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I am still in love with my Mazda 3.

My Mazda 3 is a reliable car. It is 12 years old and still handles beautifully. I have not had any major issues with the vehicle. The biggest problem I have encountered is due to the aluminum rims. They tend to bend easily when you hit an unexpected pothole. Once bent, the tire then tends to leak air and you are either constantly filling the affected tire or having to buy a new rim to replace it, which can be quite costly. Otherwise, nothing more then regular maintenance has been required from my beautiful red baby.

- Connie G

Mazda makes very reliable cars that are easy to maintain.

This is the 4th Mazda I've owned in the last 24 yrs. They are great cars. They are reasonably priced cars. With limited maintenance you can easily drive them for years, as I have. I also like the fact that this company still makes & sells cars with manual transmissions. I do not like the automatics. I am still dreaming of buying a Miata before i die but it may not work out in my retirement budget even though Mazda has several versions of the Miata that are very reasonably priced.

- Keith N

Comfortable and reliable car and easy to maintain.

The car is luxurious and it runs well. It does not have any problems so far with anything. It is a four door car and I gave an automatic. The only issue so far I am dealing with is the gas mileage it runs per gallon. Wish it become more efficient. Comfortable wise it is so comfortable with leather seats and sunroof etc. Sound system is pretty cool too. Power shutters. Full option car. Drives fast and easy handling and smooth. 5 gear speed.

- Marlon M

Cute little Mazda 3. Color blue.

Good car for short people. It is comfortable. I bought it when it was 2 years old, with 41,000 miles on it from a used car dealership. It handles well. Tires are 2 years old, handles well in snow. Automatic windows, am FM stereo, CD player, black and grey cloth seats. Big trunk, spacious glove box. Has latches for rear facing baby seats. Back seats fold down and can get into the trunk from the back seat. Driver and passenger airbags.

- Crystal D

12 year old, bought used. Still really amazing vehicle.

I enjoy my hatchback. I bought it at a reasonable price. It came with hail damage on the driver side, so it was discounted. I wish it didn't have the dimples from hail, but they are fairly undetectable. It is an automatic with a manual shifting option. This comes in handy when driving up or down canyons. It gets really good gas mileage. It has been on multiple road trips because of this fact. Overall, I love my car.

- Nicole N

Great for long distance drives.

We have had this car for 12 years and it has been very reliable. We have replaced the struts and brakes a couple times but we haven't had many other issues. The car went through several years of long distance trips, usually about 500 miles at a time. There is currently over 100, 000 miles on the car and it is still in great condition. We plan to keep it for another 2-3 years before purchasing a new car.

- Dana Y

My silver Mazda 3 is great!

My Mazda 3 has been really good to me over these last six years. I have not needed any major car repairs. I think the shocks and struts probably need to be replaced soon, but other than that it has been a great little car. I plan on driving it until it dies. The engine is relatively quiet, the air conditioning is cold, and the speakers are have held up through all my loud music phases.

- Josh H

It is fun to drive for as practical as it is.

It suffers from rust problems that plagued many cars from this model year, it would be pretty reliable if it didn't burn oil, and the engine mounts needs replacing which is also common for this model year. All in all it is a great vehicle and I suspect if the previous owner had taken proper care of it, I would have absolutely no issues with it as it is fun to drive and economical.

- Bryan G

Compact car with a race car appeal.

Very nice and reliable vehicle. Obviously an older car so it is not technologically advanced looking but nice. It is a reliable vehicle and will get you where you need to go. Only had minor problems around 160, 000 miles but once they were fixed it ran smoothly again. The vehicle definitely made a good first impression on me as far as the quality of Mazda�s goes.

- Maria H

Bought in 2006, and still serving me well 12 years later!

Very reliable, great gas mileage, really good turning radius to get in and out of tight parking spots, large glove compartment and trunk space. Unfortunately wouldn't recommend for families with young children - getting a car seat in/out of the backseat is a little tight. Also car is experiencing a lot of rust, especially on and within the car door paneling.

- Nancy Y

Speedy, smooth and quiet! A very relaxing, sophisticated car to drive.

It is very smooth and speedy. Lately it started making a small squeaky noise but it is not a big deal and does not affect the performance. A full tank of gas costs around $20 and it can last up to two weeks until it hits empty. It is great in the snow and rain storms! It has an AUX cord plug and a USB plug built into the car, very convenient. I love it!

