purchase this make over and over. I wouldn't buy another manufacturer.

- William M

Comfortable and roomy, great family vehicle.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle. It runs quiet, does not use too much gas and is a smooth ride. The heated leather seats are great in the winter and the material is very easy to clean. The third row ensures that I can fit my whole family and I can drop it down for extra trunk space. The only negative is that when the seat is up, the trunk space is very small. My electronic liftgate broke and I repaired it, but it no longer opens manually. It only opens with the remote or button by the steering wheel.

- Felicia C

The airbags have been recalled, and the CD player eats "burnt" disc.

I love the room it has, the first rear seat reclines and moves forward and back giving legroom. The 3rd row is also comfortable, as a heavy woman I've rode back there on vacation. I love the heated seats for my back pain It's wonderful. I have moved a lot of big items in the cargo are with all seats folded down, including a 75 gallon fish tank with wooden stand!

- Elaine M

Review of the Mazda cx-9 touring from a family of 5 perspective.

It is tight with three kids. The back seat does not have the anchor bars for the car seats so there is no way to put a car seat in the very back. With a third row seat option there is barely any trunk space. I would not recommend this vehicle for a family of five with various ages of children.

- Maria M

It is a great family car.

I like that it has a lot of room inside. It is actually why I fell in love with it. The only thing that I dislike is that the headlights do not automatically turn on when the car starts. Since my previous vehicle did, I sometimes forget and will go off driving with the lights off.

- Angela C

Elegant smooth ride, sleek look.

Performance is so good, smooth ride very comfortable seating. drives safely, my grandsons love the seven passenger seats and sitting in the way back of the truck. We have it in black very elegant looking and we've noticed people stop to look at our truck.

- Maria S

Great vehicle! Awesome for families!

No problems, so reliable. I love the feature of hands free and comfort ability of the seat. Very spacious and roomy. Easy to fit car seats and the safety is great. Love how fast and easy it is to build speed love the option to go from manual to automatic.

- Serena E

Great price for a luxury SUV.

Seats did not hold up well under car seats. The 3rd row is not as big as some other vehicles on the market now. It is difficult to get to the third row. Style-wise the car is great for the year. Love the all leather interior with very comfortable seats.

- Rebecca A

The car is very spacious with the three rows of seats.

I love the space that the vehicle has. I love that it has a place to plug in to play my music. I don't like that several decorative pieces around the tires has just fallen off. I also don't like that the air has had problems almost since we got it.

- Amy S

An interesting detail is that the Mazda cx-9 has a Bluetooth AUX system.

I love my cx-9 because it is not large like a truck but it is not low to the ground like some of the smaller cars made by Mazda. It helps when going on road trips because it is a larger vehicle and can fit more people as well as luggage in the trunk.

- Lauren S

It is a great car for new families. Available room for storage and room to grow.

I dislike the location of ac for passengers in the back seats. I dislike the stereo system. I do not think it is a very smooth ride. I like the room available in the vehicle. The option of having a third row if necessary

- Jess R

Family friendly and safe.

Spacious with a 3rd row for transporting multiple people. Lots of storage for vacations and hauling gear. Drives and handles very smoothly. Reliable. Comfortable and stylish. Mazda is a good, trustworthy brand.

- Heather h

Adults fit in all 3 rows. I have a 5 ft 8 thirteen year old who can sit in 3rd row with no problem

I love that it has plenty of room for carpooling 13 year old boys and that they can all fit in all 3 rows. I love the dual climate control. I love that I can front down back 2 rows to haul bigger items.

- Natalie Z

It's bull will drive give you the most speed very relaxing

I like the size and the fact that I get good gas mileage for every trip I make. And the leg room front and back for me and my family. No, I do have any current complaints at this time

- Craig K

It is an overall great value.

I like the way my car drives and it is features. It has ample room and gets good gas mileage. The only slight dislike I have is some of the blind spots are a bit difficult sometimes.

- Jessica W

I love the space. Having 3 sports kids it helps. Gas is pretty good. Only 4 years old but brakes make noise. Dealer says its normal. Kind of annoying

Thr brakes and steering make a squeaky sound. The dealer and mechanic says it happens to this car. I wish someone told me about it. As much as I love my car, quite embarrassing.

- Tricia P

Meets all the important needs of an SUV at a very reasonable cost.

Well engineered, easy & fun to drive. Lots of power. Seats are very comfortable. Can haul all kinds of stuff in it. Very reliable. Minimum of bling. Have no complaints.

- ray s

The car has a very smooth ride

I like the roomy interior. I like the fact that the back seat area has Its own temperature setting. I do not like the fact that the headlights do not turn on on start.

- Angela M

It's very reliable, I haven't had any problems with it

My Mazda has been a low maintenance car. It's comfortable and quiet to drive. I get very good gas mileage. It has a lot of room for kids and all their stuff.

