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Bang for Your Buck: The Reliable Mazda

This is an overall great and affordable vehicle. Having owned it for one year, I have had no major issues or complaints. The only issue so far was that the tire pressure system malfunctioned and had to be fixed, but it was not a hassle to have this done. The car is comfortable and does offer a somewhat decent amount of legroom in the front seats. The back seats do lack in the leg room department, but not majorly. The radio and surrounding console are intuitive and easy to use, and have not presented any real challenges. Having some of the console controls on the steering wheel is extremely helpful, especially when someone calls you on the phone. The Bluetooth feature has been great other than the phone volume. When listening to music, the volume is fine. For receiving/making phone calls however, the volume is extremely quiet and will need to be turned up. This does make the 'hangup' noise quite loud and jarring. The gas mileage is about average. I usually get 25/MPG in the city and around 33/MPG on highways. Nothing crazy efficient, but not horrible either. In general the car is definitely reliable and will keep everyone and everything safe.

- Lauren S

Reliable, zippy, great sound system.

It has been a very reliable car for me so far, 100,000 miles in and with regular maintenance. I've had to do the occasional ~$500 repair, for example with the power steering fluid leaking, but it hasn't been a horror story. The suspension isn't very smooth, and perhaps that's because it's older, but I think it's always been a little bumpy. I love the Bose sound system with Bluetooth, it's kept me entertained on my drives and I couldn't do without it. That being said, last year my Bose amplifier died, so I had to buy another one off of eBay to keep my factory sound system. The steering on the car is nice and responsive and tactile, and the speed performance is pretty good for a normal sedan. There's a good amount of trunk space in the car too. Honestly, the seats with the fabric trim are not very comfortable. I added a lumbar pillow to mine, which helps a bit, but it's not cushy on the bottom at all. Overall, it's a nice car, but if you're looking for luxury, I'd look elsewhere.

- Julia A

2010 Mazda loved by family of 4!

I bought this car almost a decade ago and it is still running well! It is very reliable and has only given us two big issues over the years. First, we had some issues with the o2 sensor, which ended up being a recall issue. The dealership repaired that very quickly and there have been no problems since. The other issue had to do with the spark plugs, but it was fixed quickly and cheaply. This is one of those little surprising cars that takes care of you when to take care of it! I bought the car before having children and it is been our primary vehicle even with the two kids and their car seats. The features on the vehicle are not fancy, but I do appreciate the volume and sound system control on the steering wheel. Do not expect too much storage room in this little car! But, after all these years, many trips, and sometimes not great care, my little Mazda still runs and I love it.

- Amanda A

Make driving more fun with the Mazda 3.

I do love my 2010 Mazda 3, although nothing is perfect, I enjoy driving the Mazda. The Mazda zips effortlessly down the road smooth like it rides on rails. Mine is a 5 speed and the stock clutch is not the best by any means. It will wear out and fast. Mazda is aware of this but does nothing. After I replaced my clutch o enjoy the full potential the car offers. Great sound system and is comfortable on long drives. I live in a hot area and the ac never lets me down. Plenty of room for my dog, child, myself and husband. The seats fold down which is another added bonus. The shocks will need to be replaced but that is natural wear and tear. It's great on gas which is a relief with rising gas prices. Yup I would get another Mazda hen the time comes.

- Lena H

A fun to drive commuter car.

I haven't had it for very long but it is very fun to drive. It handles well and has no problems accelerating. Sometimes it does jump ahead quickly we you got the gas (I call it a whisky throttle) but this does not happen every time. Also there is a recall on it because of the seat adjuster so that is a downfall. I haven't gone in to get it fixed but the dealership will do it free because of the recall. . All in all it has been a great commuter car for me. It gets around 25-28 highway miles per gallon which is really nice because I commute far to work. It looks pretty sharp and sporty so it is my kind of car, and because it is a mazda it is easy to get fixed and even learn how to do certain repairs myself.

- Vanessa H

Mazda�s lasting impression.

I bought the car certified pre owned in 2012 and it is 2019 and I still love the car as much as the day I bought it. I have over 100k miles on it but she still looks and drives like she's brand new. I have made sure since I got the car to do oil changes and maintenance checks regularly between every 3 to 5 months which I think made a huge difference on the cars lasting impact. I have had to change some tired and a battery either once a twice and some belts and brakes but nothing major, knock on wood. I would definitely recommend and consider purchasing a Mazda again in the future.

- Lindsey O

The most important thing is that my car is that it gets great gas mileage.

This vehicle is amazing. It gets great gas mileage, it has a good pick up speed, it is reliable and I have yet to have any problems with this car. I have experienced the tire light coming on a lot with my parents Mazda and mine turns on anytime it goes under 30 psi. The features include Bluetooth with a very nice stereo. This makes driving enjoyable and the interior is comfortable. The colors the Mazda include make the model look sleek and a lot more expensive than it really is. These cars are made to run for a long time and the price is not as expensive as you would assume.

- Bella V

The Bose sound system is a must have!

The 2010 Mazda is Mazda's version of a luxury vehicle. Between the heated leather seats and the Bose sound system you cannot go wrong. Great gas mileage and a fantastic family car. Fits a large car seat nicely in the backseat and having the fold down seats in the back is a life saver when moving large items. Plenty of storage and charging options. Bluetooth capabilities for smartphones is a must have when it comes to being hands free which is a requirement in Illinois. Maintenance is small and normal upkeep, haven't needed any large repairs.

- Britany W


I absolutely love my Mazda. I've had to replace some major parts as is common with any vehicle with 200,000+ miles but I found that parts for my make and model are very reasonably priced. I love that my Mazda came stock with a Bose stereo system! It combines the convenience of power lock doors, electric windows & a sunroof with the basic stock manual transmission. The only thing I would change about my car is It like to have more trunk space and the back seat could use some more leg room. Otherwise I love my Mazda.

- Jessica B

Mazda3: Affordable, reliable and does far more than get you from A to Z.

I bought this vehicle used, but almost new. It has been very reliable. I love the trunk space, its maneuverability and the many features it contains. The only real problem I've had with it is the battery in cold weather. After replacing it a couple of times after the car wouldn't start in cold weather I finally bought a very expensive, top of the line battery and haven't had any issues since. I wish there was a little more space in the backseat for car seats, but otherwise I've been very happy with this car.

- Nicole B

Why I recommend the Mazda 3 Hatchback

I've had this car since 2010. It's a super reliable vehicle. I haven't had to have any major repairs done just general maintenance, oil changes, tires etc. She hugs the road and a really fun car to drive. Response is quick from a full stop ( traffic lights and such). My car handles the road very well, however I think my biggest concern is when the air conditioner is running, she does 'bog down'. Overall I would highly recommend this vehicle if you want an inexpensive, fun runaround car.

- Lorraine P

Fun to drive! This is a great car that handles well and looks good too.

I test drove a Mazda3 in Los Angeles - if it can get through that traffic, it can get through just about anything! It handles smoothly, it is really reliable, and fun to drive. I use it to commute and haven't had any major work done to it, just routine maintenance. Only annoyance is the tire pressure sensor is really sensitive, but not a big deal. The seats are comfortable - the backseat could be a bit bigger, but it is not uncomfortable. Trunk size is really good for this size of vehicle.

- Meghan S

Black Mazda3 with Bluetooth and charging ports, really comfortable and reliable!

My car has been really good. I bought it for pretty cheap because of the mileage being so low. It was almost 60000, and it is a 2010 model. The tires were just replaced, so it runs smoother than before. The seats are comfortable and are not leather which is good for when it gets hot. There is a Bluetooth feature, 2 charging outlets, and a CD player. I use them all most of the time. I also have put on a lot of mileage within the last few years, but they haven't been any major problems.

- Samantha G

Love my Mazda 3 and will stick with Mazda brand cars from this point on!

Overall I am very satisfied with my 2010 Mazda 3. I purchased the hatchback and I love the extra space I have and will most likely be buying hatchbacks from this point on. I have not had any major performance issues. Just regular maintenance. I am happy with all the features. I really enjoy the convenience of the built in Bluetooth and the sound of the stock Bose speakers. Over all the car is very comfortable, the only thing I think would make it better is if it had heated seats.

- Rachel M

Reliable Transportation and fun to drive.

I purchased pre owned car back on 2012 and so far I haven't had any major issues. Gas mileage is great, I don't travel much for work but I have driven on more than few road trips and car has been great. As long as car is given basic maintenance the performance will keep up with drivers needs. Car has lots of room for driver and front passenger, back seats are ok but not great leg room. Trunk is also spacey, great for grocery shopping and luggage as long as it's not cluttered.

- Vicky R

My Mazda 3 is not only fun to drive, but is safe and incredibly reliable.

My Mazda 3 has been incredibly reliable over the life of the car. The only major work I have had to do was replace the clutch. It was worn out through regular wear and tear. I love the look and sound of it, and it is a joy to drive. It is a 6 speed, which is something that I look for in a car. It also has a Bose surround sound system in it, which puts out incredible sound. It gets great gas mileage, a mixed average of about 30 mpg, and a highway of around 35 mpg.

