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It has 3rd row seating and allows for up to 7 people to be able to ride in the car at any given time.

I love the price point of this used vehicle. As a family of 5, we wanted a car with third row seating, but didn't feel that we could afford a typical minivan or an SUV. This car drives like a sedan, but has 3rd row seating to fit up to 7 people. I also like that the gas mileage is better than on typical SUVs. It is reliable and comfortable to drive. Some problems would include a tight 3rd row (mainly meant for children or small adults) and a lack of trunk space. The last row, when not in use, does fold down to provide more trunk space, however.

- Aimee F

Compact, fits 6 passengers including the driver, but not much for storage space when full up.

I love my car, it's very comfortable and gets great gas mileage. If I need room I can easily fold the seats down. Not much storage space when all passengers are in though. It has not had any major problems other than needing a new muffler because it had some pretty cheap welding done. The locks sometime stick in the front doors. The middle seat belts were cheap and kept falling apart so I had to replace them. Headlights are a pain to change. Overall I love my car though and would recommend a Mazda5 to anyone looking for a compact mid size vehicle.

- Kevin T

Mazda 5 Likes and Dislikes

I had the Mazda since 2008. It really has any problems. I love the sun roof, fold down seats for more room, and the small size. It is not a van, but acts like one. Dislike the rust all over. I have washed it regularly. Shouldn't rust that fast. I added a hitch for owing features. Like my bike carrier. I added tint. I will keep this car for a everyday car. I am not worried about miles, or getting dents. But I a getting a newer car soon. One dislike is the anti skid control. During rain it jerks at lights.

- Holly G

It has third row seating and an AUX cord.

It is really low to the ground making it incredibly easy for the oil pan to crack, the battery dies incredibly fast in cold weather. It is not a reliable car at all. The only nice thing about it is that is has a third row seating but it is really cramped but the third row seating folds down into a nice big trunk but the trunk space is tiny when the third row seating is up.

- Lexie S

Mazda Miata is a fun, great performing car.

Since I bought this vehicle in 2008, the vehicle has never seen the shop except for normal wear, like tires, battery, brakes and oil changes. The vehicle handle great with plenty of pickup and holds the road better than my bigger car. It is fun to drive and the gas mileage is great. A great car and everyone I speak to that has this vehicle says that it is a great car.

- Rich W

The Mazda5 is a car that is perfect for an average vehicle.

My Mazda5 is my first vehicle, which I received when I graduated from high school. It is slightly damaged from when we purchased it as well as a dent from when I was learning to drive, but has proven to be an immensely reliable car. While it is incredibly simple and I do wish it could be a little more advanced with connectivity with my phone, it has not failed me yet.

- Chris F

My favorite part of my car is that it is a small minivan.

Very smooth ride in my Mazda 5, also great in gas it's a small minivan but it has great room in the back. My car is has been running great and parts have been pretty cheap. It's a great small family car for 6 people. My car is a royal blue love the color. Windows were already tinted when I bought the car.

- Maria H

Sliding doors allow the Mazda 5 to park in tight places and small garages.

Love the sliding doors. My kids love the captains chairs in the middle row. Lots of cargo room with the 3rd row folded down. Like the flexibility of having 3rd row seating. Looks stylish and has great handling. Only major issue was having to have the motor mount replaced at 60,000 miles.

- Julia L

Great reliable car and has good features.

Reliable car, get decent gas mileage even loaded down, love the 6 seats and all fold down. The engine oil cooler issue was a pain and it does get easily knocked out of alignment. I like the AUX cord plug in. It does have good power. With all 6 seats up though storage is limited.

- Glen O

My blue little car, cute and amazing.

My car has no problems it runs smoothly and gets great gas mileage and I absolutely love it. But will hopefully be getting a newer car soon because I am not sure how much longer it will last. It is blue, fast, reliable and has not broke down. I will have it for a very long time.

- Abigail F

The good and the bad of the Mazda 5.

It need brakes done. There’s a few minor scratches. Need new tires there’s a leak in 2 of them. It is decent on gas. It seats 7 passengers which is great. The windshield wipers are not all that great. I have had to get a new right side mirror because the glass popped out.

- Rachel S

This car has been very reliable for me. I love it!

I have not had any major problems with this vehicle. I have driven it through multiple states and never had an issue. There is plenty of room for all 5 members of my family. The only thing with it is the check engine light is on and that is from the o2 sensor.

- Tiffany G

Roomy and comfortable, but watch for transmission problems.

I like the size of the Mazda5. Room for 4 to 6 people. The back 4 seats can be folded down to make room for carrying big items. We did have to put in a new transmission. The biggest thing I don't like about the car is that it rides too low.

- Laura c

It's a fantastic family car.

I adore this car. It's smaller than a minivan, but still has the extra seating, plus it gets great gas mileage. It's also a good height...not too tall or short. No complaints, except that they don't make this model anymore!

- Heather C

The care has a second gear it's kind of like you can stick drive and change speeds I think it's pretty cool I feel like I'm a speed racer sometimes

I got the car in November 2017 the runs great gets me to and from work. I don't like though that it's auler low the tires wear down fast. Has last me about 1 week depends how far I'm driving. Car is very spacious.

- Anela W

It has good value for the money.

I like the convertible aspect—very fun. It is cute, eye catching and has good acceleration. However, it is a little too difficult getting in and out of the front seat since it is so small.

- Susan S

Others should know that our car is safe, well built, and comfortable for a small family.

I like that it's a reliable, safe care for a family. It gets good gas mileage. I don't like that it doesn't automatically lock its doors when in drive.

- Crystal H

The color excites me, it's a light green, but it's always easy to find.

Very good reliable vehicle. When are family grew, it got harder for us all to fit, but even then we are still able too. I love our little green van!

- Kayti B

This car is good for big family like more than 3 kids family.

I have been driving this car about ten years now but still running very good and not much problems. 3 low seat is very useful for many people.

- Koji T

It works the way it is supposed to, and it feels safe to drive

It has 6 seats for when I need to take my kids places. The gas mileage is okay but should be better. It is s little noisey on the road.

- Jeff T

It's been a reliable vehicle for the most part and is still running

I like that has lasted and runs well (to now). I dislike that it pulls to one side slightly and things are starting to go wrong with it

- Alan S

too bad they don't make this model anymore and made it more fuel efficient

like the style. like the functionality. dislike the MPG. dislike the suspension system

- f H