- Samantha H

Excellent small car, great for first time drivers.

My vehicle is the base model so it had no added features such as electric locks, electric windows, cruise control. That being said. I have had this car for almost 10 years and it has been a very reliable car. It is a small car, but very comfortable to ride in and fits car seats comfortably as well. This car runs great, has a great radio and cold a/c.

- Tricia S

Fast, fuel efficient and reliable.

My car is fuel efficient, drives great, compact, and is slightly sporty. My favorite car I have owned. The trunk is very spacious even though the car is small. The back is spacious for a small car and it had great highway mileage. I the car is really quiet, fast, and reliable. It is a very dependable car for all ages especially first time drivers.

- Brenda Z

Fun car to drive on the highway, mountains, anywhere.

The Mazda 3 is a reliable fun to drive car. It has a great turn radius. I have 200, 000 miles on my car and it is still going. The tires wear funny over time and get loud. Motor mounts break more often than other cars. It does have a bad blind spot. The car is pretty and comfortable on the inside and out. It is stylish and handles roads well.

- Angela P

Mazda 3 2006, wear and tear and durability.

My vehicle has had constant issues with ac, it never really works. However it is quite durable and has lasted a long time in my family. The paint has started to strip off in bits, and the inside however has held up well. When washed and waxed it still looks great. It is a very strong framed car. It is pretty spacious and comfortable inside.

- Valerie V

Wonderful vehicle with great drive!

Great drive, no maintenance problems with 170k miles, never broke down since 2006. Handles wonderfully, love the power and maneuverability of this vehicle. Only regular oil changes, air filters, and recommended maintenance until last year. Replaced alternator and front shocks last year. I love this Mazda. . . Favorite vehicle of my choice!

- Bonnie S

It is very reliable and very long lasting

This vehicle has been very reliable for over 8 years since I bought it used. It has over 120000 miles on it, but still runs perfectly. The only complaint is that it seems that the alignment messes up very easily because there are times when the car shakes if I brake too hard. However, I would not trade my time with this car for anything.

- Michael h

Basic car with decent features and good sound.

I have had the vehicle for almost 4 years now. I like the basic interior and how the car drives. It can go fast, but is also a safe car. I have upgraded the sound system, but the stock version was decent enough. The seats are comfortable, although the back is not as spacious as I would like. It also has a decent sized trunk.

- Bridget R

It is a good car and gets me to where I need to go.

It is an okay car. Gets me to where I need to go. The blower went out so I do not have any heat or air right now. Has a sunroof. The back seat is not very roomy if there are tall people in the front seat. And some kind of sensor is broken so the engine light is always on. Overall it runs pretty well and is comfortable.

- Breanna F

Great vehicle that is comfortable, very good on gas and reliable.

Very reliable for years so far. Have never run into any issues except normal wear and tear. The vehicle has very good gas mileage and handles pretty good in winter conditions. Even the factory speakers that came with the model have always been reliable and sound great for not buying an add on package of any sort.

- Beau T

The wonderful, unassuming life of a 2006 Mazda 3 hatchback.

When this vehicle was bought new, I loved it. As it is now twelve years old with some wear and tear, I still like it a lot. It has never caused me any performance problems, is extremely reliable and for a small car, it is comfortable. Other than simple maintenance, oil, tires, etc.. It has been a terrific car.

- Robert N

Mazda3: fun and reliable. Great road car with surprising cargo capacity.

The car is very reliable, sporty, and gets good gas mileage. For a small car it is very roomy and can carry a surprising amount of cargo in the trunk. It handles well and has very good acceleration. It is a very good vehicle for road trips. The air conditioning is the only thing that I could complain about.

- James L

The Mazda 3 is a great, reliable car.

The Mazda 3 is a great car. Some nice features are the leather seats and the seat warmers. There is lots of space for storage in the trunk and glove box. It is a smaller car, but it is still roomy and comfortable. Everything works great and I haven't had any issues for the four years that I have owned it.

- Abby A

Good car. Good car. Good car.

A very reliable vehicle that also has very good gasoline mileage in both urban and suburban environs. A very reliable vehicle that also has very good gasoline mileage in both urban and suburban environs. A very reliable vehicle that also has very good gasoline mileage in both urban and suburban environs.

- Abraham L

It's probably the best overall package for a driving enthusiast looking for a great handling compact sedan/hatch.

