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spare tire on my 2018 mazda3 is a danger to drive on

I am sure every one thinks its safe to drive on a mazda 3 spare tire . well here"s what happened to me on a sunday drive 46 miles from my home. on a freeway. I hit a pot hole on the free way .it trashed the tire . had to change the tire on a busy highway with cars speeding by me at 70mph.not much fun at all .I put the temp spare on the car .on the tire it said not to go over 45mph. if any one has ever tried to go 45 mph with cars passing at 70mph on a freeway its not fun at all people gave my the finger as they passed me layed on there horn as they passed me by .I had to go over the 45 mph down hill .I had to pull over 3 times to let the tire cool down .because it got hot .also try to find a tire store on sunday .not" I got off the freeway and got it home .after a 1 1/2 hour drive home I go to a tire dealer on Monday I find out that the tire mazda put on the car was not made any more because it had a lot of problems also mazda put a 185mph high bucks tire on a every day street car .why why ? well they found a replacement tire out of state it took 5 days to get it to me .that's five days I could not leave town .because of the spare tire being junk and over heating .the new tire is on the car now .I am going to the junk yard and buy a rim to put a new tire on so I never have to deal with this again .I all so am upset with mazda over putting junk tire on my mazda 3 that are not made any more I have only had the car 3 weeks .its brand new .I am going to a pick up truck that has a spare tire I am done with mazdas over the years I have had over 24 brand new mazdas there are other tings I don't like about the mazda 3 I only get 330 miles to a tank of gas my other mazda 3 with a 2.0 motor would go 500 miles on a tank of gas the 2.5 motor does not there are other things I don't like but that's a other story

- jack spencer

2018 Mazda 3 grand touring.

I have had no problems with my vehicle thus far, except for when I had to replace the windshield due to a crack. Due to the fact that the car's technology is rather new, the windshield was back-ordered for a few months. The city brake system as well as the smart brake function are a great touch. The car drives wonderfully and handles great in rain and snow. The interior is done nicely and the seats are comfortable. I enjoy the navigation system and like using the features the car has to offer. If you do not buy navigation with you car, you can buy the USB card on eBay for hundreds less and it works great! Also, there are many aftermarket car kits available that make it look quite stylish. The car is quite fast, faster than you might think. The turbo button definitely improves pick up speed and does not really drain gas. I fill up my tank once a week and it costs about $26. 00/tank. The gas mileage I get is outstanding! I love this car overall and am looking to buy my next one instead of lease.

- Lauren J

The Mazda 3 is great. Affordable car for anyone.

I purchased the car last year and it has been reliable so far. There have been no major or even minor issues with it so far. The interior is nice for a lower cost sedan. It does not look or feel cheap. The seats in the car are comfortable and you do not get sore, even after riding in the car for long periods of time. The infotainment is in my opinion really well done. You use a knob in the center console to control the screen. I think this is easier than cars where you have to touch the screen to change setting because it keeps your attention on the road. The trunk has plenty of space for most things and the seats fold down to make more room. The engine is surprisingly powerful for being a v-4. It is pretty quick to accelerate and it handles everything well. The car has a good suspension and handles corners and turns well.

- Lucas K

My Mazda3 is excellent on gas. I get about 35 miles to a gallon!

My Mazda 3 is awesome! It's loaded! I chose an electric blue color. It has leather seats, power windows, power seats, heated seats, heated steering wheel, and front and rear defrost. It has navigation, and I love that it has a sunroof! It has a flip plate that comes up that you can customize. I set it to show the actual speed limit and how fast I'm driving. When it's started up you can barely hear it's even on. It's push button start, which is so convenient. I leased my 2018 Mazda3 for 36 months, and I have just over 2000 miles on it. I've had zero problems with it thus far.

- Tina S

Sleek Modern Car for Less Than Expected

Mazda 3 is excellent on gas. The entertainment system is very modern and always up to date with what is new even in the most basic Mazda3. The leatherette seating is comfortable and very easy to clean, also gives the car a sleek look for half the price. I have never had any issues with this vehicle other than the center screen taking some time to turn on when left in the hot Arizona sun. I have leased 3 Mazdas so far and have no reason or desire to change when this lease is up.

- Ashley C

Gas efficient car, unique features.

