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The dual temp control is nice because you can set it to what you like.

I have had this car for a little over a year and put about 5000 miles on the car and have had no issues with it. The car performs well under normal conditions. Although I have found out that since the car is lower to the ground than the previous cars I have owned before (SUV) I noticed in heavy rain hydroplaning is pretty common. In snow my car handles well and haven't noticed any unusual problems. The comfort in my car is good I have noticed that if I am driving for more than 2 hours without breaks my butt does get a little sore. I love my heated seats, GPS, dual temperature control. I also love that my car has the controls on the steering wheel so I do not have to take my eyes off the road to change the station on the radio and of course when the radio gets too repetitive I can turn on Bluetooth and listen to the music off of my phone. Another amazing feature that this car has is hands free talk, when people call me when I am driving it comes up on the screen in the car and I can use the control knob in the center council to answer the call and drive legally. Some states you cannot talk on the phone and drive but this allows me too because I will have both of my hands still on the wheel. Also on my navigation it tells me where the nearest gas stations and restaurants are and I use that a lot while I travel back and forth to home. Overall I love my car and wouldn't want to trade it in anytime soon it has for sure been my best car.

- Rachel M

I named it Derek because I am often annoyed by it.

Seat is not very comfortable (neck support is awkward). Noisy cabin when going above 55. Sounds aggressive when I step on the gas so some idiot tries to race me every other day. I think anyone above 5'6 would fit in tight in driver's seat. I have the grand touring model so nice sound quality and does have decent trunk space. Interior is good. Hard to find a nicer interior at this price point. The door handle interior area does pick up smudges and scratches. I haven't even taken off the clear plastic off around the drive stick to prevent scratches. Some of the chrome finishes will help randomly blind you when the sun hits it (worst idea). I feel the car tends to overheat or it could be due to how I drive. Even a year in, there's an intermittent burning smell that cannot be from the engine sealant to protect during shipping as customer svc told me. Also, auto setting for headlights always utilizes high beams. The headlights only is weak. Auto will turn both on blinding everyone and causing road rage from other drivers.

- Grace H

Mazda3 is a great economical car with nice mpg, and lots of features.

I love my car, although I do wish that it was awd (the new 2019 mazda3 is awd!). Also, the sensors are sometimes wonky, and will turn on randomly when it is very cold, or very sunny, and the automatic brights will turn on. The performance is great, it is zippy when it needs to be, and gets great gas mileage (I can usually go close to 400mi on one tank of gas). The seats are comfortable. This car comes with a Bose sound system, backup cam, and gps, which has been a lifesaver as I live in an area that does not have reliable cell service, so navigating without a satellite gps can be tough if I do not know where I am going. Also, one small downside, the car has large blind spots, luckily, the mirrors are equipped with lane assist, which alert me if a car is in my blind spot. Very helpful!

- Ai S

Best value with amazing stock stereo!

The Mazda 3 sport is the base model for the brand and has many features that you wouldn't expect to find included. The list includes a 7.1 Bose sound system with a touchscreen display & app integration. My favorite feature is the backup camera which is already installed. This car handles extremely well especially when cornering a turn. Feels similar to driving a sports car (previous car was a mustang), but the Mazda is more effortless and comfortable to drive. My only complaints would be that the seats are not powered (mechanic adjustment only) and that it can lag when accelerating but they have increased the motor size in 2018 so that problem should be resolved. All in all this car is a great value and I'd highly recommend it.

- Ashley R

Mazda 3 touring is my best car purchase.

No problems! I have never had an issue in the 36,000 miles that I have driven. The car is great on gas mileage approximately 36 miles per gallon on the highway. I driven here from Texas to Colorado twice and both experiences were great. There interior is two tone leather. There is a nice turbo button that comes in handy when trying to merge into traffic on the highway. I have the hatchback and it is great for carrying loads. The stereo is a touch screen along with manual knobs that are conveniently placed for ease of use when driving. I recommend getting the SD card for built in GPS map system. Awesome seat warmers and dual air control for driver and passenger. Very spacious. I extremely happy that I decided to purchase.


Like mentioned before it picks up pretty fast compared to other vehicles.