- George C

There has been a recall on the melting dashboard of the 2010 Mazda 3.

My Mazda 3 is fully loaded; power windows, power locks, anti-theft, and all digital readings. It is Bluetooth capable and has two phone charging ports. It does not get as good of gas mileage as I expected but still averages 26 miles per gallon in town and 29-31 gallons per mile highway. The dashboard is melting and I recently learned there was a recall for you very issue however, I purchased this car pre-owned. Overall I am happy with this car.

- Maegan C

It has always been reliable when it come to the engine and powertrain.

I bought the base model of the car to keep the cost down. There have been problems like very low quality materials used, little things breaking and the dashboard turning into a sticky mess. To Mazda's credit the dashboard was a recall. All that said, you get what you pay for. It certainly wasn't going to have real wood and leather on everything. The car has ran well for me for 8 years so I feel it has given me value back from what I paid in.

- Nicholas L

The gas and brakes are a little more touchy than other cars. Which works for me, but may take some getting used to for other drivers.

I like my vehicle because it is compact, but very spacious inside. The interior material does not get too hot in the sun or too cold in the winter. It runs very well on long trips, with pretty good gas mileage. I also think the seats are comfortable and the setup of the inside is great for my size and height, but can be adjusted for my taller bigger friends. The only complaint I have is that it does not accelerate as fast as I would like.

- Kayla O

The pros and cons are equal.

Comfortable, drives easy. Fits into all parking spots and makes all that tight city driving a breeze. The inside is comfortable but I wish it had more storage space, and frankly it's really hard for large cars to see me or even care that I am on the road. The pros and cons are there: good gas mileage, handles very well, fits into tight spaces. But if other cars disregard you or think they can intimidate you, it's kind of not worth it.

- Sarah O

The 2010 Mazda 3 pros and cons.

I like that it has CD player w the AUX option because can talk on phone and also play my own music, that's its automatic and has the manual option as well, power windows, good gas mileage. I do not like that any time put oil in it shoots smoke out the exhaust, does not have power locks, not enough room for 2 kids and baby in back, do not like that it doesn't have a lot of horsepower to get up and go at times, wiper speed sucks.

- April H

My Mazda 3 will definitely last me I couldn�t be any happier with this car

This car drives so well and smooth. Great first car that has not given me problems since I've gotten the car. It has hands free Bluetooth which has helped me a lot. No wires needed to play music and answer phone calls. Any purchases for the car have not been overly expensive. I have done many road trips and the car has always ran perfectly fine and is still running extremely well. I will definitely stick to this style vehicle.

- Tatiana L

2010 Mazda 3 with spoiler

My 2010 Mazda 3 still performs great. I have her 100,000 miles on it, get the oil changed and receive tune-ups as suggested by the mechanics. I really have only had to get new tires and brakes. The seats are pretty comfortable and the trunk is extremely spacious for a small sedan. I love the Bluetooth feature that allows me to make calls and utilize other Bluetooth features through my phone like listening to music.

- Ashley N

Mazda 3 2010: Review Answer to issue with sound system failure: AKA blown amp

Bose amp has blown... waiting for a replacement. No sound system currently. The good part was when I researched the error, I found out it was covered for free through Bose. The only tricky part is that I had to remove the seat to get at it. Other than that, I have not had many serious issues, other than the battery life, which is pretty typical. The car has pretty decent gas mileage and is pretty comfy inside.

- Carolyn M

I still love this car after 8 years!

My car has been very reliable. In 8 years I have only done routine maintenance and replaced the tires. I also constantly get compliments on how cute my car is and that it still looks brand new. The Bose stereo system was by far one of the best additions. Sounds great and the speakers are almost impossible to blow out. I am at about 115, 000 miles and I intend to keep it until it dies well over 200, 000.

- Emily K

Mazda 3 - Well worth it the money!

I love the numerous features in my Mazda 3 including but not limited to the Bluetooth, hands free calling features, and cruise control. I will say that the seats could be more comfortable and the gas mileage is a bit lower than I expected. I average between 25 and 26 mph in town and 28-30 highway which of course is still very good. I just expected it to be a bit higher considering the size of the car.

- Megan C

Small compact for short trips and great gas mileage.

For a 2010 year model and the limited amount of passenger space, it is very reliable vehicle for short trips as well as a quick get away for the weekend. Even though there has been a recall on the rear door hinges for safety precautions, I have had no difficulty using it for laying the back seat down to move or pickup items needed. All in all it's a good gas mileage and ease of parking is great too.

- Arlene B

Not a good vehicle. Constant problems and is a waste of money.

Has electrical problems, all electrics turn off when driving and lose power steering and then come back on. Engine is possibly eating oil since oil is constantly low but not leaving oil spots. Cars idle is very high, usually between 1, 500 to 2, 000. Randomly blew a tire and had to buy all new tires since they were all in bad shape. Oh all this has been going on in the 3 months of owning this car.

- Sabrina A

Mazda 3 settings upon buying a car!

Not had any true problems with this car as of yet. The dash board and seat had a warranty default on it. I was also offered special 'settings' for the car but never understood what the 'settings' were about and now apparently they would have been great features to have, unfortunately they charge for them. So be aware and know optional settings that have to be turned on when you purchase the car.

- Brandy D

Melting dashboard problems but overall a reliable vehicle.

I had a problem with my tires when I first bought it. One of them blew out and it was suspected that it was deficient but there was not enough left on the rim to determine that. There was also a problem with the melting dashboard in the heat but that was eventually solved and replaced. The car drives nice and is comfortable but there are zero features or technology on the 2010 version.

- betsy G

Comfortable for drivers under 6 feet. Dependable with regular maintenance.

The Mazda3 is quite comfortable for a small vehicle. My husband is over 6 feet and the driver's seat is a little bit of a squeeze, but for me at 5 feet 5 inches, it is perfect. Overall it drives quite well. Typical maintenance needed for brakes, tires, etc. A few battery issues but I purchased a battery pack with jumper cables so I can jump on my own when the occasional need arises.

- Katherine A

Mazda 3-A fantastic car that just needs basic maintenance to last

I absolutely love my Mazda 3. I was 19 when I bought it, and now ten years later it still runs just as well as the day I bought it. I've only had to do routine maintenance (oil changes, brake pads, new tires) and I've had no problems. It is a fantastic car. The only issue I have is that the backseat is a little small, so if I ever had a baby I would have to get a larger vehicle.

- Lindsay B

Fun to drive, easy to learn

This car has been very reliable. The worst part of the car is the tires. I feel like we go through tires way too quickly. The clutch went out at about 70,000 miles which was earlier than expected, but a lot of people learned to drive clutch on this car, so that probably explains it. The speakers have gone out after about 9 years, but it's just getting old at this point.

- Brian B

The Mazda 3 I Touring - decent style and fun in the corners for a good price

The Mazda 3 is a great little car. Efficient, and with a responsive suspension. It has some squeaks and rattles in the interior, as it is not a luxury car, but it does have a nicely modern design and relatively good materials. I have had a slight transmission issue, but this may not be the norm. I also like the exterior design, face and grill of the car, and the wheel design.

- Kevin M

Make sure to stay up-to-date on the recalls.

I have had a really good experience with my Mazda up until this year. I have had to replace my transmission at around 140, 000 miles and experienced a few issues with some recalls. Other than that, my Mazda3 has been a very solid car since I got it in 2014. It is quite good on gas, a lot of room for a smaller vehicle, and still drives with a lot of quickness and comfort.

- Ian L

Liable and dependable with great speed.

Low miles for being 9 years old. Does have some blemishes on the passenger side door. Brand new battery and recently bought new tires x4. This is the second Mazda that I have purchased and would recommend purchasing any of their vehicles. The service department is always helpful and pleasant and helps get me the best price and deals on regularly scheduled maintenance.

- Erin M

My car has a spoiler on the back and not many Mazda 3 for 2010 do.

I have driven my Mazda 3 for 5 years it has never had a serious problem! It runs fairly well and sometimes I do hear a certain belt making noise when it rains and is wet. My Mazda struggles going up large hills you have to push the pedal to the floor. I have overall been satisfied with this car mostly because it has 100, 000 miles and no major issues have came.

- Autumn R

Mazda3 is a sporty vehicle with practical gas mileage.

My Mazda3 is a very reliable vehicle. I have enjoyed the sportiness of the model. The gas mileage is good and it still feels like I am driving a sports vehicle with how quickly it can pick up speed. We have never had any mechanical problems with our Mazda3. The only complaint we have is that is it a compact vehicle and we will outgrow it is space very quickly.

- Sarah S

The most important thing would be that the car has limited technology.

I love that it's small which makes it so much easier to parallel park. Plus, it gets pretty good gas mileage, although I would like one that gets better. It's also very roomy for being as small as it is. I think a downside to it is technology related. It does not have a backup camera or a screen. So I would definitely want a car with more updates technology.

