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Overall a wonderful vehicle. I would like to see a few improvements though.

Overall I love my Mazda cx 9. I bought it as my first 'mommy car'. It's very pretty from the outside. It looks expensive. It drives well. Some reviews I had read mentioned it is a loud ride, but I never notice any more noise than any other car. I love the third row option when needed. We keep those seats folded down most of the time and have plenty of room back there for my double stroller and bags or whatever if shopping. We have 3 car seats across the middle row. That was tough to do, but with some research I found 3 that would fit safely across. I'm bummed the 3rd row doesn't have tethers available. Therefore making that row useless for my family with 3 kids in car seats. Overall, we love our vehicle though. Just a few things like gas mileage and 3rd row tethers could use improving.

- Brooke C

2012 Mazda review. Comfortable, flexible and reliable.

I love this vehicle. I love the comfort and room it provides. I love the ability to have the third row for extra seats or the ability to put that row all the way down to provide a bigger trunk space. I like the set up around the steering wheel, middle console and radio area. It works well and feels places appropriately. I have had to replace a few parts but this seems to be because the previous owner did not take as good of care on this car. Overall, the parts have not been crazy expensive like I have had on other cars. The only part that felt like a lot was for an extra key. Overall, I love my car. I love the size, the flexibility, the comfort and the reliability.

- Ashley P

We Love the Mighty Mazda for Long Trips!

I love my Mazda! Where to start? It gets great gas mileage. It's very comfortable - it seats seven very easily! The center console and rear seat drinks tray are very well-designed - the front console is deep and has a phone charger port that works even if the car is turned off! The rear seats are easily folded down to make room in the rear for carrying larger loads. We can fit a family of four, a dog, two friends and all our luggage with room to spare! We looked at other cars but the smooth handling and racing steering wheel onbis over to Mazda. You get the roominess and comfort of an SUV but the handling and driving fun of a sports car!

- Joan M

Nice upscale features for a comfortable daily driver

The interior is very nice. I like the leather seats - very durable and easy to care for but they look very nice. There is lots of room for comfortable seating. There is easy access to the third row. When I need more room for storage or hauling things, the seats fold down in various ways to accommodate the room needing for hauling/storage and still provide room for seating if needed. I like that the headrest to the back seats fold down for better rear view vision without having to fold down the whole seat.

- Angela M

2012 Mazda CX-9 review: the driving feel is the selling point

The feel of the driving is the selling point. We have liked the flexibility of the third row for additional seating. We have found it to be a reliable vehicle, had very few problems. The only things I can think of that are somewhat negatives are: 1. No separate air conditioning vent for third row seating, 2. The seat belt for the middle seat in second row is a pain to mess with, and 3. Some visibility issues when you look back, but I think that might be the case with any larger SUV like this.

- Jeanie K

This vehicle has just about everything our family of four needs.

I really like my vehicle. It has a V8, so plenty of power and AWD for Minnesota winters. Heated leather seats come standard. I also chose this car because it has a back row with two seats that easily fold down. The vehicle is not much longer that the station wagon we had previously, but has the extra seats. The only issue I've had is that some trim around one of the wheel wells came off, it's just cosmetic, but I don't think it should have come off so easily. Otherwise, I really love my car.

- Stephanie E

Seems to go through brakes and rotors once a year, doesn't seem logical.

I really like it in general however, it needs brakes and rotors every single inspection and I don't really believe it's based on how I drive but the vehicle itself. I finally switched to a new auto care place opposed to the Mazda dealership to see if that makes a difference but my inspection isn't for another two months yet so I don't know if it has. The gas mileage isn't very good either.

- Amy S

Smooth quiet ride and luxury leather

bought it used a few months ago and have had it into the shop for minor problems that were cheap fixes. It drives nice and is quiet. Love the AWD. The sunroof is great as well. Third row is usable. You have to flip the 2nd row seat forward to get in. At first I thought this would be inconvenient but it's really easy to flip the seat forward then lock it back in place.

- Gina H

Practical price with all you need and comfortable as well.

Purchased this car used and thus far it has proven very reliable and have had no problems. It is a comfortable ride and has all the features I want. The negatives would be that the cabin is loud, as if the seals around the doors and windows are too loose, and the controls on the dash are not very intuitive, there are some things that just don't seem to make sense.