Mazda 3 has been very reliable so far. I bought it brand new. Manual stick shift. The only thing that I see as an issue is that the stick shift sometimes gets stuck and I have to move it around. Also another part that is a little annoying is that it is a keyless car which is awesome. But the issue is that you still have to unlock the door with the alarm remover. When I had a Nissen there was a button on the door that allowed keyless entry. So I always have to remember to have the key on my hand to unlock and lock the door. I like the way the car picks up compared to other cars that I have had. I do not have to press the accelerator too hard which is great.

- Jennifer P

Mazda 3 hatchback . This car has a sport option on top of the manual shifter.

This vehicle has been very reliable. There are many features about this vehicle I love. On the dash you will have notifications for an oil change needed, low tire pressures, when roads are slippery and when you engine is warm enough to begin driving. The back seats drop down completely. This car's performance is excellent. It is a very funny car to drive. It comes in sport shift manual along with the automatic option as well. I would not say the comfort of the car is excellent. The interior could be softer. All in all this vehicle I would give an 8 out of 10.

- Brittany B

Modern, comfortable, and economic.

For the most part, I really like this car. It has good fuel economy, is a pretty smooth ride, and is a good size for a single driver without being either cramped or too roomy. I like that I can link my phone to my car and be able to communicate and listen to music without taking my eyes off the road. I also like that it has cruise control and automatic windows and mirror adjustments, none of which my last car had. The only thing I wish my car had, which is more of a luxury than something I really need, is seat warmers for the winter.

- Andrea S

The location of the scroll wheel and screen provide a new level of safety.

The only problems I have had with my car is the tire pressure light, which the problem resulted from the people doing maintenance on the car. The car gives a smooth and quiet ride, with great surround sound and a level of comfort with the redesigned scroll wheel. The car is very reliable and have not had any problems with it after over 2 years of use. One of my favorite features is the location of the scroll wheel, where it is more safe to select what you need on the screen and do not have to take your eyes off the road.

- Ally M

The Mazda3 is worth the price.

The car is very smooth when driving especially the brakes. It comes with Bluetooth which helps the driver be hands on wheel while listening to music or talking on the phone without distraction. The car can handle most seasonal features like rain or snow. It also has a reverse camera which aids in reversing better and safer than without. A few problems would be the backing up system does go off even when no real obstruction s is there. The Bluetooth works well if only one device is connected.

- Michelle H

The stereo system is amazing!

The Mazda 3 sport is overall a great car. Although it's not the best on gas and sports mode practically eats it up anyway. I haven't had many issues with it although if your in an accident expect damage. This car is very easy to dent and scratch I have several dents on my roof and hood from stuff falling and people sitting on my hood that I was unaware of at the moment. Mazda offers very good deals including warranty and dent protection so make sure your given the best offer.

- Patricia L

No navigation system or satellite radio.

I did not pay for the extra features such as Sirius/XM radio and a built in navigation system, and these are sorely missed. Also, there is a flaw in the Bluetooth system that once my phone connects to the Bluetooth in the car, it no longer responds to my voice commands. This could be a setting somewhere, but I have not found it and it is very frustrating to have to pull over, stop the car, activate google maps, then restart the car which does not have a nav system.

- Thomas M

Fun, affordable daily driver that has not sacrificed style for a lower price tag.

Love my 2017 Mazda3 hatchback! The interior makes it feel more expensive than it is with navigation and an attractive center console and command center. The gas mileage is amazing, and I often average 40+ mpg on the freeway. I haven't encountered any issues yet, but I have only owned for about 4 months. So far it has been reliable. I just recently took it on a 1, 000+ mile road trip and both my passenger and myself were very comfortable.

- Teresa G

Bad design on all control buttons.

Too small for my needs. The trunk is way too small. I hate it there’s no mute on the steering wheel. Car makers need to give customer a choice if the customer still want a CD player. All the controls need to be somewhere else. I am always turning off the sound accidentally because all females like having their purses next to them. Also when my dog jumps in front, she changes stuff too. It is very bad design. Very frustrating!!

- Amy C

New features make driving safer.

Love the lane departure feature, auto headlights, rain sensing wipers. Very comfortable to drive, lots of legroom in the front seats. Mazda connect is hard to learn, climate control (used to manual) is still being learned. Which radio had favorites (manual buttons to switch stations). To use voice control you need to know the station's frequency, etc.. to get it go to the new station. Guess I am old fashioned.