- Heather M

Love the space in my car. Surprisingly roomy while being small in appearance.

Low maintenance, decent mileage. Compact but can still fit 5 average sized people comfortably. Lots of trunk space. Even most affordable option still has automatic features along with steering wheel commands for hands free listening and control of radio systems. Only gripe is that the brake system post accident is never the same, even after minor collision.

- Andrea D

Mazda 3: an excellent car to own and drive.

My Mazda 3 runs very well, no issues with the engine, transmission, or any electrical wiring. It is a hatchback, so there is plenty of space in the back for luggage or anything else. Plenty of space for 4 people not including the driver. Excellent fuel mileage, fast take-off speeds. Wide variety of paint colors to choose from, mine is light blue grey.

- Nathaniel W

It is a great every-day car for a parent with a small child.

I love almost everything about my Mazda3. It is zippy and the hatchback has come in handy for moving stuff around. I was able to fit a small upholstered chair in it! My two complaints are that there is little to no legroom in the back seat even though it is a 4-door and the amp for the Bose sound system seriously malfunctioned after only 7 years.

- Sarah W

The Performance and features of the 2010 Mazda is a great investment

Bought the car pre-owned I have not had any issues, awesome car. It's a very comfortable ride and the performance has been great for the time of purchased. It's a compact car however, there's plenty of room and it seat 5 very comfortably. The radio and sound system, Bluetooth and CD features are great as well. It's a well put together automobile

- Chandra W

Love the polite hello and goodbye messages when you start/turn off the car

Very reliable vehicle. The car gets very good gas mileage. Comfortable seats and very smooth ride. No major mechanical issues in the 9 years I have had the car. The seating is a little tight so would not recommend for really tall people. You can fit 2 car seats in the back but cannot fit three. Would recommend purchasing it if you like Mazdas.

- Matt P

still runs very well at 200,000 miles since first bought brand new

Since bought from first day, I have never had any problems with it at all. Plus, it does not use a timing belt, so never need to worry about it breaking while driving. Would never have to waste money to purchase a new one, to replace it. Up until recently, i did have to buy the auto transmission control module and had it replaced by a friend.

- maggie L

2010 Mazda 3 is a stand-up little car

It runs well!! I very rarely have any issues. As long as I keep up with it in reference to oil changes, I normally don't have any problems. Lately I've had a problem with starting my Mazda 3. It would choke on the first ignite, but the second start would rarely fail. The paint got a bit damaged living in the Texas summer heat for 9 years.

- Emily F

Mazda Sedan great vehicle

This car is very simple and sleek. I have had no issues with my vehicle since purchasing other than regular maintenance. There is a recall on my vehicle about the seat but have had no issues driving it. Very smooth riding vehicle and drives great. Fast too which was a little surprising for me at first. Overall I absolutely love this car.

- Ashley D

Beautiful audio, bad key fob

I love how the car automatically connects to my phone every time I turn on my car. If I was playing something like music or a podcast, it picks up where it left off within a few seconds. I love it. However, the steering wheel is quite small and the key fob chooses when it wants to work. I've had to unlock the doors manually a few times.

- Riley C

The perks of driving in my Mazda-- with a common downside.

My Mazda3 is a great car in all weather conditions. Surprisingly drives well in snow. I have taken my car on many long road trips and it has never let me down. It rides smooth & is the perfect size. The only downfall I have recently experienced is that my sons car seat is a tight squeeze in the backseat. It only fits in the middle seat.

- Kayla L

Reliable and comfortable, but basic. I like my car.

It runs pretty well, but does not look as nice as the other Mazda models. It is reliable for the most part, but needs an upgrade. The features are pretty basic, but the car is comfortable to ride in. I would like to purchase a newer Mazda sometime in the near future. I think my Mazda 3 is the most reliable car that I have owned so far.

- Cam S

Mazda makes some really awesome cars, prepare to love it.

I really love my car, but when we had issues with the Bose stereo system, nobody carried the parts to repair it, as they had to be Bose and you could not substitute it for any other brand. My car is also manual, so there have been clutch issues and several replacements based solely on the cars performance and not the owners driving.

- Beth A

Great first buy: 2010 Mazda 3 hatchback.

2010 mazda 3 hatchback. Pretty good for my first car- I get good gas mileage and only have to fill up once every other week for my work/home commute. Reliable and easy to drive and has survived a lot of wear over the last 5 years. Only problem I have had was a sticky dashboard that was recalled anyway and replaced free of charge.

- Lilli A

2010 Mazda 3. First car for a new driver and never had any issues with it.

I have never really had any problems with my vehicle. It is very reliable and comfortable to drive. The only issue I have ever had is the battery dying but that was most likely due to cold weather. The car was previously owned by my father who gave it to me as a first car when I started driving and it has never given me issues.

- Emma F

Mazda 3 a great fun and reliable car to drive you.

My Mazda 3 is by far one of my most favorite cars I have owned. It is reliable, great in gas and never makes me feel like I am going to be stuck somewhere. I would highly recommend this vehicle to family and friends. Features of the car include Bluetooth which I love while I am driving I can connect to my music and phone calls.

- Diane M

Sound system is great and plenty of hp for new drivers.

Decent gas mileage, great first car. I purchased my 2010 Mazda3 hatchback in 2017 and it has been a blast to drive. This vehicle is great for teens and has decent gas mileage. I have not experienced any major problems with this car. The only down side for a new driver is that the insurance can become overwhelmingly expensive.

- John J

The audio is my favorite part!

I really like my Mazda 3 isport. It has the premium audio system, it is very comfortable to sit in, great gas mileage. The only thing that gets on my nerves is the fact that the car refuses to start on occasion due to the anti-theft being tripped. . However, nothing is done to trip the anti-theft system. So that is about it.

- Ashley B

Great car except too low to the ground

I'm the engine itself has been very reliable. I have few complaints. Two drawbacks are that the car is very low to the ground, which makes it very speedy but also means that I hit potholes and cause damage to the car. I have had to replace the bumper because of this. It also uses minimum 91 octane gas which is expensive.

- Mary P

Great gas mileage for traveling or family.

I bought this car a few years ago for the great gas mileage and I wasn't disappointed I can drive for 550 miles without filling up it's amazing the only thing that gets me are that the seats are quiet hard lol but it keeps you awake. If you are looking for a great traveling car or family vehicle this is a great choice.

- Drew J

Highly reliable car that looks great!

I love my Mazda 3, bought it new. It's really reliable, never broken down. I love the style. It's super cute. Compact with sleek lines. It looks like a high end car. Drives really well. It speeds up really quickly. I love that it's never had issues or needed fixed, ever in 9 years. To me that says high quality.

- Lauren B

That if kept up it will last for a long time.

I really do not have problems with my car other than regular wear and tear. I love my car this is my second Mazda and it really holds up. I normally keep my cars 10 years or longer and my cars truly last that long and longer. I just like the fact it's sporting. I love the interior. I am just a big fan of Mazda.

- J B

Mazda 3 is great, definitely a great purchase!

My vehicle is very comfortable, sleek design, very reliable, never have any problems, good on gas, great performance. A little small in the back seat but has a big trunk for a small car. Good speakers, Bluetooth for phone and music, very clear while talking on the phone. Radio buttons on the steering wheel.

- Jessica C

It gets very Good gas mileage and very reliable car to have

It is Reliable. It is Long lasting. It gets Good gas mileage. It is durable. It is comfortable. It has Bluetooth. It has cloth seats. It was easily fixed after an accident. It is spacious. It has a big trunk. The air and heat both work very well. It has very small mirrors so hard to see surrounding areas.

- Megan S

Great car with a great guy and a great ride.

It is a very great car I love driving it, it is super fun it is black this is boring. 250 characters is a lot to write I am not in school anymore. That was terrible as an experience so do not want to do that again as it takes a while to just make up words and write nonsense. My car is fun too. I like it.

- Brian S

Good car but falls apart easily.

Car drove great when it was first purchased, after about two years it started to make a weird noise brought it to local shops no one knew what was going on and a year later the transmission died, car will turn on but wont go into gears the axle broke not too long ago and had to get that fixed as well.

- Courtney D

Mazda 3 is a very reliable vehicle.

My Mazda 3 has been a very dependable vehicle. It has had very few minor repairs such as new brakes and no major repairs. It is a 2010 with 160, 000 miles. It drives very smoothly and gets great gas mileage. I have been very pleased with this vehicle and chances are good I will purchase another Mazda.

- Serena C

Mazda 3 great affordable car.

This car is roomy and comfortable, gets great gas mileage, and drives smoothly. Great acceleration too. Good for city, highway, and mountain driving. The only issues I have had are battery life and running out of windshield wiper fluid easily. I also had a small problem with the engine flooding once.

- Victoria C

Super reliable and comfortable.

