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2005 dark gray Mazda 3. Runs great and is very dependable.

I bought my 2005 Mazda 3 in march of this year. It's dark grey with minor dings and dents. There are no major problems with it and it runs excellent. The interior is black but needs work. The power locks and windows also need to redone. I have kept up oil changes and tune ups to keep it in great condition for my children and I. One of the windows got busted out about two months ago and needs to be replaced. I drive this car everyday with no issues. It takes twenty three dollars to fill up. It's very reliable. I've driven to Austin, TX for my son's doctor appointments, I've driven to Dallas, TX as well with no breakdowns. The tires have all been replaced twice since I have had it and they are all under warranty. I would love a newer car but for now I am pleased with performance, dependability and just overall good that my car has done for me.

- Dawn K

Mazda 3 is a great a great vehicle for a small family.

The car ran smoothly for many years. Recently the windows get stuck and have slid off track. Also the lock on the drYer door handle was jammed and I had to take the door apart and create a zip tie contraption to create a pull system. I love the interior and fabric on my seats (black with red dots). The dual cup holder that pulls out in the back seat is great for my kids. However now that I have 3 children, 2 in car seats and one in a booster seat, there's not much room in the back seat for diaper bags and with a double stroller in the trunk that barely fits there's no room for groceries so we will have to get a larger vehicle soon.

- Emma V

2005 Mazda 3i, all around good idea at an affordable price!

Overall I couldn't be happier with my Mazda 3. It is a 5 speed manual so it's fun to drive. It gets really decent mpg. (28-38) I have had only a few issues with the car. 1. The multifunction switch is notorious for going out in these cars. It's a relatively cheap and easy fix though. 2. These cars had a recalled part that pretty well every one has had trouble with. The connection port female side of the wire that gets power to the starter gets corroded and breaks. It's really not bad to fix still. Overall I would give the car a 4 1/2 star rating. Performs well and is comfortable to drive for any distance.

- Kenneth B

Mazda is great on gas and the suspension is dependable.

The Mazda that I have is great on gas and drives like a dream. There have been recalls on the airbags but I haven't experienced any problems with them personally. The seating controls are convenient and assure the driver can sit up straight and see over the steering wheel properly. Though the vehicle is 15 years it still drives the same way when I first got it. I've only experienced 2 mechanical problems with this vehicle one being with the brakes and the other with the heating and cooling meter. Other than that this machine is tried and true.

- Bianca B

The Mazda three is a fun car.

The engine can get a bit jumpy if it has not been driven in a few days. However it accelerates smoothly and is a reliable vehicle. The standard maintenance is easy, the oil filter is super easy to access and the tires are as easy as any other. It is a rather tiny car despite this fact however it feels rather roomy the hatchback style is a big plus for me because I can pack whatever I need whenever I need to get somewhere.

- Andrew K

Small. Spacious for its size. Gas saver!

I love everything about my Mazda. Not only is it a nice car inside and out.. it is a GREAT gas saver. The back seats are wonderful if you have children as it has places to tether the car seats down. The trunk is also decently sized. Haven't had any issues yet! Great car! Only thing I don't like is there is no USB port or cassette player for a tape Bluetooth(to play music in the car of your own)

- Ashley L

It runs great and does not require a lot of maintenance, which is great.

It runs good but makes a constant knocking noise in the engine on the freeway. When I brought the car it looked new, but the paint job quickly turned to rust, so I do not care for that. I like the fact that is its roomy for me and my kids. I am a short women so when I first started driving it the car was to high up front for me, so I need to sit on pillows, so short people beware.

- April S

Great comfortable midsize sedan.

This car drives really well and gets great gas mileage. The trunk is very spacious and can hold a lot. The cab of the car also feels very spacious and can comfortably hold 5 people. The car is a good size - not too big and not too small. I have no issues parallel parking the car in the city. The upholstery is very stylish and comfortable. I do wish that there was an a/v jack.

- Sue H

Short overview of Mazda 3 Hatch pros and cons.

The 2.3 engine is notorious for running through oil very quickly, which can easily lead to a blown motor. As a carguru, I can easily say that I am happy with the car as is, and it has decent pickup. The interior is relatively comfortable for a 6-foot guy like me. The A/C isn't as strong as I would like, but my interior is also solid black and I live in the heatstroke south.

