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An interesting thing about my Mazda is you fit long things through the trunk.

I have never had any problems of any kind. It has a standard transmission and is very easy to change gears. Not like the old standard transmissions where the clutch was very hard to press to change gears. My Mazda 3 is very economical too. It does not use much gas. It's also very pleasing to the eye. And people are always asking if they can buy it from me. The answer is always no. I can be sure when I want to go somewhere, shopping, out of town, to the beach for vacation, it will not let me down. The only things I have had to replace is the battery and tires. Also a windshield but that was because of golf ball size hail. Over all it has been a very good piece of transportation and I am very happy with it. I would buy another with no hesitation.

- Liz M

Interesting details for a Mazda is they have a very fast get up and go.

Problems with my vehicle are it is a very old car and needs lots of work but still runs great. Needs some new tires and an a small nothing too bad alignment. Front drivers side window sticks when trying to roll down. I put speakers in it and the system is extremely great. I like that the car is small and I can move in and out of traffic fast but safely. Breaks definitely need to be replaced within the next two or three months. The gas mileage is great. A full tank can last me a little over two weeks just depends on how much driving I do. Takes about 25 dollars to fill up. I highly recommend a Mazda to everyone I talk to. I really enjoy this car and plan on keeping it longer after I get some repairs done to it.

- Amanda L

Almost perfect. Great car with serious front-end problems.

Love the car for what it is, but have ongoing issue with the front end. The car has more creature comforts that I ever expected, but not having a power driver's seat is a bit disappointing. The car has ample power and shifts smoothly (automatic 5-spd), but biggest issue for years is my inability to find the problem with the front end. The car shakes at 55-60 mph as if the tires weren't balanced, when they are. I have spent hundreds of dollars replacing parts my mechanics thought might fix it, but nothing has worked. If the front end issues were resolved, I would give the car a strong 5, which I never thought I could give to a small car like this.

- Sean M

My 2007 Mazda3 is all white with black rims and is a 4 door.

I purchased my 2007 Mazda3 in 2016 and I love everything about it. The stereo system works amazing and it is 5 speed manual and I love cars that are manual transmission. This car is fantastic in the snow and is very good on gas. I drive my car all the time almost everyday and I have not had one issue with it yet. The only thing I am not a huge fan of is the amount of room you have in the back seat but with living by myself that is not to much of an issue. If you are looking for a first time car that runs good in any weather condition and is good on gas I would highly recommend this one.

- Trace T

I my Mazda 3 hatchback but there is definitely room for improvement.

I love almost everything about my car. The only things I would want changed are as follows. While driving you can hear the tires on the road really loudly, you have to turn the music way up to drown it out. But I am kinda used to it now. I have had to replace the window controller once. My back passenger window doesn't roll down. And my driver side door handle broke. It's made of cheap plastic inside of it so I bought a new one and that one is also breaking. I wouldn't be surprised if they recalled it, poor design. Other than that I love my car! And it's purple!

- Ria E

Check out the awesome qualities of this Mazda 3 hatchback addition.

My car is a hatchback, which is actually smaller for my family, but the gas mileage is awesome! I do travel often and sometimes far so saving gas is always a plus! My car is also set in kilometers, pretty much the only downfall. (its from Canada) and I can't figure out how to reset it to us miles. Also most 07's I would think would have a cruise control. This one does not which sucks but hey it's ok because I absolutely love it. And it gets up to speed quick. This car is an automatic but I have the option to change it to 5 speed which I like.

- Victoria C

2007 Mazdaspeed 3 owner review

I have owned my 2007 Mazdaspeed3 for 7 years now. It has been a very reliable car for myself and my small family. The hat back is very spacious and functional for such a compact car. It seats 4 people comfortably. The gas mileage is average for the size, but that is partly due to the fact that this car is mainly used for driving around town. Overall I would recommend this car to younger people who are looking for a fun and functional vehicle.

- Alex M

Safe and comfortable Mazda.

I love my Mazda3. It is comfortable, it rides well and I feel very safe in it. I have been hit before and the car honestly protected. I have had the typical ware on highly used cars. One of my windows has come of the track and I have had to replace the thermostat. But considering I have had this car for 9 years, it is honestly not that much repair I have had to do. If I had to replace the car I would probably just get a newer version.

