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Misery mazda. No highlights. No interesting details, in my review.

Constant problems. Passenger door lock, has to be unlocked several times before it opens. Warning light, constantly on. Multiple times, go to autozone to read code. The workers just say, Again? Power Windows, Don't always work. Constant rattling sound in back. Mom is afraid car is falling apart!! Has "low" tires. Guy at tire store, said they won't last long & THEY DO NOT. Like the passenger seats lift up,store purse there or, g.p.s.do not like sunroof, car gets too hot. If, sunroof window open- very noises. The front lowlights, broke OFF. 1 is gone. 1 dangling. The front panels of car are loose. Liked at time of purchase, that my 3 teens each had own seat. Now, which I had bench seat. Like hatchback door. Easy to put furniture, moving boxes, bulky items in car. Seems good on gas. Like gas cap on right side. Less lines at pumps. Emailed Mazda several times with multiple complaints. No response. Regret purchasing this over priced car.DO NOT SEE MANY ON THE ROAD. My kids liked the plug in outlet in very back. They used it for gameboy/CD player/DVD player/tablet. Husband & son, do not like working on it. Needs front end alignments often. Needed special tool to CHANGE OIL. HUSBAND WAS STEAMED.

- Linda J

It is great for a family for any purpose. There is plenty of room and seating.

I like the seats since they move really high and forward. The steering adjusts which was ideal when I was obese. The seatbelts fit shorter people without strangling me. The GPS included is great. The space inside is large and the vehicle is even smaller. I dislike the way this car doesn't start when the temperature becomes colder and I have to jump start the car. I do not like the tire size. The brakes are not as firm as they are on other cars. The dashboard is not as good. You cannot really put anything in the cigarette lighter spot since it sits underneath the dashboard. In addition the dash is all rounded so nothing can be put on it.

- Donna M

Highlights of a 2006 Mazda 5

I like my Mazda 5. The third row that can fold down is probably my favorite feature. It allows us to transport extra kids in a pinch but provides extra storage space at other times. I really enjoy that fact that mine is a manual transmission as I love driving a stick shift. The only real issue I have with it is the headlights. For whatever reason, it goes through headlight very quickly. We often replace the bulbs several times a year. It has well over 200,000 miles on it and still going strong.

- Heidi W

It would be perfect if it used standard tires (not soft ones that constantly need pumping and also reduce fuel efficiency). The tires are the deal breaker. Great for families with children.

It is a very versatile vehicle and can fit up to 6 passengers. It is perfect for families of small kids because the back doors slide open instead of swing out ( if you have small children you'll understand). It rides like a car (low center of gravity). What I don't like is that the tires are a special kind of tire that has to be ordered because is not usually stocked. Also, the tires have to be pimped with air VERY often. Fuel efficiency could be improved as well.

- Elkie C

The Mazda5 was the best. Sliding doors, manual transmission all on a car frame.

It provides all the space or a minivan without all the size. It also is available in a manual transmission. It also has a sunroof, 6 disc player, seating for 6. It drives more like a car despite having the space of a minivan. Major plus is that it has sliding doors. The biggest problems we have had revolve around the struts, rust, and snow build up around the wheel wells in the snow season. The worst part of this car is that it is no longer being made.

- Shannon L

This is a very reliable car, easy to maintain and very good on gas.

I like the engine. I have owned my car for many years and never had to do any major mechanical job to it. It rides very smoothly and is easy to maintain. It is not a sedan or SUV, but more like a wagon which makes it the perfect size. Very good on gas consumption and I am able to do a lot of the mechanical work myself. What I dislike somewhat is the low profile tires which does not make it the smoothest ride. The A/C does not get cold enough.

- Ramon M

Best all around; fun to drive and very reliable.

I am totally in love with this car. It is good on gas, it is comfortable, it is reliable. I wish I could keep it forever. It is great for long Journeys through the country or just running errands in the city. I especially like the sliding doors. It is easy to put the groceries in there without worrying about hitting another car parked nearby. I love everything about this car. It is my favorite that I have ever had.

- Mary J

Mazda 5 review of the best mini minivan out there.

It has great gas mileage and really good acceleration. However it is a mini minivan and only seats 6 people, including the driver. And there's very little room in the back set of seats. I would not recommend it for tall people or large families, but if you have 4 or less and want more hauling power and better gas mileage than an SUV, I would completely recommend this vehicle.

- Kristyn R

good basic van , like 6 CD player, looks decent , older but good size for our growing family

it runs pretty smooth however it seems to be a cheaper make of vehicle. Because of the make and year it is hard to find parts to repair our vehicle. However I do realize our van is kinda old and a little roughed up now but it is hard finding parts needed.

- mary l

I Believe my car is reliable. It's larger than most people think but, it is not built for large people.

I have loved my car for many years. However, the A/C vents were not installed in a location the was best for the passengers. It is great on gas (its a manual transmission). The other issues have been regular wear and tear.

- keisha e

Roomy and spacious all the while looking sporty and sleek.

I like that my vehicle doesn't look like a minivan but is technically classified as a minivan. It is roomy and spacious and has great storage underneath the seats. I love the great gas mileage too!

- Jennifer T

My car has more problems than I ever imagined.

I used to like my car more but lately I have had to put it in the shop because a bunch of sensors went out and the engine blew. It is a very comfortable car and use to be reliable but not anymore.

- Amy P

It's very peppy and runs well.

Great engine, no engine/trans issues. Suspension is terrible: shocks/struts, bushings, sway bars, brakes, tires all need too frequent of replacement. Early rust in rear wheel wells.

- r M

Takes corners well. It's lower than average minivan.

Like a van but small windows roll down in the sliding doors which feature I love! Love that the back seats fold down really easily! Downside is limited luggage space.

- kay o

It's incredibly spacious even though it is a smaller, compact van

I love that it is compact, but it is very spacious. There are three rows of seats when you need them, or they can fold down for more room

- Dana B

Modern and comfortable family friendly.

My Mazda is very good and reliable minivan runs great perfect for family with kids, and pets like dog super child proof and great on gas.

- Natalie W

Be careful with the blind spots and keep up on the maintenance because it is old.

I like that it still runs. Does not use an excessive amount of gas. I dislike how old it is and how it has transmission issues.

- Helen B

good gas mileage and good cargo capacity

Love that it has great cargo capacity but still has good gas mileage. It does not accelerate very well when the A/C is on.

- Claire B

This is an extremely reliable car.

It's like a little clown car of the minivan world. I love it drives so smooth and responds like a champ.

- Anthony D

Very Safe in collisions vehicle

Small and compact, fits in small parking spaces. has plenty of room to carry big things, fun to drive

- Steve E

Mazda is always reliable, any time any place

My car is reliable. We drove it for 10 years and except of small here there she works fine.

- Gal K

it is old but enough room to put three set of golf clubs in the trunk.

it is very old it is dependable. not such a great car. it gets around.

- john w