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My experience with my 2011 Mazda 3.

I love my car so much! It has been the perfect basic car to have at the beginning of my driving experience. I learned how to drive stick in it and have been driving it for 3 years now! It was really easy to learn on with the clutch not being super challenging. Now I can drive any stick car, so it all works out will. It has only had a few minor issues, like the starter issue. We got the starter replaced and then it did not have any issues after with it. When it is cold sometimes it will sputter, but when its nice out or a little chilly there have been no issues. It also drives well going long distances. I have driven it all of the way up to Washington for school from the California bay area. It was a very comfortable drive and all of my school stuff was able to fit well. It lasted about 13 hours total. We have used to for some short road trips and it has been great. The turning radius has been good also and I have been able to park real well. I would only wish that it would have a little bit more power. I want to have the power to floor it and actually speed up a good amount, but so far it does not go too fast. I plan on buying more with the company for future cars and hope that they continue to have great craftsmanship and keep making better looking cars. When I see the new models I want to buy a new one already!

- Corinna W

Great car for multitasking moms.

I do not think any of the issues I have had are because of the car itself, or poor ownership before I had ownership of it. The window sticks to the lining every time it rains, and the padding on the dash is coming separate from the dash display in different parts. I think it is a super comfortable sedan. Roomy, but still compact. I can really pack a lot into it, more than you'd think. It has a great sound system (mine is Bose), seat warmers, and a sun roof! The leather seats are super durable and I haven't had any rips or tears. It could look brand new if I vacuumed it and wiped it down. But I am lazy. But seriously, after driving a two year old around in it every day, when I remove his car seat and wipe down the leather, it still looks great! There is a surprising amount of storage as well. The middle console still holds all my CD's. Yes I said it CD's, for which my stereo system holds 5! I really enjoy my Mazda3 and are not looking to purchase anything new until this one dies!

- Melissa B

Overall perks for an everyday driver.

This vehicle is very easy to drive, very simple. This vehicle is a very good option if you would like to save money on gasoline. I keep up with the oil changes and I haven't had any issues, even though I got it used with 90,000 miles on it already. It has about 10,200 miles right now and it still runs good. It is comfortable and it has black interiors, which I like. It also has the phone connection feature through Bluetooth which makes it very easy, you just turn the car on and if it is connected it will play the music automatically. It also has an auxiliary option, in case you do not have Bluetooth, for whatever reason.

- Sasha B

Mazda3 Hatchback very accessible and reliable

I have the hatchback version of the Mazda3. I absolutely love the car. It's good on gas, but I'm sure it would've been even better with Skyactiv Technology had it been a 2012 model. My only complaint is the tint is peeling off, when I rarely open my windows and the car completely shakes if windows are open while driving fast on the highway. The shaking is very loud and rumbles hard, so the aerodynamics of the car isn't that great. It's best with the windows up. It's small, but can hold so much when the back seats are put down. It's helped me with moving countless times, and it's easy to park.

- Yessenia G

The Mazda 3 is the new fad for new teen drivers!

The 2011 Mazda 3 is a strong working vehicle. The performance is a 10. It has great ratings. The reliability is fairly high and the car is safe to drive. The gas mileage could be better, depending if one lives in the city vs suburban area. I have loved driving the mid-size sedan for 7 years and I will continue to drive the car for a long while. The Mazda has various features, but each model has their own. Since this model was a base model, it has standard features. I recommend looking at Mazda's in general if you have a teen who's looking at their first cars. It is a great first starter car.

- Mario G

2011 Mazda 3 overall review- 5 year ownership.

Comfortable compact perfect size for someone under 5’4, my sister who is slightly taller feels and looks funny when driving such small car. Mazda 3 is great on gas. Be sure to get upgrades when available. No major issues in the last 5 years of owning besides oil changes, battery replacement, tires. Be sure to purchase good quality tires as I learn the cheap ones tend to last only a few months before thread is low and tire flat. Great highway mileage. The overhead interior light buttons fall off easily. Ac is strong and works great in the Florida heat.

- Stephanie T

My first car and my first baby.

I bought my car brand new and it was my first new car purchase. I chose it because it wasn't too big for me and looked really good. I love the sleek design of the body. At the time, I also enjoyed the Bluetooth feature that was available. I have never had any major issues with it, other than the routine service, tire and brake change. The ride is smooth, but can tend to be loud. As a single female, it was perfect, but now that I am a mom of 2 I have quickly outgrown it.