- Lisa M

2007 Mazda 3. Not worth the money I paid for it.

As soon as I got my car it started having issues and breaking down. Within 2 two years I had to change the rotors and calipers, the wheel bearing, battery and quite a few other things that I cannot quite remember. I got it at a bad mileage point (103, 000) so maybe all my issues were just due to that, but I honestly wouldn't recommend this car to anyone. Definitely not worth how much I paid for it (over $8, 000).

- Charlie H

Great body style with great mileage.

I absolutely adore my 2007 Mazda 3; I have the Bose equipped Mazda3 and she’s beautiful. She has a beautiful rounded body type that is more unique than most fuel efficient 4 door whips. She drives smoothly and has a great turning radius. Her seats are comfortable and the factory stereo is not awful. I am very happy with my purchase and I love my Mazda. I wouldn't choose any other vehicle for my commuter car.

- Raquel K

Great value for a little car!

This car has been very reliable for the two years that I have had it. The only things I have thus far had to fix have been regular maintenance. It is a bit small and light of a car, so for someone who lives in an area where weather is not the best it can be tricky. Love the Mazda brand and plan to upgrade to a newer and larger model. Very safe car, has withstood quite a few accidents with no major damage.

- Courtny S

10 years still running with minimal issues

This car has lasted me 10 years. It has only been in one small fender bender and only came out with a small dent in the hood. I've only had 2 major issues with this car, the transmission had gone out twice and also my rotors get warped easily. However someone had pointed out that is because I live in a state where the summers have been known to reach 115+

- Hannah B

Beautiful car inside and out sporty fast great interior futuristic Mazda 3.

I love everything about my vehicle. It drives very well. It is manual which I enjoy driving with an automatic. It has a very fast pick up rate and speed. The overall look at the car is sporty and attractive. The interior of the car is futuristic in style and very well put together. Car is very good on sound quality has great workmanship on the material.

- Jeremy V

Unsafe for a family car, at least this year. I am unsure about the newer models

I dislike that it is so unsafe. It is not durable and had gotten severe damage in an accident that should have only put a dent in the bumper. It is also terrible in the winter. I liked it at the time, but now that I am starting a family, it is time to move on to something safer. I did like the size, the color, the 6 cd disc changer((before it broke)

- Brittany S

Great car for the outdoor adventure or night in the city.

My Mazda is a zippy little car that gets me around san Francisco no problem. I am starting to have suspension issues but I'd expect nothing less than an 11 year old car. Seats are firm not like a couch that sucks you in. The back seats fold down and the car is a hatchback so I can fit my bike, suitcase, and other camping items inside. Pretty cool car.

- Amber L

Great, reliable car! Perfect for a high school and college student!

It had a recall on the power steering, but it was fixed for free. It has been very reliable. It gets good gas mileage! I think it is stylish with the spoiler. I also find it very comfortable, but it is definitely a small car. The "passenger airbag not on" light is always on, but the car is also 10 years old and I read online that is a common defect.

- Christine M

I would recommend this car to anyone.

Reliable but does require constant tire and brake replacement, air conditioner. Has last me a while though. It is starting to rust but has kept up pretty well. It is comfortable. I do not have too many features on this model but it runs and works. I bought it brand new it 2007 and has 60, 000 miles. The battery needed replaced at least 4 times.

- Jennifer B

The fine detail of the outside of the car.

Inside is really spacious considering that it is a decent sized sedan. Runs really well with good gas mileage. I usually do not have to pay much for gas and haven't had to pay much for repairs. Only problems would be something wrong with the wiring from the front for the headlights but it is probably from the previous user since it was used.

- Christian M

Zoom Zoom - Mazda's ROCK! Mazda3

Mazda's are my favorite because they have such pep when you drive them. They are comfortable and stylish. Thus far, my car has been reliable with minimal issues. We had regular maintenance, i.e. oil change, new tires, etc. My only complaint would be that the CD player skips my CD's. Now, I'm pretty sure cars don't even have that option.

- Bryna M

From single lady to mother of three and this car gets it done.

I have had very few problems with this car. Other than routine maintenance, I haven't had to do a lot. It still has the original belts! I can fit all three car seats in the back. Gas mileage is great and is still fun to drive. If I had to replace my vehicle today, I do not know what I would pick because I still love this car.

