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Spacious, safe, high tech, family car.

Reliable, no problems so far. Spacious, good if you have kids and need the room. Simple, user friendly, navigation system, radio, and has heads up display that allows you to keep your eyes on the road. Also has adaptive cruise control, lane assist, blind spot warning, automatic emergency braking or frontal collision avoidance, which has saved me a few times from crashing. It has plenty of storage and can comfortably fit 7 passengers. It also comes with heated seats. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a family car.

- Katherine P

Seats 7, but not a comfortable 7.

This car is a great size for a family who needs space but does not like minivans. I am not 100% in love with certain aspects of where things are relative to me in the driver's seat (example - blind spot at door/windshield, cup holder placement is actually horrendous) but I am sure those things depend on your size and seat position. The car drives beautifully and gets good mileage for a 7 passengers.

- Michelle R

Not a minivan but not quite a sedan either.

This car is a really great compromise between a car and a minivan. You have space for seven people, but the back row is not very comfortable for frequent use with adults. It has great pick up and still excellent gas mileage. The Bose sound system is nice and once you adjust to the placement of the media controls its really a nice feature to not have to reach up to the screen controls.

- Shelly M

Mazda cx-9 review - great car.

I have not had any issues with my vehicle. We have loved the moonroof and the reliability of the Mazda brand. We didn't think we would, but we really enjoy the Bose stereo system. The car handles great and seats 7 pretty comfortably. The interior design of the vehicle is tailored to the driver and limiting distractibility.

- Sarah L

Good color and runs well but does not fit as many people as you would think.

I like the color and it runs well. It can fit 7 but I do not think comfortably I would say about 6 to create space but if you want that many people (use third row) you will not be able to fit much in the trunk which is kinda inconvenient but the car is more meant for 4 instead of third row more of an option.

- Abby C

It is a great car for hauling family and friends around.

It is comfortable and safe. Has 4 wheel drive so it can handle nicely in winter weather. It has 3 rows so plenty of room for people and cargo. It is nice looking and a pretty color. It sits high up so I can see above traffic. Nice car.

- Amy H

It has space enough for a family and their gear.

I love the amount of usable space available, but I would love to be able to have a smaller vehicle. It is comfortable. I only wish the navigation/sound system had a better interface.

- Anna j

The back row goes up to make a third row.

I love my car. It drives smooth. The handling is good. I love the extra features like the beeping when a car is near. The reverse camera is awesome. The seats are comfortable.

- Nam G

Mazda CX-9 is very comfortable, easy to get around with, looks nice too!

The vehicle is very comfortable and accommodating to a family of 4. It does not require much gas and runs smoothly as long as the oil is replaced perspectively.

- Kimia S

It is a good car and has lots of room. It doesn't handle like a large vehicle.

It is a good, dependable car. It has a lot of room in the back when the seats are folded down. It is very quiet on the road and has a good sound system.

- Lesley H

It gives a smooth ride and it is very easy to learn all of the controls.

I like all of the extra controls this vehicle provides. It makes driving and traveling a lot smoother. I also like the fierce look of the front grill.

- Crystal A

It runs really good on gas.

My vehicle is reliable most of the time. I say most of the time only because it has it is problems sometimes. Otherwise it runs good on gas and etc.

- Hannah W

The speedometer is displayed on the dashboard.

I love the style of the vehicle most. I also love the technology and built in safety features. I have no dislikes or complaints about my vehicle.

- Morgan W

Great power and fuel efficiency.

I like the power it has, I dislike the way it shifts sometimes. It is not always smooth. Has a great look to it, wish the third row was roomier.

- Ashley R

the safety rating is one of the best for its size class

I love the third row seating. It has heated leather seats and dual row A/C. The blind spot monitoring is fantastic and amazing trunk space

- Jamie O




It seems like a durable, dependable suv. I am very happy with it.

It Drives smooth. It is roomy but not enough trunk space. It has comfortable seating. There is a nice sound system.

- Wendy M

It's great on the road. Leather seats. Bluetooth radio. 2 USB Chargers.

The alarms to alert you of multiple things are kind of annoying and superfluous, but that's only a minor setback.

- Teresa A

The comfort and how nicely it drives and handles the road!

I love the sleek style. I love the room (3 rows and room when seats are down). I love the way it drives/handles.

- Dawn D

Well Built - Superb Design. Handles exceptionally well, and I feel safe when I drive it.

Very well built vehicle. Solid on the road in rain and ice. Excellent features, good sound system. Very safe.

- Mark D

Has a beautiful interior.

It works very well. It doesn't need any fix up. Drives nice. Sounds great. Has a beautiful interior.

- Cool K

It drives great. It is easy to handle on the road.

I love the blind spot sensors. i love the third row. i like that it gets decent gas mileage.

- Angie D

it's been reliable thus far but it is fairly new so i would expect it to be.

size is good for my needs. mileage could be better. road noise in interior is a little high

- beth s

Its mine, it's well maintained and would recommend others to buy.

I love every.aspect of our new vehicle, did through research and.found a keeper.

- Matt M

which is modern and elegant, and it represents me and it is a high quality brand

It is a car of excellent quality, strength and speed

- daniel j