- Kayla M

It's a decent car for the price

Like: It gets good gas mileage; It's fun to drive; It's reliable; It has a lot of good features: moonroof, Bose sound system, cruise, tint, A/C. It's cheap to maintain. It's paid off. Dislike: It doesn't have leather seats; It's not very sexy; It has a 4-cylinder engine (trade off for fuel economy) - not very fast; It isn't very roomy - good for 1 or 2 people, but hard to fit my daughter's car seat in the back; A/C doesn't circulate well in back seat

- Anthony G

2011 Mazda 3 still running great after 7 years.

The 2011 Mazda 3 is a reliable car. After 7 years there’s not much to complain about. Only very minor repairs here and there as of recent, but with regular maintenance and care the car runs great. It is great on gas. Never any problems with Bluetooth connection. Could be a little more roomy in the back seat but that is expected for the size sedan, it can still fit 5 comfortably. Plenty of trunk space. All around solid car.

- Lauren S

My little sports car. I love it.

It is sporty and dependable and great on gas. I really like how it looks and how it handles and drives. It is a very nice car and I can drive anywhere for around 20 bucks in gas. That is a big blessing these days cause gas can be really high priced and so I have to drive to Louisville to see my daughter a whole lot and there are days I would not be able to make it if it was not so cheap on gas.

- Julie D

The most important thing about this car is that it takes a minute to figure out how the Bluetooth connects, at least it did for me.

I love my little car. It was a certified pre-owned car but it was new to me when I got it a few years ago. It's been running smoothly with no issues ever since. The trunk is roomy for groceries, photography supplies, and more! The Bluetooth feature is awesome for hands free talking on my commute or for listening to podcasts from my phone. I also love the color choice for this car, mine is red.

- Brenda L

Reliable 2011 Mazda 3 - love it!

I have a grey 2011 Mazda 3 hatchback, and I love it. The fuel economy is decent, and the hatchback model provides a lot of space for transporting random items here and there. The car feels sporty, which is a real joy to drive. The sound system is great for an economy car, and mechanically we have never had any issues. With consistent upkeep, I see this car lasting for a long time.

- Trevor V

The Mazda 3 sport is an optimum vehicle due to it is performance and control.

The performance of the Mazda 3 is reliable and stable. It is very comfortable on the inside and has many features like an Audio AUX cord insert and bass/treble controls. The volume and sound quality are superb. The car is easy to drive and control as it is a stick shift. The red interior lighting on the Audio system and odometer readings make the interior comfortable and stylish.

- Emily K

Fuel efficient, front wheel drive, moonroof.

I love my car. Its very fuel efficient and has front wheel drive which is good for snowy weather. It has a moonroof and Bluetooth connectivity for my phone. The trunk is huge. It has heated seats and side mirrors. It drives very smooth. Only downside is it is very low to the ground so the front bumper scrapes over large speed bumps or on a driveway.

- Michele B

2011 Mazda 3- very little maintenance!

My Mazda 3 has been very reliable these past 4 years. I bought it used with low mileage. It is eight years old and still drives like it is brand new and has required very little maintenance. Some features of the vehicle are it is automatic, four door, power locks and windows. Not only has it required little maintenance, the gas mileage is awesome!

- Natalie R

Besides the recalls and battery issues, it is actually a good car.

Has had 3 recalls for different parts of the vehicle and it was better to replace the battery with a Costco battery instead of a Mazda battery. The battery was being drained by the light that I never turned on. It speeds up nicely, though. The material inside is comfortable and I have not had a problem with any of those aspects of the car.

- Eileen F

2011 Mazda 3 is reliable and fun to drive.

Reliable, dependable, comfortable, and zeros problems at the current 166,000 miles. My car is sporty and great for long drives. It offers many features and fits my needs. It comfortably seats 5 and offers substantial truck space. I have enjoyed my car for the past 5 years and would consider purchasing a newer model in the future.


Good everyday driver. Will get you to point A and B. The car looks sharp inside and out. Good Gas mileage. Drives great if maintenance is keep up on it.

The car is on the smaller side. There is not much leg room in the back. Also the seats are not comfortable for long trips. The dash is hard to keep clean due to the type of material that it is made from. Dust gets down in the little ridges and it's hard to get it out. Other than those small inconveniences the car is a good car.

- Michaela W

Great car for a family starter.

The wheel bearing went out on the car quite early. Great highway fuel mileage. . Not so great in the city. Great for first time parents as the car is roomy and the hatch is perfect for storage. The red metallic paint on the roof faded despite waxing the car religiously and believe it or not the car cost more than my Mustang.