- Kathy S

Do not buy, this car has given me nothing but problems.

I do not like the car, I've had nothing but problems since I've had it. Drive shaft has went out twice. The tires have had to be replaced more than on an average car. Lots of wear and tear. Left me stranded on the side of the road because my car keeps overheating. Once I got the vehicle to the shop they couldn't tell me what exactly was wrong with the vehicle. Will never purchase another Mazda.

- Kelsey L

My sporty little Mazda and me.

I have not had any major problems or performance issues with my car. Everything works great, although I do not like that the sport model is not Sirius XM enabled. It is very comfortable. My boyfriend is 6'2' and I am 5'3' and we can both drive comfortably. I love the touch screen and all the features I can access there. The car drives and handles very well and is pretty roomy for a small car.

- Jess M

It handles extremely well, is very reliable and gets great gas mileage.

The car was purchased new from a local Mazda dealer. It has all available options and has never had a problem. Numerous safety features, including adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, blind spot detection, backup camera, lane detect, road sign detection, heads up display, etc. The leather interior is very nice and since this is a hatchback, there is lots of cargo room.

- Gary A

An interesting feature is the stadium display for music, phone and GPS.

I love the comfort of driving it. The problem I have is that my iPod does not seem to play playlists. And my iPod starts over again instead of staying at the last song I was listening to. The gas mileage is not terrible but sometimes when driving, it does not feel like a smooth ride. That actually bothers me so much. Other than that, I love the color of my car and the sleek design.

- Kimberly S

Great gas mileage, backup camera is very helpful. Able to make phone calls.

Wonderful car with great gas mileage. I have had it for almost 2 years without a single problem and have only needed to do routine maintenance (oil changes, tire rotations, etc. ) Overall I have been very satisfied with this purchase. This is my 2nd Mazda 3 (last one was lost in an auto accident) and I would highly recommend Mazda vehicles to anyone.

- Cassandra W

Great compact roomy sedan.

Very reliable great gas mileage fun sporty great car, love the manual option, service great, roomy multi purpose good handling good price point features interior wheels exterior tires back up camera sunroof two trip meters cruise control good leg room fold down seats tie downs easy to clean durable fabric seats for dogs, keyless entry GPS navigation.

- Lynn V

The Mazda 3 is a little small in the back if you are taller! Not much legroom.

My vehicle is still pretty new! It is stick shift and I love it! The ac runs ice cold. The Mazda 3 is great on gas and only takes about $30 to fill up the entire tank! The gas will last me for about a week and a half and that includes to and from work travel!! The seats are extremely comfortable and you have great visibility!

- Mckenzie P

Great car, fantastic value, very reliable.

I love my car. I like the fact that it is a 6 speed automatic transmission, as most car companies have switched over to the CVT transmissions. the only thing I dislike about it would be the jack points on the car are very weak. The first time I jacked up the car to take the tire off, the pinch weld had started to bend.

- Jason M

One of the best cars I have ever owned.

I have not have any form of issues with this car. Gas mileage is incredible, the safety rating are high, and it fits my family’s needs. The seats are comfortable and has a lot of space for a smaller car. It is got a touch screen display, Bluetooth, reverse camera and more! The blind spots are extremely small as well!

- Daniel W

New is great but some learning curve.

Only complaint is heating/ cooling. Liked mechanical better. Radio has taken a while to get used to it. Love the rain sensing wipers, auto on headlights. Safety features such as lane departure, back up camera and sensors are great. Heated seats are great in cold weather. Never had hatchback before, really like it.

- Kathy S

The Mazda 3 embodies an easy going lifestyle.

I love my Mazda 3, it perfectly defines my age and lifestyle. There's so much space and is user friendly. However, I wish the mileage was a bit better especially in urban settings as the tank only holds 10 gallons. Also, with the radio, it takes a while to control it as it pops up a warning for distracted driving.

- Lauren G

Touch screen radio, back up camera and the auto windshield wipers.

I love my car. It has a backup camera, automatic windshield wipers. It has a nice sounds system and gets about 23 miles per gallon. The seats are very comfortable. I do not feel like I am sitting up too high or too low when I get into it. I think the only downfall is that it is not that great in the snow.

- Kelsey J

I love my sleek, simple, and safe Mazda 3.

