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Great Family Size Vehicle

The Mazda CX-9 is great for my family of 5. It fits all of us and our gear. We took it on a 3 week vacation and had enough space for luggage and to spread out so the kids didn't fuss with each other. The 3rd row was a little short on legroom for a teen. I love the more curvy look of the vehicle. I had the Mazda 3 previously which I passed to my 16 year old when I purchased this vehicle and I do prefer the Bluetooth features I had with the Mazda 3. I preferred the larger glove box too. The driver seat could be more comfortable for someone that's short. The outlet for the phone charger is in an awkward place on the passenger side. I still love the vehicle, but there are features of the Mazda 3 that would be great to have on this model.

- Darlene A

Comfortable and luxurious commuting vehicle.

I commute daily and it is very comfortable to drive. It is smooth on the road and brakes well. The entertainment system is amazing. I can switch easily from XM radio to Pandora to music stored on my phone. I did have to get used to the blind spots, but the blind spot detection has helped immensely. So far it has been reliable and I would consider buying the same vehicle again. If you are used to a car or smaller SUV maneuvering takes some getting used to, but it is otherwise easy to drive.

- Adrian N

Great SUV. Great for families because of 3 row seating, seats 7.

There is not a lot of rear cargo space to put things, but you can put the third row seats down easy for more room. I wouldn't tow things with this vehicle, big heavy things, but needed to and would like to. Great gas mileage on trips and driving around town(stop and go-stop and go). Comes with all the great technology - 7.0 screen, Bluetooth, blind spots monitoring, emergency braking. Great for families.

- Gina Moore G

I feel very safe and the drive is comfortable in this vehicle.. It's roomy & fits 5 passengers comfortable & 8 if you have little ones for the 3rd row seat

I really love the way this Mazda handles. Very stable feeling when I drive, it feels grounded and not sloppy at all.. Very comfortable as a passenger as well... I know this is a personal thing, but the only negative for me is the large console in the center. It's HUGE (at least for me). I know it's necessary because of the features, AC & Heater for the back seat passengers. It's just big for me....

- George T

Drives well. Like the 3 row seating. Last trunk space. Room for kids.

USB went out in middle console while under warranty and Mazda told me I didn't know what I was talking about. Like the 3 row. Last trunk space. Love the way it drives. Feel safe while driving car. Do not like to deal with Mazda service department, they are idiots. Do not think I would go another because of the service I have had with the 2016 cx 9.

- Jill C

The mileage on this car is the reason I bought it! Fantastic and reliable.

Amazing car love it for its reliability & mileage. I have had it for 2 years and never had any major problems with it, sometimes my brake light will not shut off so that can be annoying at times but the manual has something about that. Love the way it drives especially for my three hour drive home and to school. Love this car and this brand.

- Jane H

Love the exterior & interior look of this car.

I do not like the navigation system. I do like the interior look & feel. I love the sunroof adjustability features. This car is very reliable from tires to driving ability. The auto features are very helpful when driving on long road trip, when in cruise control it automatically senses car in front of you and makes adjustments as needed.

- Kenya C

I think the one thing that they should know about it is that it is worth the price it's has little upkeep the interior is Rumi you can put down the seats and make the back bigger the hatchback bigger so that you can get more things into it it has good acceleration good pick up and it is essentially hands-free

What I really like about my CX nine is that it is Ruby is God pick up acceleration it's hands-free and you cannot it can be a bit economical on gas it's not the gas hog I thought it would be the only thing I don't like is that pairing the car can be a little difficult and if you have two iPhones. It's not that easy to switch over

- Ruth Ann D

I love my new car almost as much as the old one

I have not had any trouble with the car in the years I have owned it. I had a CX9 before and love it for the entire six years I owned it. Only issue is the brakes squeak when they are cold. And the battery on the key fob wears out quickly. With the 2016 you cannot lock the car unless the key is outside of the car.

- Rhonda L

Vehicle has best looks and comfort in it's. Class (not including 3rd row)

Very dependable car, rarely breaks, very comfortable, has imitation black leather interior with front heated seats, 1st and 2nd row have good legroom, 3rd row does not. 3rd row extremely cramped for anyone over 4'5' or 100 pounds. Infotainment system is modern, even though car is several years old.

- Dylan P

Most comfortable car I have ever driven.