- Joshua M

The color is metallic white with tan interior.

I bought my car brand new back in 2011 with 27 miles on it and now I currently have 120, 000 miles on. I feel that Mazda is a very reliable brand. I haven't had any significant issues with it as of yet. I keep it maintained as scheduled. It does take full synthetic oil which is more expensive but few oil changes are needed.

- Sarah C

Having it fit 3 car seats in the back is a bonus for any mom.

It is just an older model so is not equipped with the most updated features. Other then that it gets great gas mileage and is enjoyable to drive. I would love to test drive an up to date one and see what features it will have. It is very comfortable to ride in my passengers say. It easily fits 3 car seats in the backseat.

- Sherry G

Great car! Love that it welcomes me with a message and says goodbye as well.

I have not had any problems. I love driving this car! It handles very well in good weather and bad. It is very comfortable! Not too many extras as there are in newer models. Easy to enter and depart from car. My passengers tell me that they are comfortable both in the front and rear seats. The trunk is very adequate.

- Madeline S

Overall it is a great vehicle!

I love Mazda and their vehicles! Mine is extremely reliable and has run very well over the years. It does have some bad blind spots, but other than that, it is overall great! The seats are very comfortable and the trunk size can fit quite a bit. The Bluetooth is also very reliable, but I wish it had a backup camera.

- El H

Being the hatchback version of the car, it looks very stylish and sleek.

My Mazda3 hatchback is a very reliable car. I have had no problems with it, even while driving across the country twice since I've purchased it. It gets decent gas mileage, but could be better. I like that it has built in bluetooth capabilities, but the screen that is supposed to display the song info doesn't work.

- Brian S

Drives smooth, great gas mileage.

I love the smooth drive, comfortable for a small car, definitely not a family car, gas mileage is great, love the panel a display of gages, the sunroof is great, tinted windows, too low to drive over lots of things, drags when drive over tracks. Driver's seat does not raise very high, upholstery stains easy.

- Alicia W

Overall the Mazda3 is an excellent choice for traveling with a small family.

The Mazda3 handling has been an issue. The wheel bearing needed replaced fairly early. The hatchback is a fantastic feature, especially with having a child and having to carry additional items. Very comfortable car for a driver but not enough leg room in the passenger seat if you have a passenger in the rear.

- Joshua M

It is good on gas and oil.

I love my car but I hate how low it sits for someone who is tall. My car wouldn't have been a bad purchase, if it didn't have such high miles on it before I bought it. I absolutely hate that it didn't come with a key fob and no floor mats at all. Other than that the car is everything I have ever asked for.

- Sarah E

Well rounded vehicle for new car.

Neutral shifting spring broke recently but that is the only problem I have had and it was fairly simple and cheap to fix. Very good on gas and is easily drivable. All around a good vehicle. Have had for several years now with no large issues. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a car.

- Jake M

Mazda 3 is perfect for me.

I love my Mazda3! It is cute and sporty and the perfect size for zipping around town and short distance drives. It has been very reliable requiring only routine maintenance. I would highly recommend this car or any in the Mazda family. My family owns 3 Mazdas and all are equally as reliable.

- Caroline J

High five, Mazda for a great vehicle!

Very reliable and has not given me any problems. Only a battery change and new tires. Great on gas mileage. Drives great and has plenty of trunk room. My favorite car I have owned thus far. Very affordable car and I would recommend Mazda highly. I would also buy another Mazda in the future!

- Dustin T

My car was a first time purchase. It has been reliable and comfortable.

My car has been super reliable over the years. I have never had any major issues. It is compact, user-friendly, comfortable and exactly what I wanted as a young, first-time buyer. The Bluetooth was a great feature at the time. Also, the body of shape of the car is very sleek and practical.

- Kayla M

My Mazda 3 review, hope you enjoy.

I have had no problems with my vehicle, it has always been very reliable. Mine is a stick shift and I have always felt that it shows very smoothly. The only issue I have had is that the instrument panel has started to come up from the dashboard, but that may be from the age of the vehicle.

- Jake P

It has been reliable considering I haven't taken amazing care of it.

It does not drive well in the snow. It is good I am gas and pretty reliable.Although the car is small it is comfortable. The heat and ac also work great. Easy to drive. It definitely shakes on the highway a bit. It is easy to park because it is compact. The newer versions look much nicer.

- Kate G

Mazda 3 2011 great car/great gas mileage.