I haven't had any real issues with my vehicle yet. It gets great gas mileage, is a simple and is a simple but comfortable car. I love the back seats fold down so we have more trunk room. My husband fits his surfboard in the car this way! The back up camera is also one of my favorite features for parking!

- Erin J

Too small, for a family. Just right for a party or 2.

It is reliable I just wish it had more features, and a bit more leg room. It is great in gas and it has not given me any problems but if I had a chance to change it I probably would. Same make just maybe a larger model, one that has more room. It makes it very hard for a car seat to fit in the back seat.

- Joyce J

Mazda 3 a great car to own drives well and have had no problems with it.

Drives well. Will buy more Mazda's in the future. Smooth ride. Fun car to drive. No problems with the motor. Glad we got the car. Would recommend to others. The second Mazda we have owned. My girlfriend liked her 6 better but I enjoy driving the 3 it is a little lower to the ground and handles better.

- Dan D

Great, reliable first car!

No problems with 20,000 miles on it. Performance is crisp and smooth. Response time lags. Very reliable vehicle and comfort is great. Seats are very comfortable. Small car so not recommended for taller individuals. Back seat is not very spacious but there are tons of extra compartment and cup holders.

- Daniel G

This car runs great and is build to last for a long time.

I have had absolutely no problems with my car so far. Everything runs great. The bluetooth is really easy to hook up and all of the electronics of the car work really well. I think that it is a really good feature that the touch screen doesn't work while you are driving. So far, I have no complaints.

- Sabrina C

The safety of this vehicle is above and beyond all expectations!

This is my 4th Mazda vehicle! I love the ease of driving this vehicle, but most of all I love the safety features it has! The Mazda family I have gained in the purchasing of all four of my Mazda is incredible! My dealership is in Georgetown, TX and I will never go anywhere else to hit a car again!

- Kim M

My car is a safe place when driving.

My Mazda3 was highly rated for safety and that is important to me. There are many dangerous drivers and illegal drivers who do not take driver training and there are probably more than you can imagine. My Mazda2 makes me feel safe. I like many of the features including back-up camera and screen.

- Lee B

Mazda 3 - a great car for me.

I have no problems with my Mazda 3. It came with blind spot reminders, rear view screen, leather seats, cruise control, Bose stereo, hd radio, sunroof, and a larger trunk than I had on my previous Mazda 3 hatchback. The pickup is fantastic and you know that the "zoom, zoom" is not just made up.

- Jr D

Needs seat warmers please. My seat is cold.

This is my parents car. I really like it a lot. It is super spacious which is good for road trips and driving to and from college. I do wish there were seat warmers though. It wouldn't matter if I lived in a southern state but I do not. It gets really cold in the winter and so does my seat.

- Tea U

Comfortable and sharp design.

Very, comfortable, reliable, good size, trunk is big enough to carry anything. Nice and sporty design, nice features inside, sharp interior. Good customer service when needed at dealer. Good gas mileage, comfortable to travel long distances. Totally recommend it, it's my second Mazda.

- Silvia B

Great economy car with good gas mileage and comfortable driving experience.

Love the style, the driving experience and the features. I am noticing that there is some wear and tear on the vehicle that I wouldn't expect. It also gets really good gas mileage which is a plus when you have a commute. The biggest problems I have had were not on the fault of the car.

- Jennifer K

Zoom-zoom. Great mid-size vehicle.

No problems yet. Easy to drive, excellent GPS. Comfortable seats. Back-up camera works fine. Would definitely lease another when this lease is up. Service from the dealership was also very good. I really have nothing negative to say about this vehicle and would recommend it to anyone.

- Seri C

Great car with easy access navigation console for calls and music

this is my second Mazda I have owned and have always been pleased with the performance, reliability. My Mazda3 is very comfortable, the sound system is great and I especially enjoy Having the rear camera to aid in backing up out of tough spots. The Mazda3 is quite roomy for my needs.

- Greg R

It's a good car for the money. It's safe and drives smoothly.

It's a red mazda 3 hatchback. I really like the safety features like the backup camera and blind spot monitors and heated seats. Sometimes it's a bit hard to tell where the front of the car is though because it's long and curved, so i wish there was like a front of car monitor.

- liz n

The perfect road trip car.

