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Ultra techy Mazda 3 hatchback

The features on this vehicle are outstanding. The touchscreen monitor for the radio and navigation controls are wicked easy to use. If the touchscreen were to ever stop working there is a cool little dial on the center console that you can use to control the monitor features as well. The tire pressure monitoring system makes it easy to know when I need air in the tires or might possibly have a flat. The bucket seats in the front really secure you to the seat when the seat belt is worn properly. This is a huge feature for keeping you safe out on the road alongside with all the airbags installed in this vehicle. The blind spot monitor on this vehicle illuminates on the side mirrors when there is a vehicle next to you. If you happen to have your blinker on while the blind spot monitor goes off, it will sound an audible tone to alert you of the potential danger of merging lanes. Since I have the Sport model, I unfortunately am missing out on a lot of other great features that Mazda offers. Another great feature of my vehicle is that I had purchased the hatchback version. Having a hatchback allows me extra space to store things on top of an already roomy cab. Fold the seats down and you have as much room as an SUV. Push to start is a feature that I have always enjoyed because it allows me the opportunity to start my vehicle without ever having to take the key out of my pocket. Also, entering the vehicle is very easy because there are buttons on the driver and passenger side door that allow you to unlock and lock the vehicle if the key is within a close enough proximity. Overall I am very pleased with my Mazda 3 Hatchback and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The only suggestions that I would make would be to go for a higher model if you are looking for additional features.

- Erik B

Mazda styling converts member of Chevy-only household.

I have the grand touring model - I like my leather seats, heated seats, sunroof, navigation, Bose speakers, and Bluetooth capabilities. I picked Mazda because I am willing to pay slightly more for a vehicle that has aesthetically pleasing styling (I do not feel that, for instance, Chevy or Ford have good styling - I grew up in a household that only buys Chevys). I would buy a Mazda again. I also appreciate the joystick style console controls at my hip, which means I can adjust settings without looking away from the road to find the controls. My car has excellent performance - I enjoy driving through rural areas with windy roads because it has far more responsive handling than the car I had before, or any other car my family has had. I drive a lot, so having a car interior that is enjoyable to spend time in is important to me. The one thing that I wish was different about my Mazda is the storage under the dash, which is very narrow and small - it makes it hard to have a place to put my keys and phone as I and my passengers usually have water bottles that take up the cupholders.

- Julia S

Great drive, reliable car.

Love this car! It has a smooth ride with responsive steering; no more having to rotate the driving wheel hard to get your car to turn. Relatively quiet ride and when you want music the stereo is more than loud enough. Steering wheel controls make using cruise control or changing songs simple, fast and safe as you can keep your eyes on the road. The side mirrors letting you know there's someone in your blind spot really is a saver and I have to remember not all cars have them when not driving my Mazda. The difficulties with Bluetooth connections is the only true bummer of this car; pairing is sometimes difficult to complete and there's a slight delay between using the car controls to change songs (you hit 'next' on the steering wheel controls and 3 or 4 seconds later it actually hits next). Nearly 5 years later I have had no major issues with repairs beyond regular maintenance and no regrets. I would 100% get this car again!

- Emily V

The car has less than 40k miles so no problems.Not a good first impression but in the end it's awesome.

I finally got a chance to drive it, and it was a good car, I enjoyed it. I finally got around to inspecting it now. I did basic things like checking the oil, brakes, fluids, tie rods. The car had less than 40k miles so I didn't expect to find any problems. I did notice that the under tray was broken and hanging underneath. When I got a chance to inspect the interior I came across some deep scratches in the plastic interior pieces and a rip in the leather wrapping. There were other minor scuffs, but to me these deep scratches that were in plain view up high on the dash and the rip in the leather were things I would have liked to see pointed out online. I called them up and explained my concern for this. I said the car was great, at the price point for the condition I viewed it at, but not with additional damages.

- Giddi K

Mazda 3 in the eyes of a college student.

My car is a 2014 Mazda3. I strongly believe that this car is extremely reliable as a student and that I have worked part-time jobs before. It has great gas mileage; I would have to fill up my gas tank every 1 - 1 1/2 weeks and spend between $20-$30. It has a lot of trunk space so it helps a lot when my family needs help getting groceries home. Also, I live in the northeastern part of the united states, so during the winter we get a lot of snow. I have only driven my car through one winter season but so far, it has driven extremely well in the icy and cold conditions. I would highly recommend this car for new drivers (this is my first car, I have had it since I was 16 and I am 18 now) and anyone who is looking for a reliable vehicle.

- Kristen B

High-quality small sedan with modern features.

I have had my car, second-hand, for about ten months. It has performed consistently well. Unlike my old car which used to seize up in the cold. It warms up very quickly and has dual zone heat/air. The computer keeps track of tire pressure so I can use my mini air compressor to get a tire back up to the right psi before it goes flat. It also has pop-up reminders for maintenance. There is a Bluetooth feature to sync with my phone which is great for answering calls hands-free and playing Pandora through the sound system for longer trips, but this is actually the feature most likely to give me issues. I would much rather it be the phone sync than something actually important.

- Amanda S

Great safety features. Bluetooth, blind spot notifier, seatbelt warning.

I absolutely love the safety features that are included in my Mazda 3. There is a blind spot feature that is available on both side mirrors. If you are making a lane change while another vehicle is present that you cannot see in the lane, a blinking icon will begin to beep as soon as you turn your blinker on. There is also a seatbelt warning to remind you to buckle up. I also love the Bluetooth feature. I can make a call without having to even pick up my phone. There is a button you can press, and simply say out loud who you would like to call. It has definitely reduced my chances of getting into accidents.

- Elizabeth B

Why I love my white Mazda 3.

I love my car. It has great acceleration and very comfortable seats. I have not had any mechanical issues with my car at all. I take it for regular oil changes and tire rotations. There was an issue with the sunroof but that was covered by the warranty. My car is at the top of the trim level and came with heated seats, Bose speaker system, sporty wheels and the sunroof that I had to have. I also requested it to be a manual transmission because I enjoy the acceleration it provides and because I drive over 30,000 miles per year it makes the drive more fun when I have to shift gears.

- Karen L

Most comfortable car and gas saver ever!

I have always been a Chevy person but due to an accident, I had to purchase a car immediately so I went to the same car lot I have bought all my vehicles from and all they had at the time that I could afford at the time was a Mazda 3 and was iffy about it. Once I drove it, I was in love! It is the most comfortable and smooth driving car I have ever owned! It is fully loaded and I have never had any issues with it since I purchased it in 2014 and talk about a gas saver, omg! I can go a week and a half on ten bucks!! I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone!