I have had my Mazda 3 for 8 years and have never had a single issue with it. Great gas mileage and very reliable. Great trunk space and the option to use put the back seats down for even more trunk space. The get up and go is great as well. Perfect for a small family or first time car.

- Savannah H

For anyone who drives long distances or windy roads this car hugs the road well.

I love the Bose sounds system in my car. Also, my car is a manual, so I really love the way it accelerates. Because it is an older model, the Bluetooth disconnects frequently. Also, when playing music from my phone, the audio display does not show how many minutes into a song it is in.

- Lauren L

My car is a Mazda 3 2011 car.

This car is very reliable and safe which is why my dad got it for me, he researched so many cars and chose this one out of all of them because it is so safe. It is very comfortable and I have had barely any issues with it thus far. I love how it drives and it is a great car for me!

- Rachel R

Great car for a hobby lover.

It is a stick shift so I love the control I have while I am driving. Also the heated seats are the most amazing thing that has ever happened. I love that I can put the seats down and have a lot of room to haul things on a whim. It is overall an amazing car and I would get it again.

- Lydia S

The perfect college student car.

My Mazda 3 is very reliable. A great sized car for a college student who travels between school and home quite often. I love the Bluetooth Audio that allows me to make Bluetooth calls and listen to music from my phone. Nice amount of trunk space. Gets relatively good gas mileage.

- Allison D

My Mazda 3 is a sporty, sassy kind of car with character.

I have been driving my Mazda 3 for 6 years and it has been dependable, comfortable and a pleasure to drive. I drive a lot and it has proven to be one of the best purchases I have made. I keep up on the oil changes and tune ups and that seems to keep it running smoothly!

- Barbara S

2011 Mazda 3. . . The good, bad and ugly of an economical American made car.

Great gas mileage. Low maintenance. Recall on dashboard. It is coming apart at a seam. Good pick up. 88000 miles and runs great. New tires in 2017. Always reliable. Fairly comfortable. Not real quiet inside, stereo volume has to be turned up to be heard over road noise.

- Denise M

The best detail of the car has to be the interior illumination.

Minimal problems aside the regular maintenance and some factory recalls. The enjoyment of driving this car far surpasses the issues it presents. When driving down the highway with ease and a boosted engine using the 2. 5l engine makes passing and accelerating a breeze.

- Lucas R

Great gas mileage. Great first car.

It is a great first car. I got it when I was in high school to get me to school and practice then home. It has great gas mileage and is affordable to buy. It has a lot of space for friends to ride with you. I would highly recommend this car for anyone looking to buy.

- Catherine L

Average sedan with nice features.

The vehicle is, overall, very reliable. I wish it had more high tech features such as a backup camera, leather seats, heated seats, etc. I also really wish it had automatic headlights. Leather seats would be nice, too. I do think that it is a nice car for the price.

- Kacey C

Peppy car with good fuel economy.

Road noise is loud. Good pick up. Tough and reliable. Maintenance is minimal. Service is good. Airbag recall. Too low for snow country. Good gas mileage. Trunk space small. Low headroom for tall person. Great Bose stereo system. Seats not comfortable on long trips.

- James C

Good gas mileage, and perfect size.

The battery wasn’t working properly. If you forgot to turn off your light, you cannot turn on the car (the engine). The light has condensation too, it is not really bright. And the honk is not loud enough. I do like the size, it is easy to park. Good gas mileage.

- Vey O

Grey car with great mileage.

I have no problems, performance, reliability, comfort, or features issues to provide to future owners of this car. It is a really great car that I bought certified pre-owned. The car came off of a lease and was in mint condition. I recommend this car to everyone!

- Kelsey C

Best bass in the sound systems.

The car is very zippy. Bluetooth but the sound is not the beat. When music is played bass is great. Right now struggling with check engine light goes on and off when gas put in. Heats and cools fast. Wish wipers was better. Has a slap shift and traction control.

- Jessica V

Mazda 3- an exciting compact car that is reliable and attractive.

The vehicle is now 7 years old and I have had no mechanical problems at all. The performance is still great and the vehicle is exhilarating to drive. The cabin features are good, although I did replace the radio with a more modern smartphone compatible console.

- Brad L

My car runs and drives good.

Love my vehicle its comfortable. Nice radio, nice black seats, black floors, easy to clean and wipe down. Air and heat works great. Love all the features, performance is runs great, definitely reliable, seats are comfortable. Love my car... It's so awesome.

- Britney C

Ease and fun to own a Mazda 3.