- Brian R

The car fits a lot of people inside comfortably with enough room for cargo.

I like that it can fit my kids and their friends. I hate that it is difficult to park since it is so big. I also dislike that it uses a lot of gas.

- Jiya S

It's an SUV and fits many passengers and car seats.

It is easy to drive. It is big enough to fit my family but does not feel too big. It is comfortable. I sit up high which is nice because I am short.

- Rebekah A

Very clean and neat. It has three rollers and very roomy on the inside.

Has no pick up needs to be able to go faster when I drive. Gas mileage is not great either. I like the color of it. Weather is very nice inside.

- Michelle B

It is a very well made car and extremely comfortable

I have only had to maintain my car and have had not repairs since I purchased it. I have only had to change the brake pads and do maintenance.

- Margaret S

It drives really nice and is great for growing families.

I love that it has the third row that can be up or down depending on my needs. It didn't need any major maintenance until over 120,000 miles

- Casie P

It is comfortable and convenient.

I like that it fits many people. It has good acceleration. Also, it feels smooth on all roads. I do not like the look of the car though.

- Mike K

It is great for any size family.

I love all the features. I love the roominess. I love the third row option. I dislike to GPS and map feature. It is very hard to work.

- Jennifer D

Be persistent about getting your transfer case maintained even though it is build to last a lifetime. It will go out on you and you'll be stuck.

I like the features and how roomy it is. Only complain is that the transfer case it going to give out after a certain mileage driven.

- Bianca t

It is safe and very reliable. It holds 7 passengers.

Love the cab interior. Also love the general look of the car. Love that 7 people can fit! Hate the lights. They're not bright enough.

- Mazda H

Very dependable vehicle. I highly recommend it for any family to enjoy the size & dependability.

Very reliable vehicle. Would definitely purchase another one. It does hesitate to get up and go at times. Probably the age though.

- Shannon E

The vehicle does not handle well in snow and ice but was perfect for us in Central Florida.

We haven't had any real issues with it but we moved to Michigan from Florida last year and it does not handle well in snow and ice.

- Angela K

It is very dependable, and is affordable for a midsize SUV.

My cx9 is very dependable. My Mazda is very affordable. The cx9 is a great mid sized SUV. I like the size and speed of my Mazda.

- Tara G

Great for hauling people and stuff

This is a very peppy car. There is a lot of room for people and cargo. The gas mileage is so much better than my last vehicle.

- Graceanna S

It is Reliable, easy to drive, and comfortable on long trips.

I love how easy it is to put kids in the middle seat. However with a growing family the back seat presents more of a challenge.

- Ann M

I find that it is a good enough car for daily use. I think newer models would provide more exceptional features adding to the value of the car overall.

The vehicle fits my needs at quite a basic level. The stereo system is not optimal, and the ac throughout is not the best.

- Eric R

It's a good value in the crossover / suv AWD market.

Generally, I like it. It's comfortable and handles well. Gas mileage could be a bit better, but it's not terrible.

- Don W

It is reliable and I have had very good experiences with Mazda

I love the vehicle and Mazda in general. I have had very positive experiences with the brand and I have no complaints

- Brittany P

My Mazda is easy and reliable.

I love my Mazda. It is smooth and reliable, and handles very well. My only problem is that it uses a lot of gas.

- Rosie W

It has a third row seats. It is a smaller size suv and good on gas.

I like that it has a third row of seats. I like that it has seat warmers. I would like to get something better.

- Dana S

It is a classic modern auto.

Like the cargo space. Like the sunroof. Dislike no captain seat option. Dislike that they're is a blind spot.

- Erin S

Reliability would be the most important thing I would let others know.

I have been very satisfied with our cx 9. The ride and comfort are two of my favorite things about the car.

- Cindy R

Overall, the value of the car is worth the cost of the car.

Has lots of space and seating. Has all the new technology as standard equipment. Drives and handles well.

- Laura D

I love the comfort and the way it drives, safety ratings are also very good. The extras such as a evd system and bluetooth capabilities are convenient for our frequent road trips

That it's safe and comfortable. It has plenty of trunk space even with the 3rd row up

- Stephanie I

The grand touring doesn't drive smoothly

Dislike the block cracking and having to replace the engine. I like the bose radio

- Whitney L

It's reliable and gets me from point A to point B.

It needs a new paint job and a timing belt adjustment. Otherwise I love it.

- Leanne O

How it performs and does it have the full package that the customer wants.

I love the 3rd row seats. Great gas mileage. Not too big or small.

- Tacqua C

Reliability and drivability

Comfortable, reliable and with great performance. No complaints

- James M

It feels safe and secure to ride in.

It's new. The car runs smoothly. The car is big.

- Kay K