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It is bigger inside than it shows on the outside.

I am in love with my Mazda cx-9. I have 3 kids ages 1, 2 and 6. It makes being a mom so much easier. Our third row seating is amazing and easily folds down for more carry on space. Traveling is so comfortable and stress free in this car. The kids and I love the sunroof. I can honestly say there is nothing I do not like about this car. It has seat warmers and easy to use seat controls. Lets you program the perfect seat position weather your big, small, short or tall. I am 5'2 my partner is 6' and we both feel comfortable driving in my car. If you are a mom who does it all this is the perfect fit for a family of 5 or less.

- Mariana B

It's the same size as a van but standard hinged doors makes entering and exiting challenging.

My CX9 is a Crossover SUV with four doors plus a hatchback. It has heated seats, power windows and a powered hatchback door. The car performs well, but sometimes downshifts hard from 4th to 3rd and no one can find an issue. The power close feature on the hatchback doesn't always work and again the dealership cannot find an issue why. The four regular car doors are very large and heavy which makes getting in and out of the vehicle difficult if another car parks too close. They also tend to dent other nearby cars too easily.

- Jennifer M

Best SUV ever. I will not buy another make ever.

I love my Mazda cx 9! I was nervous at first buying an SUV I only drove sedans before the cx 9. I am so happy I went with the cx 9 versus the other SUVs I was looking at. I still feel like I am in a sedan, it's not as high up as other SUVs. The height is great as well because it is easy for my grandmother to get in and out of the SUV. I like the way the cx 9 handles around curves and the pickup is great as well. I do not like how it downshifts down hills. The sound system is great as well.

- Dana H

My Mazda is amazing, but some aspects could be better.

My Mazda cx-9 is reliable. It has 7 seats, 2 in the front, 3 in the middle, and 4 in the back. When the back seats are used, it does have a small trunk space. I have had the car since 2013 and have not had problems with breaking down. It holds about 16 gallons in the gas tank, my gas mileage is about 23 miles per gallon. It is not the most comfortable car. The seats are not too comfortable and it could have more updated features, but all in all I love this vehicle.

- Rachel M

Great vehicle for an active and busy family.

This is a reliable vehicle and easy to drive. Handles well in city and highway driving conditions. I would recommend winter tires if you live in an area where there is snow. Fuel economy is fair. Third row seats offer plenty of room but best for smaller adults or children. Good amount of storage space when third row seats are down. Abundant safety features, back up camera with sensors and blind spot warning.

- Jennifer S

Mazda cx-9 highly recommended.

I have owned 6 different vehicles ranging from cars to large SUVs and my Mazda cx-9 is the best for size and zipping around! The third row has more leg and head room than my Tahoe! The leather has really held up to wear and tear of my family as well. Almost 90k miles and no issues other than the paint is peeling from the hatchback.

- Mackenzie C

Solid family car - flexible seating.

My Mazda cx 9 is a great family vehicle. The third row is useful for occasional use but I would not recommend if you have car seats in the second row as the seats are hard to fold down. My major fault with this car is the wind noise. It sounds as if a door is ajar or a window is open when you are driving.

- Kerry B

I like that the windshield wipers turn on when it starts to rain automatically.

Great overall small SUV. Gas mileage is not great, but a family of 5 can fit comfortably. It is fully loaded so all of the added benefits are nice. It has over 100, 000 miles and has had very little repairs done. I would recommend this SUV for anyone with a family or if you just need extra cargo space.

- Brittany L

The outside of the vehicle is very nice. Inside too

Motor not good had to change entire motor and noticed even more problems with other parts like the motor mounts are broken. When we tried to get another used motor with less miles that motor was not good weather so we are now working on our third attempt to an even newer motor hoping that will work.

- Marsha V

Spacious, safe, and rides smooth.

I love the amount of space and the fact that I will not have to upgrade even if our family expands. I read about the safety features before purchasing and was confident I was putting my family in a safe car. It rides really smooth and even though I bought mine used I haven't had any major issues.

- Sara C

It has 3rd seats but they are not easy to get to for children

I like that it has 3rd row seats, but it is difficult for my kids to get into the back. We had a minivan before and it was easier to for them to get in and out of. The gas mileage could be better. I like that is has leather which are easy to clean and also heated! Also, I like that it is AWD.

- Michelle C

Great family car, safe and smooth to drive.