I bought my Mazda 3 the end of the 2010 model year.. Great car.. Is easy to drive and maintain.. Great gas mileage and comfortable interior. I recently had it serviced at the dealer near me and was surprised on the prompt and curious service I received..

- Danny G

It has been extremely reliable with no issues. It is very easy to drive. With the hatchback it can fit about as much as a small SUV.

I like the extras it has like a sunroof, hatchback, sirius radio. I don't like how small it is, but I do like how it drives easily and responds well. My biggest complaint is that it still smells like the previous owners cigarettes even after a year.

- Luci F

It's a great, safe ride. The seating is comfortable and there is plenty of room.

I love the interior and exterior design. There are also a lot of great options for playing music (CD player, AUX cord, radio, Sirius XM Radio, Bluetooth). The car is just the right size and the trunk is spacious. I don't have any complaints about it.

- Kristen R

It really handles wear and tear can go for miles and miles

I love how my car is small and quick I can maneuver into the tiniest of spots. I drives like the wind and corners like a dream. I feel like though that the money I paid for it is should have more automatic features. But really it is a very good car

- Shelly L

It has a surprisingly good kick to it--meaning I can pick up speed really fast.

Well, I really like the car because it is a step up from my last one. I like the size of it, and the leather seats. One complaint is sometimes my back hurts and I feel it's because the roof is low so I have to crouch down (i am relatively tall).

- Lindsay E

It's reliable and overall a good car to have and service at the Mazda dealership by me is great

It has decent horsepower, good acceleration, is reliable and I like It's red interior lighting on the dashboard. My only dislike is It's mileage per gallon, which isn't terrible but worse than previous cars I've had.

- Matthew b

It is fuel efficient and it is fun to drive. The interior is very cool.

I love the interior, gas mileage, room, features, and reliability for the price.... I do not like that the dashboard is starting to come undone due to the hot Texas summers, but not much can be done about that..

- Ricardo A. O

My car gets good gas mileage and drives well. It is a good little car.

I like my car because it gets good gas mileage and is easy to drive. I am a tall person and my main complaint is how low it sits to the ground and lack of legroom. It fit my family fine until we upgraded cars.

- Brandon H

Sometime I feel like it run on electric.

My Mazda is very great on gas. Drive very smooth, very reliable car. I got it about year ago. Good radio system, and very loud. And owning a Mazda is great because they last as long as u keep a oil change.

- Rita W

The car has a great pick up and it handles really well

The only issue I have are features. I do not have cruise control or bluetooth which I want in my next vehicle. Overall no performance issues. Very comfortable in the front, but not much room in the back.

- Anna S

The car thinks the doors are open all the time

I like the size. I don't like that the aux doesn't work anymore. I like how it drives. I don't like that my door randomly lock and unlock and the car shows that the doors are open all the time.

- Kristina R

Most important thing to know about my car is that it can pick up speed the second you touch the pedal.

Very reliable car for sure. I have no problem maneuvering since it's really good with its steering. Good on gas and has a nice feel sitting down. Hatchback so fits a good amount in the back.

- Jonathan G

I love the safety features.

I love that I have Bluetooth capabilities. I have over 100000 miles on this car and it still runs like a champ. Has tons of life left. Exterior still looks great. Very reliable and safe car.

- Angela r

Mazda 3 great compact car

It is to small no leg room didn't realize until after bought it . But great gas mileage. The front seats are horrible if I drive for any distance im in agony and can hardly walk when get out

- Jackie B

It needs what seems to be constant maintenance or fluid flushes.

There seems to be big issues every time I take the car for an oil change. It could be the car or the mazda service team. I'm not sure which but it certainly leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

- Erin M

It feels very safe for me and my family.

I like my vehicle because it is manual. Which means that it have fast pick up when needed. It is a fun car to drive and also kept my children safe when we were involved in an accident.

- Heather V

It gets great gas mileage.

My vehicle is a Mazda 3, and was made in 2011. I have not had any problems with this vehicle. It gets great miles to the gallon. I plan on driving this vehicle for many years to come.

- Ducky P

Dealership altered driver's seat in order to make the car work for us.

Thus far the car has been extremely reliable with no major issues in terms of maintenance problems, with the biggest expense being tires being replaced on the suggested regularity.

- Saga G

It is a good value for the price.

It has good gas mileage and good overall quality. I do not like that it does not have power locks. I also wish it had some of the newer technology features, like a back-up camera.

- Lisa F

Mazda 3: a car worth buying in my opinion

The car runs pretty well. Sometimes when I am driving there is a high squeak when I slow down. I know that this car requires a lot of maintenance but the parts are easy to afford.