- Tina B

My Reliable, Rad Ride: The awesome Mazda 3 Sedan

I bought this car new & it�s been absolutely reliable the entire 5 years. It�s never broken down & only standard routine maintenance has been required. I am tall - 5ft 9in and I find it quite comfortable to sit in. I would not classify it as roomy though as my 6 ft tall fianc� feels like it is too small for him to fit well. It drives like a more expensive car than it is- very smooth & solid feel. Only issues have been several recalls from Mazda but these have been easily fixed & have not affected the excellent performance of this car.

- Erin G

Mazda3 features - comfortable and stylish.

My vehicle has a navigation system that I use often. My favorite part about the navigation system is that it also lists nearby gas stations and restaurants. I also love the blind spot sensor, it has definitely come in handy! It has lights on my side mirrors that light up when someone is in my blind spot, and if I have my blinker on it will beep if someone is there. I love the radio and the fact that my car has Bluetooth, so I do not need to wear an earpiece, headphones, or hold the phone. The car is stylish and comfortable even for bigger people.

- Morgan H

Comfortable, fast car with plenty of space & good sound

I really have no complaints. I love this car! It's sleek, has comfortable leather interior, Bose speakers for excellent sound quality. I also really love the sport mode feature especially driving around a crowded city where you need to be able to zip around more. Which means I also live that the blind spot recognition is both visual and audible. It doesn't have a ton of technology features like newer models might, but I like that. It's easy to navigate the menus and gives me what I need, not a bunch of other bells and whistles to sort through.

- Rebecca M

If safety is a priority, the features offered are top notch.

I purchased a new Mazda 3 in 2014. It was the first year with the new design. The kodo design is part of the esthetics that appealed to me. I can honestly say that I have not had any problems and the reliability is not a worry.The seats are contoured like a glove to your back. The placement of the controls are easy to use while driving. My gas mileage average is 33.8 for the type of driving I do. (Mixed stop and go with highway miles) The performance is very responsive to whatever demands you make of it. The zoom zoom is very appropriate.

- Barbara S

The Mazda3 is great for new drivers and is perfect for short distance drives.

The performance of the 2014 Mazda 3 is great! I have had mine for about 3 years now and have not had any major issues other than the heater not working because a cable constantly disconnects and the Bluetooth technology being outdated. The ringtone of an incoming call is obnoxious and cannot be changed or muted. Other than that, the vehicle is a standard sized car with a lot of space in the trunk. It is great to drive for around the city. At the moment, it takes about $25 to fill up the tank. I would invest in a rear view camera.

- Evelyn M

Issues with my Mazda 3 hatchback.

I purchased my car used and it has had problems in the past 2 years with the starter, the transmission, and heating. At the start of every winter the heater does not work. For all of the issues my Mazda 3 has experienced, it is been under warranty. Besides the issues, I do enjoy driving the car since it feels sporty. It has all of the standard features and lots of cargo room. I would like to upgrade my Mazda 3 to a cx-3 so that I can have four wheel drive and a vehicle that is higher off the ground.

- Marissa L

The 2014 Mazda 3 actually make you enjoy driving again.

It's a standard sedan, gets me to and from work. I really enjoy the acceleration of the car, for the price point. Similar cars in this price point are very slow to accelerate, so I really appreciate that. I don't really like the air conditioning system. Living in Arizona, air conditioning is paramount. The air conditioning on this Mazda does not blow very hard. When it's 120 degrees out and your car has been sitting in the sun all day, air conditioning that actually cools down would be appreciated.

- Robert K

Sporty, reliable and compact with lots of power.

The Mazda 3 is a great car. We fell in love with the sporty exterior and the very well designed interior. It drives amazing and is great on gas. It is compact size fits great in smaller mall or condo parking. The trunk is huge and is able to store all of my son�s soccer gear and groceries. I would definitely recommend this car to any and everyone! We have not had any mechanical or technical issues with the car. It is very reliable. It is the car I use every day and it never lets me down.

- Mary V

Mazda3: the smoothest and comfiest hatchback of all.

This car is incredibly comfortable to ride in! It is the best for long road trips. It also has smooth drivability and highly convenient Bluetooth for hands free controls. I absolutely have loved my experience with it. Furthermore, it is incredibly easy to clean including any spills or stains that might get on the fabric! The dash is simple. It does not have a backup camera if that is something that someone is looking to get, but it has blind-spot and back up sensors!

- Kaitlyn H

Mazda3 is affordable, dependable, classy with technology, that is reliable.

My Mazda 3 hatchback is consistent, and reliable. It has power, appeal, as well as comfort and is still utilitarian while being classy looking. The tech included is well designed and works perfectly, my iPhone works perfectly with my Mazda, no matter in rain in Indianapolis or driving the dusty back roads of Arizona it is highly adaptable no matter the weather or environment. My parents own a Mazda cx9 and they love it, I recommend Mazda to all my friends.

- Joseph C

It is expensive and may not seem that good for the price.

The best thing about Mazda 3 hatchback is how it smooth it drives. I have been driving this car for past 4 years now and never regretted. It has a lot of leg space in the front for the driver and the passenger seat. But that does limit space in the rear leg space. The front seats have temperature regulations. And the trunk has a generous storage space. The driver seat can be adjusted for height to drive as well.

- Sana R

Mazda 3 reliable and affordable.

I bought my Mazda certified pre-owned and it was a great decision. Not only did I get a great deal but the car is amazing. It handles well and rarely needs to be fixed as long as you keep up with maintenance. I have a long commute to work but my car handles it easily even in storms. The traction control has come in handy during snow storms. It is a very reliable and comfortable car. I would highly recommend it.

- Marissa T

Mazda 3 is the best value.

Mazda 3 has responsive handling. It is good on gas and has a peppy engine. It is fun to drive and looks sporty. It is a high quality car that is comfortable and well designed inside. It is reliable. It is well built. It can handle curves like a sports car. It is nice to look at. It is small but it is also roomy inside. Mazda makes good cars and affordable prices. The Mazdas retain a good resale value .

- Tiffany K

Mazda 3: An amazing car with great flexibility

The performance of this car has been amazing. I have only had to replace my tires after obtaining a flat by hitting something in the road. The gas mileage is amazing. I think the car is pretty spacious and comfortable inside and the Bose speakers are great if you really like listening to music/podcasts. The radio sometimes can get a little messed up with the touch screen if it's not completely clean.

- Courtney K

The original tires made it 68,000 miles, and the gas mileage is excellent.