- Courtney R

My car is sporty and versatile and really fun to drive!

I love that it is a hatchback, so there is good storage room in my car and it is versatile for all sorts of road trips. I love that this model runs well mechanically and is sized well for a petite driver like me. And I also really like the style of the car - it is sleek and sporty and fun all at the same time.

- Bremma J

For the money, it provides incredible value (and a great driving experience).

It has delivered everything I expected of it. It is fun to drive --- with a peppy engine, responsive handling and great cornering. It is comfortable for four people and is capable of carrying a great deal in the cargo area. Gas mileage is pretty good and, in 11 years, it has not had a serious problem.

- Eric M

Great performance for a small vehicle.

I have had my car for 10 years and it performs great is extremely reliable and I haven't had any major issues with it. The Mazda3 also tries very well on the highway at high speeds. In addition, this car handles very well in inclement weather. I have driven this car through a rainstorm and a blizzard.

- Nicole D

Perfect for in town or long distance driving

I have the Mazda 3 S. Not to be confused with the Speed3. It's a little rattly, I wish it was a little quieter on the road. All maintenance is cheap, and easy to keep up with. It's zippy for in town driving but also comfortable enough for longer trips too. Has never broke down on me. 171k+ miles.

- Bailey A

Heated seats, sunroof, ambient temp sensor, aux, 6 disc changer.

My Mazda3 has been one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. Little maintenance, for I just keep up with my oil changes and tire rotations. The only issue I have had out of my Mazda3 is loose motor mounts, wires melting die to battery(I'm not sure the details), and a/c air compressor going out.

- Ashly J

It is a six speed standard turbo charged engine that has plenty of get up and go.

I love my Mazdaspeed3. It is has been a very dependable vehicle, and gets over 25 mpg. It is roomy enough for my family, and since it has a hatchback, I have plenty of room to haul my groceries home, or all of our luggage if we go on a trip. I would definitely encourage anyone to buy one.

- Bryan H

Mazda 3 is great! Love everything about it!

It is very reliable and has great gas mileage. It rarely has any problems and does not ever break down. It is quick and very safe. There are a lot of great features such as a rear view camera and a blind spot indicator. The mirrors are great and the car is very durable, safe and strong.

- Andrew L

It is a great little car that rarely has any issues, mechanical or otherwise.

First of all, it is pretty. I love the shape, and the charcoal grey color is amazing. Secondly, it is very spacious inside, with lots of cup holders (8!). And third, it has a lot of "pep in its step," as we like to say. It is a quick car with pretty decent power for a 4-cylinder engine.

- Rosa B

Very durable car with great pickup speed.

Love that it's a standard and has great pickup speed. Not too keen on the bicy style wish it was a little sportier. It's a very durable and tough car. We went through a category 5 hurricane, 80 ft pine tree fell on it and it didn't do anything but dent roof and smash back windshield.

- Danielle B

It handles so well. Has held up through all weather conditions and as long as I keep up it's general maintenance it keeps on going.

For its size it is very roomy and comfortable. We are able to haul quite a lot in the back end and still have room. It has never let us down driving in all kinds of weather from rain to snow to shine. It has a light touch and I don't think I'll ever drive anything but a Mazda.

- Crystal T

5-Speed manual transmission, very high gas mileage.

It is a 5 speed manual transmission, with very high gas mileage. The ride is very smooth, and I have not had a serious mechanical issue aside from your normal wear, such as an oil change/brake pads etc. Very reliable, I have taken it on many trips, and has not had any problems.

- Jake E

The overall reliability has been fantastic.

Extremely reliable, limited mechanical issues over the life of the vehicle, can be small for passengers in the back but still a comfortable drive regardless. This is not a luxury vehicle, but it gets the job done. Highway noise can be a little loud when driving at high speeds.

- Ben B

The car is very economic with gas. It is 4 cylinders.

My Mazda car has been very reliable. It hasn't given me any major problems. The inside is not greatest looking, but if its kept clean to me its beautiful. It's not hard to find parts for it if it needs some. The prices are not crazy expensive either. Over all I love my car.

- Julieanne M

This car has great gas mileage!