It is a smooth riding car that is great on mileage. It has a unique touch screen feature that is enabled only when you are in park, and has a control panel below the gear shift for whenever you need to navigate the screen while driving. The controls on the steering wheel are easy to find when you want to set cruise control or skip a song on your music (if not on the radio). It is a very reliable car that will get you where you need to be.

- Meagan N

Mazda- one of the best brands hands down.

I really like the size and features of my car. It is compact and in an affordable price range, but comes with nice features for the price. Compared to other cars in a similar size (Civic, Corolla, etc. ) I like the overall look of my car and quality and features much better. My family has had Mazda's for several years now and we have absolutely no complaints about reliability, durability and overall satisfaction with the brand.

- Danielle S

Great mpg, safety, and value!

Excellent vehicle, great on gas mileage, smooth ride, quiet. Push button start, automatic, rear camera display. Wish I had upgraded to heads up display and apple carplay. Excellent Audio sound quality. USB is only a 1 volt, which does not charge the phone, not great for long drives. Hatchback model is great for active lifestyle. Not liking the hatch cover, does not allow for dog to be in the back. Great safety features.

- Amanda N

Quiet and smooth ride. Best gas mileage I have ever had on a vehicle!

The vehicle handles smoothly. Takes turns well and takes uneven roads well. Smooth and quiet ride. Has a lot of safety features. Provides maintenance warnings such as oil change, tire rotation, tire pressure gage. Fantastic gas mileage. I average 36 miles to gallon. I drive an even mix for highway and city miles. The only thing I have to complain about is little storage but it is a sport, so it is to be expected.

- Leslie M

Mazda’s are a great first car! Good in gas and beautiful design!

This car is great for long distance driving, but it can use a lot of gas at times. To fill up a tank, it only costs, $30. Which is reasonable! I love the look of the car. How sleek it is. I also love how it has multiple places to plug in your phone. The car connects to you phone, which is nice for making calls. The car has a large space in the trunk for groceries. The car drives very smoothly.

- Sarah M

The car. Has a very sporty look, it has clean lines, sleek interior

This car is very reliable, affordable and great on gas mileage. It is very affordable as it is the entry model of Mazda but it has the look of a higher end vehicle. It has a high tech display screen with optional navigation, Bluetooth phone connectivity, and maintenance monitoring. The car rides very smooth and quiet. For a smaller car it has ample room for passengers and a very large trunk.

- Erin O

Very sleek and you feel like your in a race car.

Very comfortable. Hugs corners like no other car I have owned. The radio and sound system are not very good. You can hear the road and cars too much. Not thrilled that the seats are vinyl and hope they hold up. If you are old school you will not like that there is no CD player. The doors are not very heavy so they do not close very well. The biggest disappointment is hearing outside noise.

- Teresa S

The Best commuter car you can get at a great price!

My car is still pretty new but I love it so far. It gets amazing gas mileage and even reminds me to get oil changes. It wirelessly connects to my phone so that even if I get a call while driving I don't have to bother with hands free devices. It even reads me text messages! Plus there now is a myMazda phone app where you can schedule maintenance and keep track of all you do with your car.

- Jennifer H

I like the sport mode that keeps the engine in gear longer, allowing you to accelerate quicker. It has been great for getting on the highway.

Mazda focused on the driving experience. The engine is peppy, there is plenty of room (I went with the hatchback/5 door) for a compact car. It is fuel efficient and has a simple interior, which I like. It seems Mazda really put all of their effort behind actually driving the car, rather than the bells and whistles inside the cabin. I would recommend this car to anyone and everyone.

- Clay B

The all black interior is my favorite! The color is gorgeous.

I love this car! The color is never one I would have picked on my own but my husband assured me I would enjoy it and he was right! I am tall and still have plenty of legroom. The seats are very comfortable. The interior is very sleek and stylish. The only problem we had was that the tires were too inflated causing the dash light to come on but that was an easy fix. Awesome car!

- Meg R

The vehicle maintenance and warning comes across your monitor it is fabulous tells you exactly what is needed and when .

The Mazda3 is very comfortable if you have lower back problems, it's drives smooth around corners if you live on country roads. It's sporty yet has room you need for friends or family. Great on gas. I suggest getting yours loaded with heated seats and steering wheel mine is not . I also do not have the navigation. There's no CD player since people have started to upgrade .