78,000 miles and currently have had no major issues. Body is starting to rust in a few spots, and the clear coat is fading in areas. Interior is very clean and sleek, and the technology in the vehicle is great. Overall I absolutely love this car and would 100% recommend that other people get a Mazda.

- Tammy S

My Mazda 3 personal review for everything.

I haven't had any problems with my car. It runs great. It is reliable and does great on gas. I did have a recall, but it was taken care of quickly. It even runs great in the snow and rain. The tires handled great and it drives great. I would highly recommend this car to any friend or family member.

- Jim Handle S

Great get up and go with good sounds system.

The dash has dried and is cracking in places. Did have to have something in the engine changed but it was a recall thing so I didn't have to pay for it. Love the Bluetooth feature, great get up and go speed. Sound system is pretty nice too. And the feature to switch over to partial manual is fun.

- Jessie C

Black and zippy, his name is Moby

It is very good on gas, and fun to drive. A little small, but I prefer that for driving and parking, and I have moved twice in the past 2 years fitting the majority of my belongings in the car. Only problems I have had are loose ball joint and leaking tires due to them being attached improperly.

- Jill M

Amazing reliability with comfort to boot!

I have had no major problems with my car and love the reliability! It's size is perfect for me with plenty of trunk space! It has hands free Bluetooth that works for phone calls or Playing music. Interior is comfortable. One issue is the dash has a recall where it softened and is sticky.

- Holly R

2010 Mazda 3 I sport model.

Love this car I got it used so far with 150, 000 miles no problem with it I have it serviced at the dealership I love the style of it the only thing I wish it had a little more power climbing a steep grade its very slow other than that I would buy it again but the newer style I do not like.

- Julie S

Practical, affordable, some newer features, but definitely not luxurious.

I bought it used and have not had any major problems with it. It I reliable, accelerates fast, low on gas. However, it is very small, the back doors only open at an angle making it hard to fit things in the back seat. It sometimes feels like you are driving a toy car because it is so light.

- Katie E

Its unique it looks like a smiling face.

I like the size of my vehicle and the ease in which it can fit into parking spaces. The things in which I dislike are the headlights are not bright (stock), also the current model I have is lacking a lot of features in which a more modern vehicle has such as backup camera and heated seats.

- Brittany S

In the process of car shopping and making a new purchase.

It's a good car just to small for our family now. I've had it for several years and it met my needs at the time. I need an upgrade with fewer miles more storage and more convenient for my kids. We are at the moment looking to purchase a sports utility vehicle or van for our personal use.

- Aaron F

Love my Mazda. Race car feel and great sound system

My Mazda3 has excellent acceleration and handling. The Bose sound system is great. Inside it has a race car feel with luxury comfort. I do wish it came with a telescopic steering wheel so that I would not have to lean so far forward when driving. It was not a deal breaker for me though.

- Andy C

My Mazda 3 is very reliable and fun to drive.

My car is very reliable it currently has approximately 161, 000 miles and never has had any major mechanical problems. It tends to be a little uncomfortable seating wise for long trips especially for passengers located in the back seat. It's great for fitting into small parking spaces.

- Brittany S

Mazda is a great car to buy.

Car runs well have had very minor problems over the past 10 years, such as battery and tires. Overall i'd say Mazda is a great make for cars and id buy one again! The model. I have which is the Mazda 3 is not great in the snow... Obviously runs better with snow tires for winter season.

- Jacqueline K

Sporty look. I love the quality of the car. It is great.

Reliable, great on gas, strong, sporty. I really have no problem with the vehicle whatsoever. I would recommend it to anyone. I see a lot of people on the road driving this model as well which means word gets around. My next car would probably be another Mazda maybe a different model.

- Michael B

My vehicle is great but the dealership has not been helpful.

The sensors in the tires have never worked which has caused severe issues with deflating and the dealership was not helpful. The car itself has been great but the gas tank became loose early on and needed to be replaced and the driver's chair broke as well early on in owning the car.

- Shawn G

Zoom Zoom! I love my little Mazda 3. It�s sporty and fun to drive!

My Mazda still performs exceptionally well. It still has a lot of zip, gets great gas mileage, and looks great. The interior has worn very well, and I've taken care of the exterior and of course, have maintained it as suggested.. I plan on driving this car until the wheels fall off!

- Mary R

Mazda 3 owner of 8 years.

Handles well. No big issues. Internal automatic lock stopped working after about 5 years. Front tires seem to wear a little quickly. Regular maintenance has been pretty much all that is needed. No major repairs have been necessary. Good gas mileage. Overall I am very happy with it.

- Amanda B

I have a 2010 teal Mazda 3 and it is been a great and reliable car!

Got it second hand. Very comfortable seats, great paint job and color, drives really well. Made some strange noises at one point but everything was fixed and it is worked fine since. I am not really a car person but it is definitely a reliable car and I would get a Mazda again.

- Andrea B

Mazda is a good branch without doubts, good performance and durability.

Even though it is 2010 model it looks like a new car, Mazda is a really good brand with great performance, the painting of the car looks awesome, the leather inside is good and the motor has been working perfectly since I got the car, no problems at all, Mazda is the best branch.

- Diana R

You can count on the Mazda3 to get you where you want to go and have fun doing it.

My Mazda3 is sporty looking, but very safe and reliable. I love the style of vehicle and that I haven't had to get any work done on the car other than general maintenance. My only complaint is that I want a newer model. Mine already feels so outdated when it comes to technology.

- Megan B

My favorite thing about my Mazda, it does not take a lot to fill up my tank.

I love my car, so far I have not had any problems with it (besides the brakes being a little squeaky when it rains). It is amazing on gas, usually about $25/$30 will fill up my gas tank completely, depending on the gas prices at the moment. I wouldn't trade my car for the world.

- Hannah C

Reliable vehicle for young adults. Great Bose stereo system. Sleek, fun design.

Cheaply made. No power. Easily dented. Dashboard is melting in the sun. Inside knobs and emblems faded. Doors slam loudly. Car horn sounds funny. This is a good starter car for young adults. Not a luxury vehicle by any means. Does have a good stereo system. Seems to be reliable.

- Brandy D

This car has everything a car needs and everything I want in a car.

I love my car - I had an '09 for just a few months then got hit & it was totaled. Got the 2010 on insurance, even better car! Love the 6 speed transmission, the styling, the bluetooth, the auto headlights & wipers, the interior, the safety, the headlights that turn the corner!

- Neil D

Reliable performance car.

This car is very reliable, no performance problem and very comfortable. Use it daily and for road trips which I love cause it is very good on gas. I would definitely get another Mazda brand car in the future. Easy maintenance as well so we have been very lucky with this car.

- Adrian P

Third time Mazda owner here

The Mazda is an all around reliable and solid vehicle. This is my 3rd Mazda I have owned. They are sustainable. Interior is comfortable and cool. Gas mileage is very good and fits my lifestyle. No major problems in my history. My only complaint is I wish the vehicle was AWD.

- Amy G

2010 Mazda 3 with 128, 000 miles and still works well. It averages around 34 mpg.

My Mazda 3 is my favorite car I have ever owned. It is reliable, gets great gas mileage, drives like a dream and is comfortable. It take curves really well. It is compact, so taking adult passengers in the back seat is crowded, but for just one to two people, it is perfect.

- Ruth S

It is a good college student or commuter vehicle.

Mazda 3 2010 is a very comfortable & reliable car. It is a little small, for a growing family. It is easily driven, with no blind spots or issues. It handles very good in poor conditions. The trunk is good size, but not big enough if you have a stroller & groceries.

- Shannon C

Fun to drive and reliable, but loud.

The car is very reliable. I have never had any issues that need repair that were not self inflicted. The biggest issue is the road noise. It sounds like I am flying an airplane. The drivability is my favorite thing about this car. It handles really well and is fun to drive.

- Daniel A

Stylish and cozy with a little bit of sports fun for a guy or girl

When in idle mode or vibrates very hard also Shifts hard from 1st to second gear. It gets good gas mileage but the front seats are a little to compact. The trunk is a nice size but the air conditioning is weak even at 4 setting overall it's a good car if maintained properly

- Alexa N

Old but reliable vehicle that is been through a lot.

Tire issues, had to replace the shocks a few times, have external damage over the years. I have gotten countless nails in my tires and had tire pressure issues, flat tires, and leaks. I have also had external damage like scratches and bumps. Flat tires, holes, nails, etc.,

- Melissa G

I have a 2010 gray Mazda 3. I think an interesting detail is the cream interior.

Car has been very solid. It just doesn't have quite the engine or bells and whistles I would like in a car. For a base model car, it has everything I would expect, however, including Bluetooth connectivity. For a compact sedan, the trunk is also quite large which is great.

- Michael B

My car is great. It is great at cornering and I have not had problems with it.

My Mazda3 is very reliable. Yes the maintenance might cost a bit more because the special oil. Mine is seven years old and I am going to have all the fluid changed. I think the ride is comfortable. I have never had any trouble with my car. It gets me where I need to be.

- Beth O

It is a good car to own, goes well with gas mileage. Can be easy to drive.