- Stacey K

CX-9, a waste of money, with continuing problems

The brakes on both front and rear have had multiple issues. Throwing clips from both front calipers, multiple times. I have replaced brakes and rotors multiple times, calipers, all hardware and the brakes continue to be an issue. The road noise is terrible, and even top of the line tires do not help. Suspension system is cheap, with continued problems.

- Tanya G

Love hate relationship with my car Mazda 2012.

My car has leather seats and it is really comfortable. The only downside is the gas consumption. Every week I put $40 of gas to fill the tank. It is has a backup camera that is very helpful when reversing. Another issue is my brakes after owning this car for about 4 years the brakes are really loud, I had it fixed before but the problem keeps recurring.

- Ben R

If your gas budget is tight. Do not consider this car.

It is a very reliable car do not get me wrong. But it drive like a boat. The individual air settings are very poor and the music auxiliary option is low quality. The sound system is very detailed and nice maybe a little too much bass but that is adjustable. Premium black leather seating. But it is a gas guzzler. $55-60 to fill a tank for 300 miles.

- Abby H

Mazda CX-9 it is big and roomy

I love how big and roomy it is. The only problem I have is it shifts hard between gear 4 and 5. I love how it has 3 rows which I have used several times. I like being able to have the option if we need it. Also the inside is big when I fold all the seats down. I have hauled all kinds of things and we recently just moved and came in handy.

- Cynthia G

The car is shaped like a bullet and compact. But it has 3 row seats.

The car is spacious and comfortable. The starter or something else is acting up. The car is a blue/gray color. It has 3 row seats. No back up camera or side sensors. Leather interior. Compact car. Good gas mileage. Great family vehicle. Great working ac and heating. Plenty of room for family. Great car for beach trips and road trips.

- Megan P

It has accessible charging ports for passengers to charge their phones

I do like the gas mileage on my vehicle and the seat warmers. It does have 3 row seating which is a plus. It also has a charging port in the back row seating. And it also gives digital mileage info. Only problem I've had with this vehicle is that it has problems with the brake booster which I've had to fix every couple of years.

- Sabrina M

Stylish, comfortable and roomy

Roomy, smooth ride. A bit noisy (l hear the wind through the windows). Bose speakers are terrific. Low head room entering/exiting the car. Gas mileage is poor (19-20 mpg). Third row is a plus. Cargo space is very good. Currently have 88K miles with usual wear/tear. No major engine issues. Still stylish after 7 years.

- Susanne E

Load her up! What do you need to move?

The cx-9 is very reliable and comfortable. It is not too big but I still call it my truck because it will haul almost anything I need. I have loaded it up with rocks before and it handled it just fine! I love this vehicle and will keep it forever. It get decent gas mileage as well. It seats 4 easily and 6 in a pinch.

- Dana W

Best vehicle I have had or driven. Safety features are great, smooth ride.

I love my vehicle, it is my new baby. Plenty of room even with the third row seating. I am tall and plenty of extra leg room. Seats go down for extra room for loading anything for transport. Handles excellent in every kind of weather. Rides smooth and handles excellent. Would definitely give this vehicle 10 stars.

- Melissa M

We loved the cx-9 so much we bought a cx-7!

Has had two recalls but I loved it because it is a seven seater but drives like a car. I compared it to the ford explorer but it has a narrow view from the windshield. I got some extras like luggage rails on top, Bluetooth, automatic seats and all weather mats. I bought it new in 2013 and it still drives like new.

- Kevin L

Mediocre SUV- ok for a 7 seater of that is what you are looking for.

The car is comfortable but I bought it used and it has had mechanical problems. 3 of the 4 windows have broke. The sunroof sometimes leaks in the rain. It's an attractive car but wish it had more power. And also the car is black and with black leather seats, they are almost unbearable to sit in during the summer.

- Lindsey G

Love my Mazda cx-9, especially on cold winter days.

Really like my Mazda cx-9. It is comfortable on long road trips and driving around town. I do miss some of the extras like automatic headlights and in-dash compass, but I love my heated seats. It is been very reliable and only a few problems over the years like a wheel bearing and tire sensors.