- Will P

Blue Mazda 3, manual transmission, great interior, beautiful car.

I love my vehicle. It is the best vehicle I have ever owned. It is a bright blue Mazda and it has a manual transmission. It gets great gas mileage. The inside has been kept very clean and the seats and everything are in great shape. The outside is in relatively good shape, it has a little rust in areas and a few dings and scratches.

- Abby S

Very comfortable and fancy car.

It's really good. And am glad that I bought it. Has a lot of good features, like sports mode. I would suggest anyone to buy it, because the quality. I even had so many people asking to buy my car. I don't think I would ever change it unless something bad happens but even if that happened I would buy the same car again.

- Leyla H

Great vehicle - family car or commuter.

Great gas mileage; has only needed routine repairs as of now; spacious back seat area and trunk; great handling on the interstate as well as city driving; easy to park; no real blind spots; easy to maintain; has handled both the snow (as little as we got in Virginia) and the heat (on the beach in Florida) very well.

- Sarah M

Most interesting detail is that the car is a manual, and a nice sunroof.

I have a 2005 Mazda that I drive which is really easy to say that I love, super reliable and is a manual which is always a plus, I have had no issues so far, the size of the car is great and the interior looks really updated for only being a 2005, seats are comfortable and I like how far back you can move the seats.

- Hadley H

The Mazda 3 is a fantastic vehicle!

The Mazda3 is a fantastic vehicle. I have taken mine on countless road trips, and the biggest problem I have encountered has been a flat tire (my fault!). I truly recommend this car to anyone who enjoys traveling comfortably and safely! I especially recommend the hatchback version! Lots of room and trunk space!

- Brooke M

The vehicle is very reliable and has very good gas mileage.

Very reliable. Lots of mileage but has had very little problems with it. Lots of room, perfect glove box and trunk. Good gas mileage, the only problem that I have is that the car makes a very loud noise when driving. There have been no major problems with it though. I love the car, I have had it for six years.

- Hayley H

Comfortable sedan with plenty of room.

This car drives well - it is a smooth ride. It gets good gas mileage. The seats are comfortable and there is a lot of space in the cab. You can have 5 people in the car and it does not feel cramped. The trunk holds a lot of items as well. The car is easy to parallel park, it is not too big but not too small.

- Rachel K

The best car in its class.

Very fast reliable fun to drive the best car in its class I highly recommend to anyone stylish sporty looks mean and all around great car would buy another one if possible awesome car period and the interior is great very roomy and efficient gonna be a classic someday no car and compare for its price tag.

- Billy M

It is pretty reliable. It has only refused to start once in cold weather.

It is kind of small. I use a walker and it is difficult to get in and out. This model year seems to have difficulties with the electrical system, especially the air conditioner as it must constantly be adjusted. It takes quite a while to heat up. I do not like the gas cap release being inside the car.

- Kathy J

Mazda 3 2005 good car nice.

Good vehicle looks good drives good gas mileage good have only had car for a few months but like the way it looks. Silver power doors windows tinted windows keyless unlock feature power door locks steering wheel radio control seems to be a good car with good gas mileage roomy inside for 5 passengers.

- Jennifer F

The car is extremely reliable great quality.

My car is about 13 years old however it runs great. It is reliable however it does need some repair. This does not affect the performance, though. It is not the best in the snow but if you change the tires it is reliable for the winter time. My car has never broken down, except when I needed gas.

- Ny W

Mazda. . . A great little mover.

This car has a quick pick-up (manual transmission). I have had little maintenance. It does not get the greatest mileage (this is compared to my old Honda Civic), but it works. I have also heard that rust can be a problem with this particular make and I have seen some of that on the panels, etc.

- Cat S

Lots of room in this great little mover.

This little car gets me around well, even though it is old. Engine is great and the manual transmission keeps me moving! I have driven through snow storms on even "so-so" tires, but it responds well enough to keep me from getting stuck. It also had a lot of storage room for a hatchback!

- Patricia S

Fun to drive. Great size.

This vehicle is very fun to drive. It has a lot of get up and go. It is also great at making sharp turns and fitting into tight parking spaces, and also has a large truck. Which makes it great for taking to do shopping. The only downside is that it is not very great on gas.

- Celestine R

A good car for a single person or a family.