My car does not have cruise control, or lock buttons in my car. The transmission has already gone out. The doors to not lock automatically. Speakers are a weak brand. Not much room in the back seat. The car is not made for taller people. Will need after market lights.

- Whisper C

Zippy I love my mazda3 is quick to get going. She is always ready to get going.

My Mazda is one of the best cars I have owned. She drives so smooth, is extremely reliable, and is beautiful. I love the amount of space I have in the front seats and the truck. She is super quick (I call her my zippy car). I have a need for speed and she gets going!

- Katie O

No interesting details I can think of.

I do not have any problems with my vehicle. It has great gas mileage and easy maintenance. It is also is easy to drive and looks stylish. In addition to these it is also a very affordable car that last a long time. It is comfortable for long trips and it has a radio.

- Maggie J

Nice, small, reliable car.

I enjoy the car. I have had very few issues with it. There was a recall on the airbags. I have taken it on long trips and been comfortable. It is nice for a single person, not much room for hauling a lot but it is good on gas mileage. It has all the basic features.

- Renee F

It is my red, smiling car.

I bought this car as a replacement for my Acura which was lost in a flood. I got it because it was a 4 door, was spacious and had less than 100k on the odometer. Seats are quite stiff but it drives well, gets good gas mileage and has required no maintenance as yet.

- Peter C

Mazda3 - great little go get ' mobile.

My car is very easy to drive and maneuver in a city environment. The trunk is very spacious and the seats are very comfortable. Good gas mileage and acceleration. There have been 2 recalls that have been fixed by the manufacturer (sticky dashboard, driver seat).

- Rebecca G

The Mazda 3 is a great safe car. It's very reliable and affordable.

Great safe car. It's great for a first time car buyer. I have owned my 2010 Mazda 3 for 9 year and have had no major issues. I always keep up on regular maintenance. It's great on gas mileage. Overall it's a great car and I would love to purchase another Mazda.

- Kyra D

Sporty drive for a fun lover.

It has some outdated tech, like the phone charging port, but the dash and center console are lovely. Handles really well. I love the sportiness, 4 doors, and hatch. Has the perfect amount of room. I love that I can lay the back seats down. Headlights fade fast.

- Victoria H

Reliability. I have had this car for 8 years now and I haven't had any issues with it. Kept the oil changed and regular preventative maintenance has kept it going

I like the features that come with it like the Bose speaker system and the auto up/down electric windows. I enjoy how it drives and have no complaints about gas mileage. Performance is a little lacking but it is only a 4 cyl and I didn't buy it for that purpose

- Shaun D

Great car! Money well spent.

I keep up with routine maintenance and I have had no problems with the car. I bought it with almost 24,000 miles on it and it now has over 200,000 miles and it is still going strong! It still gets great city/highway mileage and has enough room for my four dogs.

- Kelly B

My vehicle is very cute and sleek. I like the way it looks and rides.

My vehicle has electrical problems. The radio and horn goes in and out. It performs well on the road and it is comfortable on the inside. It has Bluetooth and an auxiliary cord. It is good on gas and overall is a good car. Just check all features before buying.

- Imani D

It is safe on the road and low maintenance. I get good mileage.

It is good on gas. Its gets 40 mph. It is small so if you have a big family the car will not work for you. The back seat is small. I do not like that I do not have the fully loaded car. I do not have automatic locks. I do like that the car is low maintenance.

- Danielle R

It accelerates very well for the engine in it. Nice small sport car.

I like the power my vehicle has for the engine in it. I also like the setup of the dashboard. I dislike how small it is. I bought prior to having a child and it doesn't fit a car seat in the back very easily. Overall it has been a good running car though.

- Angela A

Mazda3 is more bang for your buck.

For its year I am really happy with the technology, performance, and comfort. I wish it had electric seating and other conveniences, but for the cost of the car and it being eight years old, I am not in a hurry to purchase a new car. And that says a lot.

- Liza M

Mazda 3: A vehicle of reliability

The Mazda 3 is an awesome vehicle! It is extremely reliable as long as you keep up with the maintenance, such as oil, transmission fluids, tire rotation, etc. It does extremely well on gas mileage! I typically get anywhere between 29-32 miles per gallon.

- Austin B

I added white rims to give it a sportier look.

I have driven Cadillacs, VW and corvettes. For my everyday car I could not have asked for a better car than my Mazda3. No major or minor issues. Sporty looking and roomy. My Mazda is white and I added white rims to give it a special touch. Love my Mazda.

- Patricia B

The Mazda3 vehicle review.

The Mazda3 is an amazing car. Combining safety with sportiness, I couldn't have asked for a better first vehicle. The accelerator is a bit touchy, however that is something that can easily be adapted to. With a V6 engine the Mazda3 has great gas mileage.

- Brayden W

Mazda 3: mall terrain vehicle.

This vehicle gets great gas mileage but has no clearance. Never take this vehicle off a paved road. Additionally the dashboard has become sticky with time and needs to be replaced. The tires are too thin and sporty, I have had multiple flat tire issues.

- Annette H

Fast, safe, and comfortable: a dream car!

This car has a lot of space for a sporty sedan, a lot of torque in the engine which makes it fun to drive, and great safety features that make me feel comfortable driving it frequently. I have never had an issue with it and am so glad I chose this car!

- Emma D

I have a Mazda 3 made in 2010.

The Mazda 3 has been a reliable car since I purchased it in 2010. Only minimal maintenance and upkeep required. Mazda is a trustworthy brand. The comfort is unmatched, even with cloth interior. It has a spacious back seat and built in Bluetooth Audio.

- Veronica B

Super fast and fun to drive Mazda 3.

I have had minimal issues with my Mazda. Issues that I have had, I was at fault for. Outside of normal upkeep and maintenance, my Mazda 3 has been great. Very reliable, great features, a lot of fun to drive. Very comfortable seating for me and my dog.

- Julie A

Like my car except for...

It is reliable. Seat not adjustable or as comfortable as I would like. No place to put my cell phone and see the GPS. No a/c in backseat. 3 seatbelts for the back, but only small people or kids fit with any kind of comfort. Rearview mirror too small.

- Lara S

Amazing car, very well built!

My Mazda 3 is a great car. It gets about 30 miles per gallon and drives quite smoothly. My only complaint is that there is a squeaky sound coming from it when it tries to change gears while going uphill and no can figure out why it does that.

- Julie B

I would never recommend a mazda to anyone.

The tires for this vehicle are awful. Every time I purchase a set of NEW tires there ends up being a slow leak in the front left. The shape of the car is generic and uninteresting. The awkward trunk shape makes it difficult to fit things in.

- Hailey G

It has a lot of blind spots, which can make it difficult to back out of parking spaces or into oncoming traffic.

My vehicle has been great and extremely reliable over the years. The only downside of the Mazda3 is it's blind spots. There are a lot of blind spots and you have to be very aware when you are backing out of a place. Otherwise, I love my car.

- Christina L

Dependable, cheap, great college student car.

I like the size of the car and the amount of space inside, as well as the fact that the back seat folds down completely. I also like the gas mileage and the meter that tells me my mileage range. There is nothing I dislike about my car.

- Selina H

The car gets great gas mileage and has required only normal maintenance and is very reliable.

The car is a four dour and can accommodate more passengers than I normally would need to. The car gets great gas mileage and requires only minimal maintenance. This car is great for short trips and general everyday chores around town.

- Robert H

The 2010 Mazda3 is a very reliable car.

It is very reliable. It gets great gas mileage for Its class. Sight lines are a little obstructed by It's construction when looking over driver side shoulder. Have it at about 85K miles and it still has needed very minimal upkeep.

- Michi S

very reliable throughout the years

Always have been a car you can count, very reliable. Never had any problems besides the regular maintenance of oil change, brake change, new tires when call for. Mechanical wise, still have to say it's a solid, reliable vehicle.

- maggie m

It's a great little car that has pretty good gas mileage, feels great to drive, and so far limited maintenance.

My vehicle has great performance, handling, and it gets decent enough gas mileage. THe only thing I really don't like about the car is that it is all manual locks so I have to hand lock every door and remind others to do the same.

- brad S

It runs well, has a sleek design, haven't had any troubles except with the tires.

I love the style of my car, it looks sporty but is a sedan. One thing I don't like is how low to the ground it is. It's hard for some people to get into and hard to see around traffic when following SUVs and trucks on the highway.

- Jennifer H

Other should know I think it's absolutely insane that I have a 2010 vehicle that has manual locks! I pay way too much money to have a model with basic features

I love my Mazda I have always wanted one ever since I got my license 10 years ago. Its sleek and 4 cylinder gets great gas mileage. I wish it had better features though. It would be nicer to have automatic locks and cruise control

- Stacy C

it is a very reliable car that I haven't had any major work to do on it.

it has been a very reliable vehicle since I bought it. it drives well and it is a cute car. the bad thing is it came with the bose audio and my amp blew which has happened to others that I have read. it is a very expensive fix.