This car is an amazing vehicle for road trips. It handles really well and has great mpg. I get about 370 miles each tank. The seats have seat warmers, the technology in the vehicle is really user friendly and the sound system makes cruising with the volume up a really fun time.

- Emily B

Economic car for average size people.

It is very reliable, it has very good gas mileage, excellent sound system, interior is very cramped for larger people. Trunk space is adequate for short trips. Handles and drives very well especially when sport mode is selected. Heat and air work well. Cost was reasonable.

- Donald W

The Mazda 3 is a fantastic car and a great value.

Performance is great, powerful engine & acceleration. The car is super comfortable and the hatchback has plenty of space. The sound system is also really good. Safety features like backup camera are very useful. I have zero complaints about this car, 10/10 would buy again.

- Katie R

The volume/stereo set up is differently designed than most cars.

Everything about the 2017 Mazda 3-grand touring is great, from the seating and upholstery, to the stereo system. The only complaint I would say I have is the sensitivity of the gas pedal/brake. This car is reliable and good on gas, however if you drive fast, it kills gas.

- Nicole R

The Mazda 3 is a vehicle ugh amazing safety features.

I love my vehicle! It is a very safe and friendly car. With good visibility, back up camera, and sensors on side mirrors. It is also very comfortable and also has heated seats. It is also roomy as well with leg room. This car is overall a very comfortable and safe car.

- Bailey R

Small, but mighty and stylish!

Performance and reliability is great! It has back up cameras and has navigation if willing to pay for it. There is also plenty of room in the trunk. However, there is not much room in the backseat. A car seat can fit in the middle seat well but difficult on the sides.

- Denise J

Fun and sporty with surprising speed.

Car is very fun to drive. There is a surprising amount of oomph that comes from the 4 cylinder engine, although the low end is power is lacking. It handles really fun due to the sportier tuning. Lots of space with the hatch and the back seat is actually quite roomy.

- William K

If you want quality at an affordable price, Mazda is the answer.

I have yet to have any issues with my mazda 3. It's the second one I have leased. The closest issue was a recall that got corrected quickly. The car is very solid and handles well in the snow. Only thing I wish it did have is a CD player. It's very good on gas too.

- Dana C

Cool, attractive, beautiful, have a good engine.

My vehicle is Mazda 3 I purchased it last 2017 and I deal with it a good price. I don't have any problem with my car. It work good. It is so comfortable. The features of my car is quite expensive, beautiful and attractive because I want my car being attractive.

- Mazda M

How easy and fun it is to drive.

Compact, easy and fun to drive, and a very nice model not to mention saves on gas! The only thing is the front windows are very small. I feel like it's hard getting things handed to me through the window. At night it's a little hard to see out the back window.

- Marilyn P

I love my Mazda 3! I made the right choice!

I love my car. It is comfortable and it has been very reliable. I loved all the details such as the Bose sound system and the seat warmers. It drives smooth, picks up speed quickly, and it looks great. I am very pleased with my decision to purchase my Mazda 3.

- Dawn M

The dependability and value. It's a great car for the price.

I love the sporty feel of the car and the way it hugs the road. I also love the knob on the consol that controls the stereo and navigation. I wouldn't buy another car without it since it allows you to control the system without taking your eyes off the road.

- joyce g

Good vehicular Mazda 3 2017.

The car is easy to drive. My vehicular if a manual. There is a rear view camera. There is a sunroof. There are also seat warmers. Interesting set up with the parking break it is a little lever like a light switch. Good gas mileage. Nice form easy to drive.

- Annette R

Trustworthy features and good performance.

I love everything about my Mazda3. The performance is great and really gets up to speed quick and feels smooth on the road. The reliability is great considering I have the blind spot monitoring, automatic wipers, and reverse camera. Very trusting system.

- Page B

It has multiple safety features like backup camera. The push to start is great.

Other than routine oil changes and windshield wiper replacement I haven't experienced any issues. It drives great and looks great. I love the safety features! I love the hatchback it gives me a spacious back without feeling overwhelmed with the car size.

- Parrish S

Its a Mazda 3 a good car.

It's a good car, reliable, comfortable and it has a nice radio, rear camera, alarm, Bluetooth which connects to my phone. Its pearl white gray interior sport, what I like most is it is a push button to start. And keyless I can just hook it to me and go.

- Nicole B

It is a great looking car, great style, heated leather seats, Bluetooth .