Had to get a new engine before 50k miles. That was really expensive and now I feel like the car is not as safe. Drives great in the snow, and drives like a car. Great for long trips. Third row is pretty tight but great to have. Overall we love the car. We have 2 kids so it is a great family car.

- Emily G

Great car not for more than 2 small children.

This car is great, 7 seats fits comfortably but not necessarily good for a large family car while seats are spacious enough for car seats it is not easy to get kids in and out of. Smooth drive and safety features seem to be up to par, things that need repairs are extremely high priced though.

- Brittany H

It�s a hit or miss for some people

Transmission seems to slip after 60,000 miles. Great for road trips. Good gas for long drives. It doesn't shuffle songs unless you set it to every time you turn on the car. Very comfortable ride. Has a touch screen. Very good for larger families since it has three rows. Good sound system

- Bianca F

that its quick for a v6. if you plan on getting it shoot for the awd model so you don't spin on the line well worth every dollar we paid

very spacious vehicle.handles great shifts smooth like butter.leather interior for easy cleaning and the thing is pretty quick. i've won a few races with this bad boy on the street and makes me wish i got the all wheel drive version so it would be worth putting a bunch of money into lol

- alexander m

It does not feel big enough if you are looking for that minivan feel.

I like that it was affordable. The seats also fold down easily in the back for extra trunk space. The air conditioning is powerful too. I do not like that the back row has very little leg room for my kids and it is hard for them to get back there when there are a lot of kids in the car.

- Jessie L

That the blind spots are an issue.

The Mazda cx 9 is a fine care, with few repairs needs thus far. However, when pulling into a space to park, it is difficult to know if the front of the vehicle is parked within the lines - you cannot see the end of the vehicle. Also, blind spots with placement of external mirrors.

- Laurie M

Family road trip no problem rely on the Mazda cx-9.

The car is great very comfortable, heated front seats move them in various directions. My family and I love using this as our travel car it is very reliable and fits my family of 4. We love to take our dog on road trips very good with gas cheap and goes a long way I love my Mazda.

- Madison F

Love my Mazda. An excellent vehicle all around.

Excellent gas mileage on the highway. Comfortable seats. Drives excellent. Love the dual temperature controls. Third row folding seats provide a ton of extra cargo space. Can fit large items with both seat rows folded down. Would recommend to anyone needing a mid-size SUV.

- Dawn D

There are two extra seats that we can open up to accommodate additional passengers. The 3rd row is roomy, but can be folded back down for more cargo area.

My car is reliable and easy to drive. It is durable and comfortable for my young family. It is stylish and fun to drive. I wish the back up camera had come standard. I always worry that I may not see something or someone behind me when I back up.

- Melissa S

I will be very glad when I trade it in for another make and model.

There have been 3 recalls since I've had the vehicle. My previous Mazda was great and that's why I traded up to the CX-9. But now I regret it. The dealership has untruthful employees working for them and I'm just not happy with the vehicle.

- Susan S

That our car has an amazing space for children and can fold up the back seats to create more packing space

I love it because there is a third row. I have three children and want one more and it fits what we need. I have a small business and need to tow a trailer and the hitch in the back is amazing for towing! We also like the backup camera!

- Theresa P

get a lot of options for the price, it's a great value

I'd like some newer features like remote start, front sensors. It's a great car for the value. When I've called to have a recall fixed, they don't give a rental vehicle even if they have yours for a full day (only a shuttle service).

- stacy g

The Mazda CX-9 is a fun vehicle that offers an enjoyable ride.

I like how my car drives and it has been very reliable thus far. I do wish that the back seats reclined a bit, to make long trips more comfortable. I would like it if the front end was a bit less 'pointed' and more squared off.

- Tee P

It has tons of space inside and has leather seats, heated seats, and navigation.

My Mazda has tons of room - 3 rows so I can easily transport my 3 daughters (with car seats) plus extra gear. I like that it seems more like a luxury vehicle, but came at a very affordable price.

- Julie V

Drive with peace of mind!

Very spacious and comfortable. As well as safe with the side airbags and the engrail shape of the car will give you peace of mind for you and your family. Also great sound system and easy to use.

- Kate W

Stylish, classy ride at an affordable price

Reliable, stylish ride at an amazingly affordable price. Gas mileage is good and I love the features of the Grand Touring model including the sun/moonroof, Bose sound system, & leather package.