I would normally give it a higher rating, because it is great but the navigation system decided to put me in San Antonio ,TX and it won't move now and mazda doesn't seem to want to help fix it. Other than not having the navigation system anymore the car itself is good, but they need to upgrade the navigation features to be more in line with Ford, And there needs to be a way to reset the satellites

- Kaira S

It is very spacious, and there is not very many blind spots.

This is a great car for your first one. The interior is nice and very spacious. The Bluetooth is a great feature but I have had a lot of trouble reprogramming it from previous phones. The car has sensors in the mirrors so it is great to see what’s in your blind spot, but I do wish the car accelerated a little faster that it does, but all around is rides very smoothly. The ac works great and fast!

- Madison B

Overall the Mazda 3 is a great car to have!

The only issue I have is the tire pressure seems to always be an issue. The car does seem to sometimes not like stopping on a dime. The gas mileage is great, the pickup is great, handling is good. I do not have really that many complaints. The car has brought me all over the place and is great. My belongings are always safe when in the truck because there is no way you can get in there easily.

- Devin R

Attractive, fun, and dependable ride

My car has just over 70,000 miles, and aside from routine maintenance such as oil changes, I've only had to replace tires and rear brakes. The car is very dependable and fun to drive. Gas mileage is great, the car performs well on the interstate, and it is fun to drive when I take back roads as the vehicle handles well in addition to having some get-up-and-go. Overall, I love my car.

- Lee C

This is my 3rd Mazda, I cannot really find anything about them that I do not like.

I love my car but the way the temperature knobs are can be a little confusing. I love the Bluetooth features but sometimes the Audio/visual panel gets disturbed when I have oil changes. Possibly that is the technician but it does affect the panel. This is my third Mazda because I like them so much. They do not seem to have many repair issues because they seem to be made well.

- Kim H

Mazda3's are all you need in one.

I love my Mazda3! The greatest thing is the gas mileage. The newer Mazda 3's are much bigger than the older ones. I wish it had a little more technology, but I do just have the basic model. Very comfortable seats, easy to clean. Very reliable. I keep up on my upkeep and haven't had any other issues. I really enjoy my Mazda and will continue to purchase vehicles from them.

- Ashley P

I have had it for four years and I have never experienced a problem!

I really do not have any issues with my vehicle. I absolutely love it. I have really bad back problems and in any other vehicle my back will start hurting after being in it for 30 minutes. But the way the seats in the Mazda are shaped, I can be in the car for about 2 hours before my back starts to hurt. I also love all of the safety features the Mazdas are equipped with.

- Alexandria L

Dream Car Did NOT Disappoint

I had always dreamed of owning and driving a Mazda 3 hatch. Something about them seemed exciting. My husband and I finally made the purchase of our beautiful car a few years ago and it has not disappointed!! We take it in for regular updates and oil checks and such, and it's still running as well as the day we purchased it. 10/10 will buy another Mazda someday.

- Jenny V

Review of Mazda 3 - Great Car!

As of now no major problems, of course besides basic care such as oil changes, tire rotations, etc. The performance and reliability are absolutely great! It's a car I can depend on for my whole family and for long distances. The comfort is great, I wish second row seating got a little more space now that I have a little one, but Mazda has the 6 which has that.

- Kate N

great car for a great price

Great quality performance for a nice price car, very roomy having and amazing size if space including trunk size. Amazing on gas mileage a whole take could me about 300 miles. Never had the car break down on me. Braking and speeding is great and works properly. Would love a reverse camera or a better radio setup then the current �older� looking model.

- francine J

Mazda Mazda3: simple in all the right places.

Simple interior, not too flashy and not too plain. Has enough technology features to be on the newer side of car technology but not excessive. Enough leg and shoulder room for back seat passengers. Trunk of 5door hatchback is very spacious especially when back seats are folded down. Infotainment system is simple and not confusing, very technology friendly.

- Jesse G

Mazda 3: A Good Car for your kids.

I love my car. It is good on gas and drives smoothly. I have not had any major problems with it and I had a Mazda 3 before this. I would purchase another Mazda in the future. There are numerous features in the car that I love including start to push ignition and the sunroof. The car is also pretty spacious and comfortable for people to sit in the back.

- Stacey M

Good reliable car that give you everything that you need at a good price

It doesn't fit over the bumper in parking spots, but it drives great, gets good gas miles and is overall a great car. It�s a great starter car with some features but nothing too flashy. For the feature it had it is what I need. I would recommend it to any young adult or someone that just needs a nicely priced car. It also has great Safety ratings.

- Samantha H

They should know that my car handles well.

I like that it is a hatchback. It drives fairly smoothly and handles turns well. I dislike that the disc brakes are making a bit of a grinding sound, and i dislike that the tray in between the driver and passenger disappears behind the dashboard, like you cannot reach the back of the tray and shallow items fall back there it is a real design flaw.

- Marie S

Gear box design flaw - ruined enjoyment for stick shift enthusiasts

My main gripe is with the gear box. When I shift gear, it would get stuck (hard to engage) sometimes. Since it's a intermittent problem, dealer cannot find the cause without charging unspecified diagnostic fee. Otherwise, I like the look of my car, comfort features are great, gas mileage is decent. Not sure what is the benefit of Skyactiv design.

- tru v

Great car overall. Easy to drive. My dogs fit comfortably in the back seat.

It is very reliable. It drives and handles well. It is comfortable on long road trips and gets great gas mileage. One downside is that even with the windows rolled up, it's kind of a noisy ride. It is a very basic model. It does not have touch screen or any fancy buttons. Mine is a manual and is easy to shift and comfortable to reach the pedals.

- Jessica M

Mazda 3 great car for four.

The Mazda 3 is a great car for those of us who do not drive long distances and need an efficient vehicle. The car offers great trunk space as well as enough room in the back to sit people comfortably. There are two major problems: the positioning of the radio ( when in sunlight you cannot see the radio call numbers) and several blind spots.

- Mary K

Awesome compact car with great features!

The Mazda 3 is the perfect car for someone who isn't looking for anything too big. Mazda in general has great performance. I have never had any issues with my vehicle making it ultra reliable. The sound in the vehicle is amazing and the features are a great added bonus to everything about the car. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Leah M

The Mazda is amazing at use both on the road and in general.

Good a/c, seats are very comfortable, as a passenger the car is good for sleeping and staying comfortable during sleep, car has good mileage being able to reach places as far as on the other side of Vegas, car has amazing sensors that can tell when a car is coming in too close or when there's a object getting too close to the car.

- William B

It is affordable and very reliable. Gets great gas mileage

Love my Mazda I have features in my car that didn't come out until 2014. Gas mileage is excellent. Love the hologram on the top of the dash that tells your speed and navigation. Headlights turn with your with the direction of your steering wheel. Auto headlights and wipers. All these features allow me to keep my ways on the road.