No big problem except with the air conditioning. . It is still giving me problems. It has been reliable throughout the 3 years l have had it. . L have taken my car on road trips without any problems I like the way my car handles on the freeway. I wish the seats were softer.

- Carol B

The right turn signal doesn't go back on it's own, so you will have to do that manually after every right turn. My air conditioner is touchy, you may have to turn the knob a few times for the cold air to actually come out, but it does work.

I bought this car used so it had quite a few miles on it. I like that it is small and has decent gas mileage. Due to it being an older, used car there are things that are starting to break. My headlights go out a lot, the shocks are not that great, and there is rust on it.

- Makenna V

The Mazda 2005 runs pretty good. A full gas tank takes me up to 300 plus miles.

it is good, so far, it has no problems. It is good on gas mileage. The car runs smooth. For a 2005 year car, it runs pretty nice. The car runs great and it does not have any issues. As long as one keeps it well maintain, oil change and such, it should run for many years.

- Martha I

It is a great brand with great mileage.

My vehicle is perfectly comfortable and fine. The seats are comfortable, which is nice because I drive a lot for work. It also drives well in snow. It has it is typical problems that cars have when they are 13 years old, but it has nothing to do with the car itself.

- Emily S

The car is compact easy to park in tight spaces and reliable.

It is a very reliable car. It currently has 196,000 miles & I just recently changed the shocks and motor mounts. My headlights have gone out several times for unknown reasons. That has probably been my main problem which is not bad considering the miles it has.

- Jenny R

It is a reliable car for getting to work.

I like the look of the car. The car handles well and gets good gas mileage. I do not like how difficult it is to see out of the rear window because of the height of the window. I would rather the gas tank be on the drivers side not the passenger side.

- Matthew p

Great compact car for getting around.

Very reliable mechanically, I am on 130k with no issues except rear bump stops squeaking and maybe rear ball joints going bad. I just drive it from va to Toronto and back without any problems. Cheap on gas and fuel efficient, cheap to maintain as well.

- Allen H

The vehicle is a manual which makes it very fun to drive.

I really enjoy the car. It is a manual, so i did not enjoy learning how to drive it but now that i have had it for a couple years i really like it. The clutch has burnt out once which is frustrating since it is expensive but other than that i love it.

- Hunter G

Mazda 3 2005 the little car that could!

I bought my vehicle brand new off the lot with 0 miles on it. I have definitely put my car to work. Currently my car needs desperately a full tune up. Otherwise my car had been so reliable and had performed amazingly. Would recommend my car to anyone.

- Ashley B

Mazda 3 2005, does it for me!

Loud when driving- not thick carpeting causing it to be this way. No mp3 or AUX cord included, need to install myself. 6 disc changer. Does not tell you the temperature outside. However, spacious. Good gas. Gets me from point A to point B.

- Erin M

Mazda problems: can cars just fix themselves?! Haha.

The car is great but just recently I started to have a lot of issues with it, i.e. bumper broken, check engine light is on, broken brake light. . . It is to the point now where I am putting in more money in the car then it is worth:(

- Jessica B

There are back seat airbags for safety of passengers.

This was my first car I purchased on my own. The color blue it came in was exactly what I wanted and my favorite color. There was a sense of accomplishment when I made this purchase and an even bigger one when I paid it off early!

- Michael T

People should know that it is a good car for new drivers.

I like that it is a small car with a good amount of acceleration. I like that is is black. I do not like that the air conditioning is broken. I also have had to put a lot of money into it to fix it.

- Ty G

That I have it out of necessity but that it is like a luxury for me.

IT is a manual shift transmission that I bought from a personal party. It isn't pretty, but it does have a strong engine. It has pretty good mileage, considering the model year.

- lorelei s

The car is beautiful and dependable. It can last a decade and look good.

The car is very sporty. Its light and can navigate traffic with easy. However, you can hear a lot of road noise while driving which is stressful when having a conversation.

- Jeff C

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I also like that it's small and easy to drive. I like that it can get me to work and school and back without spending a fortune.

I think the most important thing that people should know about my car is that it gets great gas mileage it runs really well and I don't have to spend a fortune driving it.

- Maren K

It very low to the ground so you have be careful when driving over bumps.

It has a really sporty look to it. The interior is nice it has fabric seat which I think is nicer than leather. It is small and compacted which I like its not a huge car.

