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It's cheaply made and you can tell.

It's quirky. The doors are not weighted correctly and they fly open with the slightest breeze. The doors don't lock with the internal buttons and dealer claims it's a safety feature. It's highly annoying. The driver exterior button that unlocks the doors only unlocks the drivers door but the one on the passenger side unlocks them all. It's not convenient when your hands are full and your kids are with. You have to open the driver door and hit the interior button. There is zero convenience in that "convenient" button. Even though we have the highest level edition, the passenger seat does not adjust up and down and it sits very high. I'm only 5'9" and it's uncomfortable because it's so close to the roof. There is very little I am happy with in this vehicle and I would not buy a Mazda again.

- Jen B

The locking system is horrible and the doors are horrible. You will be nothing but irritated with it.

I like the third row seating and the stereo console. I very much dislike the doors. They are huge and they are not weighted properly so they fly all over the place with the slightest breeze. The door locks are absolutely awful. I can not lock using the button on the door, it requires use of the key fob. Using the quick entry unlock button on the driver side is maddening. It only unlocks the drivers door and then I have to reach in and unlock the rest. The passenger exterior quick button unlocks all the doors. What sense does that make? If the car is running, I can't use they key fob to unlock the car. So many quarks that make day to day life with small children incredibly irritating. I will NEVER buy a Mazda again.

- Jennifer C

Safest and roomiest of the Mazda vehicles

I love my CX-9 because it drives like a car but operates like an SUV. I have a 3rd row which while it can be useful I never really use it. With two young children still in car seats it is difficult yet for the 3rd row passengers to get in and out of the vehicle. However when I have used it, without the kids in the car, it is a perfect addition to have. By not having the third row up I get a lot more trunk space which allows for more storage for long trips. The car rides well and I, thankfully, have never had any issues. This is my second CX-9 as I had gotten I to an accident with my first. I was wearing my seatbelt but was very impressed with how safe I was during the crash.

- Kimberly K

Cx-9 all around great investment.

Some of the features I love include the backup camera with backup lines and beepers, the automatic windshield wipers you can override, the folding flat backseat and third row seat, the extra space you still have if you have the third row seat up, the option to give the backseat control over their temperature, and the ease of the drive/ handle of the car. Things I am not so fond of include how long the front end is, no beepers on the front end as it is hard to park sometimes, the confusion of the floor mats for the backseat and third row (if you pull them out to clean them, it is a puzzle to get back in), and no automatic start.

- Kayla C

Good reliable family car, but missing a few major details.

Love the Brown color and three rows. Leather seats are great. Love the camera as well, and the heated seats and the ability to push heat and air into the rear area. Wish it had more room in the consul area, whoever designed it did not think about things like phones and chargers and other miscellaneous items that you use every day and bring into the car with you every day. Also, there were a few features on my previous, older vehicle that weren't on this one which seemed odd. No auto start. No button I could push on my key remote to open the trunk before I got there. Very handy to have this when your hands are full.

- Chiara A

Lock system is confusing!

Love my car, only thing I dislike is the locking system. It is a keyless entry car, so will not lock while key is inside. However, if I unlock the car from my house and walk out to grab something, I can not use the lock/unlock button in the car. What's the point in it if it doesn't work? So I have to go inside and remember to press the lock button on the KEYFOB.

- Anna A

The Mazda CX 9 has room for the whole family and all their stuff!

I love the Mazda CX 9 because it is a great family vehicle with room for everyone. It has optional third row seating and both the second and third row can be collapsed when you need to haul large items. The second row seats are adjustable and have their own climate control. There is a great sound system. This car is perfect for your long family road trips.

- Katherine S

Reliable Family Vehicle. Great for travel.

During this car is quite comfortable and it functions well. This is my second CX-9. However with the 2015 model the finishes have not held up as well as my 2010. The vehicle is roomy. Would say 4 adults and 2 children can be comfortably seated. Have seated 7 adults but 2 smallest is the third row. Would consider another Mazda in the future.

- Lori C

Great car with a lot of space and a great ride

The car is great for long rides. The ride is amazing and the seats are very comfortable. There was a problem with the brakes initially when I bought it used, but those were fixed although it took three times for them to be fixed. There is enough space for my family. And also has enough space to bring a lot of luggage when going on a trip.

- Matt B

Mazda fan, happy to drive one again.

Love how it drives, handles etc. It has a bit of a blind spot. Love the keyless entry, the room, easily converts to 3 row. Wish there was something to store items in back when using it for storage. The media feature is great for long trips. Also big plus is its safety features, I never. C worry about having my son in 3 car.

- Laura Z

Very dependable, reliable, good on gas crossover SUV with a 3rd row.

No problems, I've also had a Mazda 3 prior to this vehicle, never had any problems. Good reliable transportation, good on gas and mileage. Gave up my other vehicle to upgrade for a bigger vehicle as my kids were getting older. Very roomy with the 3rd row, the 3 row folds down to put additional items in the back.

- Elizabeth C

Even though I live in SoCal, I am a fan of the seat warmer.

