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Mazda2: the little car that could.

Honestly overall I am pretty pleased with my Mazda2. I bought it used at a small family run dealership in new jersey and while it is not the fanciest or most expensive car, I have found it very reliable. It is not perfect. For instance, the car does not have cruise control. This is by no means the end of the world, nor was it a deal breaker, but that is definitely a feature I would prefer to have in my car. It is a small vehicle, which is great for me since I am very slight in stature. It is fantastic for getting into tight spaces, there is almost nowhere that a Mazda2 cannot park. Additionally I have discovered the car to be very hardy. I had an accident on a highway last year. I hydroplaned and the car spun out, the front of it hitting the cement median of the highway. We pulled the car over once we had stopped and found that while the front of the car was scraped up, it was largely unharmed. Not even a headlight was cracked and myself and my passenger were not at all harmed. There was no internal damage to the car either. I was really impressed with how such a small car handled a bad accident like that. On the other hand, the backseat headrests sit at a strange angle, sort of leaning forward. The hatchback design is nice. I haven't yet checked to see if I can put my seats down for more loading space. Overall, I am very pleased with my car.

- Olivia C

Great commuter car with lots of zip!

The main reason I purchased the Mazda 2 was for gas mileage. It has performed well in that area especially since I was commuting 150 miles a day. Handles well and speakers are nice. The gas tank is only about 8 gallons so I have to fill up a lot. And the speakers will stop working on occasion until I bang on the dashboard. A reliable car if you need it for just getting around. Not a lot of room otherwise and no arm rest.

- Erik S

Confused survey taker makes title.

I do not have any issues with my current vehicle. I recommend it to anyone looking for an easy buy, I am not sure why I am required to write 250 characters because not everyone has or knows the problems that their vehicles have. I guess I would complain that sometimes it's not too good on gas depending on how often you drive it but that's sort of just a complaint you could have with any car.

- Tina V

My first new and favorite car!

I love my compact Mazda 2. It gets great gas mileage and will turn on a dime! It is cute too! It has more room then it looks like, the back seats fold down to give that little extra. The headrest are adjustable in the front and the back. I have never had one minute of problem with it. I had to put a battery in it a couple of years ago, but that is all. I love my car!

- Karen S

The seats are very comfortable for long drives. If you have to be in the car for eight hours like I do sometimes, it is pretty comfortable the whole time.

It's a nice small car, which is nice for parking and backing out of difficult places but it's also kind of small and the gas tank is tiny. It's annoying how often I have to fill it up because of how small the gas tank is. The seats are comfy and you can fit a decent amount of stuff in the car though.

- Elizabeth E

Small, fun and cost effective.

It is small, easy to drive, easy on gas. Can still fit 5 people, or 4 if the people are "bigger". Still have room in the hatch for a lot of stuff. Not much else to tell?. . I do not try to see how many speeding tickets I can get, but it can go above 80 with no problem. . . It does well in the snow.

- Don P

The neon green pickle and it is highlights.

Too many nails in my tires making it go flat is unreal. I would also love it more if it could fit a whole real tire and not just a doughnut. But it runs smoothly and oil is not super expensive to change so that is nice too. And it has a CD player which I really like, along with an aux cord outlet.

- Jessie G

It is small, spacious inside, AUX cord, seat warmers.

I love my car. The only thing is when getting oil changed you have to use synthetic which cost more. If you accidentally hit another car so lightly, it easily dents. It has awesome seat warmers. Love how small it is, not too big, I am 5ft so it is the perfect size. Love the radio and aux.

- Angelica M

it's basically a good car. I have not had hardly any problems with my car, except for what I said about key and oil change...and those are not that serious.

I love it for the most part. It's good on gas, small and drives smooth.The things I do not like about this car are that it needs synthetic oil for oil changes, which costs extra. Also, the only key entrance is on driver side, that is not good when the key fob needs a new battery.

- Lisa C

Mazda 2: great for easy convenience.

The Mazda 2 is a small compact car that is reliable car and good for saving money on gas and upkeep. However, because of it is small size it can be uncomfortable especially for tall people. I would recommend this car for shorter people who need a car for easy convenience.

- Jonathan C

Has a comfortable ride and look to it.

I like the great gas mileage and cruise control for long trips on the highway.. I like how cute my car is, and I like how easy it is to maneuver.. I dislike feeling like it is not a very safe car, if I were to get into an accident..

- Emily C

It's super good on gas, and is perfect for a smaller group of people.

It's a good little car that can easily get around. Really good on gas, get from point a to point B, and just fits a family of 3. Only problems having with it is just a bit on the small side if you sit in the back seat.