- Marcy P

It is red with white leather interior it is very easy to do road trips in

It is amazing for a family, it is very comfortable and it has been one of the best purchases we have made. We are very happy with it, although we have had it for a while now so problems have began to arise, however we do take a lot of road trips and the car still looks brand new

- Eileen R

Gas hog! Can not speed up quickly.

The gas mileage sucks and it is gutless. I do not like the look of the vehicle. I do not like how awkward it is to park, too long, guess I should have considered that before buying! I was pressured by the salesman to buy this particular vehicle. I do like that it is AWD though.

- Candice W

Big enough for a family and the kids friends.

It is reliable, gets good gas mileage, and has plenty of room, plus it has all the features in a vehicle I would like, my favorite is the heated seats, and the fact my kids can be spread it because of the third row of seats or we can bring through friends along when they want.

- Brooke R

Side mirror vehicle alert

I overall like my vehicle a lot. An issue that I do have are the side mirror image light comes on randomly when I am using blinker. Sometimes it's just because I pass a pole. Other times maybe a leaf has flown by. It doesn't happen all the time, but enough to annoy to me.

- Debbie D

It is AWD and has a third row for extra seating.

I like that it is AWD, has a 3rd row and plenty of room. I don't like the thin metal, it has dings in the door. I don't like that the rear door swings up and doesn't provide anything over your head when it's raining, I don't like that the rear door window doesn't open.

- Margaret B

Mazda cx-9 was a great choice for me.

My used Mazda 2012 cx-9 has been very good so far. There have been a few problems, but nothing you wouldn't expect from a used car. Its driving performance is great, as is it comfortably. I enjoy the driving ability of my car, and glad about the purchase that I made.

- Arthur G

Mazda cx-9 is a great family car with great gas mileage.

I love driving my Mazda cx-9, gas mileage is awesome. A full tank will last will usually last a 5 hour trip without having to fill up. All the passengers fit comfortably, the only downside is the 3rd row, the passengers have a difficult time getting in and out.

- Liliana O

3rd row makes a tight situation

I really like my vehicle. Very reliable., good on gas. No major problems. I do find the seats a little uncomfortable and the third row is not meant for adults. Not enough leg room. Also, when 3rd row is up and being used, there is no trunk space. Nice vehicle

- Alicia H

The Pontiac. Hell but reliable.

I have a Pontiac grand am. It is probably one of the worst cars I've ever owned. It has don't nothing but cause me problems since the day I got it. I can say it has hung right in there with me though. I look at it like this she's just a cry baby sometimes.

- Kayla N

Good for large families with young kids

I have over 125000 miles ok the car. It has had reliability low maintenance. It still drives well. It doesn't have new technology like drive assist or Apple carplay. It is comfortable. I can fit 4 kids into the car. The car has very good storage space.

- Mike M

It is held up pretty good over the years with annual check-ups.

The Mazda cx-9 is very spacious. It has a great deal of features that I am happy with ( sunroof, heated seats, backup camera, etc.). However, the gas mileage is not the best; this vehicle eats up quite a bit of gas when running the air conditioner.

- Carmen F

Mazda CX 9 - A Reliable Choice for those who need their car to be there when they need it.

I have almost 140,000 miles on my CX-9 and it runs great. I've had no mechanical issues. I've had issues with the rear door locks working and the a.c. needs a new fan belt but that's about it. I'm very pleased with the car.

- Randy F

It has multiple safety features and handles well in all weather conditions.

I love a lot of things about my Mazda. It is comfortable. It has many safety features. It does have 3 rows of seating. I feel like there is not a lot of storage space when the third row of seats is being used

- Jeanie L

My car is a good smooth car that is good for traveling and I recommend it.

My vehicle is something that I rely on to do different things. I use it to shop for groceries and any errands that I might have to do. I like using my vehicle for travel. I dislike the amount of gas it takes.

- Heriberto V

It is a reliable vehicle and I feel safe.

I really like my vehicle. It has good options (sunroof, bose speakers, and leather seats). However, I have had two issues, one with the side mirror shaking and the other with the sunroof leaking at times.

- Jessica t

By far, the most important thing is that it is reliable, comfortable, and safe.