- Lorre T

Great Gas Mileage, Great Car!

I love my Mazda! I've only ever owned a Mazda and I continue to only shop Mazda when I look for a new vehicle. It has great gas mileage and the maintenance costs are really cheap. My car isn't always in the shop but when it is the bills are never too large and it�s not in the shop for long (only minor things). Really good car!

- Darian C

If you are looking for a reliable first car this is the one!

Very reliable I have no problems with it starting in very cold or very hot weather. It handled beautifully in the snow with snow tires, I commute to college and its relatively cheap to replace parts and holds up well. I am very impressed with how sporty and sharp it looks as well its a very pretty car and great as a first one.

- Sierra L

Great comfortable and reliable car.

I love how smooth the vehicle drives. It is extremely comfortable for both long and short drives. It gets decent gas mileage and is extremely reliable. It has not aged very well over the years though. You can definitely tell it is 4 years old. The car seems to drive differently and you can feel that it is not at it is best.

- Brooke D

Features of a 2014 Mazda 3.

Drives well and smoothly, no problems so far. My Mazda3 has a navigation system, Bluetooth capability, and tablet sized screen for the radio, system controls, etc. It is a compact car so if you have a family it probably wouldn't be suitable because of the size. The trunk is nice and big and the seats fold down if needed.

- Morgan H

The Mazda3 is an excellent small sedan for getting around efficiently, safety, and in some style.

I like how my car drives, and thus far, it has been very reliable. I like It's looks and design. It gets good mileage, and is a very nice car. My only complaints are that it is not great in the snow, as I did get stuck once last year, and I wish it had a bit more room for cargo/ items in the back and/or trunk space.

- Ryan L

It's best used as a commuter car. There isn't a lot room for kid seats or for carrying a lot of things.

It makes for a good commute car. Easily connects with my iPhone so I can stream podcasts or answer phone calls with the in car controls. Has unobtrusive blindsight detectors that has saved me a few times in busy traffic. Major drawback is that the nav system is a pain to update and it requires expensive synthetic oil.

- Clint T

The Mazda 3 review is here.

My Mazda 3 is incredible it has all wheel drive, cruise control an amazing sound system. I have had no problems whatsoever as far as any type of mechanical issue. The interior of the car is very nice. I enjoy the car thoroughly and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to buy a sleek gas efficient vehicle.

- Anthony B

Mazda 3/ reliable/great gas mileage/ great family vehicle.

My vehicle has been great. Good gas mileage, plenty of room for my children and comfortable. My transmission did go out last year but I was under warranty still and Mazda completely replaced it and gave me a rental car for the week. Besides that it has been completely reliable and I have really enjoyed it.

- Katherine S

An interesting detail of my car is the push start.

I really enjoy the mileage I get in my car. I just would not recommend it as a family car. Maybe with just one kid, it's okay. But since having our second child, the space is so cramped, and super uncomfortable. When my fiancé sits in it, or his friends sit in the car they look monstrous in the vehicle.

- Christy S

Mazda 3 close to a sports car with four doors.

Comfortable front seats, good gas mileage, easy to control panel, nice ride, decent pick up, build in GPS and Bluetooth, good trunk capacity and cargo net, better mpg than I thought. Some issues early on with the sunroof and instrument panel. Nothing major. 55,000 miles, 4 years, and few problems.

- Ken P

Reliable car plus savings in gas

Great reliable car. Engine is great up until now. Even after almost 5 years car still going great. I have no major repairs so far. Gas consumption is also good. I don't gas up a lot. After 5hrs of driving I only gas up once. Great savings there. If I buy another car, I'll probably get another Mazda.

- Ivy Y

Mazda's are a reliable vehicle to own.

I love my Mazda. I can just sit in the seat and it just feels like a perfect fit. Runs smoothly and the console is easy to use. I wish the interior was grey and not black because it makes it extra warm inside the car. You take care of your car it will last a long time for you. Good mileage and gas.

- Megan V

Great on gas, small on space.

It's amazing on gas, I love the ease o the Bluetooth. The interior is all black which I love cause I have kids which make the car messy. However, I do not like how small and cramped the car is. It is not a family car at all, and the resale value is worthless if you're in an upside down situation.

- Christi S

My Mazda 3 Gets Great Gas Mileage at a Great Price!

I selected my Mazda 3 based on customer reviews. I was looking for a safe, gas-efficient vehicle that was also attractive and fun to drive. The only things I wish my vehicle had are heated side mirrors and an in-dash navigation system. Other than those two items, I absolutely love my Mazda 3!

- Deborah D

If you love a manual transmission, then this is the car for you!

I love the car. The one thing I wish would be that there would not be so much road noise. Gas mileage is great and there is a lot of space to put everything I need to carry for work. Has a lot of pep and I love the manual transmission. Eliminate all the road noise and I would be a happy camper!

- Christine B

small. compact. convenient.

I like the my car is great on gas and very low maintenance. I haven't had anything major go wrong with my car since I've had it. I wish it had more technology features. It does have push to start and blind spot sensors. I wish i would have gotten a bigger model because the backseat is tiny.

- Lola I

The inside has black and silver detailing which I love.

I have the Mazda 3 sport sedan, and I am honestly obsessed with it! I love the screen, I love how quickly the Bluetooth connects to my phone, and I love how quickly this vehicle accelerates! It truly is a great car, and it is also very comfortable to make long trips in! It is the perfect size!

- Hunter L

MAZDA makes the best vehicles on the road today (in my opinion).

First thing I liked was the price. It replaced an older car of the same make and model, and that one was 100% reliable. This 2014 car is proving to have the same sort of reliability. My favorite add-on was the rear view camera. The road noise is annoying, but not something I can't live with.

- Goody N

Amazing car for my first car very satisfying.

I love my car. Great on gas. Very comfortable. The only thing is has a lot of electrical problems but they are easy fixes. I love that it has the blind spot on the mirrors. It's a very safety car. Love the leather seats in it. Seat warmers. I will drive this car until the wheels fall off.

- Curran C

Great but infotainment system is glitchy

The infotainment screen auto clicks when the car get warm. Sometimes it will call phone without me selecting. Aside from that everything works well. The car is zippy and doesn't feel slow to get up to speed, especially when getting on the freeway. The heated seats are really nice.

- Andrew R

Speed and design. It has sleek look and sporty.

No problems. Eco on gas has great interiors. Roomy and fast. It is very safe and comfortable. Back seats fold down for storage. Huge trunk. All needed done has been maintenance and oil changes. The sport engine is very fast. Has smaller steering wheel that adjusts. Has CD and aux cord.