I have a 2016 Mazda cx-9. It is the most comfortable car I have ever driven. It is so smooth to drive. Surprisingly, it gets amazing gas mileage on both in town and on the highway. When I sit on the seats I feel like I am just melting in them. I would absolutely recommend this car to everyone.

- Breanna M

Powerful, roomy 2016 Mazda cx-9

I love my 2016 Mazda cx-9. This is the second Mazda that I have owned and it has not disappointed. The power on take off is exceptional. The 3 rows are very roomy and convenient when travelling. I love the backup camera and rich looking leather seats. My next SUV will definitely be a Mazda!

- Dale L

I feel like we took a chance getting something that wasn't a Toyota or Honda, which is what we usually drive. But I'm pleased with the purchase.

I love my Mazda CX-9. We have three kids plus a dog so the third row is put to good use. The interior is luxurious and comfortable. The exterior is sleek and attractive. The price tag is less than It's more mainstream compact suvs duh as Toyota 4runner, highlander and the Honda Pilot, Crv.

- Dana P

Awesome car would definitely recommend for a family.

I really love my Mazda cx 9. It is very comfortable and luxurious feeling. I have plenty of room to fit all the kids. The technology is great and easy to use. I love the navigation. The backup camera always comes in handy. The third row is very easy to put up and down.

- Rachel O

Mazda CX-9, a great alternative to a minivan

I love my Mazda CX-9. It's the most reliable vehicle I've ever driven. In the 3 years I've been driving it I've had no issues whatsoever. Great gas mileage. Sleek design. Love the option of having a third row. There's plenty of room for passengers with storage included.

- Kacey H

The way you feel when you drive it.

It is really comfortable vehicle for family and kids, to go to shopping and family activities. It is good in gas use, take a last use to need a full tank. In the long roads trip is really good, excellent to be in family trips. In streets take the places very softly.

- Edna R

Many options listed that are awesome.

Really enjoy the heads up display, cruise control detects other vehicles in front and slows the car down. Blind spot monitor is great. Many USB ports. How the headlights turn when the car is taking a corner. Of course the back up camera rocks. Seat warmer is great.

- Chris W

Get this car!! It is amazing!! You will love it 😍.

I love the way my Mazda cx-9 drives. It has fabulous acceleration on and off the freeway. The technology is amazingly helpful. When I drive my husbands car, I really miss all the features of my car. Although it is a large car, I love the sporty lines that it has!

- Suzanne L

Sleek and classy design while reliable

The Mazda CX-9 was my boyfriend and I first SUV purchase. It handles very well so far we have had no problems it's so roomy and the fact that you can easily put the back seats down for more trunk space is perfect for our family. We love it the best car we've had

- Lupe L

Love my Mazda CX-9 very spacious!

Love the CX-9! Very comfortable, reliable & luxurious! Gas mileage is great as well, especially for the size. Two extra seats in the back is a bonus! Only downfall is that the car gets extremely hot during the summer. But easy fix with darker tint! Love it!

- Danielle M

Mazda SUV- literally drove this up Pikes Peak.

Safe, reliable, roomy, 7 seats, Good on gas. The only downfall is the plastic on the bumper had a small bump up and it completely cracked the plastic back bumper. Overall good family vehicle without looking like a mom car. We have the black with black trim.

- Steph R

It's a 2016 Mazda cx 9. It's white with leather interior.

This is my second Mazda CX 9. It is pearl white with leather interior and it is very reliable and comfortable. Had just enough gadgets. I have not had any idea or problems with it. Next car I purchase, will more than likely be a Mazda but next time in red.

- Stephanie C

Definitely is Worth to buy it!

The car is perfect, no issues at all. The car is economy level, so the sound isolation inside is not perfect, the motor is not a super fast and powerful. But all in all car is super, a lot of space inside, exterior is stunning, quality is really good.

- Edwin S

Great design and comfortable.

Reliable and attractive car that fits all the kids and grandparents. Great for travel. We bought in place of a minivan. Really wanted to avoid a minivan purchase. This is a great car for the value. Good gas mileage and very comfortable on the inside.

- Silvia K

The SUV is affordable, Safe, and comfortable! The Mazda CX 9 is the perfect family car.