- Dara E

The backseat does not have a lot of legroom for passengers

I like how the car drives/ handles. I do not like how hot the black leather seats get but that's my fault for getting a black car. I haven't had any major problems with the car.

- Sara W

The most important thing is that it makes me want to get another Mazda when I need another car.

I like that it gets good gas mileage and that it is a reliable car. The bass in the radio is good and the car drives smoothly. It sometimes takes too long for the AC to work.

- JayJay N

The longevity. There's a lot of life in this car and it fits in to almost any lifestyle.

No complaints, it's lasted seven years so far with very little maintenance. I plan on driving it as long as I can and would definitely consider getting the same model again.

- K B

Mediocre materials used to make car but typically well priced cars

It's really not a bad car. It was my first car and served its purpose well but seemed like in the 4 years (72,000) miles it has deteriorated more and more inside and out.

- Madison L

Longevity! I plan to drive this car upwards of 10 years!

I like the side of the vehicle as well as the easy to use features. I do find that the brakes squeak from time to time...more often than cars I've been in in the past.

- Jill F

Reliable vehicle for affordable price.

Great car, amazing value, reliable. I haven't had any major issues with it. I have a manual so sometimes the battery wont turn over if the clutch isn't all the way in.

- Jules F

The Mazda 3 is a great family oriented car.

The Mazda 3 is a very reliable and dependable car. It has exactly gas mileage for city driving as well as highway driving. It can seat a family of 4 very comfortably.

- Kevin H

The thing I like most about the Mazda 3 is the amazing stock radio and sound system.

The car is very sporty and has many features. I have had no problems with it and if you can find one with less than 100,000 miles it is definitely worth the money!

- Kaleb P

It is basically problem free.

It's easy to handle. Easy to maintain, no major repairs yet. I wish the side mirrors were placed better. I get decent gas mileage. Overall happy with this car.

- Margaret C

It is a very sporty looking car with great features.

It is a great all around car to get me to work and back and cruise on road trips it is an amazing ride and if you perform regular oil changes it lasts forever.

- Austin J

very low to the ground and it does not have 4 wheel drive. Makes it tough for Minnesota winters!

It works really well but the gas mileage isn't as good as I initially thought. Great for parking but not my favorite car for long trips as it isn't very roomy

- Kyle P

It is a really good car. It is super reliable. It also is good gas mileage

it is super reliable. it has never messed up on me. I have driven the car daily and it has never had to be repaired apart from minor or normal wear and tear

- laura h

It's a great trustworthy brand. My car is what I chose to keep my children and myself safe.

I love the pick up it has, the look, and the Bluetooth capabilities. I wish it had GPS and four wheel drive. It's a bit scary to drive in the winter months.

- Jennifer S

It's not as reliable as other cars that I could have gotten that were similar

My car drives well and the design is sleek and pretty. The gas mileage is pretty good. The reliability is not great, and replacing tires is very expensive.

- Rebecca t

It is the perfect car for me.

I really love the size of my car. It is small and compact which works well for me since I am short. My only complaint is that there is no cruise control.

- Sarah G

It's a fun little car, and a sedan to boot. It's not huge, but you can get a small family around in it.

It has pretty good acceleration, handles well, and was a pretty good price. The gas mileage isn't great, but that's partially my fault for how I drive.

- Christian M

Fast, speedy and reliable vehicle.

The Mazda3 not only looks good, but is speedy, reliable and safe. It is comfortable for the driver as well as any passengers that may be riding in it.

- Meghan P

Although it is a four cylinder, it picks up speed very well and gets pretty good gas mileage.

I like that my car is small and sporty looking. It is easy to maneuver and drive. I like the sound system and the seats are not leather which is nice.

- Jamie L

Style, Smooth, Safety, Options

Drives smooth, runs quiet, has good safety features, has great sound system, has many options, good mileage, reliable and dependable, easy to drive

- LeAnne F

As far as I am concerned there is nothing on the market that is as good running and dependable as my Mazda 3 Gt...I would buy another one the time cones to replace my current Mazda...

I have no complaints with my vehicle...I am 6 feet tall and have no problem getting in and out of my car..Gas mileage is great and ride is good...

- Dan G

Easy to drive, economical car, easy to maintain and simple.

It is a 5 speed so fun to drive. It has a great turn radius so easy to park and zip around. The only Con is that it has a blind spot in the back.

- Donna B

Low maintenance and great gas mileage

The most dependable car I've ever owned. Car has over 200000 miles and has only required preventive maintenance. Gets great gas mileage @35 mpg.