The Mazda3 is small and gets great gas mileage. We have the manual so we haven't had to replace the transmission, and in 11 years it has required minimal repairs. It is a great commuter car. Only complaint I have is the baby blue color, but that's my wife's fault :)

- Derek K

Slick, beautiful and reliable car!

Very quick and beautiful car. The Mazda 3 is very slick and comfortable. It has some exhaust issues but can be fixed very easily. Starts up with no problems and ac is cold! I have over 200k miles on it and haven't even changed the timing chain yet. I need to do that.

- Ana T

What I most like about my car it is that it is a small car and comfortable.

Actually I love my car, the only problem I got it the color that I do not like it, but still being a amazing car and comfortable too. I never have a problem with it, I never tough to sell it, because I love my car it is small car and comfortable that why I love it.

- Liliana G

Review of Mazda 3 pros and cons.

Blower motor issues and just had to replace brakes but all in all it's been a pretty reliable car no big major issues just basic routine maint. It drives and handles well so it turned out to be a good investment and I would recommend this car to others to purchase.

- Dee L

A hatchback is the most versatile car you can own. Just the right size to fit what you need without feeling huge.

Although it is getting older, it still is holding up well. It gets good mileage, can fit a ton of stuff in the hatch, and is a manual transmission (so no one can steal it). It is black, os it gets hot, but the AC works well. I wish it got a bit better mileage

- Zach S

Issues with bad suspension and lots of pops and cracks.

Constantly hearing pops and cracks due to suspension problems. I have spent thousands to fix it and the problems still exist. Lots of space and able to fit large pieces of furniture in back when I travel. Love the manual option and the sporty look it has.

- Kristina M

It has been a great car since I have had it. It gets great gas mileage and hasn't had too many issues until recently.

I like the great gas mileage and the size. The inside could have more room since we are expecting our first child and the car seat does not fit well. It is starting to have a lot of things to wrong but it is over 10 years old so it is expected.

- Shanna L

The most important thing someone should know is that it speeds up very quickly.

I like the size and the reliability of the vehicle. It has lasted me a very long time and is still going strong. I have been in 2 accidents with the car and have not been injured. I dislike the mileage I get and the expense of the pieces.

- Alexa H

Its doesnt use up much gas, I probably have to fill it up maybe every 2- 2 1/2 weeks.

The Mazda 3 that i own is very reliable and comfortable. Gas is never a problem because it's a very economical car. Its very spacious. the trunk is also very spacious . Its very easy to find replacement parts for the vehicle also.

- Genesis C

Mazda 3 2007 has a super cute inside with all the colors it is a good little car.

My car works really well for me since I am a petite person so it is very comfortable for me and it is small. It has good speed and breaks. It is the first car I ever bought and I love you and I will continue to use Mazda.

- Kelly T

It's sporty, will get up and go. It's a 5 speed manual transmission.

Well I did not buy it brand new, in fact I purchased it from a tote the note place a week ago. The check engine light just came on there is something rattling from the drivers side front end......

- Melissa F

Mazda3 great on gas and reliable.

I like the look of the vehicle and it handles well. Its spacious though it feels a bit low when getting in and out of the car. Great on gas and handles well in the winter. Overall very pleased.

- Angel C

My little car has treated me well, I've had it for 10 years and it's never let me down.

I love that it has never failed me, it's reliable, cute and has treated me well. I wish it had a sunroof and darker interior. Also now that I've had it for several years, I wish it was bigger.

- Nicole M

It gets great gas mileage compared to other cars out there

My car provides me what I need. It gets great gas mileage and drives very well. My only complaint is that the seats are very uncomfortable for long trips and the black interior gets very hot.

- Julia G

I love the size of the truck it has for being a small sports car.

Very roomie. It fits my small family very nicely. Truck space is amazing. I love how it has power locks and windows. Cruise control is a must when I'm picking out a vehicle. I love my Mazda.

- Becca L

It has 117k miles on it. It is very reliable and I have never had any major issues with it. It is at the point now where the dashboard lights - that came stock with the car in 2007 - have become "cool". People always ask me if I had "custom LEDs" installed.

The electrical system is sometimes terrible. The windows will not roll down and one time the radio ceased to function. Also the headlights constantly burn out and need to be replaced.

- John N

It is a dependable vehicle and has only required regular maintenance.