I love the style, the heated leather seats, the Bluetooth , the gas mileage I get, the warning signs I get when changing lanes, the autobrake, the color, the size, the design, that I can listen to my music through Bluetooth and make calls while driving.

- Bridget B

That it's easy to drive and fits into small spaces and the hatchback is so much more convenient than a trunk.

I like the styling of the car outside. The inside console could be better the cup holders feel too far back. I don't like the stand up screen too well. I'd prefer it be integrated in a better way. I love the additional knobs for music control.

- Barbara B

love my mazda 3. have been driving this make and model the last 3 cars i've had

good gas mileage, comfortable seats and adjustments, roomy. large trunk capacity, handles well on the road, good pickup. not happy with interior noise volume, and creates air pressure when you have the windows cracked open slightly

- carol l

reasonably priced safe vehicle with luxurious features, good gas mileage

i love the mazda 3, easy to handle and i feel very safe driving it, love the rear camera, I find the temperature controls a little difficult It's either very warm or very cold. comfortable temperature is difficult to achieve

- susan b

The one thing I like most about my vehicle is the in car entertainment

The main things I like about my vehicle is that it has in car entertainment. I also like that it has controls for the entertainment down by my arm that is very easy to access. I do not have any complaint about my vehicle.

- Ben p

It is very reliable in all weather. I have never had a problem with it starting right up and has a good amount of pep.

This car has all the features of other more expensive cars. It rides very comfortably and is very reliable, gets great gas mileage, handles well, goes around corners very smoothly. It is the best car I have ever owned.

- Tina M

It's great on gas, and takes less than 30 bucks to fill up.

I love how smooth the vehicle drives. It is also very easy to maneuver and has an easy to use Bluetooth system. I do not like how I cannot set presets on the radio. The tune bottom also skips across certain stations.

- Laura N

It is great on gas mileage.

I love that my car is a stick shift. It is very good on gas and it the second. Mazda I gave had. I wish it had a better air conditioner and that the fan was more powerful to push cool air to the backseat area.

- Kimberly B

similar to honda civic but much cheaper. actually gets better gas mileage than the civic

put 40k miles in 1st year, had to buy new tires. gas mileage is averaging 32.8. seats fold down for plenty of cargo room. not really peppy but has a button for added tork. overall love the car.

- Robert V

The car gets really great gas mileage.

The Mazda is a really fun car to drive and I love that it has really great gas mileage. I purchased a basic package so it didn't come with all the upgrade but it still is an awesome vehicle.

- Thomas C

Gets very good gas mileage.

It gets good gas mileage. It's a hatchback, so it's also very practical & sporty looking. One of the only downsides is that there is no hatch release inside the vehicle or on the key fob.

- Yvonne M

Drives like a dream, but be careful not to speed!)

I like just about everything. It drives really smoothly and has lots of options. I love the bluetooth connectivity. I would prefer a different color, but that's the only complaint.

- Stella L

That they have faulty transmissions.

I love my car, because it is very spacious without being too big. It has good pickup and does not consume a lot of gas at once. I love that my car looks sleek on the exterior.

- Alexis L

Fun and fuel efficient. I like.

The car has a smooth ride and I got the manual version which is very fun to drive around. Has a cool feature where you cannot roll back for 3 seconds when engaging the clutch.

- Stephen C

The car's performance matches Mazda's slogan of zoom-zoom.

The vehicle is sporty and responds well to my driving. The price was good and was able to upgrade. It's my third Mazda all vehicles have performed well with no major flaws.

- Dave K

Great car for the most part

My Mazda is a good reliable car. Doesn't really have any problems other than when one window is down and the others are closed the car makes a noise that bothers your ears

- Sam Z

It is fun to drive, gets good fuel economy and looks great!

I love how it drives, its fuel efficiency and comfort. I dislike some aspects of the design. I find the view out the front and side of the vehicle to be somewhat limited.

- Holly W

It handles well and speeds up quickly!

I love the gas mileage and the sporty look. I dislike that I may not have enough room for my growing family to continue using it. Backseat and trunk could use more room.

- Jennifer C

It's excellent on gas mileage. The Mazda include certain features in is basic model that other cars did not provide.

I own a silver Mazda3. My favorite part is the turning radius. I enjoy the back up camera and the mirror alert things. Sometimes I do have trouble with my bluetooth.