It is very reliable which is most important to me. . I like the seat warmers, navigation, and the size is big enough to make me feel safe without feeling like a beast. I wish it wasn't so hard to get in the third row when you have car seats in the second row. My kids have to climb through the trunk.

- Megan R

I love my Mazda cx-9 and would recommend to anyone.

I haven't had any issues with my Mazda cx-9. I was the first and only owner. I love that there is plenty of room for everything. My cx-9 has 7 seats. It drives and rides very good. I love the backup camera and the GPS. I have my phone connected through the car/Bluetooth and I can talk hands free.

- Tammy B

Small yet roomy SUV. Small yet plenty of.power.

Love this SUV...its comfortable, 3rd row seating and not too bulky. It's quiet no road noise. It have get up and go. Love the leather seats and large touch screen. The heated mirrors are a definite plus as well as the heated seats. I would definitely purchase another Mazda in the future.

- Jen N

The Mazda cx-9 is a great family car.

I have not had any issues with my Mazda. It has great handling and it rides so smooth. The Mazda cx-9 is great for a commute to work or for a weekend getaway with the family. It is sleek and stylish and it is great for hauling all while listening to music on a high quality sound system.

- Rachel H

I really like this car - reh.

No problems to speak of. Very pleased with the drivability of the car - including but not limited to comfort, handling, acceleration, stopping. Over-all very pleased. I have been somewhat troubled with the door locks / fob and occasionally the pressure indicator goes off prematurely.

- Ron H

Our Mazda CX-9 is the perfect crossover; it is AWD yet is comfortable and spacious for our family.

Our Mazda is the perfect vehicle for our family. The AWD system works great in the rain and snow. It is roomy without being too large and gets decent gas mileage. We have a ton of storage too! My only complaint is the angle of the windshield; it does not block the sun at all.

- Colleen M

Mazda CX 9 was an SUV with three rows. Reverse video cameras helped with parking.

Has lasted a very long time without any issues. It is a solid car; well built. Needs to be updated just because we have owned it for so long, but no serious complaints. Lasted through wear and tear. May be too big of a car for some, but we enjoyed being high off the ground.

- Sophia S

Third row seating, the back is very spacious and can hold a lot of cargo.

Very smooth ride. Has blind spots. Gas mileage is very good for a larger size SUV. The cloth seats are very soft and stain resistant. Has Bluetooth capability for hands free cell phone use. The back area fold up into a third row seating. When folded down, it's very roomy

- Pamela K

Amazing car and family loves it

Reliable, smooth ride, great space for family, foldable all the way down 3rd row seating, navigation, and sensory mirrors and rear view camera. Sunroof top is amazing for kids to go viewing the clouds. Speakers all throughout the vehicle. And USB access to charge phone.

- Nancy B

No complaints other than little cargo space when 3rd row is up.

I absolutely LOVE my CX-9. It is spacious and easy to move the middle seats to accommodate our needs. The front is spacious and comfortable. My only complaint would be that when the 3rd row is up there isn't much cargo space, not even enough to put a large stroller.

- Courtney L

Tops quirks and headlights.

Love my vehicle but it has a few quirks. The tire pressure monitor system comes on randomly when fire pressure is fine. Headlights do not come on automatically when it is dark like my old car did so it has taken me awhile to get use to turning on my lights at dusk.

- Christie B

It is a great truck and everyone should get it.

Nice seats, strong engine and reliable Japanese engineering. Sport model comes with regular halogen headlights and cloth seats, however, they are comfortable. It takes regular gas which is a plus and fills up with 45$. I haven't had any issues with it so far.

- William J

Mazda CX-9 Touring Edition

Can't fill the gas tank to full or it causes a sensor to mess up. Heated seats are great in the winter time. Third row seating is nice for long trips with family and friends. Gets decent gas mileage on long trips. Love the blind spot detector in the mirrors.

- Michelle H

I would recommend a Mazda cx 9.

My Mazda is really comforting and fun to drive. I really like the stereo system and the back up camera. The drivers seat has a lot of adjustable options, which is great for whomever is driving it. The kids like the third row seats, because there friends fit.

- Cam B

My Mazda CX-9 It's really great family car, lots of room for people and stuff

I really like my Mazda CX nine 2015. I like the space I like the room I like the way it rides. However I wish that the road noise or a background noise was quieter when I'm using the speakerphone. That's the only complaint that I have.

- Sonja A

Reliable, luxurious, and great value. It is a great family car!

This car feels luxurious. It has plenty of room for kids and all of our stuff. We love the side mirrors with lane change assistance. The only con with this car is the 3rd doesn't have enough leg room for adults but is fine for kids

- Rochelle R

It has poorer gas mileage than I had expected.

The car has been very reliable. I've had no problems after three years of ownership. It's very spacious and has tons of cargo space. I do not like the gas mileage and some of the interior is cheaply made of plastic.

- Marc B

Great size. Great on gas.

Love it! Recommend! Currently I have a problem with USB not working. I bought the car used in 2016. But Mazda service has been very helpful so I expect they will be again. Great on gas. Big enough for me.