- Amy P

Reliable and fun to drive!

I love my Mazda 3. It is fun and comfortable to drive. I have driven it on small and long trips and on my hour and a half daily commute with no issues. We have put on over 130k miles and it is still going strong. It gets great gas mileage while still being responsive and fun to drive.

- Donovan L

Mazda 3: a great car for great people

I love my Mazda. Any problems I've ever had with it are minor. Sometimes the radio won't work when I turn the car on, and the tires wore out really fast. But I get amazing gas mileage. The Bluetooth feature in the car is one of my favorites. It also drives surprisingly well in snow.

- Samuel K

A great everyday car for everything from grocery shopping to moving your household

The car is great for moving stuff and has good acceleration. The gas mileage is average for the vehicle type. The screen for the GPS and audio and such seems a little bit like an afterthought and the smaller screen that shows the MPH sometimes can be finicky. Overall it's a good car

- Michael O

The mpg, comfort and design are some of the best features of the Mazda 3.

The Mazda 3 has a nice soft touch interior and a sleek exterior design that helps it stand out from the crowd. Mpg is good but could be a little better. Spacious interior with enough leg room. The headrests are uncomfortably angled. But overall, the car is pretty good and reliable!

- Ron B

It is definitely a good deal for the price of the car

I like the size of the car since we don't have any kids it's perfect for what we need. I also like that it drives very smoothly. I don't like that the car doesn't seem to accelerate as fast as other cars I have driven and the interior seems to get scratched up relatively easily.

- Sarah K

Mazda 3, 2014, 55, 000 miles review.

Problems: had the sunroof control repaired within 3 months of owning. The dashboard was lit up, and had that repaired within 6 months of owning. Pros: so far, four years and 55, 000 miles, the car is reliable. It is comfortable for me, but a bit small for my family of four.

- Ken F

Car for families or for looks.

I love the sleek and modern look to it. Mine is red, it is shiny, and in the sun it glistens. I have 2 little ones in car seats and they both fit fine in the back with plenty of room for a small person to sit in the middle. Very spacious and comfortable back and front seats.

- Lyn S

Runs smoothly with kick to it.

It is small but haven't had any issues. It is loud when it starts up but it still runs smoothly. However car does not do well with snow. The volume button broke fast. It picks up speed fast, does good on gas and oil, and low maintenance required. I would buy this car again.

- Kari L

I wish every Mazda have a GPS or a camera to Be updated to be update lower brand.

I love Mazda cars, this one is my third one. Never have any problems with any of my cars, they are comfortable and good in gas too, I love their style even though the I think they need more technology in their cars to catch up with their competition to continue being a #1.

- Gloria Y

The fuel economy is amazing. The features are incredible and affordable.

I love how great the car is on gas(34 mpg), saves us a ton of money. I love the Bluetooth feature. The only thing i dislike about the vehicle is how small it is. It worked when we had only 1 kid, but now with two. The space is limited. Also, they don't hold their value.

- Kristi S

It's much more fun than your average family car usually is

My vehicle is a mazda 3 grand touring hatchback. This model is practical, fun, and luxurious. It comes equipped with features that are great for everyday use at a reasonable cost while being very enjoyable to drive and being able to accommodate most of our family needs.

- Yuriy G

Sport mode is probably my favorite feature when I want to drive fast.

It is fast, sporty, drives smooth and spacious. I prefer having a 4 door over the 2 door because it is perfect for having my friends and family join along with me in the car. I also love that gas lasts me 1 1/2 to 2 weeks when I fully fill up. Recommend my car to anyone

- sabrina H

Gas mileage and is up to date in style.

It is a very reliable car, the performance is very safe and I get very good gas mileage. If you keep it up to date it will last you very long time. Keep the tires and oil change often and that will help you keep the car for a long time. The style is still up to date.

- Jay W

A smooth ride with great gas mileage

I have never had any problems with my 2014 Mazda 3. The car is very comfortable but with a growing family a little small. The car is very low to the ground so road trips can be loud. The car gets great gas mileage in town and on highway. Very happy with my purchase.

- Sandy A

Great smooth ride for everyone.

It is a smooth ride. The service for the car is always handled with care and ease. I have never had any major issues with the vehicle. My recalls on the car have been taken care of and never charged me. It gets great gas mileage. Also has great technology built in.

- Jake P

Mazda 3 grand touring sedan.

This car gets great gas mileage. It has a GPS system with "skyactiv" technology. This is a very comfortable car!! I drive the 6 speed standard grand touring sedan. I have traveled to many states. This is a wonderful "road trip" vehicle! Great value for what I paid!

- Courtney C

Great Gas Mileage No Complaints

It has great gas mileage. I haven't had any major problems in five years of ownership. It's very stylish looking. It is very comfortable. It handles very well even in bad road conditions. It's very roomy for a smaller car. Other people seem to really like it.

- Mike M

Heads up display that shows speed and directions when the navigation is up.

This is a great car that gets great gas mileage. The infotainment system is super user friendly but needs to be updated through the dealership often. One downside of the car is that the engine is really loud when starting the car. But runs great and is reliable.

- Russell J

It is reliable and overall a good value. highly recommended if comparing options in this price range.

Love the reliability of the car and the interior is exceptional for the price range. Style is decent on the car as well despite only having the base model. only downside it lacks horsepower and acceleration for my tastes but that's not essential for me anyways

- Tre B

Stick-shifters dream car, Mazda 3

Car is great, one of the last stick shifts on the market. Runs very smoothly. However she is very close to the ground, makes adventuring rather difficult. The interior feels large with a great hatchback for maximum space. Love this car! Was a great purchase.

- Kayla P

Recommend Mazda for a smooth ride

So far I have not had any vehicle problems, performance is great, this vehicle is really easy to get use to, my driving experience is really smooth, and really reliable, my vehicle is really comfortable and my passengers love it. Definitely recommend Mazda.

- Diana B

It drive beautifully and has drive mileage. I would buy again

I love the design. the drive, and I know I will probably buy again within the mazda family. I find that there are things I think can be improved, my window has stuck since I bought it. Also, I think the thermostat can by improved as well as radio controls.

- Lesley D

Mazda 3, great ride, and gas mileage

Love the look and how it handles and drives. Gets excellent gas mileage. Haven't had to do any major repairs yet. Some nice speakers would be great. Wish it had a backup camera as well, and a little more get up and go. But no complaints overall. Good car!

- John D

It is fun to drive and gets great gas mileage and great interior finishes

I love the style and gas mileage and how fun to drive plus the safety features. I like the bose system but not how you can't change the stereo without going very custom due to the built in style. I would not buy the color black again but nice otherwise.