- Marjorie a

It is a beauty and fun to drive

The car is well made. It is fun to drive. It is roomy. It is very useful. The complaint is the warranty will not cover the tire which had a crack in 20K miles

- Lily H

It has great gas mileage and is great for travel and commute.

My car is very simple and generic. It does get great gas mileage and is great for travel and my commute. I just wish the car was a little more fun and fast

- Kristen W

Great Looking Fast Mazda3!

I love that I can get on the freeway super fast. I love the gorgeous red color. The front seats are super comfortable but the back seats are super bumpy.

- Angie B

Standard Mazda's, may not be what you want.

The car drives great, however, it is a standard vehicle which is fun at first but becomes tedious to drive. Great gas mileage and drives very smooth.

- Candice M

It's affordable and is well worth the price.

My Mazda is so comfortable. It drives exceptionally well and the vehicle fits my personality. It's designed perfectly and is very pretty to look at.

- Paula K

I think the most important th8ng is that it is reliable.

I love the handling and features on the 3. It is great on gas mileage. It is spacious and safe. I enjoy the sound system and it has a large trunk.

- Kim B

It is economical yet sporty.

I like the sporty chic look. I like the interior and the computer system in it. My one complaint would probably be that there is not a lot of room.

- Emily B

great car to drive in town as well as long trips.

very easy to drive turns and etc. there is a blind spot on the driver's side to be careful of. very good gas mileage.i wish it was a little wider.

- sheila u

The car can fit more in it than people realize.

I like the way the car looks, the backup camera, the sunroof, and how spacious it is. I don't like the gas mileage or the size of the gas tank.

- Larissa C

That is handles very well and has good gas mileage.

This is my second Mazda. Overall, Mazdas have an excellent standard of quality. I like the handling and the appearance of the Mazda 3 model.

- Brent L

Great on gas, and durability.

I love my car, because it is simple, great on gas, option to use power, and great design. The hatchback offers plenty of space with privacy.

- Sharon D

Its huge and has a wide turn radius that takes getting used to.

It fits me perfectly. Good on gas, I like the body style, it very roomy, good interior, radio sounds good I can connect my phone to it.

- Janet B

It has leather seats, which are amazing.

I live the great gas mileage. Mine is a manual transmission and the cup holder are in the way. The trunk is really big for a small car.

- Debra W

Average gas mileage on highway is 42.

Great on gas but there is a drawback road noise is bad and it doesn't have very good shocks the car feels every bump on the road.

- Cathy F

It is fun to drive and very nimble, good acceleration.

My car handles very well and turns tightly. It is small and easy to park. The visor to shield out the sun is too awkward to use.

- Lucy C

It is fantastic on gas and is easy to zip around in traffic.

I love the responsiveness and gas mileage, It is super fun to drive, The only complaint is it can be difficult to get out of.

- Jason D

It fast and cute sporty car.

Great fuel efficient car. This is my second Mazda and I really love my car. Has all the features your car would want and more.

- Ashley H

Always fun to drive no matter the traffic

It's a fun car to drive. It's low weight adds a little rattle when accelerating but it's a much more responsive car for it.

- Edward S

Sporty car gets good gas mileage and is fun to drive!

My car is sporty and fun to drive. I love how it feels like it is made for me. I dislike that it doesn't have a CD player.

- Jenny H

Screen fails backup camera.

The media console screen has issues with feedback from the back up camera. Either does not show or is grainy and cut off.

- Elizabeth B

No handle for trunk. Hard to look to right when driving.

I like that it's small. I do not like how the front mirror is far down on windshield. Makes it hard to look to the right.

- Ase L

Driving the Mazda3 Hatchback; A fun and easy to drive vehicle

This a gray mazda 3 hatchback that seats five. Overall it is reliable, has excellent gas mileage and fun to drive.

- Heather P

It is very reliable and maintenance is low cost.

I like the back up camera. I like the radar cruise control. I like the luggage space. I do not like the hard ride.

- Ken W

Reliable vehicle, purchase not regretted

It is very reliable. The seats are comfortable but there is space in between the seats where small objects fall.

- crystal d

It is safe and comfortable

I like that it has a backup camera. I like that it has warning lights on my side mirrors. I like bluetooth radio

- cheri S

It's very reliable and has good features for safety and good handling

I like that it has a rear view camera. It has good acceleration and handling. I don't have any real complaints.