- molly d

the engine is very powerful for a small car.

it has really good pick up for a 4 cylinder engine. It's very comfortable for a smaller car and great trunk space. I don't like the amount of headroom per say and the dashboard is a little too structured and is hard to add too.

- Jacob F

Color is charcoal grey, tan interior. Sun roof with Bluetooth. Great car!

Best car I have ever had, thus far. I have had it for three years, no major issues. Runs great, looks great. Has Bluetooth, sunroof, 6 CD holder, etc.. It really is a nice car that will last a long time if you upkeep with it!

- Samantha L

My car can be seen as fast but it is very safe and start to drive.

I like that it says hello and goodbye. I like the that it auto locks once I start driving and it has buttons for other things on the steering wheel. I do not like that when I wash it soap gets stuck underneath the back fin.

- Haley R

Reliable car with helpful features

I have had very few problems considering the years and miles on my vehicle. My only complaint is that sometimes repairs are more difficult than I feel they should be because of the way the vehicle is constructed and run.

- Lori M

It isn't fancy and doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but it functions for what I need it for and it has been reliable.

Love the size as it is perfect for my family. Love the features and that they are not too complicated or unnecessary. Wish they hadn't changed the later models to be more technology driven than what my model year is.

- m s

The Mazda 3 easily fits 2 car seats and can fit 3 across if needed.

I have had my car since 2009 and have never had any problems with it. It runs great and has since I bought it in 2009. The only problem that I would say about it is that it is hard for my 6'1 husband to sometimes fit.

- Amanda N

The Mazda 3 is a great, first time car buyers, car

I really enjoy this car - It has decent features for the year it was made, IE bluetooth capability, CD player. It's fully automatic which for me I really like. I do wish it had a navigation and backup camera in it

- Anna C

The most important thing people should know is that it gets good gas mileage.

I like that the seats are comfortable. I also like that it is affordable. I don't like the road noise when driving. I also dislike having to pull a little handle up next to the driver's seat to open the gas door.

- Daniel W

Great on gas. Has been reliable for the past 5 years.

The only major problem I've had in the past 5 years is I had to replace the shifter because it would get stuck once in Park. The car is very good on gas. With regular maintenance the car has been running well.

- melissa c

Great gas mileage and very reliable.

Great gas mileage and low maintenance. No issues with my car since I have owned it. There is not a whole lot of negative about my car besides the seating is a little tight in the back due to limited leg room.

- Theresa B

It is a great car and it is mine. I recommend a Mazda for anyone that wants a durable car.

It is my 2 mazda. I had my first mazda for 16 years and it ran very well so decided on another when I needed a new one. No complaints. In fact it lasted 5 years over what the mechanic said it would last.

- Jill B

The dashboard lights are red, and it is great on your eyes at night!.

It is smaller than I would like. I want an SUV but I am in school right now and cannot afford it. It is great on gas and the interior is nice. I would consider getting a Mazda again, just something bigger.

- Courtney B

Mazda 3 compact and exciting

Mazda 3 is a great car for commuting. Compact for fitting into right spots. Tank holds about 10 gallons and you get about 26 city miles. Driver seat could be a little bit more comfy but overall great car

- Cavan B

Good performance but sticking windows

Great comfort, good performance for small vehicle. Love the feel of driving it. Have had issues with windows sticking through and getting pulled off tracks. So driver side window not working at moment.

- Zak K

It is a reliable car and handles well.

I haven't had too many issues with the car. But there are little annoying things that break in it. Example: trunk latch, lights above the driver's seat, and button to turn on light when door opens.

- Tara C

My car is a great first car.

It is my first car. I like that it is white and it still only has 50,000 miles. It has bluetooth and a bose sound system. I like the sun roof as well. I hate that my brakes squeak when I back up.

- Elizabeth m

Mazda3: it's reliable and efficient

There haven't been any major problems. The car is almost 10 years old and hasn't needed a repair more than $1k. The regular maintenance has been cheap. The car has good mpg. It is very reliable.

- Jacob A

It's reliable and gets good gas mileage.

I like Mazda; this is my second one. No problems at all; I'm at 86,000 miles. I'll get another Mazda when this one bites the dust but hope to keep it at least till 150,000 miles. No complaints!

- Rosemary C

It gets great gas mileage and is very reliable and safe for my family.

The car has been very reliable with little maintenance other than routine care. It gets great gas mileage. I wish it was a little bigger and had more room for car seat as it is a tight squeeze.

- Mary G

It has many amenities and handles well on the road

I love the the handling, speed and accessories of this car. Only dislikes is how some of the symbols on the buttons inside have rubbed off so that you don't even know what they do anymore

- suria B

Driving the car is fun and is sporty, better than other standards.

After 8 years of owning my car, I have not had any major problems. It drives very well and comfortable seats. The hatchback and fold down seats features make it easy for hauling stuff.

- Kathy C

It is not very spacious but looks and drives like a dream.

My Mazda3 is a great reliable car. It has never had any mechanical problems. It drives like a 6 cylinder engine because it is a sports model but has the gas mileage of a 4 cylinder.

- Sarah S

Ultra reliable, has never let me down.

My Mazda3 has been very reliable in the nearly 9 years since I bought it. The only problems that I have ever had were tire-related after I had them replaced by a different company.

- Kelsie S

No major mechanical issues at all . Very reliable .

It gets decent gas mileage . Haven't had major mechanical issues . Do not like the back doors at all . Too hard to get in and out of back seat . Not enough leg room in back seat .

- Edie C

Never have had an issue with the mechanics of this vehicle in 100k miles.

I have had other vehicles in past that would fall apart structurally. My vehicle is sound and only one button has come off. It got beat up by hail and looks like a golf ball now.

- Wendi L

It is a very smooth driving car with great pick up

It is very stylish. I really enjoy driving it because it is smooth and has tinted windows. I wish it was a little bigger on the inside, but it has surprisingly good trunk space

- Tia H

One most important thing people should know about my car is that it is reliable.

My vehicle problems include having a constant knocking noise in the engine that will not go away. The car is to high for me because I am short. But it gives a very smooth ride.

- April S

It is dependable and will last a long time with routine maintenance.

This car is dependable, roomy and looks nice. The dashboard is well designed and with routing maintenance, it needs little repairs. Just the routine stuff like oil changes.

- Joe M

Gas mileage is great - never had to pay over $28 to fill up.

I love my gas mileage, it's great for the city and it was the perfect starter car. However, I'm tired of sitting that low to the ground and would like something a bit higher.

- Elizabeth T

it is cute, looks almost brand new. handles well, quick off the line

i love, love my car. my husband takes great care of it. we only have about 60,000 miles and have only replaced tires, brakes and had a little ac work done. runs like a charm

- moira b

It is easy to drive and gets great gas mileage

I like that it gets great gas mileage. It is a sporty looking car. I don't like that it has no cruise control. I wish it had a few more features. It is the most basic model.

- Brian W

Others should know about my car is that it has a good stereo.

I like that my car came with a good stereo. The worst thing about my car is it being a 2 wheel drive car because it auto corrects itself sometimes. I also love the mileage.

- Jenna E

I would buy another one if and when I get a new car. Best car I have ever owned.

I love the body style. It is reliable and gas mileage is great. Interior is like new still. Has all the bells and whistles I need. The is nothing about it that I dislike!.

- Debbie M

Worth every penny and is our second, and not our last Mazda.

Comfort is first. The handle of the car is the best of any. Never have had a maintenance problem in the 8 plus years of ownership. We also love the look and the pick up.

- George R

It is really nice to drive.

It is fun to drive, reliable and a great affordable car. The gas mileage is great and it is the best looking and all around car for the price. I highly recommend it.

- Joe H

It gets great highway gas mileage, but the city mileage could use some work.

I've had this car for nearly 4 years. I bought it used with very few miles. The car has been reliable, and not needed very much maintenance. It's been very good to me.

- Elizabeth E

It is fuel efficient. It's a combat car. There's not a lot of backseat space.

My vehicle is very reliable. I have traveled for 8 years now and have had no major problems. When I do need to get something fixed the parts and labor or affordable.

- Danielle R

It is dependable, reliable, solid car. I have not had any issues with it besides regular maintenance!

I love my Mazda! I love how it drives in the mountains and the snow. I feel safe in it. I have the hatchback and it works great for my cake business and and travels.

- Mindy D

Very reliable and great mileage. Is not the best car in the snow.

Great car had it for 9 years with only problems being the rutters. This car gets great mileage. It is nice to be able to have a small car with lots of trunk space.

- Jackie K

The one thing that's the most important to me is the quality of the car and how reliable it has been.

The car runs very well. I have not really had any problems with it other than regular wear and tear. One thing I like the most about it is the fuel efficiency.

- Ivan C

Mazda3: a reliable and stylish car zoom zoom

I have had very few problems with my Mazda3. It is currently 8 years old. the only thing I have needed to do is oil changes and brakes. It's a very reliable car.

