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Compact, cost-effective, and a really good choice

I've had my car for five years and bought it used. It was previously used as a rental car and was in pretty good shape beyond the serpentine belt and a singular tire needing to be replaced. It has a really small tank compared to most cars but it gets such a high gas mileage that it doesn't matter. The small tank makes it really cheap to buy gas, which is a huge plus! It is rather small and not ideal for either moving or a long trip with more than one other person. I am also a small person, so the size of the car doesn't matter as much to me, but I can easily find a comfortable spot for the driver's seat. Y'all people may find this car a bit challenging though. The only issues I've really had with this car have been due to road conditions or improper tire rotation, although in the beginning I needed an alignment.

- Page R

Mazda has shown that you do NOT need the extra weight and expense of a turbocharger to get great performance and gas mileage. The high-compression SkyActiv engine from Mazda proves it.

I love the fact that Mazda has something called SkyActiv Technology. It allows a normal aspirated engine (i.e. not supercharged or turbocharged) to produce a lot of power and use very little fuel. The Mazda 2 (called Demio outside America) is a great little car. It's perfect for getting around town and doing shorter road trips. Unfortunately Mazda has stopped selling the Demio in America. So for my next car I'll probably get a Mazda 3. It also has SkyActiv Technology and is nearly as economical to own as the Demio.

- Gerry S

Inexpensive quality transport.

Basic transportation that looks great to me. Has enough zoom to get me around on errands. The purchase price was low enough that over the 10 years I plan to own this vehicle it will cost me less than $2000 per year including maintenance. Cheaper for me than a car sharing program and so convenient to have the keys at the ready whenever I need to go. Not a good choice if you have lots of highway driving since this vehicle does not have cruise control.

- Jim J

Mazda 2 is okay, not great. It gets me where I need to go.

I bought it used. The rear passenger side door does not open. The engine rumbles when I am idle but then I have only got one oil change in the past year so it is probably my fault. When I drop anything it always ends up in the most inconvenient place either behind me in the backseat or directly under my seat. It is just not a cool looking car. It is short and frumpy but it was all I could afford.

- Daniel J

I love my Mazda 2 Sport!!

I have had this vehicle for almost five years, and I have nothing bad to say about it. Other than normal maintenance, this vehicle has not given me any problems. It rides smooth and is easy to maneuver through traffic. The size of the vehicle can be a little scary when driving on the highway next to the 18 wheelers. However, that doesn't take away from the reliability and performance of the car.

- Shan G

Great vehicle as long as maintenance is kept up with!

My Mazda 2 has been a very reliable car. I bought it back in November of 2017 (almost two years ago) and the only problem that I've had has been with my check engine light coming on. When I took it to see what needed a repair it turned out to be a fluke in the output speed sensor. As long as you keep up with the maintenance of the Mazda (oil changes, tires, etc.) then it will run great!

- Adam H

Small, simple, and cheap.

The best part is that everything about it is cheap. The price, the service, the parts. The worst part is that small things fall off here and there and the car is tiny itself. Only comfortable for 2 people. Also, because it's a 2013, the music technology is pretty obsolete. No Bluetooth. No fancy digital interface. Not many bells and whistles at all.

- Seq B

It is very durable and still running after all of those miles.

I haven't had any problems with this vehicle and it is great. The only issue I have had is that I have to order tires ahead because they are not widely available. This car has 235000 miles on it and it has been a great asset for my family. The battery also goes more often, but I believe that is more environmental than an issue with the car.

- Andrea W

Comfortable and sweet car to drive.

It is a cute and fun car. It has good get up and go. It is very comfortable to drive. The back seats are a little tight for tall people. The back seat headrests are only comfortable it pulled all the way up. When this happens the seats look like droids from star wars. It gets good gas mileage in town and very good on the highway.

- Mint B

Mazda: for the first time 16 year old.

Excellent on gas. But it rides really rough because of the lightweight got the excellent gas mileage. It is less than $20 to fill up the tank and that gets 300-400 miles. It would be excellent for a young kid going back and forth in high school. But as far as long trips with tough roads, it would get way to much wear and tear.

- Reagan C

Great little car that keeps going and going.

Other than changing my tires I have never had any problems with my car. I love it and feel it is the best car I have owned so far. It is not too small or too big. Just right for me and my two kids. My car has never left me on the side of the road and I have had no ac issues either. It is very quiet and a smooth ride.

- Melissa A

Great economy compact car.

This vehicle has been amazing. I've literally only had to replace tires, brakes and oil and have put 80000 miles on it in 3 years. It gets 32 mks to the gallon and it is surprisingly roomy for been a mini size compact car. It can lack pick up but once you are going its going. I also feel safe in spite of small size.

- Karen D

Roomy and great, a family car or for a single person with friends.

Very comfortable to drive, no real incidents, survived a tree branch dropping on it with easily repaired damage, has made long (multi state) drives with no issues. Trunk holds several bags of groceries, gets great gas mileage. Fits up to five people comfortably, plenty of legroom in the back.

- Megan A

It is a very roomy and economic car.

It is not as fast as I wanted but it gets me from point A to point B and it is reliable and really economic. The synthetic oil change is really worth the car performance it is also very roomy. I love the car connects with iPhone very well and makes it easier and manageable while I am driving.

- Melissa R

Cute care for city, not best for country living.

I love how compact this car is. It gets excellent gas mileage and drives smoothly. It is easy to park and great for city living. However, it is definitely not made for the area I live in and I have - due to poor road quality and uneven terrain - regular suspension issues.

- Sara H

Great car for road trips since the gas mileage is so good

I love the vehicle it's just not ideal for people with children in car seats. The gas mileage is great and I only have to fill up once a week which is always under $20 can't beat that. I've had the vehicle for 5 years now and have not had any problems mechanically.