I really like the design, driving dynamics and equipment for the price point. Interior materials and build quality was class-leading at the time of release. The car feels like a much more premium entry compared to its contemporaries. With 100k miles, the car still drives as new and feels very solid.

- Jay T

My Mazda is so quick to be a 4 cylinder feels like driving a v6!

Love the way my Mazda feels behind the wheel, I was very surprised at how quick my 2006 Mazda 3 is for just a 4 cylinder! It handles curves amazingly and is a very reliable car for anyone! I highly recommend a Mazda I have really enjoyed mine this far and have had no issues with the car thus far.

- Jacob F

Had my Mazda for 10+ years.

My car is comfortable, reliable, and has been consistent over the years. I have not had issues with recalls or major breakdowns. . The paint is showing its age but after 10+ years in the florida sun it is not unreasonable. . The size is good for busy roads but is not too small to feel unsafe.

- Amber N

The Mazda 3. The Mazda is a very reliable car with very few problems.

The Mazda is a reliable car with very few problems. It has great mileage and runs very smoothly. The interior is very comfortable and very spacious. It is a four seater car with a lot of room in the trunk. Great for traveling far and driving very fast and slow. Has a powerful air conditioner.

- Ariana H

I love my car! My Mazda 3 is very dependable.

I love my car, I have had it since 2005. I haven't had many problems with my car, just normal wear and tear. I have been lucky with this car and when I am ready to purchase a new car, it will be a Mazda again. I am not sure if it will be a Mazda 3, but it will be a Mazda. Very reliable car.

- Joanne D

Great compact car. Perfect for first time driver.

This is a great small car! Very comfortable to ride in and very reliable. Would be perfect for a first time driver as all the features are very user friendly and not overly complicated. The car has great get up and go even with it being a small engine. Never had any problems with the car.

- Tricia S

The cluster panel or instrumentation panel are in red and orange.

The engine light came on. I went and got a code check at auto zone and found out that the idle has a lean moisture problem. Guy at the counter said that is was probably the fuel pump and/or a fuel injector. The ac went out as soon as I got it. But other than that, I love the car!

- Jessica S

Boring little car with not enough stowage.

Sits too low, is noisy, CD player quit soon after I bought it, guzzles gas. Does not stand out from the crowd like my Subaru did. Has little stowage space. Trunk lid is heavy and does not always stay open. I cannot say I am proud to drive and own it. It is just transportation.

- Judith L

My favorite car so far, the Mazda 3.

My Mazda3 is by far the nicest car I have owned. Although it is a 2006 year make, it still looks up to par as any of the newer models. I love the smoothness feel to it and best of all I am able to fill my gas tank with just $50. It reminds me of my very own little boatmobile.

- Patricia N

Love my Mazda, love the mileage.

Very comfortable can easily adjust seats and has the back that can inflate, passengers seem comfortable kids ride easy, love the gas mileage can fill up under 30$ with gas prices now. Only bad thing is always have front end problems because of how bad michigan roads are.

- Tina H

Overall, very dependable!

Engine power worsened after 200,000 miles, but that is to be expected. I do not have automatic anything, the locks, windows, and seats are all manual. I do not have a sunroof and visibility is not great. It is comfortable, and the buttons/features are very easy to use!

- Rachel G

Mazda 3 is great for road trips!

Brake rotors are shaking the steering wheel. It runs great on gas and you get a lot of bang for your buck. It drives close to the ground and very smoothly. The Mazda 3 has great mileage as well. I love the size and the seats are comfortable for long lengths of travel.

- Michelle H

Manual car that has gone out of style and needs upgrading.

The car accelerates great. However, it has crank down windows, does not lock on its own or have security features, has rust on it due to age, is very compact, old fashioned, and needs to be upgraded. Luckily, I put in a new stereo to make the drive a little better.

- Allison E

Great, reliable, zippy car.

It is a reliable, small, zippy car. Love the hatchback for added room. Have had very few issues since bought new back in 2006. Love also the sunroof. Small car now with two children and wish it was all wheel drive but winter tires help greatly during the winter.

- Olivia V

Reliable, fun and zippy. Perfect for a smaller household.

No major problems (knock on wood!) Since purchasing new 12 years ago. Comfortable inside. Stick shift makes the car fun to drive and zippy. Sunroof is wonderful. Backseat of the car has withstood 2 big dogs living long lives. Would definitely buy a Mazda again.