- amy w

Mazda 3 continues its legacy of quality and fun.

This is my second Mazda 3. It is reliable, fun to drive, sporty to look at, and will not look dated even after 5+ years. The gas mileage is good, heated seats are included even at the mid level package. The seats are comfortable, plenty of legroom, the rear view camera is a great addition and the side window blind spot warning indicators are a nice feature.

- Dawn W

My car is perfect for me and gets me around with absolutely no problems.

I love the setup of the car very comfortable and suitable for me. I drive 40 minutes away for work 5 days a week and my car has been holding up very well overall. I have had my car for two months and haven't had any problems at all! I love the setup of the center console having control of the music in my car it is easier for me to keep my eyes on the road.

- Bob E

Fun, fast, while also being cheap.

Good car that has lots of features at a very reasonable price. Good for getting around town but also fine for long drives. Have not had any problems and will probably be fine as long as it is taken care of and properly maintained. Performance is good for the price and is the best in the compact car segment. Interior is near luxury and is very comfortable.

- william B

Mazda 3 2018 sport- great buy for the value.

Very good value for the price. Not a huge amount of power but just enough that it can be quite fun to drive. Ability to manually shift is a nice thing to play around with but not many reasons to leave it on all the time. Speaker system sounds great for a base model. Dashboard display is a wonderful addition, as well as the controls on the center console.

- Arthur M

I really like the speakers they have nice sound.

When I get an oil change sometimes the mechanic does not set it for the correct mileage for the oil light to go off and so it goes off early, but that is mechanic error not the car. So far I like the car no problems. I like how it notifies me if there is a car next to me or behind me when I am backing up. There is lots of room front and back seats.

- Mandi L

Amazing car would recommend to anyone.

I love my car and it is the perfect car for me. Even the base model has so many nice features, and is so comfortable. I love the touch screen and how the controls are located closer to where your hands rest. The sport mode is great and makes the ride more fun. I recommend this car to someone who has a long commute as it is great on gas.

- Scarlett M

Pearly girl. A real Mazda gem.

My car is beautiful, pretty good on gas. Smooth ride, very pretty with a great engine. It has a snowflake pearl color so I named her pearlie girl. Very safe tires, a bunch of high tech features. You can listen to Bluetooth. It gives her reminders of your maintenance. It has hands free phone and talking. Also cruise control and monitors.

- Carrie H

My vehicle is amazing. I absolutely love it.

My car is aesthetically pleasing. It is very similar to the Mercedes-Benz interior. I also have exceptional gas mileage. I average at 34 miles per gallon, and it only takes 25-30 dollars to fill the gas tank. I also want to talk about how smooth the drive is. The car is beautiful inside and out. I cannot praise this vehicle enough.

- Megan L

It drives well and fast. I would get a Mazda again.

The pick up is not so good and sometimes it makes random noises. Otherwise it drives well. I have driven it long distance a lot and it is very reliable. The back of the car is very small more than 2 adults cannot sit there comfortably. There is one USB port so sometimes there is a problem if I want to recharge more than one thing.

- Sarah S

Stylish, Comfortable, and Affordable Daily Car

Drives really nicely, never had any problems with it, stylish, comfortable, doesn't feel too small. Really good on gas and has a very nice interior design. Only thing I don't like it the automatic windshield wipers. They are too fast sometimes even if it's not raining that hard. Overall it is an excellent car that I enjoy driving.

- Natalie C

It's a sporty, safe, comfortable, and long lasting compact with great fuel efficiency.

It's fun to drive, handles well, with a very comfortable and functional interior. I feel very safe driving this car due to its many safety features, and I feel that I bought a high quality vehicle for a very good price. It's a great looking car, and I believe that I will enjoy mostly hassle free ownership for many years to come.

- Ethel A

Smooth drive, great performance, sleek look, family friendly.

The performance of this car is fantastic in both city and highway situations. It works well under all weather conditions that I have encountered thus far. The clutch is easy to shift and quick to respond, as are the brakes. Seating for passengers is just as comfortable as for the driver and the size is comfortable for families.

- Tara F

Fun to drive and economical.