- Jasper P

It is initially based off of the original GTI

The vehicle does not come with an auxiliary port. It comes with a 40-pin male port to plug into an older Iphone or Ipod and adapters from 40-pin to aux are rare to find.

- Noah S

If well maintained it will last you.

I like the style and look of the car. I enjoyed how it felt to drive at the beginning. Now though, I have had a lot of problems with the suspension and front end.

- Arizona H

excellent gas mileage. regular maintenance helps with this.

its comfortable, easy on gas, not many repair issues, but the body rusts out easily . this is my second one and the first one the body went way before the motor.

- natalie c

very economical and smooth ride. Great for both scooting around town or long trips

I love my car that it is small yet big enough to handle all the items we need to take when traveling. It is easy on gas which in this economy is really helpful.

- Melanie R

It has a lot of issues with the engine.

It gets me around for now anyways. It is made of plastic and falling apart. I keep having engine issues, but at this point the car is not worth fixing.

- Morgan B

Mazdas are good vehicles. They have a good brand and make a car that lasts.

I like that my vehicle is a manual. I enjoy how it drives. I like that it keeps going and going even though it is 13 years old. I don't like the rust.

- Heather B

The car does very good on gas mileage so perfect for a kids first car or and everyday car .

My vehicle is a very good communication car. does good on miles and gas . very reliable. Very comfortable and relaxing . overall and amazing vehicle

- Lovely L

How well it handles and drives.

I like how well it drives. I like the look of the car. I like the quality of the interior. I'm not a fan of the paint and the tendency to rust.

- Lloyd M

The great mileage that I get with this vehicle is so awesome!.

Great mileage and great air conditioning. Very cold. Great styling and comfort for all passengers.. My family and I love it.. No complaints!.

- Claude S

It is not going to be made as part of new line of cars.

Easy to drive and park--wagon has lots of space. I have no complaints- it is a Mazda 5 and it is not going to be part of the new selection.

- Bridget H

Great car, but they are known for problems

I have had motor problems including my motor having to be replaced. It's a good car now, but it did take a poop on me once already

- Alex B

It is my car and I love it a lot.

I like the size. I dislike how fast I run out of gas. I like how I can smoke in it. I do not like how often I get my oil change.

- Gia R

It seems to be holding up mechanically.

The car is slow, eats gas, and getting older. I like the space in it though, especially the hatchback. That is the best feature.

- Meg A

reliable reliable reliable!

my car is amazing- it is so reliable and well put together. I love the shape, it's compact, and is strong. it's nice and comfy.

- kaylynn h

A great car the gets you where you need to go.

The Mazda 3 has been a great car. We've had it for a few years and have not had any major issues. It has been very reliable.

- Maria A

Nice little car, that handles the road well, it's cute and very good gas mileage.

I really like my Mazda 3, it runs great, handles corners well, has nice speed, is comfortable and compact so good on gas.

- J S

It is a manual transmission.

I love the color and the interior. I love that it is a manual transmission. There is nothing I dislike about my vehicle.

- Abbie S

Its mine and I take care of it.

Its reliable. . It's also fast and good on gas. Haven't had no major problems with it it's a great running car.

- Shan N

It is cool, elegant, amazing, awesome, brilliant.

I love everything of the car. There is not a bit of complaints. He is cool, cool, and cool. I like all of him.

- Saya M

The tires wear more in the back due to a non adjustable camber.

It is not that great on mileage for a 4 cylinder. Fits 5 not so comfortable. Compact makes for easy parking.

- Chris C

The first car I ever feel in love with.

Bad air conditioning, comfortable to drive, hard to find parts which are often expensive, doesn't age well.

- Austin L

My car is very stylish even though it's old. It is in great shape and has only had one minor repair.

It's getting old, but it runs great. I have only had to take it in once for repair. I like it's style.

- Hanna A

It's lasted me 13 years without breaking down. It's a reliable car

It's 13 years old and still runs pretty well. I don't have many complaints about it.

- Naomi K

My car gets really good gas mileage. It is also very reliable

I dislike how old the car is. I wish it had bluetooth features inside and a sun roof

- Brianna G

Good gas mileage. Looks like sport car.Drives good.

I like everything about my car. I don't have any complaints at all

- Tara L