- Kate Y

Fast and furious sting like a bee float like a butterfly.

Leather seats with seat warmers, smooth ride, love the radio and the speakers fast pick up and go car, ac and heat are good working, no problems with vehicle and easy for me to work on great on gas in town and open road, family vehicle, everything is electric.

- Crystal B

Great car, runs great, very reliable.

I haven't had any problems.. It has a lot of miles and still runs great. I haven't had to fix anything.. Runs really smooth. I feel comfortable driving it. It is a great car for me and it is reliable. I trust driving my son in it. Love the color and the model.

- Taylor S

Great car to drive and less expensive too.

I do not have any complaints. It is a great car. Handles very well. Small and good on gas. Driving it is fun. It has surround sound. In the wind the car may move a bit but still it is good. Love it! Cheap to get repairs don. Exceptional small vehicle.

- Bobbie M

I Still Love My Mazda 3 Even After All These Years

Overall a great car. Very dependable and required very little maintenance over the years. It is getting older now, so things are starting to need replacing, such as the air conditioner, but overall it has been great. I still enjoy driving it.

- Beth H

That it is safe and reliable. It had great consumer reports when I purchased it and it has lived up to those reviews.

My mazda3 was not very expensive, so it didn't hit my wallet too hard when I bought it. It has been very reliable over the years without too much trouble. One issue has been the cd player no longer works properly, but overall I love the car.

- Matt g

If I could buy a brand new car of the same model and year I would.

It is the most beautiful car I can imagine. It is well made and fun to drive. It has held up very well over time with minimal maintenance. My biggest complaint is that subsequent model years do not look as nice.

- Al M

That it's sleek, cool, custom, and fashionable. It's also really comfortable and has neat features like a moonroof, post-installed LED interior lighting and an aftermarket radio and subwoofer.

I love a lot of the custom features that were installed and how well it's seemed to hold up over the years. I really don't know too much about cars, but my previous car was a Ford and it had A TON of issues.

- Kyle c

That it really doesn't last very long after 150k miles. Up to that point it was great but now its problem after problem.

I like how fast it accelerates. I dislike the fact that the suspension is going after only 150k miles. I dislike that the seat belts lock up easily in the back seat. I like that it is a manual transmission.

- Jocelyn R

My Mazda3 has been very reliable

My car is now 12 years old. Bought it used. It's lasted me a long time with minimal repairs needed but getting ready to trade in for a new one now just because it's starting to require more maintenance.

- Alison D

Mom taxi service of three little one.

My Mazda is very reliable. Great gas mileage. Lots of trunk space. Overhead space is a little limited so being a tall person may not be comfortable. Love that I can cover my cup holder if needed.

- Ashley H

A good family car very dependable reliable good on gas and looks great.

The air shocks went out and it bounces a lot. Also it is going to cost me 500 dollars to fix. I feel that is way too high. Other than that it's a wonderful car I have really enjoyed owning it.

- Monica C

It is a vehicle that drives well for those who are less-confident drivers or first-time drivers.

I love the size of the vehicle and how comfortable the seats are. I wish that a vehicle like this could be completely electric (and have the self-driving features when they become legal).

- Emily R

The Mazda3 is a fun to drive car.

It's peppy and fun to drive. It has get up and go and can round corners very well. It's good on gas. It is also an attractive vehicle. I feel comfortable like it's the right fit for me.

- Suni B

Black, power windows, AUX input, sunroof, sports shifting ability.

Not a bad car overall. I haven't had any major issues until recently when the ac started going out. I suppose with any car that is 12 years old that kind of stuff is going to happen.

- Brandy C

That despite being 12 years old it still runs pretty well despite the past issues.

I dislike that I've had to do so many repairs. Now that it's older I dislike how much the gas mileage has decreased. I liked how the steering was and the mileage when I first got it.

- Darian B

When it runs, it runs great. I love it being a manual transmission.

I am constantly having issues. I tried changing the timing belt but now I have to replace the whole engine. I am going I am going to end up putting more into it than I paid for it.

- Renee A

It has a hatchback and the seats fold down, so it's great to fit stuff in.

I like that it has a good pick up on the gas. It's compact and can fit into tight parking spaces in the city. It has leather heated seats that are especially great in the winter.

- Kristen R

I think it is important to know that it is great on gas mileage.

I love that it has a big trunk. The sunroof is a nice added feature. I do not like that the sensor lights are always on, which can be costly. I would purchase another Mazda.