- James L

That it has some power (6 gears). It is very easy to drive.

Great car, never had an issues. I love that the seat is adjustable for vertical height. Very spacious, especially when the back seats fold down.

- Adele E

Get a Mazda if they are all like this!

My car is so reliable! I have never had an issue ever. So fortunate. It is also pleasing to the eye. It is just small and we are out growing it.

- Jessica T

I dislike the fact that it is a used vehicle and lacks a leather interior. I like that it does not take too much gas and I appreciate that it has been reliable.

I think others should know that the car is reliable. It gives me minimal problems and I think that is the most important thing with any vehicle.


It is very roomy but very fast. It is great for a family car.

I love that it has a roomy hatchback.. The room in the car is very spacious for taller people and two car seats.. That it is a manual.

- Ashley T

It is incredibly reliable!

Very reliable, good size, lots of truck space. Great for a college student who needs transportation and storage space in vehicle.

- Ally D

The engine has very good pickup and high-end torque.

And has been very reliable. The sound system is very good. And I like the fact that it has Bluetooth for hands-free phone calls.

- Tom L

It runs great. Drove it 1300 miles across the country and it did amazing.

I don't like the color of the seats, wish they were black and not tan. I wish it had a sunroof. I love everything else about it.

- Rachel W

You need to polish the headlights every once in a while.

I generally like the space in the interior. I also like the sound system and the gas mileage. It looks a little sporty in style.

- Bobson J

The best thing about the Mazda model 3s is that it really saves you on gas.

I love that it is great on gas. Fun little sports car. Id make it more technology friendly. I would change the color and rims.

- Tara J

My car gets good gas mileage!

My car currently has a little over 160, 000 miles on it, and other than routine maintenance I haven't had any issues with it.

- Victoria C

It is a very reliable car and safe to drive with kids.

This car is very reliable and I have had few to no issues with it. The Mazda 3 is on the top 10 most reliable car list ever.

- Maddie C

Mazda's are well built vehicles...get great fuel mileage.

I had a Mazda 626 til it was flooded. I loved the 626, but bought a used Mazda 3..not as happy with the 3, but it's a Mazda.

- Ruth M

It's very mpg friendly and compact. Also the car is reliable and doesn't cost much to maintain when your a technician 😉

I like that the vehicle is white. I like that it gets good gas mileage. I like the Compactness. I like the seats fold down

- Mike M

Helps me do everything I want and need to do for work and for my family.

Good on mileage. Handles well. Few maintenance issues. Could be bigger Could have more up to date options for console.

- Yamil V

This Mazda gets decent gas mileage and is reliable

Size of car is slightly too small and back seats room is not large enough. Would like full size spare and longer warranty

- Dan B

It's super reliable. I've had no major repairs. It's a smooth ride

It's very reliable. So far I haven't had any major repairs. It's a very smooth ride. I wish it had a back up camera though

- Carrie R

I love the keyless entry, and automatic windows.

It is reliable. Do not have to do a lot of repairs. I just love my car. Only thing that I am not crazy about is the color.

- Hazel B

The Mazda3 is fun to drive, is affordable and reliable.

My Mazda is a reliable car and gets great gas mileage. The interior is very comfortable and the dashboard is easy to use.

- Meghan P

It has good gas mileage and it runs good and I love my car.

I love my car it runs good the ac works great and the stereo sounds good the car had good gas mileage and I love my car.

- Mark Z

That it is a overall great vehicle especially with the hatchback

It is very comfortable and spacious. It was a great buy due to knowing about cars and being able to negotiate the price.

- Thomas A

Mazda 3 has great gas mileage.

My car gets great gas mileage. It is a very reliable and dependable. It spacious. It has great speed for a car it's size

- Kevin G

It is a 5 speed and It's very fast.

I love that my car is a 5 speed. No one can drive it and it looks great on the street. I also love that my car is blue.

- cheryl S

Manual transmission. Smooth and easy gear shifting.

No big problems. Runs great. Mazda 3 has great gas mileage. It is also a 5 speed manual transmission. It's a great car.

- Renee L

great gas mileage. I have to commute a great distance to and from work.

I love the gas mileage. I travel a great distance to and from work, so that is important. it is a little small though

- ed b

Amazing gas mileage on this vehicle absolutely love

Amazing vehicle overall great gas mileage and easy to drive. Good for long trips because it is a very comfortable car

- Jacob F

It's really dependable. It drives really smooth. I love it!