I like that is has a quick take off and that we have not had many mechanical issues. I hate that the fabric seats stain easily and that my door locks do no work properly any longer.

- Angela H

Super dependable, lasts forever, good build quality, would buy it again

Very dependable, getting old now, as it has almost 200000 miles, but still a solid car, even if a bit creaky. No real problems with the car in the eleven years that we've owned it.

- Nat S

A Mazda is a great running little car. Having a little age on it has not slowed it down.

My car was free, my sisters bought it for me. It has over 110 thousand miles and still runs like a top. It is great on gas mileage. One complaint...it sits really low to the ground.

- Wendy H

A Great Car with Few Problems

I love the car, the gas mileage, an the performance. It is a fun car to drive but also responsible. Recent problems though include the motor on the driver side window wearing down.

- Nathan O

If you take proper care of your vehicle it can last you a long time.

My car is old and I use it more as a way to get from point A to point B. It wasn't in the best condition when I bought it, but other than buying bad tires, it has done pretty well.

- Paul C

Very good safety features, affordable to maintain, great on gas, and very roomy.

I love everything about this car! It's great on gas, has enough room for me and my boys, the trunk is very spacious! The upkeep and maintenance on this car is affordable as well.

- Shanna W

Comfortable Car! gas mileage not ideal

I love how comfortable the seats are and how it they aren't leather. I also think it's the most perfect sized car for me. My only issue is the gas mileage because I drive a lot.

- Leena N

The front headlights are a major pain to try to change.

I love that it is compact. It has been very reliable. It is definitely not a family car due to its size. The major complaint is the front headlight are impossible to change.

- Emily H

Great long lasting car purchase

I haven't had any major issues other than regular wear and tear. At this point the only reason I would get a new car is because it doesn't have any modern day frills

- Kay B

How pretty of a blue color it is and that it has a nice rear

My vehicle is a 4 door sedan. It is like a nice sporty looking car with a nice blue color and spoiler. It rides nice and can have a lot of modifications done to it.

- Charlotte P

The Mazda 3 is a Travel comfortable hatchback car.

I like how it's sporty and has right suspensions. The mpg is also not so bad. I also like that it's a hatchback so I can put down the seats to put in big luggage.

- Kinasa G

It's reliable, and it lasts longer than most other cars.

I like that it's compact and zippy. The hatchback feature is great when needing to transport large things like furniture. It is reliable and easier to maintain.

- Chandly J

Our car is very reliable, which is the most important thing to us.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. Further, because it's a hatchback, there's decent room in the trunk. Also small enough to fit into most parking spaces.

- Thanithia B

It is very dependable; I have had mine for almost 10 years with minimal problems.

I like how long my car has lasted, the compact size of it while still having plenty of storage room, and the speedy pickup. I do not dislike anything about it.

- Anna M

I have put over 200,000 miles on this car and its over 10 years old. This car is definitely well made.

The only thing I would change is that I wish my car had a sunroof. I love having the extra light coming in and being able to look up and see the moon at night.

- Kevin C

The Mazda 3 is a very reliable vehicle, it will always get you where you need to be.

The only downside to my car is that it's becoming old and difficult to maintain. Besides the parts I've had to replace from road damage, it is completely fine.

- Glen S

This is the 3rd Mazda I have owned.

Like that it is compact but has good performance. Dislike the air distribution in the car. Dislike that it is difficult to clean the inside of the windshield.

- Ellen H

It is a reliable car. If repairs are needed, they are cheap.

It is comfortable and drives nicely. It's a good family car. I don't like the size of the trunk, and I hate that I need to pull a lever to open the gas tank.

- Bernadette L

Minimal maintenance, good gas mileage

Minimal maintenance, great gas mileage, I haven't had any problems with it since I bought it. Just hit 120k miles, still runs strong with normal maintenance.

- Devan S

It is a safe, cost-effective car.

I can afFord this car first of all. It is my first car. I like Mazda, they are doing very good car. And I wish the next car will be made by them, but bigger.

- Anastasia M

Decent vehicle, not perfect

Vehicle runs well and has good gas mileage, light-colored seating stains really easily. The front of the car is extremely low and scrapes going up driveways

- Jade S

Mazda 3 2007 is a reliable car to drive

It sometimes has a problem with the fuel pump not working correctly which doesn't effect the cars performance. Other than that it is a very reliable car.