- Amanda C

I can hold 7 people. Currently it is being used to haul around lots of football equipment. It has been a very reliable car with very little work needing to be done on it.

I have always loved the way Mazda South treats their customers. This is the 4th Mazda we have had. Always a great car. This one is getting old. but still a great car to drive.

- Sarah K

Huge doors are a nuisance. They are heavy and hard to maneuver.

Reliable vehicle but small quirks like rear hatchback close button doesn't work and mechanic cannot find out why. Doors are huge and easy bang into neighboring vehicles.

- Jen M

it is an awesome suv. It is nice when we go on vacation and the truck is big enough for all our suitcases

The comfort of this vehicle is awesome. and it is big enough for 4 people or more. and my sister and I are tall so it has enough leg room for us both in the back sit

- Kayla C

you will feel safe and be comfortable while in this vehicle.

I like that I feel safe while driving it. the blind spot monitor and backup camera are two of my favorite features. I miss the space that our previous minivan had.

- rhonda t

It is a great vehicle! I wouldn't definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a well equipped SUV at a reasonable price.

I really like the interior features of my car. It is a very reasonably priced SUV. I also really like the sporty look. I just wish that Mazda made a larger SUV.

- Jessica C

A great family vehicle that offers comfort and functionality

Small enough to zip around town; roomy enough to fit the whole family. It has a lot of bells and whistles that i like, such as seat warmers and a back up camera.

- Becky H

It is a great size. We carry kids and lots of football equipment in the car. It is easy to move the seats.

I have never had a problem with it in terms of performance. It was really our decision to get a light interior. I wish the upholstery was easier to clean.

- Sarah T

Age problems with CX 9 needs addressing.

The quality of the interior is poor, have had to replace the sun visor and other pieces. The performance has diminished as well after 150,000 miles.

- Teressa P

Drives very smoothly. Has third row seating or if seats are folded down, plenty of room for carting items

I've the vehicle. I sit higher than in a traditional car so oncoming headlights do not bother me. It also has third row seating which is helpful.

- Patty H

That it has third row seating.

I like that it is newer and dependable. I like the third row seat. I do not like how cramped I feel and loss of cargo space with third row up.

- Katy P

Comfortable ride, not a lot of road noise.

It is a great car. The third row is tight but does the trick. Gas mileage could be a little better but it is not bad for a full size SUV.

- Crystal F

Great car ...warning light issues

I love the car the only issue I have is that I constantly have the tire pressure warning lights on the dashboard. They won't go away.

- Anna P

It has a third row of seats.

I like the style of the car. I like the size of this car. I like the third row option. I do not like that the head light are manual.

- Kam S

Spacious, and comfortable for both long and short rides

I like the room and comfort of the car. I am able to carry a lot in my car and store a lot. It is great with gas mileage.

- joy n

Great option for families with multiple kids. An alternative to the minivan.

My car has lots of room for the family. It drives well. My car looks nice. The interior of my car is easy to clean.

- Kelly D

It's got a lot of cargo room. Takes a lot of gas

It fits all three kids. Hard to get all in without climbing over seats when have boosters. Bose sound system great

- Darren W

Mazda cx-9. Classy, roomy with third row perfect for big family.

I love my Mazda cx-9 it is comfortable, roomy, classy and the third row is perfect for our big family!

- Kayla J

Good SUV could use some upgrades.

Love my car. It has 7 seats plenty of room. Decent gas mileage. I wish it had automatic headlights.

- Margaret A

I wanted a big SUV but I didn't want someone that made me feel like I was driving a huge vehicle. I love my CX-9. It's comfortable, sporty and fun to drive. I will never go back to a car again.

It's comfortable, sporty, fun to drive and most importantly it's reliable.

- Amanda N

The Mazda CX-9 is a wonderful car. It has seating for 7! The rear seats fold flat for greater cargo room. The tires are a problem with the low profile rims cutting into the tires.

The Mazda CX-9 has seating for 7. Great for hauling kids around!

- Cyndi P

I love the third row. I like how it handles in the snow and other bad weather. I wish it had a better turn radius

It drives great and plenty of room great for road trips

- Desiree S

We have taken it cross country at least twice a year since we have owned it and have never had a problem with it. The back seat is a little snug when the third row is up and that also makes for a smaller trunk.

There is not much trunk space when the third row is up.

- Laura P