- Melanie K

For the transmission to quit in 2 years, I don't think Mazdas are well made. However, I am still driving it 12 years later.

I like that it is still working for me. I don't like that the transmission went out within 2 years and that the shock absorption seems terrible. It's a bit of a rough ride.

- Shawn H

My car is very dependable, for being an older vehicle.

My vehicle is paid off, it runs good and is dependable. It's easy on gas and maintenance has been pretty cheap. My car is a little older than I normally would like.

- Kenneth L

I love my mazda 3 hatchback

I love my car I have no problem I only wish it had more power and I could drive faster other then that Im happy I love the small size but lots of room on the inside

- Robin M

This car has been a great value and has been reliable for 10 years

It is reliable. I like the style. It has required little maintenance. They only issue has been that the AC went out a few years ago and had to be replaced

- Nicki O

That it's a hatchback and can get into small spaces

It is a nice little car. Gets me to where I need to go. Base model, nothing special. Manual shift which is good. Wish is was a little better on gas mileage.

- Michelle K

It is very small and hard to get into and out of.

I like how the interior is black. I like how small it is so I have less to worry about when I drive. I dislike that it is starting to rust on the outside.

- Justin F

It makes me feel safe, and it is very reliable.

I have had my car for years and have experienced little to no problems with it thankfully. It drives very well & it is a vehicle that I can trust/rely on.

- Zoe M

Beautiful, reliable, and great gas mileage. A car for the ages.

My car has been great for me for the 8 years that I've had it. I get really good gas mileage and it is very reliable. It's also an attractive looking car

- Elissa c

It has lasted 12 years with very few issues. This car was a great value!

This car has well over 200,000 miles on it. It has been reliable, dependable, and given me great gas mileage. The only issue is with some surface rust.

- kathy m

It's super fun to drive and continues to run really well.

I love the way the car drives. It hasn't had any problems that weren't easily fixed. I like how it feels kinda sporty and the interior is really nice.

- zach r

It's a great brand love how it been good to me for all this time. It's gonna a be a long time before I changed it

I had have my car for a long time and it had some problems but miner there been fast fix. It has been very reliable and very comfortable for my family

- Franchesca A

Repairs can be a little pricey and difficult to do by yourself as the car is a little more complicated, but repairs are rarely needed so I don't mind.

Highly reliable, top safety rating, only maintenance needed has been normal wear and tear. It's very fuel efficient, comfortable, and fun to drive.

- Aimee T

It's comfortable and smooth driving, has good gas mileage.

We just got it used, the only thing I've noticed are minor electrical issues like with then windows or within the AC turning off after a while.

- Dinorah R

It is fast and is also a popular vehicle.

The car is very standard, but cute. It is a slightly feminine car, but that does not stop men from driving it. I like the newer models as well.

- Danielle R

The Mazda 3 is outdated compared to cars today but runs just fine.

I like the sports look of the Mazda 3. I like the seats and the way it looks on the inside. I do not like that the trunk needs a key to open.

- Lauren C

Very reliable, surprisingly peppy. Not great gas mileage for Its size.

Everything has been great about my Mazda from a performance standpoint. It is a reliable car but not a great family vehicle (lack of space).

- Weston N

The rear visibility is not the greatest, like many hatchbacks.

I like that it is fun and sporty to drive. I like the space in the hatchback. I dislike how squeaky it is and the road noise is noticeable.

- Melissa W

It's easy to drive, but very low to the ground. The radio also works very well and has space for 6 CDs.

My car is over 10 years old so there is a bit of rust but it has kept up very well over time. The radio works well and it's easy to drive

- Katey C

It's very reliable and it has never let me down.

My car is very good. Its dependable and has great mileage per gallon. Its never let me down. Routine maintenance is easy and affordable.

- Diego P

Even though Mazda changed their advertising to a different tagline, the previous tagline Zoom! Zoom! is appropriate for this car as it is really fun to drive because it zooms.

Sporty and fun to drive. Don't like that the doors aren't well insulated and can hear some road noise even when the windows are closed.

- Tina K

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is safe.

Really the only complaint that I have about my car is that is an older model and I feel like it will cause problems in the near future.

- Juan B

Fun to drive! Handles well and is cute.

I really love my car, but it is getting older. Great gas mileage and great performance. It's been loved and worn throughout the years.