- Miles G

Great reliable and fun car!

I love this zippy little car. All simple repairs that I have been able to do. It still has the best acceleration even though it is over ten years old.

- Holly C

Nice car but some small problems.

I love the design. I have to fix the blinker switch and the front windows don't roll up and done. Also the car idles too fast when the a/c is on.

- Karen L

It's compact. It gets you to point A and B like it should.

Car is almost 12 years old. It doesn't run like it used to. Gas mileage could be a bit better and inside design. Not as sleek as the newer models.

- Erin F

It is cheap, great work partner.

The airbag light turns on after 10 years, and a have always have problems with tires because they get flat whit facility maybe is the tire size.

- Ruth B

It is a nice model and it can satisfy any driver.

It is a nice car that I have owned for 2 years since July. Bought it used and it is a great car. Replaced the spark plugs and the ac compressor.

- David M

Best car I have ever owned. It looks so sporty and yet safe.

It is a great car. It still runs like it is new. We keep up on all repairs and upkeep and that seems to do it. I would trust it for a long trip.

- Lee H

Durability, very few problems.

Few problems, never broke down. Only standard maintenance. This was driven primarily for work. Repairs that were needs seemed average in price.

- Hugh S

Great car, you will not be disappointed.

Performance is great, wonderful car to drive, nice and small to zoom all over. Good on gas however the car engine seems loud. Overall good car.

- A D

The windows and doors are manual and have to locked/rolled down manually.

Love my car almost never breaks down and is easy to fix cost little to do up keep I do not like the fact that it did not come with a sky light.

- Christina H

It has good mileage and is nice for medium sized families

I love the color and it rand good. The car is also a good family car. One thing I don't like is that the brakes have had to be repaired twice.

- Tristin O

It costs even less this year.

It gets great mileage and is very dependable. It is sporty and comfortable to drive. It has all power options and a nice sounding stereo.

- Carl R

It is the most reliable car I have had.

Love my car wish it had a backup cam and cell connect. I got it new and the only thing I had to do for this car is a battery and tires.

- Mary D

It is 11 years old, runs great.

it runs great for being 11 years old, seats are still in great shape. I have had to replace a few small parts. all original interior.

- carrie m

What is import, is fort, is comfort.

No problem. Reliable. Is comfortable, good, easy, beautiful, is very good, is durable, is small, is economic, I like it, it is fast.

- Maria G

Great gas mileage, very comfy

Very great little car. Helps with little tasks with great gas mileage. We are a 3 person family in a small town so it helps a lot.

- Jonathan R

It gets me where I need to go.

Its basic, gets me from point A to point B. Not fast. It is comfortable enough and reliable. The style is a little dated and bland.

- John B

It is fun to drive: handles well and is very responsive.

It is peppy and gives power when I want it. It handles well. It has 4 doors. I really like the body design. It is fun to drive.

- Alan D

It's small it's gets you to where you need to be .

Mazda's suck to fix something I always wrong with the computer if you need headlights it's a hassle just to change the light bulb

- Niki P

Perfect for a single person.

Its sporty body style.. I like its style, looks sporty.. It's not big enough having two kids.. Other then that no complaints..

- Andrea M

It is safe and fuel efficient.

I dislike the suspension. I also dislike the frequent repairs. Gas mileage could be better. I like the body style and safety.

- Steven C

Comfortable car on a budget with great mileage consistently.

Head room is awesome. Moon roof was critical for me. Road noise is bad. Trunk space ia great. Mileage is wonderful 30mpg.

- Kelly S

Putting in a baby car seat is kind of tight.

Gets me where I need to go with decent gas mileage. Also it's picks up speed pretty nice. I've had a few starter issues.

- Rebecca P

My car gets great gas mileage.

My vehicle is compact, fuel efficient, and looks really nice. I do not like that it doesn't have power windows or locks.

- Chelsea C

It's blue, but not blue-blue, nice.

My car has started to become less than ideal in its older age. It feels that as soon as it crossed 100k, it fell apart.

- Amy M

It has the on-stop feature for better gas mileage.

Would like automatic and a back window wiper starter love everything else. I would change anything else about my car.