- Michael W

I love the fact that my car is a manual transmission. It was difficult to find in a newer car but it was a must have.

I love the interior, stitching, and appearance of my Mazda. It's got a good amount of space for passengers and cargo. One of the one problems I have is that the touch screen on the entertainment system is broken and sometimes the Bluetooth won't connect.

- Allison B

The 2014 Mazda3 hatchback or 5 door option

I really like the Mazda3 as it is a very sporty car and gets great mileage. When the Sport option is turned on the car has more power and handles great. The only thing I would like more would be an option to keep the sport driving option on full time.

- James R

The Mazda 3 is a well-made, dependable, comfortable vehicle.

I really like our Mazda 3. This car drives smoothly and hasn't needed any major repairs since we purchased it. The Mazda is comfortable enough, but I think a little more legroom in the back seat would be an absolute plus for our next purchase.

- Victoria G

that it's reliable and durable

I like the fact that it's compact, but spacious at the same time. The engine is amazing and can speed at a very short time. The only dislike I have is the interior design of the car and the materials they used which I find them to be cheap

- Daphne S

It has s luxury feel for an economic price, and it is surprisingly fast.

I love the comfort of the vehicle. I love having the heads up display and Bose sound system. The sport mode can come in handy for city driving. The one disadvantage is that it isn't quite as fuel efficient as I would like it to be.

- Austin G

Buying a new Mazda 3? Be ready to buy new tires too.

Very well built and drives very smooth. Came with a good warranty. The only problem was the tires. They give you the cheapest tires and it makes the all wheel drive work poorly. Be willing to buy better tires if you purchase one.

- Ryan W

It's very reliable, but slow. The rest you can tell when you look at it.

Like the look outside and built in navigation. Quality of the finishes inside is very nice. Dislike the acceleration. The car is very slow if you want to pass another car or do another maneuver that requires fast acceleration.

- Anna G

Excellent Fuel Economy (Averages 37 mpg for Highway + City)

The 2014 Mazda3 has excellent fuel economy (mine averages about 37 mpg) and looks nice. I do not like, however, that the car feels a bit dated for being relatively new (i.e. no backup camera, manual seat adjustments, etc.).

- Rai S

The most important thing is it's fun to drive and sporty and cool to look at!

I absolutely love my Mazda3 Hatchback. It's a perfect car for my needs. It's fun to drive and handles very well. I love the look of it. My car has added details that make it look sporty and it's really one-of-a-kind.

- Michele C

This is a great fuel efficient car with good styling.

I like my Mazda because it is fuel efficient and reliable. I also like that it is a hatchback so there is more space to carry things. I would say that I dislike the navigation system and the lack of a backup camera.

- Steve H

Feels luxurious at an affordable price.

Really comfortable. I like hatchbacks because they have more space than a sedan but it is not big or inefficient like an SUV. I love the dash and design of the touch screen with knob control. I have no complaints.

- Dan H

Great car with innovation

My Mazda3 has been a great vehicle. It runs smoothly and stable with minimal noise. The performance is great. So far I have no issue. I would likely to consider Mazda if I were in the market for new vehicle.

- Chee L

Mazda's are reliable and built to be driven for a very long time.

My Mazda3 is the hatchback model, so it has a lot more space than the sedan. It's great on gas mileage, has a quiet engine, and has a sleek design. The built in navigation and Pandora systems are perfect.

- Cassandra B

Mazda3: 50000 and still going

I use my mazda3 to commute to work each day...I have gone 50000 miles and have yet to have any problems. Also the safety features like backup camera and blind spot cameras have helped me avoid accidents.

- Kevin B

Mazda3s are very safe. They are excellent value for the money.

My Mazda has an incredibly comfortable interior. The drive system is a new design and driving the vehicle is fun. The vehicle is very quiet. The Bose speakers make for an amazing listening experience.

- Julie W

It has fantastic gas mileage, and you really get a good value for the car overall.

I love all of the little features, such as the navigation and Bluetooth connections. Dislike that there are no air vents in the back, and that the leather becomes discolored after frequent use quickly

- Alexis P

Love the blind spot monitoring feature of my Mazda3.

My Mazda is very comfortable to drive. It is reliable and I especially love the backup camera and the blind spot monitoring system. It is very roomy and a get quite a lot of compliments on the car.

- Michelle K

Some big blind spots but back up camera is great.

The ride is smooth and truck space is massive! We keep it well maintained and never have any problems performance wise. Seating can be described as narrow but it fits our family of there nicely.

- Taylor M

I can see out of it so well for being only 5 foot tall. The seat goes up to where I need it and windows have minimum bar space so I feel like those aren't in my way either.

I just love driving my vehicle. The way it handles. I love the styling of it. I'm only 5 foot tall and it is so easy for me to see out of. Just so well designed and I feel like it fits me well.

- Michelle K

It gets good miles and I feel like it is a reliable car to own.

I have leather seats that get very hot so wish it had the option for the air conditioned seats. The navigation system has been acting up where it just starts clicking around and change things.

- Caitlin U

Very Reliable vehicle low maintenance.

I like the power and the response of the vehicle. I also like the aesthetics and design, exterior and interior. A complaint I have is that the infotainment system doesn't offer Android Auto.

- Alexander H

Mazda is a dependable brand that will provide comfort and security.

I love my vehicle. It has never needed servicing (beyond basic maintenance). The navigation system is accurate and dependable. The back up camera and lane change cameras are so helpful!

- Tess M

It gets great gas mileage and has a low maintenance cost.

It gets me around the city. It allows me to find parking on the street easily because it is a company car. I have no complaints about the car. It's a great car I'd recommend to anyone.

- Wesley J

It was a dealer-used car. It has very few miles on it.

I do not like the color of the car. I do not like the way the body of the car looks. I so not like the maker of the car. I do not like that I had no input into the purchase of the car.

- Lynn P

The Mazda3 is a safe and fun to drive sedan that is worth checking out.

I like the way my car handles and its acceleration. It has been very reliable and easy to own and maintain. I wish it had a few upgraded features, but other than that I like it a lot.

- Ryan V

This is a very reliable car, with a lot of comfort if you can mind the noise.

My vehicle rides very smoothly. It's very comfortable, and has a very comfortable space. It is low to the ground and small. The only downfall is that the car is a little noisy inside.

- Jocelyn L

Our Mazda 3 looks very sharp with sloped line and a good looking front end.

We are extremely satisfied purchasing our 2014 Mazda 3. It's great on gas traveling 55 miles each day Monday thru Friday to work. The ride is comfortable and there's plenty of power.