- Charlese h

It drives very smooth and good on gas mileage for a larger vehicle.

I like the third row seats are easy to put up and down. It's good on gas and also has a smooth ride. The only thing that would make it better would be if it had remote start and a third seat in the third row.

- Bethany K

Not lacking in size or speed like others midsize suvs on the market

I love the handling and maneuverability. I love the sportiness. It is also rather roomy. I only dislike the new keys the put on some of them as if they fail the replacements are like 700 dollars a key.

- kylie f

It handles like a sports car and not a cumbersome suv.

I had the opportunity to trade up. The vehicle that I owned was a 2011 Mazda CX-9 base model. The vehicle we now own is a 2015 touring model. We love all of the bells and whistles.

- Hal G

I love how easy of a car it is to drive

I love the car, especially the blind spot monitors. I wish that the center console was easier to use and connect to. It's an extremely comfortable car. It's also been very reliable.

- Madi B

It rides smoothly and gets decent gas mileage and has tons of cargo space.

I have only had it a few weeks. I am still getting used to it. Only complaint is for s fully loaded vehicle it lacks a sunroof/moonroof. Also radio reception could be improved.

- Christina K

I have had no maintenance problems with it as of yet and it is been 3 years.

I like the drive it is very smooth. The pickup is not good. There's plenty of room in the back seats for friends. Long drives are a pleasure and fun for the whole. Family.

- Eric L

The smooth driving one trick pony.

The vehicle drives pretty smoothly, and the brake does not get stuck. The windows do act up from time to time however. Also, overhead might break if you are not careful.

- Bob B

This is a reliable car that easily transports 5 teenage boys and all their football gear.

I love my car! She is reliable, comfortable to drive long distances, handles well. She has a sporty appearance and feel even though it is used in carpools a lot.

- Andrea D

It is dependable. I have never had an issue with that.

I love this car. It is roomy and comfortable. We have had zero problems with it. With snow tires it cannot be stopped in the snow. It is agile and sure footed.

- ann h

It's a really comfortable, safe, roomy car that is perfect for families with kids.

I love the size and how it has a third row of seats if needed. I love the smooth ride. I love that i sit higher up, and don't feel low to the ground.

- Emily R

It has great highway gas mileage.

I like the style, features and gas mileage. It drives well. It is easy to maintain. Can carry up to 7 passengers and is still a mid size SUV.

- Rachel R

Mazda cx 9 has room for all the family so you don't need a minivan

Mazda cx 9 is great for families. It has three rows of seats, ac controls in the front and back seat, electric windows, ac, heated seats.

- Marjorie C

It is a great family vehicle.

Really dislike the gas mileage. Have to fill up three times a week. We Mazda made hybrid SUVs. Other than that, I really like my car.

- Sheila J

That it is a reliable car and holds a lot.

Smooth ride, heated seats, holds a lot. Wish it had cooled seats, and a tow package, and keyless unlocking, GPS, and a better stereo.

- Cheryl V

The fold down seats are nice

This model is great because it can fit a lot of kids! Perfect for my kids friends but not too big when it's just the few of us.

- Gab P

That it is reliable and has good pick-up. It is roomy.

I have a grey SUV. It has a lot of room for my family of 5 and dog. The only complaint I have is that it uses a lot of gas.

- jennifer M

Perfect size SUV that includes a third-row seat.

Just the right size, decent gas mileage, good horsepower. Have a had a few issues with the tires, new and replaced.

- Tammi Y

It is a very reliable car and I have had two of the same models.

I like the power the car exhibits. I like the fact that it has extra seating. I enjoy using the navigation system.

- J B

Roomy - pretty good on gas mileage - reasonably priced.

Love it - roomy - big enough to hold passengers and luggage!! Love the ease of driving - and rear back up camera!

- Pam C

Drives like a car, huge, sleek.

Drives like a racecar, beautiful and spacious, but it is very slow to stop, and the upholstery is quite cheap.

- Julie Y

It's easy to drive but is likely more set up for a woman.

It's big and has a lot of room. I like my third row seats. I enjoy the rear lift gate. It's easy to drive.

- Sam W

The car is spacious and safe.

I love the third row. Allows us to take our kids friends with us and has a ton of room when not using it.

- Shauna E

This is my second Mazda purchase.

My armrest the leather is cracked and had to fix my ac. But I really love my Mazda cx-9 and smooth ride.

- Sheila J

AWD, and 7 seater. Enough leg room . Like the put away of the 3rd row seat to make for more luggage space for travel. Very reliant vehicle

a very smooth ride and convenient to switch from 5 seater to 7 seater

- Archana B

So far this has been a very good vehicle. I have not had any problems. Vehicles in the past have given problems at the start

That it is dependable. I can count on it to get me where I need to be

- Amanda F

That is a great vehicle with comfort, good price and safety.

It is comfortable. Is fast and safe. It is beautiful on the outside.

- Miguel M

it known for its reliability. it is also fun to drive as compared to most suvs

like the size,driveability, comfort and safety. Dislike gas mileage

- ron h