- Jesse S

Be aware that it is a small compact car so you need to be aware of your surroundings when driving.

This is a great car, smooth ride and great gas mileage. Comfortable to ride in but if you are traveling at highway speeds then large semi trucks or a big gust of wind can blow you out of your lane easily.

- Dave T

It is small and very compact i can park almost anywhere.

I have not had any problems with my car, i love it. Small but very comfortable i have the basic model i do with i would have got an upgrade with Bluetooth and cruise control. Other than that i love it

- Domonqiue J

Mazdas are very reliable. Keep up the maintenance and it'll keep on going.

Compact, fits in spaces anywhere. Very reliable, we've never had any issues. Only complaint is the shocks and how little horsepower it has. That said, we knew about that when we bought it.

- Shannon N

Great MPG! The Ultimate Commuter.

The mpg on this car is amazing! The lowest that I have ever gotten is 35 mpg. I like that it is simple. Everything is cheap. Tires are inexpensive. It is the ultimate commuter car.

- Calter M

Basic car but a good one.

Good gas mileage, easy t ark, has good zoom zoom. Can hold a surprising amount of stuff in the back. You can fit a flat pack Ikea Billy bookcase in the car. Would recommend.

- Janet B

It is a good little car and easy to drive.

It is small and easy to drive and gets good gas mileage. It seems to be pretty reliable but I worry about something happening. I am constantly stressed about that.

- Darlene W

It is dependable and handles great.

I like that it was inexpensive, and gets good gas mileage. I dislike the size, the quality of the interior, the lack of features, and the feel of it is drive.

- Andrea B

Overall, this vehicle is a great for a daily driver.

I love my car. It is good on gas and has never left me stranded. Usual wear and tear on vehicle and motor; such as, oil changes, replacing brake pads, etc.

- Karen A

take a test drive before you buy; ride can be bumpy

likes--roomy, good mileage, fairly comfortable; dislikes--small tires so ride can be bumpy; car is black but i bought it used so had no color choice;

- elaine T

It has a dependable motor.

I like how fast and easy my car is maneuver around in. I also like the gas mileage I get with it. However, I wish it had more cargo space.

- Grace P

Y?all should know just to keep up with the maintenance of the vehicle.

Little small but saves me on gas had a recall but was taken care of with no complaints easy to care for and cheap like tires for example.

- Jaime A

Handles wells, holds the road easily at higher speeds, doesn't struggle up steep hills, great gas mileage

It's a great car. Comfortable, great mileage, easy and fun to drive, great handling, no problems or repairs over the last seven years.

- Anne L

It is a great small car. Gas saver!!

It is definitely reliable and a gas saver it is a great car for a small family. With some good tires it is even great for the winter.

- Vivian C

One thing others should know about my car is that it is very efficient.

I love the convenience of my vehicle. It is very gas efficient and I love the overall look, it's been the best car I've purchased.

- Alex F

It gets great gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage and thee maneuver ability of the vehicle. I however don't like the flimsy materials it is made of.

- Ron H

The safety ratings that it tests.

My vehicle has a very high safety rating which means a lot to me. I do not like the limited space, but it is good on gas.

- Kira M

Great on gas and maintenance fees. long lasting vehicle.

It's been 7 years since I've had my car and treated it fairly well. The car is still in great order and works perfectly

- Anthony D

My car is easy to drive. I can carry most things I need in my car. It is good on gas.

I like the color of my car. It is a small hatchback. It is easy to drive. I really have no complaints about my car.

- Cindy B

Nothing it's just a used vehicle with high miles on it.

I like that it gets good gas mileage, and that it is very agile. What I do not like about it, it gas low power.

- Ron F

It is the safest vehicle to drive and has a lot of room! Bluetooth! On call!.

Too small, truck space not big enough. Too many problems, every other week something needs that be fixed.

- Brittany Q

It is safe. It is big. It is beautiful.

I don't know much of cars. My husband is incharge of it. But I love it because is big and easy drive.

- Jose D

Great gas mileage, sporty, and fun to ride around town or road-trip in.

Love the small size. But has the ability to carry a lot in the hatch. Mazda never let me down.

- Dave M

Very loud inside the vehicle, very low maintenance. The exhaust pipe shakes the car

Loud, outdated, small. It gets good gas mileage, low maintenance

- Kelli R

I love how fuel efficiency and compact my car is. Is has a black, sleek look as well that fits my personality. What I don't like is how easy it is to damage because it is so small and vulnerable.

It is as reliable as any car and won't break down.

- Matthew H