- Whitney D

Great first car! It definitely has really good gas mileage.

This car is perfect if you have long drives for work. It is great on gas! It is the perfect combo of functional and sporty. One of my favorite things about it is the trunk. Just enough room to pack for a day trip! With the gas mileage it is perfect for a first car!

- Karen W

very reliable low end car

it is very reliable and inexpensive to maintain, and did not cost a lot of money. i have had no problems with it. my only complaint is that it does not have a lot of power, so does not accelerate well, especially going uphill, or when i have the air conditioner on

- noreen M

Very sporty type vehicle.

I love how much room is on the inside for how small the car is. Wish it was a little higher off the ground though. Great gas mileage $20 to fill up. Gets going quick. Seats are very comfortable, the hatchback I wish had a little more room. All around a great car.

- Madison H

Great little super economical and cute car.

Lots of room inside for a tall person and for storage. Large windows for easy sight. Great gas mileage. Super cute! I really cannot say enough about this car. The only downside is because it is so small, other drivers do not see me a lot, even with my lights on.

- Kay K

it is practical, reliable and low cost, but doesn't have a tremendous amount of power

i bought my car primarily because it was inexpensive, economical (good gas mileage) and a mazda, a brand i trust. i did not have high expectations of it being a high performance car. it has been very reliable so far. a very practical car, nothing exciting

- noreen k

The Mazda2 for the new car buyer.

The Mazda2 is a great car. It is great on gas, lightweight and yet still quite roomy. The seats are comfortable and well made and the overhead is high enough to accommodate a tall person. The engine is very quiet and the handling is smooth and responsive.

- Brenda J

Hard to see/lots of blind spots

My car is reliable. I bought it used and have had it for four years with few issues. The only complaints I have are that the AC doesn't get cold enough and the way the car is set up it's really hard to see to the sides and behind you when you're driving.

- Nash S

It is great if you live in the city and has great gas mileage.

The car performs well for city driving. It has great gas mileage and is compact and easy to park. However, it is not very comfortable for long car rides and has a fairly small gas tank requiring multiple fill ups on long trips.

- Isabella B

Reliability. It is the perfect commuter car.

Very reliable. Great on gas and mileage. I commute about 60 miles round-trip and never have an issues. It is a fairly basic model, not flashy or glamorous, but gets the job done. Does well in the snow.

- Erica S

It is small but it is a great car!

I have had this car for 5 years, I am there only owner. I drove this car across the country when I moved and have never had any major problems. Even just now it is finally needing new tires/breaks.

- Sharon P

I love my Mazda 2! A good car.

Handles well. I like the personality. Reliable so far. I like the size. Has required little maintenance and I have been driving it for a while. Took it across the country and it performed great.

- Art Q

It is very good on gas and is easy to drive.

I like the size of the car and how easy it drives. I can see easily out the back window. I dislike the lack of features in the car, such as telling me the temperature, etc.

- Monica S

Compact, small, easy to parked and save on gas.

I like the compact size and quality of space. I like the smoothness of the ride. But I do not like that it do not have where you.. Can use your phone hands free..

- Christine G

It's acceleration ability has slowed over time but it's still a fairly fast car.

My vehicle is quite efficient in terms of MPG, however already some of it's plastic parts have already cracked and broken but that doesn't affect the performance

- Chrystina R

There is not much leg room for back row passengers.

The interior is very nice. There isn't much room in the cabin, but the hatchback has a good amount of storage. Definitely needed to be a bit bigger.

- Sara B

Mazda requires expensive oil changes but the Mazda 2 is very easy to drive and park.

I very much enjoy the size and turning radius. Super easy to park in tight places. The mpg could be better for such a little car though.

- Adri B

It is small. It is cute. It works. It is a car.

I like the way it runs. I do not like the gas mileage or the size. It is too small. It does not speed up as quickly as other cars.

- Reagan W

It is a great little compact car just not in Texas.

I like that it gets great gas mileage and it is compact. I also like the color. I don't like that my air doesn't work well.

- Andrea W

Economical to operate, yet fun to drive.

Economical, yet comfortable for a 6ft. male. Easy to drive, park etc. It has enough power, without sacrificing mileage.

- Donald H

Needs a arm rest in the car.

I don't like that there is no arm rest, there was n0 cover in the back to the hatchback like there was supposed to be.

- Amber P

It is very sturdy; it is very economical.

It is very economical; handles quite well on the road and but has little power for its size it is very spacious.

- Ron Y

Silver, small, loud, not fuel efficient.

Bad on gas, loud engine, shakes on highway at speeds over 60. Too small so not enough leg room for passengers.

- Sarah B

Great gas mileage and made to last. I really love my car. Would buy a Mazda again.

It drives great. Gets awesome gas mileage. It is a hatchback and is a stickshift. No one else can drive it.

- Lea G

It has a giant trunk for a tiny car.

It has good gas mileage and has been able to drive across the country 4 times with no mechanical problems.

- Sam W

Gas mileage is ok. Rav is nosey when there is nothing in the cargo space.

It is easy to drive. Its bright green. It has working air conditioner and radio. It has cruise control.

- Heather M

It is a very affordable car.

Drives well. No engine trouble. It is compact but still has enough room for pets or grocery shopping.

- Haley K

Great value and extremely reliable car -- you can trust MAZDA

Very reliable -- I never have technical issues. It gets great mileage and has a roomy cabin.

- Britney S

that my little car can get great mileage!

my car is dependable and economical.it looks small but carries passengers with comfort.

- christine V

It is the most reliable car I have ever owned and gets wonderful gas mileage.

It gets great gas mileage. It is comfortable for long trips. It has great trunk space.

- Katherine W