This car is easy to drive and gets approximately 30 mph. It also has safety features when backing up and side view of cars are in your blind spot. Can charge my cell phone in the car and easy to play music from cell phone. It has leather interior with automatic seats and heat.Story red in color and is comfortable to drive in.

- Susan T

The seats are the best. It has a nice design in them when it comes to sitting.

When I press on the brakes it makes a noise that scares me. It has a really good feel when its driving. Nice and fast. The dashboard is really big and it takes up most of the car but it also gets really cold or warm super fast. I also love that the seats have a leather feel to them. I have pets so it doesn't ruin the seating.

- Adrian R

It is easy to use and looks great.

The car has a very smooth ride, good suspension. Gas mileage is extremely good especially when on the highway (around 36 mpg). The user interface for the console on the dash is straightforward and intuitive. No real complaints here. Has never broken down and Mazda offers free oil changes and tire rotations for every check up.

- Stephen C

It's a nice ride. I enjoy driving it.

I enjoy driving the Mazda3. I have two children in booster seats so the backseat is tight. The kids don't have much room to put their things between the seats. The trunk is also too small for my grocery shopping. I frequently put things in the front seat in addition to the trunk, especially when doing bulk shopping.

- Christina C

The 2018 Mazda 3 is sleek, compact, and safe.

The 2018 Mazda 3 is an amazing car. It has no trouble accelerating and has a pleasing leather interior that is incredibly comfortable. The only problem I have with it is the size of the gas tank, as it needs to be filled up quite often. However, the sleek design and smooth, quiet driving really make up for it.

- Katherine T

Best car I have ever had. Feels like luxury for a respectable price.

This is the best car I have ever had. It gets great gas mileage, is comfortable, and has wonderful features. The backup camera is super helpful. The seat warmers are wonderful on a sore lower back or when it is cool outside. The Bluetooth connects super easily and the automatic everything is a dream.

- Harmony B

Performance and comfort in a small affordable package.

Great car. Previously had a Mazda 3 and never had any issues with it. Touring model has everything I look for in a car as far as both exterior and interior features. Performance is spunky! Between the features, performance and price, why would anyone need a luxury or high priced performance car?

- David W

Pups loves the roominess!

It is perfect in every way I would highly recommend buying this car it is great on gas, great in the snow and roomy! I wanted this vehicle for so long and I am so glad I finally got one. This is the best car I have ever owned and I am 45 years old. I will never buy from another car dealer.

- Michele B

Mazda3. This vehicle is a quality vehicle at a low price.

I really enjoy my Mazda3. I feel that the price tag on this vehicle is very low for the quality of vehicle you are getting. It has a sporty look inside similar to a Audi I owned in the past. It is very fuel efficient as well which is an added plus. I would recommend this vehicle to others.

- Brittany M

It gets great mileage and is pretty comfortable. Handles well.

I like this car but it has less ZIP than the Mazda3 I had previously. Also there are some shiny surfaces in the cabin that should be matte at they are blinding when the sun hits the right way. I also don't like where they put the gas tank lever. Hard to see and easy to pull the wrong one.

- John l

Gas is amazing and drives well.

It drives smooth, features are awesome, very comfortable inside front and back. Great color and quality of the car. I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything. Great on gas and updates you on everything that needs to be fixed. Great car and I love Mazda as a brand. Buy the car people

- Rebecca L

I love my car and love driving it.

I love my car. It fits me perfectly. It is a smooth, comfortable ride. The steering wheel is smaller and is covered in a smooth faux leather that feels great. The backup camera is extremely helpful. The blind spot alert is very handy. It is a very sporty car and I enjoy driving it.

- Heidi M

Fast, smooth, and amazing.

The performance is really great because the acceleration is very smooth but fast at the same time. Some of the problems are mostly with the alignment with the car but fixing that can be easy. I love how the functions of the car can be used easily without needing help to find what.

- Tati I

my favorite part of the car by far is the heads up display

I have had no problems at all with my vehicle, everything works like the day I got it and the gas mileage is outstanding. This car is comfortable and can fit 4 average sized humans comfortably. The technology in the car is very user friendly and easy to set up and connect devices

- Joseph C

Makes it difficult to listen to music.