- Ellie S

It's very cheap to maintain.

It works great, never gave any problems and it has great efficiency. The only complaints are the seats, the headrest is too tilted and it's rather uncomfortable

- Maria C

They should know the tire pressure light is broken so it is constantly flashing even when it is inflated.

I like the amount of space I have with the car as it's not too much or too little, great gas mileage, it picks up speed really well, and the style is nice too.

- Amelia M

My car gets great MPG. My car drives so smooth and runs perfect.

I do not like the interior color of my car, its beige. So the interior seats are really hard to keep clean. I love the color of my car and the way it drives.

- Meg B

that is fits me so well. It matches my personality

My car is exactly what I like. Not too big or too expensive, great gas mileage, and although it doesn't look like a luxury car, it suits my aesthetic needs.

- Ya P

Love my Mazda, you will too

I love my Mazda. It's an automatic, and we've had several issues with the clutch, but it's never been a problem to get it fixed. The car itself is fantastic.

- Liz A

It is great on gas mileages.

I love my Mazda it handles well and love the style. Plus its a 5 speed and it handles well in the winter as well. I wish it had Wi-Fi and a back up camera.

- Linda L

It's reliable. For me it has been a good purchase. I have had no serious issues with it.

It has been reliable but has had an unusual number of recalled parts. I've had to bring it to the dealership for those parts to be replaced too many times.

- Jenn R

My car is a Mazda 3, good on gas. So far so good , no major problems with it. I still miss my suv.

Its ok, but it does not have a lot room. I like a small suv, they are roomy. I had gotten used to my suv. The Mazda 3 is good but small on the roomy side.

- Ethel F

My 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 is dope.

I love the performance speed wise. Pretty comfortable interior. Not the best but okay. The stock stereo is great. Wish they made it in all wheel drive.

- Brandon B

It is a good value car that lasts as long as you take care of it.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle other than it is horrible in snow. Otherwise I have kept up with maintenance and have had minimal problems.

- Brittany L

The car can get up to speed very fast and maneuver through traffic easily

I love the look and feel inside. Sometimes I wish I had more space to transport items. Also, I wish had more technology upgrades in the interior.

- Elissa B

Good value for the price paid

Not the greatest gas mileage. There have been a number of recalls on my vehicle. Acceleration is not the greatest. On the whole, not a bad vehicle.

- Michael S

a lot of recalls and struts also the shifter 2nd shift is bad.

There a. Has been a lot of recalls I have to buy new struts for my vehicle. It's a ok car for someone who drives easy and isn't all over the place.

- Daniel M

It is considered a sports car, which does increase insurance costs.

I like the size of my car. I like that my car is reliable and easy to maintain. I do not like the blind spots in my car and the fairly small trunk.

- Lydia S

As long as you care of this car it will take care of you.

It is a very good car. Only difficulty is it is light weight which makes it horrible in snow. As long as you keep up with maintenance no problems.

- Brittany W

It's fun to drive around town. It's dependable and inexpensive to run.

It has great control with Its standard transmission. It's fast and quick with an oversized 2.3 liter engine. It's small but holds a lot of cargo.

- Carol P

The most important thing is that it is slow sometimes and has a bad fan belt.

I like that it's good on gas mileage. I dislike the lack of horsepower and interior that is difficult to clean. I look forward to upgrading soon.

- Andrew L

That this car will save on gas.

I like that is saves on gas, I do not like that the if there are issues with the car the alarm comes on. There are too many electrical issues.

- Ayana B

Comfortable and reliable bad in all weather slides in rain and snow

Very reliable and a very comfortable ride. Sound system is good. Car is horrible in any type of weather. Slides in rain with brand new tires

- Sarah F

One thing people should know about my car is that it is easy to drive.

I love the way it drives the way it looks and I enjoy having it I have no dislikes about my car I have plenty of room and it suits me fine.

- Wendy S

It is a great for long trips and family and it comes with GPS.

It is a great car good mileage great in gas great features airbags anti lock brakes 3. 5 engine am FM radio CD player Bluetooth compatible.

- Alfredo A

It gets great gas mileage.

I feel like it is too small, and it is hard to get around with in the winter. I love the gas mileage it gets, and how well it has held up.

- Megan J

She is reliable and has cheap parts to fix

I dislike Mazda services, overpriced and sleazy. Also do not like cheap feel of car.Love the feel of sitting behind wheel and reliability.

- Ivana B

It's a most fulfilling driving experience if you can get it in manual transmission.

The Mazda 3 is a fantastic, reliable vehicle, and we drive it everywhere, including out of town on 10 hour road trips every other weekend.

- Chris H

Peppy and good sound system, which is very helpful.

Car is fun to drive and mostly reliable, although it has had a couple of significant problems, including HVAC, windows and parking brake.

- David H

I love the speakers and it is a nice size trunk and I am very comfortable.

The only problem is that it is small but the speaker are nice and I am comfortable in it. It is a nice car to have and drive around in.

- Maria D

2010 Mazda3 - fantastic car

No major issues in the 6 years that we have owned it. Tires and brakes have been the only repairs needed. Smooth ride, great vehicle.

- Jess G

No recalls, inexpensive to care for and fun to drive. No known maintenance quirks. Excellent choice

I like the look of the Mazda 3. It's not too small or too big. It has just the right amount of features. There is nothing I don't like.

- Julie T

It gets good gas mileage.

I like that it is good on gas, and it is get some pep to it!.. I do not have any complaints, except I wish I was done paying it off!!.

- Chris K

It's a very loud car, but fun to drive and very fuel efficient.

It's definitely starting to show wear, but after repairs, it runs great. Has a really loud and pretty hard ride, but is fun to drive.

- Amy H

The one most important thing to know about my car is that it is very reliable and low maintenance!

My Mazda 3 is awesome!! It's reliable and is just the right size for me and my family!! It's compact and comfortable on road trips!!

- Nikiya R

It has a high quality body.

It has great handling and acceleration. It has good performance, very comfortable. I think the back room could have more foot room.

- Heather G

Easy to drive and use. Like the safety features of the car.

I like the gas mileage. I like the how easy it is to drive. I like the room and layout of the vehicle. I like the safety features.

- dee k

Nothing, the car is fantastic and would be good for anyone.

Like it has good gas mileage and sporty looking no dislikes. It also is small and compact, but roomy inside. It also has a radio.

- Maggie J

It is very expensive when something breaks.

I really like my seat warmers, the sun roof, and the automatic seats. I really dislike how much parts cost when something breaks.

- Lynn O

I don't know. It's a car. It has decent gas mileage and gets the job done.

It's blue, and it gets me where I'm going. It has decent mileage and low upkeep. No complaints. Not a big fan of cars in general.

- Tessa P

Very pretty look and a reliable car. Just minor issues.

It has been a very reliable car and I have over 100k miles on it. It is just very small and not a good fit for a growing family.


Safe, affordable, & great for first-time drivers.

My Mazda 3 has been the safest and most reliable car I have driven. I have had it for over 7 years and have not had any issues.

- Rachael R

it is a great car and reliable and fun. if you have kids i would get a bigger car.

my vehicle is reliable and nice. it is a bit small, so i want to get a bigger model soon, but mazda has taken care of me well.

- brooke s

Very reliable little car.

Very good car for around town and even long trips. Not a lot of bells and whistles thigh. Standard stereo, no cruise control.

- Nick L

A Fun and joyful car to drive

I am a owner of a 2010 Mazda3 hatchback. This is the best car that I have ever owned. It is very reliable and a joy to drive

- Alex T

It is a very dependable car. Very minor to no issues.

The car has been dependable and sturdy. it has been easy for self care for minor maintenance. No issues with the vehicle.

- Lance L

It is very reliable, I have had very few mechanical issues with it

Like how reliable it has been. Like that the stick shift is easy to use. I dislike the led colors for dials on radio, etc.

- Ryan D

It is a manually driven vehicle

I love my mazda. I have owned it for about 5 years with absolutely no problems. I get about 25 mpg and love how it drives.

- Zack K

It has an automatic transmission, but with the option to use "manual. ".

I love the look and feel of my Mazda. There are minor electrical and other issues, but the car seems to be very reliable.

- Emily S

Very reliable and has required very little maintenance after putting over 160 thousand miles on it

It is a zippy little car. It has over 160 thousand miles on it and has required very little maintenance. Very reliable.

- Meg T

Gunmetal color and easy and fun to drive

Reliable And very low maintenance it has 53,000 miles on it and is running strong . Has good airbag system and Bluetooth

- Larry M

How well it handles in winter driving conditions.

I like how it handles. Also like how it is good on gas. Do not like radio controls. Also don't like all the road noise.

- Daniel W

It is a 6 speed and not everyone is able to drive one.

I love it is a 6 speed and it is a lasting vehicle. Still looks great for it being as old as it is. . . No complaints.

- Jamie B

Good in winter time, dependable.

The car is to low for me. I like sitting higher in a vehicle. It is comfortable to drive and does well in gas mileage.