- Peter M

QUALITY construction. Very little has gone wrong with my car since it was purchased 4 years ago.

I love my vehicle. It has wonderful features like backup cameras, lane switch alerts, and in-care navigation. The gas mileage that it gets is great. I honestly have no complaints!

- Tee S

It gets good fuel economy without losing too much power

I like the exterior style of it, along with the color options. It gets good fuel economy too, and has decent power. Also affordable. It would be better had I gotten a higher model

- Steven C

It is really reliable, i have kept it maintained and it has not failed me.

I like that my car is compact, and reliable. I do not like that my car did not come with a sun/moonroof and after a few years it's been starting to give me electrical issues.

- Vanessa C

Zoom zoom , protection for the whole family!

I love my car, it's comfy and build to aircraft standards. It's got a roll cage built in and the gas mileage is super. My only issue is it is not home mechanic friendly.

- Abby D

The perfect small car for a single woman. There is very little maintenance and I don't have to worry about it breaking down or anything. My dad lives 5 hours away and cannot help me so I need a good reliable car!

I love the hatchback feature (the entire reason I bought it). I also love some of the little extras like the blind spot detection on the mirrors and the keyless entry.

- Andrea S

Great mileage .. high 30's mpg .. and runs on regular fuel.

I love the handling and mileage .. always 33-38 mpg. It's white .. I wish I could have gotten a better interior than black cloth. Brown leather would have been nice.

- Ron S

Dependability of Mazda 3 won't disappoint!

This is a wonderful car. I thoroughly researched several cars before purchasing it. Most bang for your buck, performance is outstanding, and reliability is top notch!

- Alexandria Z

It looks pretty cool with a crispy clean line design.

I like the horsepower and the sleek the design. The car is not the best on gas but still does pretty good in the city. Also, the car has very comfortable seating.

- Ron S

Dependable, great gas mileage.

Economical on gas, rides nice, GPS and Bluetooth built in. Only complaint is room inside, especially back seat. I have 2 car seats with no room for a 3rd person.

- Cheryl R

Love my car! Will buy again!

Love the car—looks, driving comfort, reliability. Have had some problems with the backup cameras, but dealer/service personnel have been very accommodating.

- Carol B

Its great. I don't have any extra features but it comfortable to drive.

I dislike it because it's small and low, meaning it's hard for me to get up and out of the vehicle because of knee pain. I like it because it's great on gas.

- Stephanie W

Sporty, yet family friendly

It is very spacious in the front and back seats. I can easily fit two car seats in the back with room still in the middle. Sporty, yet good if you have kids.

- Lynae S

that is is too noisy for the price that you pay for the car

it has a very good looking style on the interior and exterior my biggest complaints are the road noise and a low powered engine that too noisy for my taste

- ray c

Very sturdy, up-to-date tech car with amazing reviews.

It is reliable. Has very good gas mileage. He trade in rate is really good. Overall a great car with good luxury items ie. backup camera, Bluetooth, etc.

- Lauren S

It hasn't ever failed me. I haven't had any major issues with it in the 4 years I've had it.

I love my car. It has enough space for me and if i need to haul anything around. I enjoy the mileage it gets and the ease of getting around and parking.

- Amanda S

My Mazda 3 gets very good gas mileage.

I love the body style of my Mazda 3 hatchback. I can get an 8 ft. long board in it. Even brought my 5 ft by 5 ft storage building home to put together.

- Annette J

My transmission experience

Great gas mileage, slow pick-up, seat comfort ok not the best, wish it had seat warmers, had transmission problems the first year had to replace it,

- Sonja W

It gets really good gas mileage and is very dependable.

I love my vehicle. It gets great gas mileage and is affordable to fix. My one complaint is the radio being on top of the dashboard. I hate that.

- Heather S

GPS screen is mounted on top of the dashboard, it gets hot in the sun.

I do not like that the front bumper is very low. Sometimes it gets scrapped when I park too far over the parking stump or going up/down ramps.

- Diana F

The best part of my Mazda three Is the fuel efficiency and also the repair parts are inexpensive

Love my vehicle no problems till this day. Mechanically it has been very good the repair parts are inexpensive and it is really good on fuel.

- Jonathan P

Sporty and Fuel Efficient choice

It's is sporty while still being spacious and reliable. It also gets amazing gas mileage which is really important as I drive a lot for work.

- Magen D

Gas efficiency without losing drive/power.

I love the drive and storage space for the size of the car. I like the gas mileage in the car. I would love slightly larger next time around.

- Linda G

It's got plenty of room for 3 people going on vacation. 4 if you can pack light.

It's a silver Mazda 3 that we call the bullet. Gets me and my friends where we want to go very quickly. Got it on discount for some reason.

- Daniel L

Be very prepared to buy tires often, and deal with braking issues.

Overall, the Mazda 3 has been good, and I love the design and appearance. Mechanically, it has had major issues with the wheels and brakes.

- Evan B

Mazda 3 car is amazing! It's a great car to have.

Car performance is exceptional. Maintenance is easy. Car is very reliable. I have not had any major issues with it since I have bought it.

- Sandra G

It is very reliable and low maintenance

I love all of the features- sunroof, leather seats, bluetooth technology. It is also very low maintenance and gets very good gas mileage

- Jessica k

Mazda3- why it's a great car

Super reliable, comfortable and no problems. The breaks came in great condition when I first got the car and they are still perfect now

- Monik B

The rearview camera is great.

Like - rear camera, blind spot sensors. Dislike - no sunroof, no advanced safety features, battery in touchless start sometimes dies.

- Gwen E

Great car for around town

Very reliable and drives well. I wish it had a touchscreen radio or navigation system. It's very convenient for my 3 person family.

- Sarah M

The Mazda3 is fuel efficient and fun to drive and cheap to maintain.

I like the driving dynamics of the Mazda3. It's a great car to drive. I love It's fuel efficiency, and It's low cost to maintain.

- Jonathan L

The car is a sedan and rides very comfortable when going into town

I love my Mazda 3. It gets really good gas mileage, and I am very pleased with the additional features (ie navigation, radio, BSM)

- Eric V

Mazda 3 is a great little car and good on gas but could be a bit roomier.

There have been a lot of recalls. Car is just a bit too small and uncomfortable when traveling. The radio set up is very strange.

- Michelle H

Great car, fun to drive, reliable

Great mileage, great tech, good reliable car, nice price, no problems, fun to drive, would get the same car if I want a new car.

- Loren T

it drives smoothly and is very safe

i wanted to get the hatchback but it was unavailable. the interior is roomy but could be bigger. the speed was the biggest draw

- agnes F

Mazda 3: Great vehicle! Low maintenance, lots of power, great gas mileage!