- Gigi T

Its sleek, good features, and pretty great as a car.

My car is very nice. Though sometimes its acceleration is less than great, generally it is fantastic. Could get better mileage though.

- John H

With over 200, 000 miles it is still as reliable as it was new.

My car always starts and I have never had any problems with it. I get oil changes and rotate the tires so it is always in good shape.

- Ryan H

It's definitely a zoom zoom

Mazda 3 sports car. It has been a good vehicle to own. Good speed, minimal problems. Next car will probably be a Mazda as well.

- Jeni F

It is a fun car to drive.

It is a nice looking car. It drives nicely. It is reliable. I don't like how the tires wear. They make lots of noise over time.

- Angela M

super sick car man yes from me

Super reliable. Also wicked fast. 5 speed transmission that's geared well, good in all weather. also lots of cargo room (hatch)

- Haleigh W

It is a good dependable car never lets me down.

I love the way the car handles. It is also very roomy in the back seat lots of legroom. I have had no problems with the car.

- Amber B

The gas mileage is great, it has wonderful get up and go

I enjoy the style of my vehicle, but am not a fan on the interior. I also think it lacks storage space such as cup holders.

- Audrey G

Very reliable, the only time it left me stranded was a dead battery due to aging.

Fun to drive. Easy on fuel. Not much breakdown. Front suspension broke, but at 144000 miles it lasted as long as it could.

- Donald H

It work fine for a little time I use it

Needs new tires, brakes, drives nice, would buy another one but a automatic not a stick shift, it's small if I have kids

- Greg V

It is very reliable, it survived driving 3 hours everyday this last summer.

I like how reliable it has been for me, I wish it had better gas mileage though. It has not needed much maintenance.

- Billy B

It is a reliable car and has only needed to go to a mechanic once.

I like the style and reliability of my car. I like the fact that it is a hatchback. I have no complaints about it.

- Billy B

Might want to make sure to clean your car regularly to keep the rust down.

I like the horsepower it has. It is quite sporty. It gets pretty good with gas mileage. Hate that it rusts easily.

- Jennifer B

Love the power! It is roomy enough for 2 parents and 3 little kids. Enjoy the gas saver.

It is a really amazing car with a lot of get up power. One negative thing is it blows headlights really easy.

- Amanda C

The gas mileage could be better.

It is a well made, nice looking and reliable vehicle. It is getting old and maintenance costs are too high.

- Alberto M

Good control, it is a very safe car.

It is just a absolute beauty of a car does the job in every way gets me from A to B more than comfortably.

- Dion W

It is a manual transmission.

Likes: small but roomy, manual transmission, good power for size engine, good stereo system. No dislikes.

- Barbara S

Overall, this is a nice car to drive for a good price.

I think this is a decent car. It is really easy to drive and doesn't take too much to fix small parts.

- Samantha K

It's absolutely perfect for me and I can't imagine a better vehicle.

We've been together for such a long time. My car has been wonderfully reliable. I have zero complaints.

- Kelli M

when it works it is fun to drive. it sucks for stop and go traffic

It's a manual, love it, oxygen sensor is on, coolant reservoir is leaking and car is currently non op

- naomi b

It is very good quality. We have had to get limited maintenance on it.

The car is generally really good but it is manual and does not have the features of present day cars.

- Dana Y

My greatest old car that I care

Love my vehicle. No problems at all. What else can I say about this. Make sure you buy a readable car

- Rodrigo s

the most important thing others should know is that it is reliable

I love it because it is a very reliable car and does not have many maintenance problems.

- Holly j

It is very reliable. I can relay on it to get me to where I am going.

I love how reliable my car is. I love the features. I love the moonroof.

- Josh M

The car has good pickup; it's very zippy and handles well.

It's lasted 12 years. It's pleasantly zippy. It's reliable, and stylish.

- heather k

Family friendly and very safe. Good gas mileage as well

Power windows and locks, cruise control, good ac, good gas mileage

- Brigette R

reliable!!!!!!!! it's literally perfect and great as a car

i love it!! it's the best - it's reliable and wonderful

- kaylynn h

it does take lot of effort to take care of car but it is a safe car

easy to drive and smooth good performance and safe

- Jenny L

It drives very smoothly. But it changes gear too fast

My car is easy to drive but it takes too much gas

- Jenny L

AC sucks for living in Arizona

I hate the air conditioning. No power windows

- Michael t