- Nicola W

Teal mazda 3 2010 , 57,000 miles , Good condition

It gets me around, no complaints really. I don't love the color or how it looks but it gets me around and is reliable

- Gabrielle V

A dependable, comfortable Ride

Has been dependable, easy to maintain and comfortable. Minimal, standard maintenance. I have enjoyed owning this car.

- Ann T

Reliable, good gas mileage, fast, comfortable, lots of room

My car is very reliable. It has good gas mileage, and I love driving it. It is one of the best cars I've ever had!

- Linda F

It is a good, solid reliable, car

My Mazda has required very little money for repairs until 92,000 miles. It is very comfortable. It is also stylish.

- Peggy G

It has great gas mileage for an older car.

It has great gas mileage. It looks sleek. And it has Bose sound system which I love to listen to!! This car rocks!

- Hanna G

It gets great gas mileage. I'm very happy that it has lasted me as long as it has.

I really dislike the amount of repairs that I need to do with my car. I suppose that comes with any aging vehicle.

- Kaitie B

It is very reliable, we've had no trouble with the Mazda 3 in the 8 years we've owned it.

I love the car and it still runs very well, but a Mazda 3 is very small and there is a fair amount of road noise.

- Kristen D

Good mileage, reliable car

Great mileage. Very good basic, smaller commuter car. No problems with it so far, it's just a very reliable car.

- Sam M

A small car that does not feel small.

It does not drive like a small car and has plenty of pick up for the highway. Good fuel economy and reliability.

- Karen M

The Mazda 3 is really great.

With over 200, 000 miles my car has held up well. I encourage people to consider a Mazda when looking for a car.

- Charles S

That it is reliable. It gets me from point a to b and that is super important to me

I have mostly owned a Mazda. I find them very reliable and fun to drive. I do no like the color car I have now.

- Elizabeth S

It is a loud car. I have to turn the radio up to hear it because the car doesn't keep sound out

The Mazda is a smooth running vehicle. We have rarely had any maintenance needed on it. It gets decent mileage

- Karen R

Not that great maintenance wise. Transmission repaired twice in a year.

I like how my car handles and I also really like my sunroof and the Bose speaker system. Hits bumps too hard.

- Maddie D

Maintenance on Mazda 3 2010.

Mostly reliable, had a fuel pump go bad and crack in exhaust manifold otherwise no other repairs in 8 years.

- Brian G

They should know that the Mazda 3 is a very reliable and high quality car.

I like my car. It's been very reliable. I have had no major problems with it and it gets good gas mileage.

- Jenny H

Lovely car but need too much maintenance.

Automation transmission is awful. Car needs many maintenance. Performance is ok. Mileage 147,000. Is green

- Alvin M

Fun and stylish. No troubles.

It is reliable in cold weather. It starts and handles well in snow. A good car for winter and cold states.

- Cassie H

After almost 4 years the ac has not given me any issues.

My car is fast, good on gas, and very comfortable. The only issue is that it does not have cruise control.

- Paris J

Sits very low leaving windshield vulnerable.

Like the zippiness and maneuverability. Sits way too low. Replaced 6 windshields. Headlights are very dim.

- Kara A

That this car has had very few issues for being 8 yrs old

I like that after 8 years it runs really well. My only complaint is that it is not good in snowy weather.

- Jackie P

Bluetooth love: bumper trouble.

The front bumper is really close to the ground and it drags whenever you pull out of sloped driveways.

- Krystal B

The car gets very good gas mileage in the city and has good pick up.

it is the base model, good city gas mileage but does not have cruise or power door locks and bluetooth

- Julian w

My front "bumper" trouble.

I genuinely like my mazda even though the front bumper sits really low and it scrapes on everything.

- Kristal B

It is a compact sedan that gets decent mileage. It is 8 years old.

It is a reasonably good car that has done pretty well. It has some brake noise. It is 8 years old.

- Aaron M

The gas and break can be a little sensitive if you're used to an older car.

I love the handling of the car. Its a quick little car. But it could be smoother, or quieter.

- Richard D

That it's fun to drive and it has more power than they would expect

The only thing I can say is that it shows signs of use. Plus, kind of wish it was a hatchback

- Anthony B

Durability, maintenance gas efficiency. Low cost maintenance

I like the color, is a car that I had drivers Over 100000 Miles and never had a Big problem.

- Ana T

Mazda is possibly the best all-around car company

The car is fun to drive. It is very reliable. It gets good fuel mileage and it looks good.

- Afam C

It's got style and has been a reliable car for me thus far.

I like the style and how smooth it rides. I wish it was just a little more fuel efficient.

- Briesha B

The durability and how long it has lasted based on the miles.

I really like how smooth my vehicle is when I drive it and has lasted me many miles now.

- Devin S

It is dependable. It gets really good gas mileage compared to other cars

I love how it is built. I love that it gets great gas mileage. I love that it is small.

- Leah S

It runs smooth and it doesn't break down. It has a nice takeoff.

It is kind of small but it works. It runs good though. It's better than no car at all.

- Christopher F

It is Really nothing special. I've had to replace the clutch twice.

I like it saves on gas. I like it's standard. I don't like how it handles in the snow.

- Rhonda N

gets good gas mileage and like style. Happy with performance

I like the style and dependability. Only complaint is that it sits so low to ground.

- Judy V

It drives really nice. The pick up is smooth. Good on gas.

I like the comfort. It drives very smoothly. It is attractive and visually appealing.

- Debbie S

It gets about 35 miles to the gallon on long driving trips fantastic!

It is gray. I love the gas mileage. It is a bit small or I would give it five stars.

- Carlos F

I like how it handles and it's pretty reliable. I don't like how small it is, barely enough room for people to sit in the back seat.

Very small backseat! Not many high-tech features. Has had many recall improvements

- Jenna D

My car has been dependable and has not caused me any issues. It meets my needs. I am disappointed that the gas mileage has become worse over time.

It is dependable and surprisingly spacious. I've had it for 8 years without issue.


It's fun to drive and good on gas mileage.

It is fun to drive. It has never felt extremely safe. It is hard to see out of.

- Megan W

I like how smooth it can ride and it is fairly efficient on gas. I don't like that it doesn't have a wiper for the back windshield. It's be extremely helpful if it had one.

It's got decent space inside for a small car, and it has Bluetooth connectivity.

- Kathleen P

It's red, fast and a real blast to drive.

It runs really well. Little to no maintenance. I wish it had better gas mileage.

- John m

It kept me safe when I was in a T-bone accident a few years ago. My only complaints are due to it not being fixed correctly from that accident.

It kept me safe when I could have been severely injured in a T-bone accident.

- Maryanne D

The stock tires should be replaced before driving in the winter

I like how zippy it is and can fit in most places. Don't have any complaints

- Lau B

How easy it is to drive and is a lot of fun to own.

I like the way it drives. Good gas mileage. Easy to drive. Easy to handle.

- steve B

Mostly love the car, just dislike the trim. Have had no maintenance issues yet. Car drives very well. I was just unable to afford a higher trim with options that I wanted when I was younger.

If you actually enjoy the experience of driving, Mazda is a great choice.

- Richard K

Dislike the dashboard, it's falling apart. Nowhere to attach phone holder. Cute car, though

It's a small car, larger people may have difficulty driving comfortably

- Karen K

It works, I just want a safe car

I just bought it, some months ago, I need more time to be happy or sad

- M N

trouble free, good gas mileage, comfortable, last longer than most cars without any major breakdowns

good gas mileage trouble free last long without too much maintenance

- jody r

No fuss, no muss! Always there when you need it, fun to drive, easy on the wallet.

Fun to drive, reliable. Few maintenance issues, mainly tire related.

- Julie S

It has a 2.5 engine that has plenty of get up and go

Love the sunroof Love the sound system Dislike the donut spare tire

- Vic W




It's great to drive and very nimble for windy roads

It's old but I love it. It now has 80k miles on it so it shakes

- Kay A

I like the fuel economy and good pick up for a car of its size. I also like that is a very reliable car (over 155,000 miles). I do not like the compact backseat.

It is very reliable and has good gas mileage. Highly recommend.

- Ryan H

Good gas mileage.

Perfect size for me. Good gas mileage Easy to take care of..

- michael L

This is a great car for the money!

The car is pretty fun to drive, looks good, and is reliable.

- Adam H

Love the way it handles. Fun car to drive. Dislike the fact that the vinyl on the dashboard is pulling away.

Mazda's are a wonderful car, fun to drive. Very reliable.

- jana p

Great gas mileage. Very well built and dependable. Looks good.

It is a very fun car to drive and gets great gas mileage.

- Janice M

it gets great gas mileage

great gas mileage, fun to drive. hate all the recalls

- drb T

Stylish reliable fuel-efficient car at a reasonable price

Like the reliability, style/look, and fuel efficiency.

- bill k

that it gets great gas mileage, and has a high resale value

my car is so like me. great gas mileage and safe.

- Ya h