I do not like how the radio turns on and you have to hit except to say that you know will not play with the radio while driving. Then it takes forever to load the stations or Pandora or Bluetooth or whatever else you have it connected to. Then it turns off sometimes by itself.

- Colleen M

I love driving my black Mazda 3.

I love how easy and smooth it rides. It's bigger than I thought it would be. It has all the important features like Bluetooth. I didn't think I would like it in black but it looks very sleek and sporty in black. The seats are also very comfortable to sit in for long drives.

- Carla B

I have a sport mode switch, and love the dash lighting.

I'm not a fan of some of the interior trim, but has a great dash and screen on dash. Car has great pick up with easy maintenance. Wish it had more digital features in the base model. Great for road trips, bucket seats are comfortable for long trips, has good gas mileage.

- Jill C

It's got a 5 star rating for safety. So if you're going to be in a car crash you can't be more protected than in a mazda 3.

I really like the red color and the side accents are super nice. I also really like the front grill. I only wish my windows were tinted, sometimes my car scrapes along the bottom due to it being rather low to the ground because some driveways are super steep in Houston.

- Joy M

The vehicle overall is very quick and comfortable. No problems at all.

It is very comfortable for a tall person. It is a fast car. The car is very low to the ground which can be good and bad in its own way. Very comfortable on long car rides. I love the telescopic steering wheel. The gas mileage is extremely good. Even when in sport mode.

- Tanner W

Mazda 3 Sport Edition. A great driving car

My car does very well on gas. It drives great. Hydroplaning is a bit of an issue after the tires get close to replacement time though. Good enough storage. It's very easy to park. The blind spot warning sensors work great even in the rain. The car is also fairly quiet

- Dalton S

The Mazda3 is reliable. It has a responsive break system, good mileage if you're willing to drive less than 70 mph on the freeway, and has preemptive warning systems for blind spots and upcoming maintenance.

The Mazda is reliable and fuel efficient. It's an acceptable size, with an acceptable sized trunk space. Sound does travel from the outside into the car a bit, and I frequently wonder if my door is not closed properly or the windows aren't closed, due to the sound.

- Hannah T

Mazda 3 what I like and dislike.

I am a big person who fits nicely. The car has good power and amenities. The radio and sound controls are a bit complicated and it always goes to a default that I don't know how to change. I love the side view mirrors and warnings of approaching vehicles from rear.

- Eugene M

All the features of a Mercedes Benz at a lower and more affordable price.

The auto brake does not work too well—brakes unnecessarily at times. Love the seat warmers, white leather, blind spot indicators, Bose sound system, the start stop to conserve fuel, push to start, line assist, seats are extra comfortable. And reverse camera.

- Jessica P

Black Mazda 3 hatchback grand touring.

Comfortable, quick, looks good. Fun to drive. All black with a dark maroon and black interior. It is the Mazda 3 hatchback grand touring. A blast to drive. Has sport mode when you want to kick it up a notch and is so much fun. Good handles, light and very quick.

- Bryan S

Mazda means satisfaction in acceleration, driving, and breaking.

Mazda 3 is a very smooth ride. The vehicle handles very well, accelerates smoothly, and breaks safely. The panel features are very clear, easy to read, and easily accessible while driving. This is the 4th Mazda I have owned and I have never been disappointed.

- Judi B

Reviewing my 2018 Mazda 3.

I like the design, perfect size for me. Excellent fuel efficiency. The price is very convenient. It is very light and fast, the change of shift is smooth. An inconvenient for me could be that is very low, so at the beginning was difficult for me to get used.

- Veronica R

Sporty, good on gas, ac/ heater, smart tech.

Great on gas. Sporty. Reliable. Tech is good. I strongly recommended it if your looking for a good small car that's give you more than Honda and Toyota for a better price. Automatic and manual transmissions both run great. Love my car so much. 10 Out of 10.

- Samantha W

It is very comfortable and fast.

It would be nice if there was more room in the back. Wish I had chosen a different color because when the car sits in the sun the interior is extremely hot. The fact that it is keyless has me worried that it will cost a lot of money in the future.

- Kimberly M

I thought I wouldn't like the pop up screen that shows serves as a speedometer but it's actually quite nice to have once you get used to it.

This car is amazing! The technology is easy to get the hang of! Great on gas mileage with a sporty drive. The only thing I don't like about it so far is that I can't pop the trunk from inside the car but other than that the car is AMAZING!