I absolutely adore my car. I have not had any major issues since I purchased it in 2016. The power windows have gone out, but are easily replaced. Overall, it drives smooth and quiet and feels luxurious.

- Natalie S

CX-9 Rocks! Best 3 row SUV!

The Mazda CX-9 is great. It's very comfortable and handles well. It seats 7 people comfortably and could seat 8 as well. We also love the versatility and ability to fold down the seats to haul things.

- Sylvia M

My vehicle has a lot of room and extra seating when necessary!

I have owned my car for five years after my children were born. I haven't had any problems. I like that it has extra seating to take my extended family places. It is a nice vehicle with lots of room.

- Derek P

I feel safe in it and it fits 7 people

I like the 3rd row, it is very handy. I don't like how the locks work, I should be able to unlock all the doors from the drivers side, not just the drivers side. I would like the lights to be auto.

- Cathy G

It's dependable. This is my third Mazda, and all have been reliable.

I like having plenty of cargo space and an optional third row. I do not like having to fold and slide second row seats to access the third row. I would prefer bucket seats in the second row.

- Courtney C

It handles and drives really well.

I like the look and how it drives. I like how roomy it is. I do not like that it is bad on gas. It also has needed a significant amount of repairs and I do not think the quality is great.

- Jamie L

It has a third row or the back two rows can be laid down to move large items.

I love my vehicle because it is comfortable, roomy, and has the ability to see my family of six. I also love the style of the vehicle on the exterior and the leather interior.

- Sarah B

Room for more - easy fold down seats lets you customize your space.

I love my cx9. The optional third row gives me the extra seating when needed, or the extra trunk space when needed. It has been a very reliable and comfortable car

- Katherine H

It has a nice smooth ride.

It has a lot of room. The seats are comfortable. It drivers like a car and it is sporty looking. The only issue I had with this car is the recall for the airbag.

- Kimberly S

Great and reliable car! It runs well, looks nice and is comfortable.

I really like my Mazda CX 9. It has been great with no problems. It is very comfortable and fits 6 people comfortably. I wish it got better gas mileage, though!

- Ashlea G

2012 Mazda CX-9 with Optional 3rd row seating.

My vehicle has many features. Sunroof, heated seats, side air controls and rear air control, cruise control to name a few. Average gas mileage of about 20 mpg.

- Suzanne S

Smooth ride. Air conditioning.

Great car, rides good / smooth, love my leather seats. Seat warmers. Roomy, good on gas. Quality, 2nd Masada. They are great cars. Would recommend to anyone.

- Lee Ann P

It drives well and has a good reputation as a reliable crossover car.

I've always liked the Mazda Brand and I like the way it drives, the way it handles, the way it looks. Lots of room, but I do wish it had better gas mileage.

- Angie B

The hands free access that connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

I love that it has hands free access. I love that my phone can connect to it. Plus it drives smoothly and has a great sound system. I only wish it had wifi.

- Amanda D

It works. It keeps my family as safe as it should. It looks good.

I like the space versus the amount of people it holds. I like the aerodynamics. I dislike the cargo area shape and it seems big but actually isn't.

- Katy W

That it is easy and nice to drive and has plenty of room

I like the overall look/design of my vehicle. I like that it is spacious for hauling things and kids. I don't particularly like the gas mileage.

- Amber H

It has 3 rows of seating but still seems compact.

I love the room it has. The third row is really helpful for soccer carpool. I dislike that it does not have a backup camera. I love the interior.

- Michelle C

Nice seats that are plush.

Comfortable, spacious, good gas mileage, leather seats, and not too expensive. The trunk feature is always a plus and the options in the vehicle.

- Greg S

Great gas mileage and spacious.

Great gas mileage, comfortable. Never had any problems. Love the AWD. Very dependable. Very roomy back seat somewhat tight but good 5 passenger.

- Tara M

Comfortable and reliable, drives smoothly.

No problems nice features including heated seats and backup camera. 7 passenger so large but does not feel large while driving. Handles easily.

- Amber B

Lots of space. Perfect for growing families with kids, dogs, and strollers.

This car has a very smooth ride. It's also very spacious. It's perfect for a growing family. Even adults can sit comfortably on the second row.

- Masha H

7 seats spacious for a smaller SUV.