- Dennis E

You can only turn the car on or off if the keys are in the vehicle.

I like the Mazda brand. I have owned three and they are reliable and interior and exterior are nice looking.

- Sue s

Great value for the amount of features that are included.

I like the Design of the exterior and interior. I like the features. I like the performance of the engine.

- William L

The Mazda3 is easy and fun to drive when commuting to work.

Overall a great purchase and value. The technology in the car adds to the value, safety and performance.

- Heather P

great look. great design. awesome average

great design, good average. performance is great. i love the look of the car. riding is fun in this car.

- mad a

The Mazda 3 is powerful. The car has enough power to get you on the highway.

I picked all black, do not like all black. Noisy inside hard to hear radio. Mazda 3 a little too small.

- Linda K

It sits low and has low profile tires.

Its sporty and stylish. I get a lot of compliments! Gas mileage is pretty good and can get up and go!

- Cynthia G

Great performance and good gas mileage, very comfortable ride

Love everything about it. The only thing is there are a few too many gadgets that are not needed

- Tonya H

great fuel economy for a fun to drive vehicle

fuel efficient, small but fun to drive vehicle. Gets great gas mileage and is comfortable.

- M N

It drives like it can handle. It's particularly efficient with the best seat warmers.

Sunroof, affordable beautiful option. Pet loves the sunroof. I like how sporty it can be.

- Shirley M

It's fun to drive! It's also a safe car and looks more expensive than it is

I love how fun my car is to drive. I love how safe I feel in it and I love how it looks.

- sarah N

It has a manual transmission. It's a great anti-theft deterrent

It's fun to drive. designed for the driver and is available with a manual transmission

- kristy v

not the fastest, but nice and compact with appealing outer design.

slow bluetooth connection, slow acceleration, very compact so not spacious in backseat.

- alice d

Fantastic ride! Fair price! Looks amazing. Has many standard features which other car companies charge for

Love the ease of drive, back up camera and overall look. Could use more get up and go.

- Diana D

Past experience with the MAZDA brand has been very good. With regular maintenance my MAZDAs have needed few repairs and lasted a long time.

No complaints. I love my car. It is very comfortable to drive and gets good mileage.

- scott h

Gas mileage is very good it gets close to 50 mpg on highway and straight driving

Great gas mileage fun to drive only drawback is road noise and feels all bumps

- Cathy A

Very reliable. Cheap to maintain. Good gas mileage. Heated seats and steering wheel! Looks sporty with a nice interior. Good value for money.

It's very reliable, sporty, and fun to drive. Heads up display is handy.

- Emily H

cheaper to get stick shift but doesn't come with other upgrades

does not have a lot of common upgrades standard in other models of cars.

- Natalia k

It is fun and I love driving it It has a great sound system and makes getting to work fun

I love my car, it is fun to drive and gets great mileage and it is cute

- Denise M

It's a great small car that has all the basics plus a few add-ons for safety and entertainment. It suits me well, looks sporty and cute, is fun to drive and makes me feel safe.

It's a fun but reliable vehicle that is just as safe as it is exciting.

- Courtney M

Great smaller car for anyone

I love the body styling, it looks great. It's affordable and reliable

- Erica N

The car is very comfortable and i love the look of it. My only complaint is the cost of maintenance every 3-4 months.

It is affordable and comfortable. Gas price is affordable as well.

- Josue G

It's considered a sports car, so be aware that you will be paying more for insurance.

Love the style. It's very roomy and spacious. Was a little pricey.

- Trista P

Reliability. These cars usually last long.

I have no complaints. I find Mazdas are built well and look nice

- corinne s

It's a great car and it gets really good gas mileage

I love everything about my car except that it's a little noisy

- Ivette R

Nice technology. Handles great

I love the color and technology in it. The size is also nice

- Morgan J

It's got a lot of pep, great gas mileage and a great price. I have had Mazda's before and never been disappointed. The only thing I wish is that it was AWD

I love my car and it is fun! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT

- Marissa G

the car is safe for new drivers, practically all drivers because of all of its features

I love that the vehicle has tons of safety features

- Camille M

thay it is very reliable.

I like the good mileage. It is trouble free.

- jim E