I love my Zoom-Zoom. It has all the bells and whistles I like. It drives very smooth and it very comfortable. It has a navigation system. My kids really like that they have USB connections is the back for their tables. The car fits up to 7 people.

- Nancy S

Great for kids and moms! It's spacious and easy to clean.

I like that it has 3 rows, in which the 3rd row can be put down for additional space. It also has leather seats for any spills. The middle seat of the second row can also be put down as a cup holder. I like it because I have 2 kids.

- Crystal L

It is a very safe car! This is my third Mazda and I feel very safe in it!

I love this car! It has 7 seats which comes in handy! But also the back seats fold all the way down so it makes for a lot of room to carry things in. The only complaint is the back seat is a little small.

- Jesse M

Safe, stylish, mid-range, midsize SUV with decent fuel economy

It's a nice and modern vehicle with a stylish (signature-trim) interior. The spacious interior makes for a comfortable ride. The fuel economy doesn't stand out, but it's certainly not bad.

- Joshua P

It is a great family vehicle.

Love features such as the heated seats, Bluetooth radio, and the back up camera. Seats are comfortable. Steering is great. However there are many blind spots in this vehicle.

- Emma G

I've got Zoom-Zoom-Zoom...

The ride is wonderful--very smooth. It also have turbo charger which comes in very handy when you need it! The car can seat up to 7--which is also useful.

- Pamela S

It is dependable and fun to drive.

I like how it rides and the 3 rows. It's a comfortable size and doesn't waste a lot of gas.. Dislike size of trunk space, especially when I need groceries..

- Maria A

its big but its fast. i can travel safely and get in and out of situations quickly.

i love the size of it. i love the way it handles, its very quick and lithe. i hate that it feels crowded and i cant put the seats into the floor.

- heather c

Luxury without the high-end price.

Luxurious without the high price! Nice leather heated seats, dual control climate, 3 rows. Skyactiv, touch screen, easy to drive, ride is smooth.

- Courtney W

The car manages to balance the importance of safety features and the great look of a luxury car.

I love the comfort and the safety features. The screen that shows navigation blacks out a couple times a month. I love the room in the trunk

- Rebecca B

It's an SUV that drives like a luxury/sporty car.

I love my car. It is sporty and luxurious, holds 7 comfortably, and has all the bells and whistles--but it's a Mazda. No complaints.

- Susan K

Dependability, reliable, fun to drive. Excellent gas mileage

Love my Mazda. Has a lot of room and runs smoothly. Love how easy it is to install car seats and the room in the trunk is great

- Lisa M

In the words of Freddie Mercury, "I like it ".

I like that it has lots of space, is comfortable and pretty. It is a nice car that I like a lot. It drives nicely in the snow.

- Amy H

Safe, great drive and very reliable

Great size for a family of 4. Plenty of trunk space and drives well. Love all the additional additions to it. Very reliable.

- Norma M

It's very safe and comfortable. It is huge but you can't feel it when you drive it.

I like that it's back up camera has parking assistance. My side mirrors has warnings too if a car gets close on your side.

- jane c

It has power ports in the center console of both front and center seats plus a lighter jack.

Love it but tired are pricey. Love how roomy it is. Great gas mileage and very comfortable ride. Wish wipers went faster

- Charlene H

It is highly ranked in safety, that is one of the reasons we purchased it

I like my vehicle for the most part. I do not like that it doesn't have a cd player. I also would prefer a lighter color

- Mishael S

The Mazda CX-9 is a wonderful car that drives well and has great handling.

I love the size. The gas mileage is excellent and people are always commenting on the red color...it's beautiful!

- Gini K

Handles well, but lacks a bit of power.

Like the size of the vehicle. It also handles well for a SUV. Wish it had a 6 cylinder engine instead of a 4.

- Ken A

Mazda CX 9 great vehicle to buy

Great vehicle would recommend to anyone. Great gas mileage great amenities, great comfort stylish look

- Ron H

it can hold 7 people. it has a nice back. the driver is in the front

it is nice. it can hold 7 people. the trunk is controlled by the front.

- Asha M

Great exceleration !!!!! Give it a try!! Fantasy car ??

Love the drive feel. Love the look of the interior Navigation is so-so

- Suzanne L

Mazda makes perhaps the best performing cars for their price.

Sufficient room. Improved mileage. Excellent performance.

- Richard R