I like the seating. I hate the cost of parts for repair. The back seat belt always breaks when dropping the back seats for storage. Bad design.

- Amanda M

It has been reliable for 70,000 miles so far

I like the size and style. I dislike the red dash lights. I dislike the difficulty lowering the seats in the third row. I like the reliability.

- Stefanie S

Great family car. Safe, comfortable and reliable.

Comfortable, roomy, gives a nice ride. Looks good, all wheel drive, very safe and reliable. Haven't had any problems yet. Love our 3rd row too.

- Lindsay P

The gas mileage is good on it.

My car seats 7, which makes it great for family. It is great on gas and does great on the road. I honestly cannot wait to buy a newer one.

- Summer R

The quality for my purchase.

My car has everything and more. Extremely comfortable. However has a sporty look. Air have never had any type of mechanical issues.

- Brandy S

Very reliable but technology from 2012 seem dated.

This SUV is very reliable. The features when new were great. Technology (radio/ Bluetooth/ backup camera are useable but dated.

- Eve N

I like the traction control option.

My car is very comfortable, spacious, the way it rides is so smooth. Good gas mileage, able to talk on the phone via Bluetooth.

- Gregory S

There is a lot of legroom in each of the three rows.

I like the interior space, especially the adjustable second row, and the overall look and styling. It's a fun car to drive.

- Nick M

The Mazda CX-9 is a great family car that is safe and roomy.

I love how roomy the vehicle is. I feel very safe while riding in the car. I dislike amount of room in the third row.

- Kristine C

It's a reliable vehicle that stands up to the daily demands

Compact enough and yet roomy. It is a solidly built vehicle and handles beautifully. It has not required much service.

- Loren F

That it is very comfortable.

My car is fully loaded. I love that it has Bluetooth and heated seats! I only wish it had a heated steering wheel.

- Heather C

It is does not have the horsepower similar to that of a sports car.

I like my car but wish it had more automatic features such as keyless entry and ignition and a self closing trunk.

- Michelle T

It has good pick up and rides smooth.

I like the smooth drive and speed. I do not like the size. I wish it was smaller and I wish it had a sunroof.

- Sue Ann W

The window components have all needed to be replaced.

Lots of plastic parts that break in the arizona sun, black exterior and black interior. Good gas mileage.

- Brandy H

It's safe! It is reliable and spacious

I love the space that it offers. The third row seat helps when traveling. It is comfortable to travel in

- Cassandra C

The car goes very fast and is very pretty.

The vehicle belongs to my mother and it works just fine - I just wish that the car had an AUX input.

- Maya J

it's just a really nice, just the right size suv/crossover

I like the space, the looks of the exterior and just everything really. There is no real complaints.

- Karla R

It has great space and the third row is easy to fold up and down.

I like the handling and the space. It is too similar to too many other cars on the road.

- Sharon S

Safety ratings, smooth drive, nice features, great car

Love the safety and updated features. Only dislike is not current nav system

- Rachel H

The gas cap makes the check engine light come on if it is not put on right

I like that is is bug and has enough room i don't like how much gas it uses

- Joe G

It drives nicely and we like to keep it clean to have others ride in it.

That my car has a lot of pick up and go speed and it is safe and roomy.

- Jill W

The Mazda CX-9 gives a very smooth ride yet has awkward controls.

It drives very well. Space is very limited. It is comfortable to drive.

- Debbie T

Great family car. Enough cup holders and good gas mileage

Love how it drives.. lots of room Dislike.. blind spot when turning

- Natalie O

This is a great car that I would absolutely recommend! It is perfect for families.

It is fun to drive, has tons of room and handles really well.

- Carrie H

Lots of space and very comfortable. Good gas mileage.

It has extra row of seating. lots of room. Very comfortable.

- Amber S

it is comfortable. I holds lots of people. I like to travel in it.

It is a good family car for families and extended family.

- Sha B

to get the fuck out of my way when I'm balling down the street

its black. it serves all our needs. mazda is great

- jim s

I love that it fits my family and is relatively easy to get into the back seats. I dislike the headrest on the driver's seat because when I wear my head up it hits in the wrong spot. I wish the back had a little more usable grocery/ hauling space.

It's comfortable to drive not too big not too small

- Randi H