- Angela T

Good small car, but not great for commuting. Comfortable, reliable and easy to drive

Has been very reliable, very few issues with over 130,000 miles on it. Comfortable. Wish the gas mileage was better

- Michelle S

It's a reliable vehicle for getting to and from work.

I do not like the headlights, they are difficult to change out. I like the speed of the vehicle and the look of it.

- Tim W

How much I absolutely love it.

I literally love everything about this car. It is the perfect car. Small, great gas mileage, trendy, and relatable.

- Aspen R

Its comfortable, but takes while to heat up in winter.

Like: 1-low cost in gas. 2-accelerate fast. 3-looks tiny but has lot of space. Dislike: 1-noise. 2-the shape of it.

- Ala A

8 yrs. Old sets outside drives 55 miles a day and still no rust to be found on it.

I love the gas mileage it gets. I also love the look of the car. Something I don't really like is the road noise.

- Sara D

Very comfy, spacious, and enough truck room for everyday things.

I have no complaints with this vehicle, it does go through brake pads quite often though. But overall very comfy

- Trish R

It handles really nice, but the struts are a little messed up.

Smooth ride, solid gas mileage, looks nice, handles really nice, good features, really good bang for your buck.

- Matt C

It has plenty of room and the color of it is great.

I wish it we're bigger. It does not quite fit my current needs always and that is a little inconvenient for me.

- Stephen K

It is very easy to drive.

Reliable and sturdy. Black leather interior which gets hot but is comfortable. Small car that maneuvers easily.

- Abby K

I got my dream car (from NFS: Most Wanted)

Drives pretty well, has a 4-AWD with a 4 seater sedan. A/C is pretty dope & for the price I got it for its lit

- Foday K

Safe on the road, responsible driver.

No complaints really. Its very quick and peppy. Car tends to spin out when accelerating too fast from start.

- Sarah B

The safety ratings of the subaru.

Love heated seats!! Love the tinted windows. Love the speed. Love leather interior. Love the gas mileage.

- Crystal M

It is a good car for traveling - great gas mileage and fuel efficient.

I like it's mileage and it's aux and speakers. Don't like the leather seats and the lack of trunk space.

- Elise M

It burns oil, but it will always get you where you need to go.

Love the comfort and dependability. Great first car. Starting to have issues burning oil in its old age.

- Andrea A

It is a good reliable car and IT has not had a lot of problems.

I like how it drives, how it looks, and the color. The only thing i don't like is i wish it was bigger.

- Sharon H

Most exciting and economical car.

Good economy car and mostly reliable, newer model with better transmission quality would be nice.


great handling on the highway and in the city. Gas mileage could be better.

I love that my car is small and easy to handle. We have had the brakes replaced to many times.

- Sherry O

It is fun to drive and convenient to access for storage.

I like the size and accessibility with the hatchback. I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Judy G

It's uh.. dependable. Worth the money for It's time. Would buy again.. back then.

It's alright. Just fine. Cool even. I apologize to the person who has to read this.

- Wolf K

Good performance and handling while maintaining fuel economy.

Good economy car and overall quality, more interior improvements would be nice.

- Sam y

I'm conscious of being environmental and economically friendly

It still drives like new. It's so reliable! And it's pretty. Im a Mazda fan

- Jess T

This is a great car that is built to last, gets great gas mileage and is fun to drive.

Excellent car. low maintenance fun to drive, just keeps going

- jeff m

Despite being 10 years old, the vehicle has been driven only 154,000 miles. During my period of ownership, premium tires have been purchased and a transmission control module has been replaced. All other repairs have been routine. Vehicle comes with lifetime Sirius XM satellite radio.

Driven sparingly over the past 10 years, and still looks good!

- Marcellus G

Good gas mileage. Reliable car. Comfortable for my kids.

It gets good gas mileage. I like its features. I like mazdas.

- Derrick W

I bought my car in 2006. It has been very dependable and no one has driven the car other than my husband or me. I would buy Mazda again.

My car is very dependable and I would recommend the brand.

- Marilyn M

It is a very reliable car that gets good gas mileage

No gps navigation, Bluetooth or newer safety features.

- Coree S

It's cute and sporty. Fun to drive. Don't want to buy another one.

I think the inside is made cheaply and little power

- Pamela L

Fun but small and good on gas

Window broke air broke small fast fun gas

- Kat J