- Tammi G

Best Car Under $25,000 and lots of fun

So far so good! There are a couple weird things but overall I enjoy the vehicle. It's quick enough, reliable enough, and very attractive and a good value. I just wish that the screen showed the entire name of the songs on the XM!

- Ellie P

It has an automatic braking system which is good when in stop and go traffic.

I like the way the mazda3 drives and maneuvers. I like the side mirror indicators and automatic lights and wipers. I do not like that it does not have ac vents in the back seat. I also do not like that there is no CD player.

- Jennifer H

It is leatherette seating, so looks like leather but not really, adding a more sophisticated touch to the car.

the vehicle is extremely sleek, and extremely beautiful to drive. It has a smooth drive, and very good function. The smart start button is also very convenient. Not the most powerful car, but still good enough for needs.

- Heather H

That the gas per gallon is amazing! it saves me so much money!

I like that the car is very safe and has features such as the cruise control. I do not like the paint because it seems to chip very fast. Lastly, I like the MPH and the gas price to fill up the car.

- Ashley N

My car gets great gas mileage on the interstate.

My car is on the smaller side. It includes a large backup camera, blind spot monitoring, and Bluetooth. I do believe it will be to small for a family, but is perfect for just a couple of people.

- Abbey S

Technology for 2018 Mazda 3.

I like the technology the 2018 mazda3 has. It is a smooth drive and also fun to drive. It has a sport mode that gives you the extra power to get on freeways. It looks stylish and sporty.

- Stephanie C

It's very good on fuel economy.

It's brand new. I just purchased it three days ago. My old vehicle was 10 years old so I'm finding the new one a bit challenging with all the computerized gadgets. But I do love it.

- gin b

That it is a stylish compact car with power.

I like that it is new and has updated entertainment system. I like that it has more power than my last car. I dislike that the front window has less visibility than my last car.

- Deanna M

Comfortable, sporty ride with smooth handling. Great features.

I have the Mazda 3 hatchback and I LOVE this vehicle. It is sporty, light, stable, and comfortable. I am petite in size and I finally feel like I have found a car that fits me.

- Shauna V

Mazda 3 - sporty and economical.

I love the looks of this car, threat color, sporty wheels. It is reliable and handles well. The safety features are helpful, steering responsive, and great visibility.

- Linda S

It drives great for its price and also looks good.

I like that it has value for the cost. It has good power. It gets good mileage on the highway but not around the city. I don't like that it makes rattling sounds.

- Joe S

This car is completely worth its price.

This car is very amazing and high-tech. It has a screen where you can view the music, navigation, etc. The seats are comfortable and the style is simply amazing.

- Kayla B

This is a fun sporty car to drive with great gas mileage.

I like the way it looks. I like the way it drives. I like the technology in it. I like the fuel economy. The only thing I don't like is it's bad in the snow.

- Sally H

I love that it looks like a sports car.

I love the way it drives, sport mode is awesome! And leather seats. The things I do not like is it is too small for a family of four, and small leg room.

- Jose G

It is roomier than it looks from the outside.

It is a smooth ride. Sport mode gives it a good kick when you need to get going from a turn or a stop. It is compact, but it still feels spacious.

- James I

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is mine.

I got it a few days ago and love everything about it. It has a TV, comfortable seats, and drives smooth. I look forward to its continued use.

- Chris P

Mazda 3 Hatchback should not be doubted

Haven't had any problems with the car, it has been great when it comes to be reliable along with it being fuel efficient which helps a lot.

- Anthony H

It has all the safety features.

It has a lot of safety features. I love the body style. It is not too big nor too small. It has a feel like a luxury car but not the price.

- Ann C

Great on gas mileage and it lets you know how many miles you can go with the gas you have left in your tank.

We love our Mazda. A little rough of a ride, but a great quality car. Great on gas. Great radio system. And it was a price we could afford.

- Stacy L

Money saver, its affordability.

I love everything about it. There's nothing bad I can say about it, affordable and reliable. I fill my tank with $30 it lasts me all week.