Mazda 3 Hatchback has been a very reliable car. I have only completed regular maintenance and have had no mechanical problems.

- Suzie H

Its medium size and is cozy.

I love that my car works and its sleek and fast. It also pairs with Spotify. Everything I need in a car. Simple and reliable.

- Austin R

Great gas mileage, fun to drive, the interior is great.

It is an extremely reliable four door sedan that gets great gas mileage. I love how dependable it is in all kinds of weather.

- Nickie G

Reliable, has not been expensive for maintenance.

Liable. Good looking, comfortable, and love the side mirror warning alarms.. Only complaint is the air conditioner is weak.

- Greg H

Front wheel drive, not four wheel drive. Good gas mileage.

Pretty comfortable, drives smoothly as well. Only major downside is it is not a four wheel drive, but a front wheel drive.

- Chris D

Best features are its safety features, especially the back up camera.

Nothing I dislike about the car. I like the safety features. I like the maneuverability. I like that it is good on gas.

- Jacqueline H

Good gas mileage that it gets and low cost of maintenance

Gas mileage, reliability, low maintenance. don't really like the front end and it can be uncomfortable on long trips.

- Tamera P

The Mazda3 is sporty while being extremely fuel efficient

My vehicle is extremely comfortable and fuel efficient. It is spacious while still being compact. It is also stylish.

- Magen D

How good it is on gas mileage. It has saved me so much on gas

Drives great. Amazing gas miles, I would recommend a Mazda to anyone. I will buy another one when I need another car

- Greg H

Gets 38 plus miles per gallon of gas.

A compact 4 door sedan that appears more mild sized. Ge great gas mileage. great car for single person or a couple.

- Laurence t

Mazda 3. Reliable, affordable, simple design, classic look.

Reliable, good gas mileage, no major issues, comfortable. Wish it had more luxuries like remote start, heated seats.

- Ellen S

Fun to drive and easy to handle in fast turns, not much room in back

It's fun to drive and manual transmission makes it much more fun on turns and freeway. Hatchback also for the bike

- Rafael D

You can easily see out of it, all the way around.

I'm 5 foot 0 inches. This vehicle is great for me to see out of! I love how sharp it turns, and the style of it.

- Joel b

Mazda 3 for first time driver.

The air conditioner broke multiple times and the factory tinting is coming off. Other than that the car is great.

- Lindsey H

Zoom! Zoom! Fast vehicle.

Very compact. Not ideal for a family car. Or packing a lot of groceries inside. It's very fast, good on gas too!

- Vivian D

It is a very smooth ride and very safe. It has been hit twice and totalled the other car

No problems Great performance for the car Reliability is 100 and comfort ride Features are adequate for the car

- Andrew O

The breaks and how comfortable it is to go to drive especially in a long drive.

Small car and reliable. Easy to understand what's inside the car. I don't have any complaints about this car.

- Jovita B

this car gets great gas mileage

I like that it is small and compact. Gets great gas mileage and is fun to drive. Hate that it is not leather

- ono G

Love it! Easy and fun to drive!

Pretty good on gas, about 29 mpg, comfortable, simple but still fun to drive. 4 yrs old with no issues.

- Rey P

The car is amazing all around. Runs super smooth, excellerates quickly. Reliable

I love it. The only thing I don't like is that it's a stick shift. Runs super well and really reliable

- Alexandra G

Do not know what else to say.

Good car no problems, good mileage, good looking, tech savvy, fun to drive, keeps it value, good deal.

- Loren N

Sporty yet reasonably priced

For the price of the car it comes well equipped with tech features, safety, fuel economy and safety.

- Evan S

The Mazda 3 is a nice comfortable car. It is not too big. There is room for passengers and the trunk is large. I have not had any problems. I am disappointed in my gas mileage I get about 29 mpg. I wish I could have gotten automatic headlights. The driver seat adjustment could be improved. I love the key fob, keyless ignition.

Mileage not as advertised. I went shopping for a new car based on gas mileage so I am disappointed.

- Patricia C

It has great fuel economy and is a sleek and stylish car for commuting and travel.

It is small and compact. I like that it has high fuel economy. I dislike the lack of space in it.

- Matthew C

efficient and easy to drive. inexpensive and easy to maintain

compact, efficient, easy to maintain, i like that it is simple and not complicated. not luxurious.

- cat m

It is a well manufactured car that will last for many years.

It is a great vehicle! It is very sleek and well designed. It is also a very fast moving car.

- Dan L

That it fits in my incredibly tiny garage.

Good overall value. Good mileage. No mechanical problems far. And, looks reasonably good.

- Tom M

It is easy to maintain and good on gas mileage. I would recommend it.

It is very comfortable. It has enough leg room for me and passengers. I love it

- Danita A

It drives well in the snow.

I like that it's a 6 speed. Wish it had a sunroof. Almost time for an upgrade.

- Lori J

It gets great MPG but is rather small. It is also very comfortable.

I love that it is fuel efficient. But the back seat and trunk space is small.

- Jennifer M

Great gas mileage.44 gallons mile on hwy.37 city great ride

Very nice compact car. Has enough room. Nice trunk Sunroof and hands free

- Dawne M

Mazda 3 gets very good gas mileage on both long and short trips

gets very good gas mileage easy to drive convenient for short driver

- Phyllis M

It's so fun to drive! Driving has become fun again as this car loves mountain roads and curves.

Love everything about this car. Handling, gas mileage are all great!

- Sally M

Safe and smooth, Japan brand

I like the color, design, and smooth, I don't like about getting old

- None C

It is a very reliable car. HAs great trunk storage for a small car. Has keyless ignition

It drives really smooth. It has very little maintenance to do on it.

- Tonya C

Good gas mileage and simple and enjoyable to drive.

Simple yet sporty with good gas mileage and an enjoyable ride.

- John C

That it is a very reliable car

No complains at all. It is fuel efficient. Love driving it

- Sabine C

My car drives well and runs good.

I like the color, speed, size I dislike the engine noise

- lisa s

My vehicle is very reliable and stylish. It gets pretty good gas mileage for not being a hybrid. I have not had any problems with it. Some people say it's a bit loud inside the cabin, but it's fine by me.

My car is very reliable and I love the way that it looks.

- Tan W

Mileage and is very comfortable also has a great sound system

Love the car gets 40 mpg runs great and very comfortable

- Nick C

great performance, good mileage, lowest maintenance,

great performance, minimal maintenance, nice styling

- dimitri b

Nice ride, good gas mileage.

Rides nice. Handles well. Great gas mileage.

- Fred H