It's dependable. I haven't had to take my car in to get fixed besides normal wear and tear. It's a very smooth ride.

- Carrie R

If something is wrong with your car, you should know how to identify it.

I have had my for a year and do have any complaints. It drives very well. Good speed and good handle with weather.

- Maddie A

My Mazda drives well, can go pretty fast and I never have issues with it.

I love my car. I have had it for 8 years and it runs great. I have yet to have anything major to happen to my car.

- Jacqueline S

It has very great gas mileage, very reliable and overall will last you awhile.

I have had this car for almost 8 years now and it has not let me down. It is very worth getting and very reliable.

- Claudia G

It's reliable and a good value. There are some scratches but they aren't bad.

I love my Mazda. I call It my baby Mazda. It's a reliable car with not a lot of frills. I would like a backup cam.

- Elizabeth A

Amazing gas mileage for long trips anywhere and overall great car

The Mazda 3 has amazing gas mileage. It has saved me a lot of money traveling compared to cars I have in the past

- James F

It has very good resale value.

Reliable and easy to maintain. Have had no serious problems with the safety of the vehicle. Was easy to pay off.

- Cameron R

It's a small, sporty coupe that is easy to drive and reasonably priced. Reliable.

I think it's a great vehicle. I would buy again. I wish it had better gas mileage, but that's my only complaint.

- Lisa H

Bought used in 2015/not 1 issue with the car since. Currently at 83k miles.

Likes: reliable, good price, smooth drive, minimal maintenance. Dislikes: noisy, feels very light/ not sturdy.

- Libby F

It is easy to drive and does not take a lot of getting used to.

Nice air conditioning and good gas mileage and dislikes are not enough space in the backseat and the seats.

- Benny C

Its smaller inside than it looks.

Reliable. Never had problems with it. I am pretty happy and would only get a new car for cosmetic reasons.

- Kyle A

It is good for its value and size.

It is reliable and goes over 30 miles to the gallon. It seems like a decent car I got it 6 months ago.

- Kyle W

It handles like a dream.

I love how the car handles. It is rides the rails so to speak. It is attractive to look at too.

- Azeem K

handles great and fun to drive

fun to drive, manual transmission that give it lots of pep. Easy on gas

- wes H

It's a great commuter car

It's sporty and is aesthetically pleasing. It rarely has problems. It gets great gas mileage

- Alyssa K

The Mazda 3 drives smoothly. It is very enjoyable to drive.

It drives well. It has needed more repairs than I would like. I love that it's a hatchback.

- Alison G

It gets great gas mileage.

My car is very comfortable. And it's environmentally friendly. It gets good gas mileage.

- Jessica H




It has very good gas mileage and is reasonably priced.

i love the design and color. It drives very nicely. It has very good gas mileage

- Laura F

It has sleek design with good trunk space.it has good pick up speed and gas mileage.

Love the hatchback. Can fit a ton of items in trunk. I like body style as well

- Krystle C

How good is it..how safe the car..the performance..

I like the performance of the car.. i don't like the engine broke easily


Has been reliable for my family for many years. I will pass on to my son.

Like how zippy and fast it is and how handles Do not like mpg in city

- Holly M

It's an awesome car. I would never trade my car for anything else.

I love my car. It drives smooth and have no complaints. Best car ever.

- Angela F

good on gas, reliable, roomy, economical, good size trunk

I like it has four doors. its roomy. reliable and very comfortable

- hope g

This is the second Mazda3 that I have had. I love the styling and the handling of the vehicle. It has always been reliable and trouble-free. Now in 2018 would like one with newest tech.

It handles like a race car with the efficiency of a small car.

- sue e

fast, reliable car with good gas mileage and lots of space

great car that runs well. no complaints really. lots of space

- nick m

It bounces a lot when you drive it. But it's really good on gas.

It's good on gas but there is always something wrong with it

- Lindsey H

This is a good reliable car. Does not fit 4 adults comfortably.

Reliable and great handling. Back seat is very small though.

- Jaymee W

Super reliable car. Drives smooth, intuitive dash, comfy seats. Got me from San Diego to Seattle with no issue and is still running strong.

It's a wonderful new car for first-time owners/drivers.

- Sarah F

I've had my car for 6 years and it has had zero complications. It drives smooth, gets great gas mileage, and is safe.

It is very reliable! It has not had any malfunctions.

- Emma T

Like gas mileage. Modern inside. Cheap maintenance, if any at all. Reliable. Cheap

It's reliable and has good gas mileage. Get the 2.5L

- Audrey E