- Ruby V

It's white Mazda drives smooth, nice interior, and the sound quality of music is good

Great performance no issues, the car drives smoothly and is good on gas. Takes regular games. I really enjoy the sport mode function

- Jonathan C

I love the spacing of the seating arrangement. You can also adjust the seat to your liking.

I love the seating and interior color. The car runs smoothly since it's brand new. It turns well and gears can be changed nicely.

- Joseph V

That mazdas are amazing cars. They use very good parts and they are overall amazing value for your dollar.

It drives very smooth. For the price I paid for it and it being a 4 cylinder it has a lot of power. The sound system is amazing.

- Robert B

It is functional and user-friendly.

It is a functional, reliable, user-friendly vehicle that seems appropriate for consumers of all different ages and lifestyles.

- Sunna J

The heads up display makes driving so much better.

It drives smoothly. I love the heads up display that shows my speed and the limit. It also shows if cars are in my blind spot.

- Hannah H

It is practical and great quality.

Great mileage and reasonable price, wish it was a little longer and that it had a sensor to open the door without the key.

- Rosa V

The Mazda 3 is very smooth while driving and is very sporty. It also comes with a sports mode switch inside.

I like my Mazda 3 because it drives well, but the downsides are that it is a bit crowded and that it burns fuel very fast.

- Anthony S

I like just about everything in it. It's a nice size car. I haven't driven it in winter yet so we'll see how it handles in the snow.

I think the most important thing to note about my car is that I got the base model. There is plenty of available upgrades

- Leloni C

It is extremely safe and efficient.

I love the great gas mileage, luxury features, sports car look and comfort. I dislike how loud the exhaust can be.

- Amber M

The safety features make a world of a difference in my driving.

This vehicles safety features are my favorite and it is fast. I also like that it is compact and drives well.

- Ashley M

Great car, minimal issues

My car has been great so far! The only problem I've had was that the GPS sometimes goes out for no reason.

- Mallory W

The vehicle is good on gas.

Like the drive. Vehicle gets great mileage. It is a bit smaller than I thought. Blind spot is a negative.

- Mary M

Great style and performance reliable.

Great interior and handling great exterior touring has built in trims great sound system and info system.

- John C

I really like everything about it.

It's brand new so it works really well. It has all of the latest technology. It goes really really fast.

- Michel V

Great sports car and fuel efficient.

Nah it is perfect, comfortable, very fuel efficient, fast, has latest technology in it, great handling.

- Sarah B

It is very affordable for a sporty looking car.

It is very affordable, roomy, comfortable to drive with lots of new safety features that come standard.

- Joy L

Automatic sensing of other cars or people close to it with readouts these mirrors.

Great Car beautiful Soul Red color Good Gas Mileage LED Headlights and taillights. Bose sound system.

- steve g

I feel safe and confident in my car

I love All the safety features. A nice smooth ride . My only complaint would be low gas mileage.

- Nick L

I bought a 2018 Mazda 3 sports model and I love it! My #1 feature is the rearview backup camera.

I love my Mazda 3! It is comfortable, roomy, runs great and fantastic on the gas mileage! Love it!!!

- Shannon B

It's reliable and affordable.

I love my car it's sporty and cute. It was affordable and still gives me the features I wanted.

- Brenda M

mazda offers plenty of safety and efficiency features.

The car packs a lot of features, both safety and entertainment, for not a lot of money.

- Jason C

It is a good and fast car. The speakers are very nice and good quality.

No complaints. I love the touch screen system and Bluetooth compatibility.

- Brandi M

All of this car satisfies me! It's very special car!

Steering is great. After you drive this car, you can't change your car.

- Yuya s

it is supposedly very safe and it drives nicely and looks nice

nice car, don't like the star active driving or the way it speeds up

- Brianne B

It is a very safe vehicle and great for new drivers

I love my Mazda 3. I love all of the safety features and comfort

- Addison P

I like this vehicle. It is an easy one to drive, fast and comfortable. I would buy another one if I could.

It is a good car at the right price. Not too bad for nowadays

- pal r

lots of features and extras plus good looking for great value

great value, lots of features, not overpriced, looks sporty


I love the safety features, nice navigation system, comfortable, great on gas.

the car has good gas mileage, handles the roads nicely.

- Christine F

Affordable car that is fun to drive and loaded with features.

It has excellent fuel efficiency and is fun to drive.

- Joe C